SPMW 08 – It’s Been Hard On You

As for Elder Yin’s true message within her words, all those in attendance were sophisticated individuals – everyone knew what she was trying to say.

Shang Yushang was in no mood to continue the boring exchange; he did not want to witness Changning feel wronged any further, so he decided to end the deal as soon as possible.

“Grandma, about Changning and I, you’ll make the decision.”

Everyone in the room turned to watch Shang Yushang – questioning eyes wide open, looking at him in disbelief.  

What this fellow was thinking, everyone heard it crystal clear – Elder Yin wondered as well at what Yushang wanted to do when he suddenly said that he would let old madam Shang decide everything.

Old Madam Shang nodded her head in understanding, delighted deep within her heart. This grandson of hers, who used to be unconcerned about everything, had expressed interest over something today. Hmm, not bad, seems like forcing him to marry a male wife was a good thing after all. “Very well then, since you’ve agreed grandma will settle everything.”

Watching the Yin family’s anxious faces, old Madam Shang slowly conveyed her thoughts, “I’m very pleased with Changning. Yushang seems to be pleased as well. So, let’s discuss the details of the marriage.” She took another sip of tea before continuing, “Since Changning is a boy, the wedding will not be too grand. As for that, I want to tell Changning: my child, it’s been hard on you.” With an affectionate gaze filled with apologies, she looked at this delicate child.

Changning felted touched. His eyes turned watery as he lowered his face to hide the thankfulness in his eyes. He shook his head lightly without saying a word.

Changning was a person that made others want to pamper, love, and take pity on him. Shang Yushang really wanted to pull him into his embrace, kiss him, comfort him and tell him that he’d be there for everything.

Seeing that Changning was so sensible made old Madam Shang feel very fond of him. “Although the wedding ceremony will be simple, what’s meant to be given to Changning by the Shang family will not be affected. Changning, I trust that your family has already told you about the time limit for this marriage, correct?”

Changning nodded, “Yes Madam Shang, the duration is one year.”

“Hm, about the one-year duration, let’s just leave it to you and Yushang to decide.”

Old Madam Shang’s words shocked everyone present. “Mum, you mean…” Shang Guozhang didn’t understand; although questioning her wasn’t an appropriate move, it was probably a question that everyone in the room wanted the answer to.

Old Madam Shang chuckled, “Don’t get nervous, I don’t mean anything. The marriage involves the two of them, a time limit won’t have too much effect on them – it all depends on the individuals. So, there’s no need to stick strictly to the rules. Everything should be decided based on their relationship; let them decide for themselves. That is the best way to decide, isn’t it?”

Shang Guozhang could not guess what the old lady was thinking; back when she was the one who forced Shang Yushang to marry a male wife, she had said that it didn’t matter how Yushang would object to it, he must marry that person. She even said that it was a must to fulfill the one-year marriage deal and after that, he could decide on his own if the marriage would continue. But now, she had changed her mind and said that everything would be decided by them? He was really puzzled; he couldn’t understand exactly what was going on in her mind.

Shang Guozhang was not the only one who was confused; Qiu Huilin was in the same boat. When old Madam Shang initially coerced Yushang into marrying a man, old Madam Shang made big fuss about it several times. But why did she suddenly decided not to be involved? What exactly was she planning to do?

The same confusion applied to the Yin family as well. Wasn’t the deal meant meant to last for just one year? Now old Madam Shang had suddenly decided that Young Master Shang and Changning could decide for themselves. What if the Young Master Shang was not pleased with Changning? Or maybe Changning would seek a divorce earlier than the deal? Wouldn’t that mean that the betrothal money given by the Shang family would need to be returned any time? The thought of losing the money that was within their reach made Elder Yin and Congmin panicked. Even Yin Zhinian also became worried – without the funds from the Shang family, Yin establishment could be shut down any time.

Yin Zhinian summoned up his courage and forced a smile. “We understand what old Madam means. However, Young Master Shang and Changning are both men; although their marriage won’t be widely broadcast to the outside world, there are still some parties that would be aware of it. Should their marriage end too quickly, that might affect the reputation of you and the Shang family. So, we hope that you would exercise control in this matter.”

“About that, Mr. Yin, you don’t have to worry. The reason why I did this was to respect these two childrens’ desires – after all, they are the ones living their life. As their elders, we won’t be able to understand what’s good and bad for them. The stability of their relationship is up to them from now on. On the other hand, I think that this is also a chance to do away with those unnecessary restrictions; if they treat one another with sincerity, falling in love with one another and living a happy life together isn’t impossible at all. Since there’s a chance that it would become a reality, then as their elders, we should be happy for them.”

The edge of Shang Guozhang lips twitched and he said sincerely, “Mum, the way you do things is certainly different from the norm.”

“Son, you have a long way to go; Your old-fashioned mindset has gotta turn occasionally.”

He Changning was surprised with old Madam Shang’s decision. Giving him the choice to make the decision, wouldn’t she worry that they’d get married on the first day and divorce on the second? But seeing how confident old Madam Shang was, she certainly did not look worried at all. How exactly did her mind work?

Shang Yushang was the only person who truly understood why old Madam Shang did that. He sighed mentally. As the saying went, the older the wiser; his grandmother had clearly understood him. Although he did not think that he was showing it too obviously, how did his grandmother find out? She was indeed a wise person. Since she had given him the opportunity, he would make full use of the chance to make Changning stay by his side. Plus, since the issue about the MuYi clan constituted a turning point for both him and Changning, there must be no slip-ups.

Old Madam Shang captured everyone’s expression, especially the confident look in Yushang’s eyes. “Well then, about the one-year deal, that’s that. Now we should talk about Changning’s betrothal gift, what do you say?”

Hearing the term ‘betrothal gift’, Yushang obviously sensed Changning’s uneasiness. It was to the extent that he could see his pale cheeks blushing. Indeed, for a guy to be associated with betrothal gift was pretty awkward.

He Changning really felt awkward, as a hundred percent male to be married over as a wife in a proper way, no matter how it sounded, it was just uncomfortable. But, he had forgotten that his hand was still held tightly within Yushang’s hands, which was why, when he raised his hands to pick up the cup for some water, Yushang’s hand got pulled along as well. The pair of linked hands were in full view of everyone.

The person holding their cups froze, the person leaning on the chair straightened their back, the one pouring the tea had forgotten to lift the lid of the spout, not realizing that the water had flowed all over the table.

Time seemed to have paused at that moment until someone got scalded by the water. The scream made everyone returned to their senses.

He Changning felt extremely awkward, and he truly wished he could find a hole and bury himself. Why did that damn Shang Yushang not let go of his hands and let him make a joke out of himself. He returned a stare to previously speaking person as he quickly retracted his hand, “Err, old Madam Shang, you, just continue.”

Shang Yushang rubbed his nose awkwardly, feeling wronged after getting stared at; there was nothing wrong with holding your wife’s hand. But seeing how shy Changning was, he guessed it was fine, there were more opportunities in the future. But the feel of that hand was good, their hands were very compatible together. He wasn’t sure how the compatibility of other areas would be.

Old Madam Shang chuckled aloud. “Haha, Changning, you don’t have to be shy, both of you are going to be husband and wife in the future after all.”

He Changning’s head was almost buried to his chest – that was just too awkward.

Yushang lifted his hand to touch Changning’s head, “Grandma, you still have other matters to say.” In other words: stop teasing your granddaughter-in-law, can’t you see your grandson feeling sorry for him?

Old Madam Shang smiled and scolded, “You brat, I’ll deal with you when we get home.” After a short pause, she continued, “Okay, let’s not tease Changning anymore. Let’s talk about the proper business then. About the betrothal gifts, Madam Yin, if you have any thoughts about them, please say them now?”

T/N: This chapter is quite boring in my opinion (except the exposed hands of course), but next chapter is going to be more exciting!

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