SPMW 09 – The He Changning For Whom We Felt Heartbroken

Elder Yin cleared her throat, “You see, we were thinking, that since Changning is getting married to the young master, then we would all be a big family; we should not act like strangers with one another. Of course, we would let Madam Shang make the decisions for Changning’s betrothal gifts. It’s just that…”

“You may speak your mind.” Old Madam Shang replied.

As if given a pill of reassurance, Elder Yin let go of her qualms, “It’s like this; Zhinian’s company is facing some problems, could we please ask for your kind assistance? I know such requests are quite rude, but Changning is getting married to the young master soon and we’ll all be family to one another. If his father’s business is doing well, then Changning would also feel proud about it. Which is why, erm, we have to trouble our in-laws.”

Changning suddenly sneered, “I think grandmother seemed to be overly anxious. To Madam Shang and the Shang family, the current me is nothing.”

To be spoken out against by Changning, Elder Yin’s face immediately turned sullen, “Changning, don’t you forget, even if your surname is He, the blood in you still belongs to the Yin family.”

“Then, how should I go about to belittle the blood that the Yin family gave me?”

Elder Yin slammed her pale, wrinkled hand on the table in agitation. “He Changning, you’re too impudent.”

Elder Yin was on the verge of throwing a temper tantrum, and it seemed like she did not care about the situation, or that her inappropriate behaviour may have caused old Madam Shang to be upset. Worried that she may bring the whole Yin family down, Yin Zhinian quickly interrupted, “Mum, cool down, everyone’s watching.” Then turned his unsightly face towards Changning. “Changning, you’re old enough to know what is and is not appropriate to say to your family. Don’t you have any manners?”

He Changning’s pale cheeks were now ghastly white as he clenched his fist hard, making the whites between his fingers visible. Ever since the moment they had entered the private cabin, Elder Yin had been relentlessly selling him off for a good price. She even dared to use his late mother as a chip in the discussion; it was simply shamelessly using kinship as her best tool. And her end goal was to get more money. What was he in her eyes? A product that only sells for a good price? What was his mother, who had waited upon her for nearly a decade? Even after her death, she did not gained peace. That whole incident that involved the Yin family was all over the upper society; everyone in this room knew exactly why his mother chose to commit suicide. Yet Elder Yin still dared to use that topic to boast shamelessly – what a brazen creature. The Yin family members were all petty-minded, cruel and unscrupulous bastards with no sense of honor. Such a home, he wondered why his mother wanted him to stay behind. His mother had sacrificed nearly ten years of emotions and time, but in return, they sold her son away.

Mom, have you ever regretted it?

He Changning slowly stood up. Those eyes like black diamonds lit up with an icy-cold, piercing stare as he looked at his father. This man destroyed his mother’s entire life; if it wasn’t for him, then perhaps his mother would still be alive, happy, and living blissfully. Yet now, for the sake of his children and his family, he did not hesitate to sell off the only child that his first wife left behind. Such a father, what made him think that he should obediently sacrifice himself to fulfil his selfishness?

At that instant, He Changning had decided that he would not agree to this marriage. Even if it meant offending the Shang family, he would drag the entire Yin family to hell together.

He Changning reeked of determination and a stern aura making the entire surrounding pressure plummet with him.

Startled by Changning’s imposing manner, Elder Yin and Yin Zhinian shrank in their seats and instinctively recoiled. They didn’t even dare to look into Changning’s eyes, afraid that those chilling stares would cut them up alive.

Just before He Changning opened his mouth to voice his rejection, Shang Yushang stood up and pulled Changning’s hand, slowly pulling him towards himself. Looking straight at Changning with his deep, soulful eyes as he consoled with his low, attractive voice, “Changning, don’t make unnecessary sacrifices, it’s not worth it.”

Changning’s eyes softened as his hands subconsciously grabbed tightly onto Yushang’s hands. He lowered his gaze, trying his best to suppress the sadness and determination from his inner heart. He shut his eyes, and then moments later calmed his disappointed emotions.

He opened his eyes and raised his head, with a relieved smile. “I’m alright.”

Shang Yushang frowned slightly; this side of Changning really made him feel sorry for him. He instinctively gripped those hands tighter, hoping to pass some strength to him, and more importantly to let him understand that he would always be there.

Seeing that Changning had calmed down, old Madam Shang asked with concern, “Changning, Yushang had left the decision for me to decide for the both of you. Do you trust grandma?”

He Changning instantly turned his gaze towards old Madam Shang; the natural change in addressing was a recognition and an approval, making Changning unable to react immediately.

Old Madam Shang gleefully watched the startled Changning. She found it amusing – what a young child, just a small shock and every emotion goes onto his face. “Changning,” she repeated.

Changning instantly came around as he nodded his head earnestly. “Hm, I believe you.”

Yushang held Changning’s hands as they sat down again.

Old Madam Shang composedly drank her tea and said, “As for Madam Yin’s request, I’ll promise on behalf of Yushang. Yushang will settle the matter for the Yin Establishment in due course. We shall talk about Changning’s betrothal gifts that the Shang family is giving him. Yushang, listen carefully; remember everything that grandma mentioned. Find a lawyer later, draft everything into a document. I want both you and Changning to sign it and state it clearly that all those are classified as his private properties; without his permission, not even you have the rights to touch them, is everyone clear on this?”

Old Madam Shang’s sharp gaze brush across everyone that was seated. In her younger days, this old madam was an out-and-out, successful career woman; the vigor that shook the financial circle all those years wasn’t something everyone could handle.

The Yin family held their breaths, just like how Shang Guozhang and his wife dared not utter a ‘no’.

“Transfer that villa at Luobin Bay to Changning. Pick a few comfortable condominiums at Scenic View for Changning and those small islands that your grandfather left behind, let Changning view them, give him whichever he likes. Those mineral spots can also be given to him. Also, accompany Changning to pick a car he likes, deduct those expenses from Changning’s allowance. As for allowance, make it ten million – that’s also decided long ago by your late grandfather. In addition, grandma will also give Changning ten million for his allowance; take it as a small regard from me. Have you gotten everything down? Ah, also, those hotels under the Shang Establishment Group, that one in the city area, give them to Changning. Changning doesn’t have any shares in our company, then just simply give him half the profits that we earn. As for how to go about it, just decide among yourselves. The things that are needed for the wedding, grandma will do the preparation. As for the clothing and accessories, I’ll leave it to both of you. Besides Yushang, that villa you’re staying in FanJin district, clean it up a bit. When you’re sick of the old residence, then both of you can move to that place. Don’t be careless; do a tidy job; don’t let Changning suffer. Another thing, Guozhang and Huilin, visit the temple and choose an auspicious date that’s near. As for the guest list, we’ll discuss it at home. For now, that should be all.” Old Madam Shang quickly sipped her tea and continued, “Yushang, remembered everything I’ve said? After you’ve sent Changning back, find a lawyer straight away; grandma wants to see that document signed by both of you before the wedding.”

Shang Yushang nodded and promised, “Hm, don’t worry grandma, I’ll settle it well.”

“Changning, is there anything else you want? Just tell grandma; if I can do it, I’ll fulfill your wish.”

He Changning shook his head feeling tongue-tied; what did the Shang family do to become this prosperous? To offer such betrothal gifts that are sky-high in price and not feel a pinch over them, the petty money that I’ve earned is nothing compared to these tycoons.

The young lad’s shocked expression amused the Shang family’s young master. He patted his hands and said, “You deserve it all, so just accept it.”

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