SPMW 10 – The Yin Family Plots Again

Old Madam Shang continued talking about the betrothal gifts that she was giving, completely ignoring the jaw-dropping expressions everyone had. Even Shang Guozhang and his wife sat there with their mouths agape.

Even as old Madam Shang finished talking, the rest had not even come back to their senses.

Old Madam Shang cleared her throat. “Ahem. If there’s any opinion or suggestion, you may share it now.”

Elder Yin, who had finally recovered from the shock, instantly felt regret filling her up – Pennywise, Pound-foolish1. If they had known that old Madam Shang would give He Changning such generous betrothal gifts, of course they would not have mentioned the matter about their own company. At the very least, they should have waited until Changning received those gifts; then the Yin family would have gotten much more out of the deal, compared to the petty amount they were receiving to recover the company’s losses. Even if she didn’t know how much those small islands and mineral rights were worth, it would not be a small amount. Perhaps it couldn’t even be compared with the entire Yin family’s financial worth. Not to mention those properties and that twenty million dollar allowance that was given to Changning – those were tangible amounts! And half the profits of those hotels? Those figures were sky-high! Elder Yin felt so regretful for being impatient earlier.

Yet, her thoughts quickly turned around; Changning’s betrothal gifts were also meant for the Yin family. It was illogical that Changning could monopolize all those benefits. No matter what, the Yin family must get a share out of it. But old Madam Shang’s words made her worry, what could she do? They must think of a way to get something out of it.

The shrewd old lady pondered, deep in thought. Then, moments later, a bright glint appeared in her eyes – she just had to make those properties under Changning’s name be handled by her grandchildren and that was it. Until then, they could scrape whatever amount of profits as they like. The thought of it made Elder Yin’s chubby face brighten up like a full-bloom flower. “Madam Shang, we’re really thankful that you’d value Changning; it’s his blessing to be so valued by you. However, Changning is still too young; there are many things he wouldn’t have any idea on how to handle. The betrothal gifts you’re giving are too much, handling it alone would be too much for him. Those islands and mines, how would he know how to go about handling them? Why don’t we do it this way: Changning’s father has been in the industry for many years, he’s an experienced person. Plus, the two children we have at home have been following alongside their father for a long period of time, hence they know quite a bit about managing businesses. Why not let Changning’s properties be managed by his father and brothers? Firstly, Young Master Shang must already be busy with the whole of Shang Establishment Group and Changning won’t know all these business dealings. It’s only right for his father and brothers to share his burdens with him; that’ll also make things easier for our young master. Secondly, they’ll feel at ease to leave this sort of matter to their own family members. Family won’t put each other at a disadvantage; we’ll be sure to manage things well for him, what do you say?”

With Elder Yin’s words, Congmin immediately caught on and interrupted, “That’s right, old Madam Shang, Changning has been living with us since he was young, there’s no doubt about his father’s love for him. His brothers get along well with Changning too; it’s only right to share his burdens with him, don’t you think so too, dear?” The feet beneath the table stomped hard on Yin Zhinian, along with her eyes hinting at him ‘Say something, go along with mum’s decision and take away those managing rights from Changning.’

Yin Zhinian knew from the bottom of his heart what his mother and wife had in mind. But, how could the Shang family believe that? Yet, his mother’s piercing gaze and his throbbing feet below the table had reminded him that if he did not say anything there would not be peace when they got home. So, he smiled forcibly. “It’s true that Changning doesn’t know anything about managing businesses. Why not…” he could not bear to continue to embarrassing words. He had already sold off his son, and to be eyeing his son’s betrothal gifts, he really could not bring himself to be that shameless.

Changning’s heart was already numb to everything. Ever since the conversation he had with his father, that tiny bit of kinship he had felt with the Yin family and his father had already been depleted. The reason why he felt hurt and disappointed on this day, was because of the injustice towards his mother. To sacrifice her entire life over such a person, such a family, it just was not worth it.

As for Elder Yin’s scheming thoughts, Changning did not feel particularly angry. He thought it was funny, funny how shameless this entire family was, funny how greedy and unsatisfied this family was.

There were thousands and million types of personalities in this world, yet some people could easily renew your views on humanity. Shameless, no limits, disregarding one’s dignity, treating emotions and humanity like dirt, betraying their loved ones and even themselves for that tiny bit of profit..

It wasn’t worth it to get angry or sad over such people. Life was short, and there were many things to be accomplished in life. There was no need to waste his time over such insignificant matters. As for the Yin family’s greediness, He Changning could only pity them. They wanted to take advantage of the Shang family? He was afraid that the Yin family didn’t have that blessing yet. Not only could they not take advantage of them, perhaps they were already asking for trouble that they couldn’t handle.

He Changning smiled as he watched on; the show that this family was putting on, he found it quite interesting.

Shang Yushang had been noticing Changning’s reaction. It seemed like he wasn’t angry, and more like he was watching the show with interest. He looked at Changing with a pampering gaze. People are eyeing on his properties and yet he’s watching them like a show. But, if they are eyeing for this little one’s belongings, it is all up to him to decide.

“You’re thinking too much, Mr. Yin.” Old Madam Shang said as she drank her tea, “Changning’s belongings are naturally his husband’s duty to worry about. I believe Mr. Yin’s family is also busy with your own business, then there’s no need to distract yourself over Changning’s matters, don’t you agree?”

Yin Zhinian’s face turned pale as he replied embarrassedly, “It is, it is. We’ve thought far too much.”

Elder Yin couldn’t take hide it as her face turned displeased. Yet she had to be mindful of old Madam Shang, so she toughened her skin and opened her mouth again. “What Madam Shang says is reasonable. However, Changning is a child of the Yin family after all. His father feels sorry for him all the time, so letting his father oversee the business from the sides, Changning would feel better too.”

“Madam Yin seems to be worrying for our Yushang? I think you’ve worried too much. From what I see, Yushang is the type to be responsible for the people that he accepts. I believe that he has the ability to take care of his own lover. As for Mr. Yin to oversee the business from the sides, I don’t think there’s a need to trouble Mr. Yin and waste his time over such small matters.”

With old Madam Shang’s words, everything had been decided; The Yin family completely lost their chance to become involved.

Elder Yin and Congmin’s face grew sullen with anger. Elder Yin, still unwilling to give up, turned her gaze towards Changning, “Changning, look at how caring Madam Shang is and how valued you are in Young Master Shang’s eyes. Your father has been caring for you all this while, that’s why, my child, you must know how to be grateful.” In other words, ‘open your mouth and give something to your father, the Shang family won’t object to your requests.’

Changning smiled softly, watching the old lady’s anxious behavior as if she was desperate to openly snatch his things over – naive like a clown. He turned towards Shang Yushang, “Will you manage those things for me?”

Shang Yushang looked at Changning dotingly. “Changning’s belongings, naturally I have to guard them well.”

With an unchanged smile, Changning turned to look at the Yin family. “Someone’s up for it, all of you can rest assured.”

“You…” Elder Yin’s frustration increased but her rational side told her that if she offended He Changning at this juncture, it would be the equivalent to offending the Shang family; The Yin family did not have the courage to offend the Shang family. Which was why, even as the anger fueled her blood straight to her brain, she dared not say anything else.

[1] 丢了西瓜捡芝麻 – it’s a Chinese phrase that literally means “For the sake of the sesame seeds, you forgo the watermelon’. In other words, ‘Penny-wise, Pound-foolish’.

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