SPMW 11 – The Yin Family Members are Like Cockroaches Who Refuse to Die

The Yin family members who did not gain too many benefits from the meeting promptly ended the gathering.

Old Madam Shang along with her son, his wife, and her grandson sent Elder Yin’s family off. When they returned to the family mansion, they all sat together in the living room.

During the meal earlier, Qiu Huilin, who remained silent throughout practically the entire gathering, was now having problems holding back. Although she was scared of old Madam Shang, there were some things she had to ask. So, she carefully chose her words, “Mum, why are you so happy today?”

Knowing what her daughter-in-law was thinking, old Madam Shang did not beat around the bush. “You’re asking why I gave so many betrothal gifts to Changning?”

When dealing with old Madam Shang, Qiu Huilin always had a fear of her. Every glance old Madam Shang sent her way would make her heart beat faster, “No, it’s just, it seems that mum has high regards for that He Changning.”

“Hm, I do like that child, Changning a lot. Although he’s quite young, but he’s very stable, has a good disposition, intelligent and those good looks. He’s very compatible with Yushang.”

“But, he is a boy after all.”

“You mean, Changning and Yushang are both male; although they’re getting married, it would not last long, and that giving Changning that many gifts would be a big waste, is it?”

“Mum, that’s not what I meant. I just think that two men getting together…it’s not a long-term plan after all. You know Yushang’s temper, plus he didn’t seem to like men. Forcing them together is not a good plan in the end. Till then, the Shang family’s loss might be a minor issue, but our reputation would be affected.”

“How did you know that Yushang did not like Changning?”


Old Madam Shang ignored her daughter-in-law, “Guozhang, do you have the same thoughts as well?”

Shang Guozhang: “Yes, mum. Can you explain?”

“Why? Did you think there’s a story behind all this?”

“Hm. Otherwise according to mum’s personality, you wouldn’t have given that big of a surprise on the first meeting. Although Changning was indeed a very nice child, he’s not that excellent.”

Old Madam Shang chuckled at her son, “Indeed, like what you’ve said. Changning is a good child, but your mother isn’t a silly old woman. Dealing with a child that we’ve just met, I’m not so childish to think that giving all that benefit would make him loyal to Yushang.”

“Then, why did you…?” Shang Guozhang blinked his eyes, “Was it because of…the He family?”

Old Madam Shang nodded her head in agreement. “Hm, it is indeed because of the He family.”

Qiu Huilin looked at her mother-in-law puzzledly. “So what mum meant was, He Changning’s maternal grandparents’ family?”

Shang Guozhang continued, “Huilin, the Shang family and He family are long time friends. When my father was around, he was like brothers with the He family’s old man.”

“But, according to what I know, He Changning’s mother had already severed ties with the He family when she married his father. Then, mum, why are you doing this for?”

“Although Changning’s mother had already severed ties with the He family, no one knows what would happen in this world.” Old Madam Shang smiled mysteriously. “Perhaps, there might be some changes soon, you’ll never know.”

“But, mum, what has that got to do with the betrothal gifts you’re giving?”

“Back when your grandfather was a young lad, there were some problems with Shang Enterprise. It was thanks to old man He back then who gave us a hand that saved him and the Shang family. The favor we owed back then, I want Changning to receive it.”

“There must be some other grandsons in the He family. Plus, Changning’s position with the He family seems a bit too awkward right now. Even if mum wants to repay that favor, wouldn’t it be better to just contact the He family directly instead?”

Old Madam Shang shook her head. “The He family only had one daughter, who was Changning’s mother, in that generation. Plus, what happen back then wasn’t what the outsiders were saying. Putting aside the details, in any case, Changning’s betrothal gifts are for the reasons between us and the He family, and because Changning is worth my effort to do so.”

Old Madam Shang’s ‘worth’ made Shang Guozhang pondered in deep thoughts, he recalled all the details that happened earlier and suddenly remembered something. He looked up and faced old Madam Shang in shock. “Mum, did you notice anything?”

Old Madam Shang giggled, “What do you think?”

Shang Guozhang felt unbelievable, but things were all making sense now. “Is that true?”

“Just wait and see; we’ll find out.”

Shang Guozhang suddenly smiled in gratification. “If that’s really the case, mum, I won’t object to it. It’s just that they…”

Old Madam Shang mysteriously smiled. “Everything’s still unknown. What will happen in the future, just wait and see. As for other matters, why not just let nature takes its course?”

The mother and son conversation was like a guessing game; Qiu Huilin did not understand at all. “Mum, dear, what are you talking about? Why don’t I understand anything?”

“Huilin, mum knows that you have your suspicions and worries about today’s matter, but I can assure you that the betrothal gifts for Yushang’s wife, Yuchen will have the same amount. As for Yuhe’s dowry gifts, the treatment would be the same as well.”

“Mum, I…” as her inner thoughts got exposed by old Madam Shang, Huilin inevitably felt awkward. But Yuchen and Yuhe were her children. As their mother, her worries are understandable.

“Alright, you don’t have to think too much. I’m not old and silly; I have my own plans about this. They are all my grandchildren. I won’t mistreat any one of them.” She paused. “Yushang will be welcoming Changning into our family. I hope you would treat him neutrally. Don’t mistreat Changning because he’s a man. The same thing goes for Yuchen and Yuhe. Do take your time to guide them; don’t let them lose their manners.”

Old Madam Shang insisted to the end to let Yushang marry a male wife. It wasn’t that Qiu Huilin hadn’t thought about it; marrying a male wife would meant that there would be no children, which meant that the Shang Enterprise’s right of inheritance would fall to her own son. Although her status didn’t necessarily need her son as a background support, if her son did inherit Shang Enterprise, then her position as his mother would be a blissful one.

Yet, witnessing old Madam Shang’s attitude towards He Changning and those sky-priced betrothal gifts, she couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. A male wife whose status could not be publicized – how could he be more valued than her own children? If those sky-high betrothal gifts were meant for a female, fine. But it had to be a man who’s accepting it. It would be a lie if Qiu Huilin said she was alright with it.

In addition, she had another worry; that should Shang Yushang asked for a divorce, with how old Madam Shang favored Changning, she would most definitely allow him to take away all those betrothal gifts. Those belonged to the Shang family, yet they could be given away just like that. She was full of regrets, yet unable to stop old Madam Shang, so the anger and frustration grew stronger in her heart.

The thought of He Changning, who was going to be her family soon, made her dislike him even more. However, since she was terrified of old Madam Shang’s authority, she ended up forcing a reply reluctantly, “Alright mum, I’ll treat Changning well. I’ll communicate well with Yuchen and Yuhe to get along well with him too.”

Qiu Huilin’s half-heartedness wasn’t that hard to notice, but old Madam Shang couldn’t be bothered about it – she wouldn’t have the guts to be scheming anyway. “Hm, good that you’ve understood. Alright, I’m tired, I’ll go rest first.”

Compared to the Shang family’s small-scaled storm, the Yin family’s situation was like raging hell on earth.

The moment they entered the door, Elder Yin made the first move as she immediately interrogated Changning, “He Changning, was your conscience all fed to the dogs?!”

He Changning simply smiled softly. “What do you mean, grandmother?”

“Stop acting like you don’t understand what’s going on. I’m asking why you have not asked to transfer those businesses to your father and your brothers to manage?”

“Why should I give what’s mine to them?”

“He Changning, don’t forget who brought you up.”

“Of course, I know who brought me up.”

“Good. Since you understand then there’s nothing much to talk about. Call the Shang family right now and ask to let us manage those businesses.”

Changning snickered, “I think you’ve mistaken, grandmother. I did not say that I was brought up by any of you.”

Elder Yin raised her eyebrows sinisterly, “If it wasn’t the Yin family that brought you up, then did you grow up eating nothing?”

“That’s not the right way to say it. Although it’s true that a person can’t possibly grow up eating nothing.” As if he was confirming something, Changning continued, “Hm, before I reached fifteen years old, I was brought up with the money my mum left for me; Aunt Qin was the one who fed me every meal. Fifteen years later, I brought up myself, ah, and Aunt Qin too, she was ‘brought up’ by me too. Ever since I could earn my own money, I’ve been paying my living expenses and meal allowances to the family. Yeah, that’s how it was. Grandmother, if I remembered correctly, that was requested by you personally.”


Elder Yin lost her words once again.

Seeing how defeated the old lady was, Congmin immediately continued the conversation, “Changning, you can’t be so calculative towards your family. Do you know how concerned your father is about you? Those minor squabbles amongst your brothers shouldn’t matter at all. How could you go against your principles because of that? You know nothing about managing business, but your father and your brother are experienced! They can manage those businesses of yours. Just don’t worry, let your father and brothers deal with it, you have nothing to lose. It’s better than letting those outsiders manage it. Don’t you agree with aunty?”

Changning chuckled as he heard how this woman acted for the sake of her sons – hiding that face full of derision and putting up a façade full of love and concern. It’s quite hard to get used to it. “Aunty, what you say makes sense too. But if you can decide on behalf of old Madam Shang and their young master, I won’t object against it.”


Yet another who went speechless.

Elder Yin looked at her daughter-in-law and then finally turned her gaze on her son, “Zhinian, that’s the wonderful son you’ve raised. He’s not even married to them yet he’s siding with them already.” Feeling even more vicious, she added, “Fine, since you’re that heartless then don’t blame us for turning against you. That matter that we’ve agreed, it’s off.”

He Changning smirked coldly, “Has grandmother thought about the consequences?”

Elder Yin raised her voice in agitation, “You little bastard, you dare threaten me? Let me tell you this: don’t assume that since you’ve got strong support from the Shang family you can forget about everything else. Don’t forget, even if you’re married into their family, you’re just a male wife whose status is lower than everyone else. Without a child, sooner or later you’ll get ditched by the Shang family. Don’t burn all your bridges, or else you’ll find yourself with nothing.”

The anger in He Changning was instantly ignited, even the words he said sent chills down their spines, “Bastard? Don’t forget whose blood it is that’s flowing in me. With regards on becoming a lowly male wife, that’s all thanks to you, grandmother, that I got this honor to bring our Yin family’s blood to squander my way into the Shang family.”

“You, you, you little bastard! Atrocious, atrocious! Zhinian, get this heartless thing out of the house right away! The Yin family does not have such disgraceful, dishonorable thing! Get him out, right now!” Elder Yin’s body trembled with anger as her face turned pale, shouting without a care, as if she was going to pass out from anger at any moment.

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