SPMW 12 – War of Words Among the Yin Family

He Changning shrugged his shoulders without a care, “Once you’ve made up your minds, inform me right away.” Completely ignoring the Yin family’s twisted expressions, he got up and headed to his room. “Oh, right, I’ve found a lawyer and settled the declaration. It’ll be here tomorrow. Have a look at it, if there’s no objection remember to sign it.” With that, he left without turning back again.

Elder Yin jumped to her feet in anger as she screamed and shouted at Changning, how heartless, how dishonorable, how despicable he was. But even if she tirelessly continued her scolding for three days and nights, it would not change anything.

Yin Zhinian lowered his head without saying a word. In fact, he had already understood the situation, that old Madam Shang and young master Shang would not let the Yin family interfere with Changning’s betrothal gifts. Also, Changning had no plans to let them manage those businesses. So, nothing would change no matter how much they argued. No matter how his mother and wife hurled abuse at him, it would not solve anything. Instead it would push Changning further away from them, or, even worse, make it into an irrevocable situation. He could vaguely guess that Changning had been giving him a message throughout the whole incident; that the very moment he stepped out of the Yin family, he would never, ever return. He had completely lost his son.

Retreating to his room, Changning summarized the whole incident to Aunt Qin. In order to not let Aunt Qin worry, he only picked those unimportant matters and briefly mentioned them to her. Seeing that Aunt Qin was reassured, he then dismissed her to rest for the day.

With the setting sun in the background, the early evening arrived. Scattered across the darkened sky was dotted with stars that brightened the night. Quiet as it was, the cool night breeze wound its way through, blowing away all troubles and replacing them with comfort.

Memories of what happened earlier flashed through his mind; old Madam Shang’s sharp decisiveness, Shang Yushang’s calm and reserved manners, Zhang Guozhang’s capable and experienced disposition as well as Madam Shang who didn’t speak much, but it was clear that she was not easy to handle as well. Marrying into such a family, would everything really go smoothly?

What did old Madam Shang mean by giving those extravagant gifts? Changning knew how much he was worth as a person. Even if it was meant to compensate him, not everyone could handle that number of gifts. Then, what was it that made old Madam Shang do that?

Also, all of Shang Yushang’s actions today were puzzling for Changning. In his memory, today was the first time he had ever met Shang Yushang. He did not think that he had such great charms that he could make a man that had seen and met all kinds of women from different backgrounds, and even rich young masters, fall in love with him at first sight. Then what did all of his actions today mean?

The thought of him holding his hands, giving comfort and support, the concern and doting look in his eyes – it wasn’t that he hadn’t noticed them, but these baseless feelings made him feel paranoid. He rubbed his forehead and decided that he should make his stand and have a discussion with Shang Yushang.

Once decided, he picked up his phone and dialed Shang Yushang’s number. Two rings later, the call was picked up. A deep attractive voice came from the other end, “Hello, Changning.”

He Changning calmed his emotions, “Hm, it’s me.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Hm, I need to talk to you.”

“Alright, tomorrow morning nine a.m., I’ll come pick you up.”

“It’s okay, just tell me the address. I’ll go there by myself.”

“Wait for me.”

Until the moment he heard the end tone from his phone, Changning realized that before he got the chance to say anything, the call was over. He blinked dazedly. “What an overbearing person.”

Putting aside the interrupted call, He Changning switched on his computer and logged into his account. The QQ1 icon was blinking rapidly. Opening the messages, it was filled with his editor’s urgent pressing for his manuscript.

(T/N: Qingshui is Changning’s online name if you’ve forgotten)

Qingshui, you there? There? There? Reply. Reply.”

Qingshui, you there? If you’re alive, please say something.”

Qingshui, if you remain silent, I’m calling the cops to report you as a missing person.”

Qingshui, your humble servant is here to serve you. Please grace me with your blessing and say something.”

Qingshui, if you don’t submit your manuscript, I’ve decided to hang myself at the front of your bed tonight.”


Changning could feel a shiver down his spine – it was probably better to hand in the manuscript or else his editor might really climb out from his computer and strangle his neck with her bulging eyes, urging him to submit them.

After some discussion with his editor to confirm the next manuscript word length and deadline, He Changning began to focus his attention on his work. From evening, it wasn’t until one a.m. that Changning finally finished his work which assured him that he’d be able to spend the next few days to settle the wedding details.

After a simple washup, a quick shower, Changning went under his blankets in just his briefs and entered dreamland within a few minutes.

Changning’s biological clock was very accurate; no matter what time he fell asleep, he would always wake up at seven in the morning.

After he washed and rinsed up, Aunt Qin brought up that delicious breakfast she always made. After breakfast, Changning took a book, sat on the lounge chair on his balcony, and began reading.

Fifteen minutes before nine, Changning’s phone rang. Looking at the call display, Changning’s lips curled upwards as he picked up the call, “Hello, Mr. Shang.”

“Hm, Changning, I’m downstairs.”

“I’ll be on my way.”

Hanging up the call, he put on a jacket and headed downstairs.

Walking past the living room, seeing that every member of the Yin family was there, he felt puzzled by the scene but still made his greetings, “Grandmother, dad, morning.”

Elder Yin’s expression twisted in annoyance as she snorted. Yin Zhinian simply smiled back, “Are you heading out, Changning?”


“Heading out for?”

Changning replied emotionlessly, “I’m meeting Shang Yushang.”

“Hah, already so glued to one another,” Yin Jun snarled bitterly. He still remembered how Changning exposed his deeds that day. He held grudges against him, plus learning that the Shang family had given Changning such luxurious gifts, the unhappiness increased in his heart. Why did a worthless trash like him receive such good treatment from the Shang family? Yet he had to be grounded by his father over the betting incident and his financial means had been cut off since then. The thought of He Changning enjoying unlimited glory made him feel even more unbalanced. If he didn’t say something to provoke him, he wouldn’t feel at ease.

Changning smiled lightly, “Why? Is our Yin Jun jealous? Why not we make an exchange; you’ll get to marry into the Shang family and be the wife of the young master. How’s that?”

“You…” Yin Jun’s neck instantly turned red as he replied with a harsher tone, “I don’t have such good fortune. A thing like getting bedded by someone else, you’re probably a better fit.”

“Really? Such a pity. But you’re still well and alive because of the money earned by selling me off. So accept it well and treasure every moment of it, yeah?”

Yin Hao retort with a sullen face, “Was that something to be proud of?”

Changning chuckled back, “It’s not worth being proud of? All of you seem really delighted to be selling me off, aren’t you? At least you can continue to be a general manager, so don’t comment when you’re not in my shoes.”

“You…” Yin Hao’s face twisted with anger as he retorted back.

Elder Yin couldn’t stand the situation – her precious grandchildren were being talked down speechless by Changning, she wasn’t going to back down, “He Changning, don’t act like we’ve wronged you. The Yin family has never mistreated you.”

“Is that so? So, I should be shedding tears of gratitude?”

“Hn, everything’s already in place. Whatever mean words you say won’t matter. The betrothal gifts the Shang family have given you are more than enough. You better not be asking for more.”

“I’m taking what I deserve, it’s only natural.”

“Don’t you forget, without the Yin family, you’re nothing.”

“Without the Yin family, I’ll live a better life than I am now. At least I won’t be tied down by these so-called ‘family ties,’ putting the rest of my life on the line to compensate a so-called ‘debt.’”

Yin Zhinian’s face turned green and pale as Changning’s words were directly aimed at him like sharp knives. “Enough,” Yin Zhinian bellowed. “Changning, I’ve wronged you. It’s dad’s incompetence that forced you to marry into the Shang family. But old Madam Shang did not treat you unfairly, in fact, she valued you. I believe that your life in the Shang family will be a smooth one. I beg you, stop complaining, okay?”

“Hah, right. Whatever I say won’t mean a thing. The lawyer will be arriving in the afternoon with the documents. There’s no more need to communicate after the document’s signed.”

“Changning, do you really have to do that?” The frustration in Yin Zhinian’s eyes finally revealed itself.

He Changning felt his heart already turning ice-cold. “Why not?”

Yin Zhinian suddenly yelled, “I’m your father, what benefits do I gain from doing that? Do you really have to burn all your bridges?”

“Your family sure is contradicting; on one hand, you’re saying how the Shang family values me, asking me not to have any worries about it, on the other hand, after selling me off, you’re asking me to be shedding tears of gratitude. Why, you want me to side both ways and be your unlimited ATM?”

“You… Changning, you’re too stubborn. The marriage with the Shang family is beyond our control. But the Yin family will always be your backing, don’t you understand?”

“My backing?” He Changning swept his eyes across everyone seated. “Dad, don’t you understand your own family? Saying such words, how much of it do you believe?”

Watching Changning leaving the house, Yin Zhinian helplessly sat back on the couch. How could he not understand his own family? But he had to hang on to that last strand of hope to keep his son by his side. But apparently, he had underestimated his son’s intelligence, and overestimated the Yin family’s position in his son’s heart.

Walking out the door, Changning raised his head and closed his eyes. The glaring sunlight became a splash of blood red background under the shut eyes. The coldness in his heart turned into fiery red ice shards, layer after layer, crystallized and frozen.

Shang Yushang got out of his car just when Changning came out from the house. He watched as Changning faced upwards and closed his eyes, remaining in that position for a moment. His pale, slender neck was exposed as he raised his head, the Adam’s apple that was protruding moving on the skin, the attractive curves extended from his chin down to his slightly opened blouse. His beautiful collarbones faintly discernible near his blouse collar. Shang Yushang’s gaze deepened as his heart throbbed harder.

He walked towards Changning with light steps as he spoke with his deep voice, “Changning.”

Changning lowered his head and opened his eyes. The scenery and people before him were all a blur. As his normal vision returned, he replied, “Sorry, I’ve made you wait too long.”

Shang Yushang naturally linked his hand with Changning’s. “Let’s go.”

With regards to Shang Yushang’s holding hands with him, Changning showed that he felt awkward about it; two men holding hands together, no matter how one saw it, was just weird. He tried to push away Yushang’s hand, but the grip was too tight. Even after several tries, he still failed. Thankfully, the car wasn’t that far away, so just when Changning was about to flare up, Yushang tucked Changning into his car, accelerated and left the scene.

[1] QQ – a popular Chinese social messenger platform that’s just like Line, Discord etc.

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