SPMW 13 – Can We Have a Talk?

The car drove to an underground car park that was connected to a high-class clubhouse. After they alighted, Shang Yushang, along with Changning, took the dedicated elevator to the private room that he had booked beforehand.

Inside the grand and spacious private room, smooth music could be heard from the background. At the deck by the window, Changning sat inside lazily. The waiter respectfully stood by the side and waited for them to order their dishes.

After seeking Changning’s opinions, Yushang ordered two cups of coffee and some light desserts.

As the waiter finish serving the drinks and desserts, he politely made his way out of the room and closed the doors behind him.

Changning sipped on the coffee and broke the silence with his clear voice, “Can I have a talk with you?”

Shang Yushang gestured with his hands – sure.

Changning paused before he continued, “I’m straight.” His cheeks blushed slightly. Discussing such issues with another guy sure is weird.

“And?” Shang Yushang asked, expressionless.

He Changning’s bright eyes blinked as he looked at Yushang. “If possible, I would like to abide by old Madam Shang’s one-year agreement.”


“We’re both male.” He paused, “You’re Shang family’s young master, Shang Enterprise’s in-charge.”

“So, I need to have an heir, is what you’re saying?”

Changning nodded his head earnestly; communicating with smart people sure was easier.

Yushang’s gaze fixated on Changning. “Why don’t you ask why I would marry a male wife?”

Changning frowned. “I don’t intend to pry into someone else’s privacy.”

“If it’s related to you, wouldn’t you want to know?”

Changning’s eyebrow knitted as he frowned even deeper, “Me?”

Yushang nodded, “Yes, you.”

Changning couldn’t understand, how did Shang family marrying a male wife have anything to do with him?

As if seeing through Changning’s suspicions, Yushang continued, “When I was seventeen, granny visited the temple on Mt Potala and asked for a reading for my behalf. The master analyzed from the reading that my life reading was too strong (in an unfortunate way) and that a woman would not be able to suppress the unluckiness. If I were to get married one day, I can only marry a male wife.”

He Changning widen his eyes in disbelief and suspicion, “For real?”

Yushang’s lips curled upwards as Changning’s expression amused him, even his voice sound lighter, “I don’t believe in those as well, but granny believes in it.”

Sometimes the thoughts of the elderly are far beyond everyone’s control. “So you agreed to what she decided?”

Yushang sipped on his coffee as he frowned slightly, mentally criticizing how bad the coffee tasted, “Hn, she’s my granny, plus she’s close to seventy.”

For the sake of being filial, Changning completely understood Yushang’s way of thinking, but the precondition was that the male wife wasn’t him.

“But, old Madam Shang didn’t look like someone who was difficult to communicate with, there must be some other way to go about it, right?”

He is a smart little fellow, Yushang thought as he replied, “Hn, granny is a understanding person. But the precondition to that was if it doesn’t concern my lifetime’s happiness.”

He Changning mumbled softly, “How is marrying another guy going to give you happiness? How does one interpret that?”

Shang Yushang smiled mysteriously, “That’s not necessarily the case.”      

Not understanding what Yushang meant by that, Changning asked, “Then, you said it has got something to do with me, what do you mean by that?”

“The Master’s decipher included the eight characters of the man that I should marry. When granny decided that I had to marry a man, she gathered a lot of suitable male candidates’ birth dates and passed them to the Master for a compatibility reading. Your eight characters match with mine, so granny chose you as Shang family’s son-in-law.”

“Just because of my birth date?”

“Not just that.” He paused, “Your maternal grandfather and my grandfather were like brothers with different surnames.1

Changning’s frown did not let up; because of the relationship between the Shang family and the He family, that was why old Madam Shang offered such sky-priced gifts. But the relationship between himself and the He family, the Shang family couldn’t have not known, then what’s the meaning in doing all of this?

Changning couldn’t be bothered with the actual reason why the Shang family heir was marrying a male wife. His motive today was to discuss a very important matter with Shang Yushang. Yet, now that he knew they had another form of relationship between them, then that matter on his mind had to be settled as fast as possible, “Mr. Shang…”

“You can call me Yushang.” He interrupted Changning, feeling that there’s a need to correct the way Changning addressed him. After all, they’d become husband and wife soon, hm, husband and husband.

Changning coughed lightly and rubbed his nose, “Erm, Mr. Shang, my intention to meet you today was to discuss something with you.”

Yushang wasn’t troubled by how Changning addressed him because they had a long way to go; he’d probably get used to it soon. So Yushang continued, “About?”

“About this marriage, I believe you know the reason behind it. The reason why I agreed to it was simply because of that last bit of kinship I had for the Yin family. As for how to deal with the Yin family or the Yin Enterprise, I won’t get involved in any way.” Changning paused and drank his coffee, “I hope you can promise me that I will only be your wife in name, and I’ll leave after a year later. The gifts that old Madam Shang gave me, I won’t take them; I’ll get a lawyer to do up a transfer agreement later afterwards.”

Yushang’s frown tightened again, “Why would you do that?”

“Although the reason you married me was because of your filial duty towards old Madam Shang, your status has predetermined that everything you do would affect the entire Shang family. I believe you understand that more than I do. Plus, I haven’t thought of marriage at all; at least before I turn thirty, it won’t be in my consideration. To marry another man was even more out of the picture. Which is why, for the sake of us both, the best way is to fulfil the hopes that we have for our individual families, and then after that we’ll go our own ways.”

Yushang did not have much change in his expression, but he was in fact fuming in his heart. This young lad hadn’t even gotten married to him and he was already thinking of divorce. Plus, the reason he gave was quite considerate to both parties. Hn, wishful thinking, once you’ve stepped in through the Shang family’s door and onto my bed, there’ll be no reason for you to run away. “This was what you wanted to discuss?”

“Hn. Do you have any suggestions? I’m all ears.”

“Aside from the relationship between our grandfathers, it’s not like granny chose you without any good reasons. I’m not objecting to it because I think that the both of us living together wouldn’t be a bad decision. As for the issue about children, leave it to me to settle.”

Yushang’s words sparked chaos in Changning’s mind; what did he meant by that? What did he mean living together wouldn’t be a bad decision? Did he like men? And, he’d settle the issue about children, what did that mean? Surrogate pregnancy? What the hell was he thinking?

“You…you like men?” Changning questioned with difficulty as his heartbeat hastened. He truly feared to hear the answer to that.

Yushang shook his head and answered with an absolute, “I don’t.”

Changning heaved a sigh of relief, as if a huge burden had come off his shoulders; thankfully, thankfully, he doesn’t like men.

Seeing how Changning looked so relieved, the doting gaze deepened in Yushang’s eyes. Such a cute little fellow, “I have not interacted with another man yet, so I don’t think I like them.” Yushang’s insincere answer attacked Changning again.

Just when the sense of relief came, because of Yushang’s sentence, he instantly tensed up again. Changning recalled the information that his friend gave him about Shang Yushang, the confusion appeared again – it was rumored that this person had not interacted with any men or women before, which was why there were many different variations of stories about it; like how the Shang’s young master abstained from sex, or maybe he had some health issue, he was a pervert etc.. No one had ever seen or heard anything in person about Young Master Shang’s scandals. Maybe he did a great job of hiding undercover. “Then, you must have a girlfriend, right?”

Yushang’s gaze changed slightly. “No.”

“HUH?!!” That’s too shocking – how could this kind of super eligible bachelor not have a woman??

“Why, you don’t believe so? I have led a clean and honest life.”

Changning mumbled mentally, could it be that he really had some health problem? Or maybe he really had some perverted hobby?

As if Yushang could read Changning’s mind, again with his stone face, the words that came out from his mouth were like a bomb, and they threw Changning completely off his guard and caused him to blush deeply, “I’m perfectly healthy, and I don’t have any perverted hobbies. If you don’t believe me, then we can properly spend some time communicating together after we get married.”

Changning lowered his gaze to hide the anger in his eyes; dirty old man, who the hell wants to communicate with you, I’m a goddamn man, straight! You want to get into my bed, dream on!

Yushang’s gaze filled with joyfulness; he was indeed a young person, every feeling from his heart reflected perfectly on his face. A straight man huh? I don’t mind changing that fact. Although he wanted to continue teasing him, everything should have a limit. Plus, if he really pissed Changning off, then coaxing him would be troublesome, “I can promise you, about the one-year end date.”

Changning looked up straight into Yushang’s face.

“But as a wife, even as a male wife, there are duties and responsibilities to fulfil.” Yushang slowly conveyed his thoughts and request as he gave time for Changning to digest it.

A wife’s duty and responsibility? Doesn’t that mean that he really had to sleep with him? The thought of sleeping with another guy sent a chilling shiver down his spine; that scene was too much for him to handle.

“As a wife, I will give you the respect and status that you deserve. That’s also my duty and responsibility.”

Changning started to sob mentally, I’m not marrying, is it too late to regret?

“The wedding date hasn’t been decided yet. But the things that should be prepared are already settled. The guest list is also finalized. Some of our relatives are already making their way over and are currently discussing with granny about the wedding room decorations.” In other words, it was too late for regret now.

[1] Brothers with different surnames – what the author meant was that although they’re not related, but they regarded each other like real brothers.

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