SPMW 15 – Agree to Your Request

After Changning’s relentless struggling, Yushang finally release him, but Changning still did not leave Yushang’s side.

Changning thought again. “There’s no turning back on the wedding, but there’s something I want you to promise me.” With that he pursed his lips together as he waited for Yushang to nod his head.

“Go ahead.”

For the umpteenth time that day, Changning blushed once again, and then he continued, “That, well, as for the responsibilities and duties, can you slow down?” as he finished his sentence, Changning could feel his entire body heating up. It was way too embarrassing, but he had to make his stand. Although he had agreed to the marriage and did think of getting along well, he really wasn’t prepared. Regardless of who was sleeping with who, he simply wasn’t prepared.

Seeing how Changning blushed and struggled with his words, Yushang’s mood became a whole lot better. “Then, when will you be prepared?”

Changning did not expect Yushang to be that direct on that matter, causing his face to heat up even more. He turned his face away, avoiding Yushang’s burning gaze. “I…how would I know w-when it’ll be.”

To avoid making Changning overly awkward, Yushang decided not to provoke him further. “I will agree to your request, but don’t let me wait too long.”

Changning’s face was almost buried into his own chest as he promptly nodded his head, seeming to agree to that.

The relationship with Changning had made a big step forward, making Yushang’s expressionless face became gentler. He tapped on Changning’s shoulder and linked their hands again, “Let’s go; we’ll have lunch and then I’ll send you back.”

Yushang made a private room reservation at one of the five-star hotels that was part of the Shang Establishment. Of course, it included a top-notch resting area.

Bringing Changning to the private room, Yushang asked Changning what he wanted to eat. After they placed their orders, Changning requested a glass of milk.

“Does Changning like milk?”

“Hm, it’s a habit that I got from my mom when I was young. It’s hard to change.” Changning was feeling a bit embarrassed that, as an adult, he still preferred drinking milk like a child. But he was used to it, to the point that it was a must to drink milk during meal times.

“There’s nothing bad about that; you can drink whatever you like.”

Yushang and Changning did not have the habit of talking while eating, so the entire meal was spent quietly in a warm atmosphere. The comfortable atmosphere surrounding the two people allowed time to quietly slip past.

Yushang occasionally took care of Changning, picking up some vegetables to place onto his plate, and he even peeled the prawns, dipped them in sauce and placed them onto Changning’s plate.

Changning naturally enjoyed Yushang’s attention; the mood around the two of them was like an old couple that had spent years together. When he was done with his meal, Changning realized that he had accepted Yushang’s feeding like it was a natural thing to do; he hadn’t felt weird about it at all.

Yushang’s pampering gaze seemed to be smiling as he looked at Changning, his lips slightly turned upwards. “Are you full?”

“Hm.” Never had Changning expected himself to be interacting so naturally with Shang Yushang. Maybe now that they had said whatever was on their mind there was less reason for them to hold back. Although the time they had spent together was pathetically limited, he felt that the older man wasn’t difficult to get along with. It was a vast difference from what was rumored out there.

The waiter cleared the dishes and brought in the tea sets. The duo had their tea cups in their hands as they sat on the sofa near the window, enjoying this rare peaceful moment.

After taking a sip of the tea, Changning lazily sat on the sofa, he turned his gaze towards Yushang who was sitting beside him, “How much funding did you plan to inject into Yin Establishment?”

Yushang put down his tea cup as he turned his gaze to Changning. “I’m still waiting for Yin Establishment’s evaluation report.”

“Hm, could you pass me a copy of that evaluation report when you get it?”

“Sure, what do you want to do?”

Changning smiled coldly. “To take back what’s mine of course.”

Yushang looked at Changning interestedly. “What do you mean?”

“I want ten percent of the funding that Yin Establishment was going to receive. So, just in case, I need to know the actual amount.”

“Worried that Yin Establishment might do something to the funding amount?”

“That’s not completely impossible.”

“Sure. I’ll inform you when I have received the evaluation.”

“I thank you in advance.”

“There’s no need to be so formal between us, or any need to differentiate what’s yours or what’s mine.”

Changning coughed and couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He mumbled in his heart, why does he have to relate everything to that aspect. Those are my slavery funds okay?

The young lad’s overly abundant expression could always amuse Yushang. He pulled his hand into his. “You’re really bothered about this sum of money?”

“Yeah, it’s my slavery money you know. That’s what I’m going to live on for the rest of my life.” Changning said with a slightly bitter smile, trying to hide the pain in his heart.

Yushang held tightly onto his hand and looked at him with pity. “Changning.”

Changning laughed half-heartedly, “Nah, it’s nothing. It’s already to this point, there’s nothing bad about ending things cleanly.”

“Okay, just do whatever you want; leave the rest to me.”

Changning had only felt such obvious acts of defending and pampering from Aunt Qin in the past. How this man treated him was from the bottom of his heart. He could feel it, but such happiness came too quickly, which made him feel like it was unreal, as if there was a possibility that everything would suddenly disappear.

Changning shook his head. When did he become such a worrywart on gains and losses? That wasn’t a good sign.

Yushang watched the younger man sinking into deep thoughts in one moment and shaking his head the next. He asked with concern, “What’s wrong? You don’t feel well?”

“Nothing. I just want to ask you, why are you treating me so well?”

Yushang paused for a while and reflected on his behavior on the past two meetings. He was indeed overly proactive, no wonder Changning had his suspicions. “You should have heard about those rumors out there: I have a cold and quiet personality, not really good with personal relationships, which was why I did not have any proper relationship at thirty years old. When granny said that she would find a male wife for me, I did object to it at first and even had a few quarrels with her. It’s not because I had to marry a male wife but because I did not want to get married. It’s probably because of my mother, I guess.”

Although there wasn’t much expression on his face, Changning could still see the pain in his eyes.

“When I found out that the person I’m marrying was you, I got my men to investigate you.” He looked into Changing’s eyes. “Are you angry?”

Changning shook his head. “I understand, I got someone to find out about you too.”

Yushang patted Changning’s hand and continued, “The investigation results amazed me. I did not expect you to hide your identity so well. If it wasn’t because my men had some usefulness, perhaps I wouldn’t have known at all that Changning’s other identity was so outstanding.”

“There’s nothing outstanding about it, it’s just a means to keep myself alive.”

“I’ve read your work. It was well-written; the usage of language was unique and kept the readers wanting to continue reading. A piece of work may not completely reflect an author’s temperament, because imagination takes up a big chunk of the work, but I can see the author’s views on humanity, dignity, morals and attitude from your work. Changning’s directness, gentleness and delicate personality compensates with my cold and quiet character. I thought that it wouldn’t be that bad to live with such a person.” He paused, “Since I’ve decided to live my life with you from now on, then I have no intent to just let it work itself out. I’m very serious and very sincere. Which is why I have treated you this way, because I felt that it’s a given.”

Yushang’s logic made Changning feel very surprised. He did not expect him to have such an attitude towards their marriage. “But, I’m a man!”

“It makes no difference to me.”

Changning was shocked at how Yushang’s train of thoughts was developed, “How could it make no difference? You need to know that even though our current society isn’t as repulsed by homosexual couples, not many people can truly accept their existence. Plus, with a family like yours, and your status, did you not think of what troubles marrying a male wife would bring? How others would look at you? If you’re naturally gay or turned gay by someone else, then that’s one thing. But, you’re not even sure if you have any interest in men, yet you agreed to marry a male wife, does that logic make any sense?”

Yushang’s eyebrow knitted together. “How would you know if I didn’t have any interest in you?”

“AAHHHH!!!” This, what kind of situation is this??!!!

Editor’s Note: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAH Oh Yushang is killin’ me. So good.

Translator Note: See what I mean. IT’S SO EMBARRASSING. 

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