SPMW 16- Completely Shameless Without Limits

Until he was sent home by Yushang, Changning still could not understand what he meant by that.

As he entered the living room, he saw the lawyer, Elder Yin, Yin Zhinian and Congming all sitting on the sofa. He tucked away his confusing thoughts and greeted everyone.

The lawyer took out the documents that he had prepared and read the contents with everyone there. In summary, the Yin Establishment was to give Changning ten percent of the funds received from Shang Establishment Group. In addition, that would also sever the family ties between Yin Zhinian and He Changning, Neither party would be held liable for one another’s personal lives and all these changes would go into effect from the day He Changning left the Yin family.

Elder Yin’s face darkened along with Congmin’s twisted angry expression.

Yin Zhinian did not look good either. Even though he knew that nothing would change Changning’s decision at that point, he still tried to ask, “Changning, do you really have to do this?”

Changning was calm. Or perhaps it was that he no longer had any hopes for this father of his, he answered, “I don’t think there’s any point in discussing this matter any further.”

Yin Zhinian’s frustration was ignited by Changning’s careless attitude. He got up in anger and pointed his finger at Changning as he shouted, “We’ve really wasted our efforts on you. He Changning, was your conscience all eaten by dogs1?! Do you not care about the ties of our father and son relationship? Touch your heart and ask yourself, other than your marriage, where have I let you down? If it wasn’t the last resort, do you think I’d be shameless enough to give my son to another? Do you really have to harp on this matter? Once you leave this door, you’re nothing! Do you really think that the Shang family would take care of you and let you do things at will? Have you not considered that once that family kicks you out, you will have no one left to rely on?!”

Yin Zhinian’s voice echoed off the walls in the living room.

Facing his hysterical father, Changning continued to remain calm.

Like a punch on a cotton sponge, Yin Zhinian suddenly fell back onto the sofa. “Do you hate me?” Although it was a question, it was in a tone of confirmation, not questioning.

He Changning did not retort back, nor did he answer. He simply pushed the documents along with the pen to the front of Yin Zhinian and spoke with a calm, clear tone, “Sign here.”

The lawyer displayed a high level of professionalism as he collected the signed documents, made his farewells, and stepped back.

After they sent off the lawyer, without anything else to say, Changning turned around and headed upstairs.

Depressed, Yin Zhinian left the house.

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the living room had dark expressions on their face as they sat opposite one another.

“Mum, we can’t let that little bastard get his way,” Congmin said as she clenched her teeth.

The muscles on Elder Yin’s harsh and merciless face twitched as she agreed, “Hn, he wants to take away Yin family’s properties? That’s up to me to decide.”

“Yes, mum. You have to think of a way to stop that little bastard and not let him take away a single cent from our family.”

With a scheming face, Elder Yin replied, “Don’t worry, we won’t let him get his wish.”

Hearing that the elder lady had a plan, Congmin’s eye shone, “Mum, you have a plan, right?”

The two ladies set aside their differences as they put their heads together to plot against He Changning.

Changning could not be bothered with what the Yin family could come up with. After he went upstairs, he received a call from Shang Yushang.

“What are you doing?”

“Just ended some things, the process wasn’t too pleasant, but the results are still the same.” Changning frowned as he spoke. He was not sure when it started, but Changning unconsciously started to share about his own affairs with Yushang.

“Changning, you still have me.” Yushang wasn’t good at comforting others, but every word of his was from the bottom of his heart, especially if it concerned He Changning.

“Hm.” Even though there were no bold, visionary words of guarantee, that one sentence made Changning feel comfortable.

“The Yin Establishment’s evaluation report just got sent over.”

“How much are they asking?”

“Yin Establishment just accepted some projects hence their funding won’t be able to recover yet. Since accepting the government project, although the initial project funding has met the criteria, but that’s just a small portion. The Yin Establishment must pay upfront for the remaining amount first, before the project repayment, upon completion, would be paid. The Yin Establishment is not able to support such a huge amount of funding turnover, yet they forcefully accepted the project and ended up causing problems in their financial management. Without any funding injection from other companies, the Yin Establishment would soon face bankruptcy, and receive an economic lawsuit from the legal representatives of their client. As a result, they could all end up in jail.”

“According to what I know, the government project is not very profitable, but Yin Establishment still took the risk of accepting it. It’s probably just for the sake of raising their reputation in the construction industry.”

“Hm, that’s one of the reasons. The bidding for the government project was planned and directed by Yin Hao with his overwhelming approach to snatch the rights for that project. The price paid was already stretching their limits but just depending on the initial project funds wasn’t enough to support the entire project’s capital consumption. That was why they must get funding investments from others, but this type of project that’s a waste of efforts with no visible benefits for themselves, as elite entrepreneurs, not many companies would agree to help. This was why Yin Establishment, with no other options, chose to put their hopes on you.”

“So, dear CEO Shang, how much, exactly, am I worth?” Changning asked with a helpless tone.

A deep toned laugh came from the other end of the phone, “Changning, I really like the way you are talking with me now. It feels like we’ve known each other for years.”

Changning rolled his eyes in disdain, “Stop changing topics. Tell me, how much am I worth?”

“Yin Establishment is asking for thirty million, the evaluation report is done by Yin Hao.”

The two pieces of information caused Changning to think something was fishy, “Such daylight robbery, have they thought of whether they could handle that much in the first place? In fact, they only needed twenty million, yet they’re asking for thirty million now. CEO Shang, they’re treating you like a fool.” He paused, “Yin Hao sure is scheming, plotting such backhanded plans. That personality of his sure makes him a member of the Yin family, who only know how to use others as stepping stones. Have they not thought of whether they are stepping on the right stones or not? It might even be a light punishment for them if they crush their bones falling off the stones.”

Changning’s words were filled with obvious defensive tones which filled Yushang with warmth. Money was no big deal for Shang Yushang – as a person who possessed a few hundred billion dollars worth of properties, the small amount of injection funds for Yin Establishment was nothing in his eyes. But seeing how Changning was fighting for justice for him was a whole different matter. At least it meant that Changning cared for him. Seeing how people were plotting against him, he could not help but seek justice for him and even reminded him to punish those shameless idiots.

The relationship between them was no longer just slightly better than strangers, but two people who cared for one another. With time, he knew that they would be lovers that believed in and depended on each other.

“Ah, I just thought of something. Seeing how they dared to defraud you on the evaluation report, then maybe the copy they are presenting to me might end up as ten million instead, don’t you think so? Luckily, I’ve contacted you first, otherwise I’d really be at a disadvantage.”

“Changning, don’t worry, I won’t let you suffer any losses with my presence.”

Suddenly feeling that this person wasn’t all that bad, Changning felt warmth filling his heart, “Hm.”

[1] “…your conscience all eaten by dogs” – this phrase is commonly used by the Chinese, I’m not too sure about the history of how it came about but it basically means “Have you lost your conscience?!”.

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