SPMW 17 – The He’s Fightback Style

Indeed, everything happened just as He Changning expected. Seeing the altered report in his own hands, Changning smiled despite the fact that his eyes were void of any warmth. Wonderful, so they did plan on doing this to him. Then, they should be well-prepared to pay the price for their actions.

The Yin family’s living room had become a forbidden place for the Yin family members. Every time they tried to solve problems there, they would always end up having a headache. But today, they had no choice but to be there again.

Other than the Yin’s missy, who was still overseas, everyone had gathered with stern expressions on their faces, as if their biggest enemy had arrived at their doorsteps.

He Changning remained calm and collected as he faced them with complacency.

Congmin watched Changning out of the corner of her eyes. Seeing how relaxed Changning was, a bad omen surfaced in her heart; she had the feeling Changning must have known something and was fully prepared for everything. That made Congmin extremely uneasy.

Elder Yin still had her dark expression on her aged face. That expression had been present every time she dealt with Changning. A sinister glow flashed through her eyes as she held the tea cup in her hands. She rubbed the edge of the cup as she waited for Changning to fall into the trap.

Yin Zhinian had his head lowered right from the start, refusing to look at Changning. Perhaps he was already too heartbroken, or maybe he dared not look into Changning’s eyes due to guilt.

Nervousness could be seen on Yin Hao’s face as he calculated in his mind that once Changning acknowledged the contents in that report the Yin family would have one less sum of money to pay. With the Shang Establishment Group’s funding, the Yin Establishment’s future would progress greatly, and then he, the greatest contributor who had helped his company to greater heights, would also benefit. Sooner or later, it would not be just a dream to be the successor of Yin Establishment.

There was no reason why Shang Yushang could be the sole successor of Shang Establishment when he was only thirty years old but Yin Hao was only a mere manager. Yin Hao could not take it, he did not think that his capabilities were anywhere inferior compared to Shang Yushang. With his abilities, he could take over Yin Establishment and expand their business further, to a point that was beyond anyone’s reach – that was his ultimate goal. To fulfil that dream, Yin Hao was prepared to eliminate all obstacles by any means necessary.

Yin Jun was the most heartless and carefree person in the entire family. As a rich man’s son, he only cared about spending money and playing with women and he’d be satisfied; he had never concerned himself with other matters.

The living room was filled with a suffocating atmosphere that was almost eerie. Everyone had their own thoughts, but no one would break the silence.

Congmin could not take it anymore – nothing would be settled if they remained silent. She took the document on the table and passed it to Changning. “This is the company’s financial report, have a look. If there’s no problems, the money will be transferred to you in a while.”

Although Congmin thought she was acting calm and collected, her unfocused gaze gave her away – she was in fact really nervous.

He Changning flipped through the report then gently placed the documents onto the coffee table, “Ten million investment? When did Yin Establishment became so poor that they didn’t even have ten million dollars worth of investment funding, that it needed someone’s wallet to survive?”

Congmin talked back, “What do you mean by that, you have no idea what we’re facing because you’re not the one earning the meal. You have no right to comment.”

“Is that so? I remembered Dad claiming very clearly that it was twenty million and not the ten million stated here. The difference seems to be quite a leap.”

Congmin refused to back down, “What’s strange about that, maybe your father was nervous back then and ended up saying the wrong amount.”

“Unsure about the company’s current situation, doesn’t that sound like someone’s not doing a good job as the director?”

“What has it got to do with you? Acknowledge the contents and stop your blabbering. Beating around the bush won’t help the situation.” Yin Hao interrupted.

“You seem to be nervous?”

“Why should I be nervous? I’m just annoyed to be talking with you.”

“Is that so?” Changning had an unknown smile on his face as he looked at the family in front of him, “Are you all sure that the figures on these documents are real?”

“Of course it’s real! There’s no benefit in lying to you.” Congmin agitatedly replied as she tried to prove the authenticity of the report as if by saying that, she would also believe that it was not a lie.

“I can’t be sure, the difference in figures are too far apart. That would mean that my dowry money would have a lot of differences.”

That sentence made everyone in the living room look even more uneasy – since when did He Changning become so astute and hard to deal with?

Elder Yin spoke with confidence, “You don’t have to be suspicious about it, we will give you what we have to. The Shang family had already given you such sky-priced betrothal gifts, you don’t have to be calculative over such a small amount of money from us. Zhinian, transfer the money to him immediately, and that ends all the ties between us.”

Changning smiled lightly. “Wait.” He waved his hand to stop Yin Zhinian. “I’m not greedy. I’ll take what I should and leave what’s not mine alone.” With that, Changning picked up those thin pieces of papers and shook them lightly, “I will confirm the authenticity of the details stated.”

Following the papers swaying in front of their eyes, the Yin family members followed Changning’s actions as nervousness filled their eyes.

Elder Yin tried to act calm, “What is there to confirm, don’t tell me we would cheat you?”

“Your reputation has already gone bankrupt on my side, so…” Changning said as he shook the papers again, as if saying that whatever they said, he would not believe a single bit.

The feeling of being played by someone else made them very uneasy. Yin Hao’s face darkened. “He Changning, you’re really shameless. What have you done for the Yin family before? What makes you think that the Yin family must agree to your request? We’re generous enough to give, so graciously accept it. Leave some face for both parties so that it’s easier to face each other in the future.”

“Haha, now you’re angry. Too bad that self-assumed magnanimity isn’t useful on me. Keep that opinionated mouth of yours. You’d better think of a way to answer CEO Shang.”

“What do you mean by that?” Yin Hao instantly became uptight.

“What I meant, you’re well-aware of.” Changning smiled as he watched the Yin family’s amazing performance. As if tired of the game of catching the mouse, Changning openly called Shang Yushang in front of the Yin family, “Hello Mr. Shang, it’s me, Changning.”

Yushang waved his hands to stop his subordinate’s report and gestured them to leave the room. Then with a gentle expression, he replied, “Changning, what’s the matter?”

“Hm, just checking something with Mr. Shang.”

“If you don’t mind, just call me Yushang.” Shang Yushang used this opportunity to make his request – he always wanted to hear Changning call him that way.

Changning scolded Shang Yushang from head to toe mentally but because he had request for help, he swallowed his words – he would settle this issue with him later. Actually, it was not embarrassing to call his name, just that their relationship was making him feel awkward. He calmed himself down and replied, “Yushang, I need a copy of the evaluation report of the investment funding to Yin Establishment.”

Getting his own name called by someone he liked, Yushang showed his happiness openly. Even the secretaries outside the CEO’s room could sense it as they saw the inside of the room through the open blinds behind the glass wall. The secretaries discussed it amongst themselves.

“What made our CEO so happy all of a sudden? Look, even the edges of his lips are curling upwards.”

“I know right? He’s like so happy that he could fly! Is the thousand year iceberg finally going to melt?”

“Maybe our CEO’s spring has finally arrived?”

“What kind of person do you think is capable of controlling that iceberg? If they can even resist that coldness, then it must be their ancestors’ blessing!”

CEO Shang’s mood became joyous as he held the phone in his hand. Even his deep, attractive voice sounded lighter, “Okay, give me fifteen minutes.”

As the phone call ended, Changning announced with his clear voice, “Please spare us a few minutes. Very soon, we’ll all be released from the agony.”

As every minute passed, the Yin family members couldn’t sit still any longer. Every now and then, they would look towards the direction of the main door in the living room, hoping that someone would appear to solve this matter. Yet, at the same time, they did not wish for anyone to come and spoil their plan. With such conflicting minds, time seemed to pass even slower.

Congmin couldn’t stand the agony anymore, desperately wanting to settle He Changning’s issue, “What exactly do you want? The report is here, what other verification do you need? Hurry up and sign on it. Your dad will transfer you the money and we’re done with one another.”

“Why rush? Everything will be revealed soon.”

Under the fearful and cautious lead of the butler, Shang Yushang’s tall and handsome figure appeared at the Yin family’s door steps.

Yin Hao immediately jumped as he stared with his eyes wide open at the legendary figure in the business world.

The Yin family members got up subsequently.

Changning was surprised by Shang Yushang’s appearance. He’d thought that Yushang would get someone to send over the documents; instead, he had never expected Yushang to bring things over himself. This guy sure is surprising, Changning thought as he walked to Yushang. “Why did you come?”

Yushang still had his emotionless expression on his face but when he saw Changning, his eyes were filled with gentleness and favoritism, “To send you this.” He said as he handed over the set of documents to Changning.

Accepting the things that were handed over, Changning looked at Yushang’s deep gaze. “Come in and have a seat?”

Yushang nodded his head as he held Changning’s hand and walked to the sofa. Naturally taking a seat beside Changning, he crossed his legs and placed Changning’s hand on his lap with his other hand over it. He then shifted closer to Changning’s ears and spoke with a tone that was loud enough for everyone to hear, “Changning, continue where you left off.” Then, he positioned himself as a bystander as he caressed the slender fingers on his palm.

Changning tried to ignore the weird sensation on his hand as he coughed lightly, “I assume this evaluation report is accurate?”

Yin Zhinian involuntarily shivered, Yin Hao clenched his fists tightly, Congmin’s face was pale as a sheet of paper, and Elder Yin took up the emptied water glass with uneasiness, not knowing whether to drink or to put it back down. Only the silliest Yin Jun watched the entire scene without realizing what had happened. Why does everyone look like the enemies are at the doorsteps? He thought and in fact, he asked, “Granny, mum, what’s wrong?”

Yin Zhinian took a deep breath and suppressed the horror in his heart, “Well, why would Mr. Shang come here personally? We’re unprepared for your arrival, we hope you don’t mind.”

Congmin tried to curry favor as well, “Haha, yeah, we hope Mr. Shang doesn’t mind; we can prepare anything for you.”

“There’s no need for that. I’m here to meet Changning.”

The husband and wife could not retort as they angrily kept their silence.

Changning repeated himself, “The figures on both reports don’t seem to match up?” He threw the documents on the table, “I want to know which report you are going in accordance with?”

Yin Zhinian was nervous and scared as his trembling hands held his handkerchief and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

Yin Hao had his fist clenched tightly as he suppressed the fear within him. He did hate Changning to the core, but never had he expected that Changning would fight back this way, neither did he know why the business world’s genius would appear at his doorstep just to send a report.

But if they were found out by Shang Yushang that they had altered the figures, with his harsh and decisive character, he would surely crush Yin Establishment to nothing. What should he do? He couldn’t let things go awry. “Of course it’s the one that Mr. Shang brought over. Haha, god knows which person made such a mistake on the figures. Changning, don’t mind the mistake. Hahaha.”

Changning’s gaze turned even colder. What a bunch of despicable snobs. “Really?”

“Of course.” Yin Hao claimed stubbornly. Even if he were to break his teeth and swallow his blood, he would never admit his wrong doings. With people like CEO Shang around, the Yin family was destined to admit defeat.

“Then so it is.”

Changning turned his gaze onto everyone in the living room. Seeing how fearful the Yin family was, too shocked to speak, or even the angry gaze that looked like they couldn’t wait to eat him alive. Changning smiled as his expression filled with mockery and disdain.

Shang Yushang remained expressionless right from the beginning as he sat beside Changning. As if he was really there to watch the show unfold. He held Changning’s slender fingers in his hand, gently caressing the skin, not missing any of the skin patterns. His warm, large hands wrapped around the smaller, cold fingers as his heart filled with satisfaction.

Yushang did not plan to interfere with the Yin family’s matter. As long as Changning did not suffer any loss, he planned on letting him do as he liked.

Although Yin Zhinian had worked in the business world for many years, with all the experiences he gained until that day, but when he faced a person like Shang Yushang whose atmosphere was heavy and powerful, Yin Zhinian was on the losing end. He forced himself to calm down and gave orders to his finance department. About half a minute later, Changning’s mobile phone received a message from the bank that it received had three million dollars.

Changning’s lips curled knowingly – his dowry, his selling price, all that was earned with his wits and courage. His heart suddenly felt empty, as if a large chunk of it was dug away. It was so painful that the hurt had numbed all the pain. He was unsure what else he could use to fill the gap.

Feeling the fingers in his palm turning cold, Yushang grabbed them tight, giving him some energy, hoping that Changning knew that he was always beside him.

Changning lowered his long eyelashes. The family that he had lived together with for almost twenty years, yet the kinship was so thin that it couldn’t even be compared to the warmth he received from the person beside him, whom he had only met a few times. Should he be thankful, or should he be grieved?

T/N: If you’re curious, the He family members will appear in the later half of the story. Make a guess whether they’re the good guys or bad guys? xD

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