SPMW 18 – Perhaps This Way was the Right Way

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Shang Yushang held Changning’s hand as they went upstairs without even excusing themselves.

“Can Changning let me visit your room?” He wanted to distract the younger man’s attention, hoping that he would forget about the hurt feelings from earlier.

How would Changning not be aware of how caring that person was, so he smiled and answered, “If you don’t mind, it’s this way.” As he stretched his hand and gestured the direction to his room.

Changning brought Yushang to his room and showed him around. “So?”

Yushang really liked the decorations and colors of Changning’s room; it was simple and comforting, “Your room feels really comforting. Anyone staying here would feel comfortable.”

As they came to the balcony, Changning pulled Yushang along as they sat side by side on the lounge, “I love sitting here, enjoying the sun while I read a book.”

“Hm, that feels great. You sure are someone who knows how to enjoy life.”

“Haha, it’s just a small hobby.”

With their hands linked together, they leaned against the balcony’s railing as Yushang slowly pulled Changning into his embrace. Seeing that the younger man wasn’t rejecting him, Yushang hugged him tighter. “Changning, what’s done cannot be undone. To value what we have from now on is more important. So, you don’t have to bother yourself over those things. You’ll have me in the future.”

Changning stared at Shang Yushang with his bright round eyes. When they first met, this man had already unreasonably forced his way into Changning’s life, not even giving him any chance to reject him. Yet Changning couldn’t deny that Yushang treated him genuinely, gently, pampering him, carefully protecting him and observing his every detail. Yushang was fearful that he would get hurt, as he defended him without any basis. Changning had seen all those actions with his own eyes, and he had truly been moved by them. Changning mentally told himself again, ‘just go with the flow, try to accept him, and accept his feelings. Perhaps with such a person by his side from now on, it wouldn’t be a bad choice. Even if he found out that his decision today was the wrong one, at least Yushang had once treated him genuinely – that was more than enough’.

Changning slowly relaxed himself and leaned his face onto Yushang’s chest. Listening to those strong heartbeats, Changning had unknowingly calmed down.

The warm sunlight poured onto the two young people as they stood there hugging each other. Their faces were painted with golden sunlight, making them look comforting and beautiful.

Moments later, Changning’s cheeks were slightly blushing as he gently pushed himself and Yushang apart, prompting the man to relax his embrace, “You should go settle your work.”

“Hm. I’ll settle some company’s issues these next few days and then focus on our wedding after that. I’ll pick you up when I’m done.”

“Hm. My workload would need a few more days to complete as well.”

“Don’t tire yourself. Rest well because the wedding details can be very tiring.”

“I understand.” Changning moved away from Yushang’s embrace, “Let’s go, I’ll send you off.”

Yushang frowned and said, “If you don’t feel happy staying with the Yin family, then just move to the condominium at Scenic View, we could move to the old family mansion after the wedding.”

Yushang’s considerate arrangements always made Changning’s heart feel warm, “No worries, I would like to stay here this one last time.”

Knowing that Changning had his own plans, Yushang decided not to force him, but Yushang still reminded him, “Be careful of your surroundings. Should anything happen, inform me immediately. Also, I’ll get some people to stay by your side, just call them if there’s a need.”

Changning looked at the cautious Yushang in amusement. “There’s really no problem. If there is, I’ll be able to handle it.”

“Be nice and listen to me this time. Don’t make me worried, okay?”

Changning rubbed his nose awkwardly – since when did this man become so motherly? But seeing the concern in Yushang’s gaze, Changning couldn’t reject his good intentions, “Okay then.”

Yushang gently pressed his lips on Changning’s forehead and held his hand again, “Let’s go.”

After sending Yushang off, Changning headed straight back into his own room. He switched on his desktop and continued his work. Now that he had an upcoming wedding to be busy with, in order not to let his editor climb out from the desktop to hunt him for his work, Changning decided to stockpile more manuscripts within these few days so that he could maintain his daily updates even after the wedding.

Changning stretched and relaxed his muscles as he began typing away on the keyboard.

The Yin family sat around the living room as they looked at one another silently. Before Shang Yushang exited through the door, he gave them a meaningful stare that made all the Yin family members feel cold beads of sweat forming on their skin, but they were too fearful to exhale too forcefully.

Congmin’s pale white face had not recovered from the shock as she asked her son, “Son, what did the stare from CEO Shang mean?”

Yin Hao became fidgety and restless as he rubbed his forehead. He replied with a harsh tone, “How would I know what he meant by that?”

Not even bothered by her son’s tone, Congmin continued, “If that CEO Shang finds out about the evaluation report, will he create trouble for Yin Est.?”

At this moment Yin Zhinian, who had been in the industry, reacted firmer than the others, “From what I can see, he was probably aware of everything.”

Congmin’s eyes immediately widened, “Then…then what should we do? What if Shang Est. Group cancels their investment with us? Then we’re all going to be in trouble!”

“If Mr. Shang knew about it but did not react to it, then we can only say that it was due to Changning, which was why he did not make things worse for us.”

Everyone in that room was aware and had seen with their own eyes that Yushang’s attitude towards Changning was very different from others.

Hearing that it was because of He Changning that Shang Est. decided not to take action against Yin Est., Yin Hao’s feelings became unbalanced. On one hand, he was glad that Changning was still around, allowing Yin Est. to avoid this problem. But on the other hand, the fact that it was He Changning that saved the Yin family had made Yin Hao feel jealousy and hatred towards Changning.

How could this useless brat save the Yin family and yet I, who boasts that the Yin family needs me at all times, could not be of any help when they were facing a crisis. That made Yin Hao, who was very confident all along, feel defeated. His twisted mindset pushed all the blame on He Changning. He believed that without He Changning, the Yin family would not come to such a situation like today. The grievances in Yin Hao’s heart increased and he couldn’t wait till he got a chance to tear Changning apart.

Elder Yin’s expression did not look good either. She had tried to gain an advantage only to end up worse off. She had truly embarrassed herself today; they did not even gain a single benefit and also ended up losing one million dollars in the process. Elder Yin felt heartbreak over her loss, yet she could not release her anger on Changning because of young master Shang.

Elder Yin had ridden roughshod over people for her entire lifetime; even her son and his wife had to do things according to her wishes. Not forgetting to mention Changning’s mother, He Minglan, even she had to lower her status to serve her as she wished. Yet, she had lost to He Changning today and had to tolerate all this humiliation in silence. Elder Yin was so furious, and she could only hold in her anger.

Although none of them were willing to accept what had happened, Elder Yin still decided to remind them, “Listen well, from now on until the moment that He Changning leaves this house, none of you will find trouble with him. Feed him well and ignore everything else. The day that he steps out of this house will be the day that we sever ties with him. Understood?” She turned her sharp gaze to everyone seated in the living room, “Don’t create unnecessary troubles for the Yin family just because you can’t hold your anger in.”

Changning focused on finishing his work, completely ignoring what the Yin family thought of him. That was none of his business now. He just wished to quickly finish the work before him as he would be very busy with the wedding details for a period of time.

After having his lunch, Changning routinely got a glass of milk as he sat on his lounger on his balcony. He shut his eyes to rest his mind. When he opened them again, he saw that a tall, muscular young man had silently appeared before him. Pausing for a moment, Changning’s lips curled upwards slightly, “You’re Shang Yushang’s man?” Although it was a question, it was in a tone of affirmation.

Xiao Wu praised Changning in his heart for his courage and intelligence as he answered expressionlessly, “Yes, young master Ning. We’re here by young master’s order to protect you. You may call me Xiao Wu.”

“Thanks for your trouble.” Although that ‘young master Ning’ sounded awkward, Changning liked how it sounded.

“We’ll just be on the outside, if there’s anything, you may just call for us.”

“There’s someone else?”

“Yes, young master Ning. Other than me, there’s Xiao Qi and Shi Er.” With a whistle, two young men appeared not too far away, “Do remember our looks. Other than the three of us, there should not be anyone else around you.”

Regarding Shang Yushang’s detailed arrangement, Changning could only admire in his heart. That man had a meticulous mind, doing things that were unexpected yet within reasonable grounds. To be acknowledged by such a man with brains, guts and influence, he probably had no chance to escape and would end up surrendering.

“Okay, I got it. If there’s nothing, don’t overwork yourselves.”

“Thank you for your concern, young master Ning. We would do anything within our means, you don’t have to feel uneasy. We’re only concerned about your safety.” In other words, they would not interfere with his daily life, so Changning could ignore their existence.

Changning smiled lightly as he replied, “Understood. You may go now. And make a slightly more humane appearance next time.”

Xiao Wu was embarrassed, and replied, “Yes, young master Ning.” With that, he left the balcony in a difficult to explain manner.

Changning rubbed his nose awkwardly, “It’s true that a special kind of boss would bring out a certain type of men.”

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