SPMW 20 – The Mysterious Clan

About an hour and a half later, a weak whine could be heard, and Changning’s long eyelashes trembled.

Yushang immediately leaned towards Changning, nervously holding his hands in his as he anxiously voiced his concerns, “Changning, Changning, you’re awake? Look at me, I’m here, I’m here.”  

Changning opened his eyes painstakingly. In his daze, he saw the anxious and worried Shang Yushang. With a weak, barely audible voice, Changning finally spoke, “Yushang.”

Yushang held his breath as he finally heard his precious reply to him. Agitated like a young lad, he quickly answered back, “I’m here, Changning. Is there anywhere that’s uncomfortable? Can you tell me?”

“I’m very tired, very sleepy.” Changning replied weakly.

“Alright, it’s okay, rest awhile more, I’ll be by your side.”

“Hn. Yushang, don’t alert the Yin family first. Before the wedding, don’t touch them.”

“Okay, everything as you wish. Don’t worry about that, sleep well.” With that, Changning obediently closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

Yushang turned around to face Bai Mo, “Bai Mo, what’s happening? Why is Changning feeling so weak?”

“It’s the adverse reaction after those drugs he took. Don’t worry, once the knockout effect drops and hallucinogens are out of his system, everything will return to normal.”

“How long will it take?”

“He’ll be fine in about three to four hours.”

As if relieved from a burden, Yushang sighed in relief, “You can go take a rest.”

Seeing how worried Shang Yushang was, Bai Mo sat down and glanced with interest between He Changning and Shang Yushang.

Yushang continued to watch over his lover, completely ignoring Bai Mo. Hence the doctor decided to start the conversation, “You’re being serious?”

“You use your eyes to breathe?”

After receiving such a retort, Bai Mo felt more unwilling to give up his inquiry. He wanted that fellow to admit it himself, so Bai Mo asked again shamelessly, “You really like him so much? You don’t seem like a person who easily falls in love.”

“When you meet the right person, falling in love is like catching a cold; you can’t stop it from happening.”

Bai Mo coughed, “You’re quite a humorous guy.”

Yushang turned to face Bai Mo, “You just have to hear me admit it myself, isn’t that it?”

Bai Mo shrugged his shoulder, hinting ‘you’ve got it’.

Yushang turned his gaze back to Changning’s face and continued, “I like him, no, more accurately, I love him.”

Bai Mo’s laidback expression immediately turned serious, “Yushang, do you know what you’re saying?”

“Of course, I know.”

“But, you should know what responsibilities you’re carrying on your shoulders.”

“I know about that too.”

“And you’re still confused?”

Yushang had his expressionless face on as he replied, “What you’re saying is, the Shang family’s future must not end with me, am I right? But what has that got to do with me and Changning getting together?”

“He’s a man. Don’t tell me you’re planning to use surrogates to solve the issue of an heir?”

“Who said I need to find surrogates?”

“If you don’t find surrogates, don’t tell me you’re letting him give birth to a child for you? Or you can give birth yourself?”

“There’s nothing impossible in this world.”

Bai Mo was puzzled by that sentence, “What do you mean?”

“Have you heard before, that men could also get pregnant and give birth?”

“Are you crazy? How is that possible?! Hold up, there are cases where men could give birth but those are merely rumors, you can’t believe in those!”

“Perhaps, someday in the future, you’ll believe in that.”

Bai Mo had a daring assumption in his mind, but he could not convince himself to believe in that, “You won’t say such things without a reason. What do you know?”

“I could tell you, but you must keep your mouth shut about it, or else I’ll have to silence you. Are you sure you want to know?”

Bai Mo swallowed his saliva, “Rest assured, I can use my humble life to vouch for it.”

Yushang cast his gentle gaze as he watched his deeply sleeping lover. His palm gently stroked those soft, pale cheeks, “Changning is the purest lineage descendant of the Mu Yi Clan.”

Bai Mo was surprised with the information, “Mu Yi Clan?”

“That’s right. The men in Mu Yi Clan had the ability to give birth. But because of their lineage, the successful rate of childbirth was different among the people. The purer the linage, the higher the success rate of childbirth.” Yushang paused, “Changning is one of the purest lineage descendants, which is why I don’t need a surrogate, since Changning could have our child.”

After spending some time to digest all that shocking information, Bai Mo questioned, “Does your Changning know that he’s one of that Mu Yi Clan?”

“I don’t plan to tell him at this stage.”

Bai Mo suddenly regretted. Was it too late to say that he had lost his memories temporarily and not remember a single thing that Shang Yushang just said?

As if he knew what Bai Mo was thinking, Yushang answered, “You’ve learned something that you shouldn’t know. So, it’s too late to regret.”

Bai Mo who had woken up to reality, lamented, “Damn, you’re doing this on purpose.”

“I’ll leave Changning’s health in your care from now on. Especially when he gets pregnant.”

“Shang Yushang, you have no right to slave me around, I’m not doing this.”

“Sure, just that, since you’re aware of Changning’s secret, for the sake of my precious’s safety, I don’t mind sending you on a one-way trip to Africa.”

“Fuck.” Bai Mo cursed.

Yushang gave a cold stare and Bai Mo immediately softened like a deflated balloon.

“You’ll wake Changning up.”

“Shang Yushang, let’s make a deal. I’ll take care of your precious one’s health, but you have to help me to woo Su Yang.”

Yushang gave a derisive look at Bai Mo and answered, “Useless. Fine, I’ll help.”

For the sake of his precious wife, there’s nothing wrong with sacrificing his best friend. Plus, he was providing his best friend a free slave and bed warmer as a compensation. Su Yang’s not at a loss. Hn. And that’s how Shang Yushang joyfully decided.

Young Master Su, who was half the globe away, felt a shiver running down his spine. He grumbled as he was weirded out by his suddenly increased pace in heartbeat.

Bai Mo decided to let go of Shang Yushang’s scheming plans, “So, how did you find out about those things that your precious had?”

“When granny decided that I’m going to marry a male wife, I got my men to investigate everything about Changning. It was by accident that I realized that he had such a unique physique. Plus, I really liked him, hence the decision to marry him.”

“He didn’t know that he had that trait?”

“In fact, most of Mu Yi Clan’s men did not know that they had such a physique. Even if they knew, they wouldn’t get pregnant unless they’re homosexuals or if they’re of the purest lineage. Which was why the clan had become close to extinction. Also, a pure lineage descendant like Changning only appears every few hundred years. There was a legend as well that once the descendant of the purest linage gives birth to twins the Mu Yi clan would rise again and the family that had those twins would also prosper for several decades.”

“That incredible?”

“Not sure. So, I don’t think I have to sew your mouth personally for you to know what you should do?”

“Noted.” Bai Mo did a lip-zipping action, “The secret’s safe with me. I won’t reveal anything even if the person was Su Yang. You can tell him yourself.”

As the sun slowly rose, brightening the sky once again, Changning slowly open his eyes. Right before him was still that face of worry and anxiety, with bloodshot eyes.

“Yushang…” Changning said with a hoarse voice.

Yushang took the glass of water from Xiao Wu, “Changning, have some water first.”

With Shang Yushang’s assistance, Changning drank almost half the glass, relieving the dry painfulness in his throat, “You must have been up all night, go get some rest.”

Yushang’s lips curled upwards with gentleness, “Don’t worry, I’m glad you’re okay.” His warm hands caressed his lover’s cheek as he continued, “Changning, go live at the Scenic View apartment, okay?”

Seems like he really had a bad scare this time, Changning thought as he gave a rare obedient nod, “Hm, I’ll do as you say.”

Yushang wrapped his hands around Changning and he tightened his grip comfortably, “Changning, the wedding will be happening soon. Until then, I’ll protect you with all my power, I won’t let such a thing happen again.”

Changning could hear that Yushang was blaming himself which made him feel guilty. It was because of his carelessness that caused so much trouble, yet Yushang was taking all the blame, “Yushang, it’s not your fault. I’m to blame for this. Don’t be like that, I’ll be careful from now on.”

Seeing that the younger man felt heartbroken after he found out how concerned Yushang was for Changning, and that he even promised to be more cautious around those outsiders, Yushang finally felt more assured. He had no choice, if Yushang had not forced Changning in this way, how would he deal with the Shang family in the future? Although Yushang was not too willing to do that, but he was left with no choice. Thankfully, Changning was a smart and calm person who understood the reason why he was so worried and concerned. Yushang was assured that they would not have too much to be concerned with when facing the obstacles in their future.

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