SPMW 21 – Young Master Shang’s Fury

Aunt Qin was woken up by the sudden noise from downstairs. When she witnessed someone knocking out both the young master and his friend, she almost wanted to scream for help.

Xiao Qi moved in quickly and within the blink of an eye, he appeared before Aunt Qin. Taking into consideration that Aunt Qin was Changning’s caretaker, he did not harm the middle-aged woman. With his stern and hoarse voice, he explained, “Those two were planning to harm Young Master Ning. That glass of milk that you poured for Young Master Ning was drugged by them, and caused him to be unconscious till now. If you still plan to scream, go ahead.” with that, Xiao Qi left the petrified Aunt Qin behind and went on to carry out his duties.

Aunt Qin stumbled along her way as she pushed open the door to Changning’s room. There were several people in the room, and among them was Young Master Shang, whom she had met before.

Noticing that Aunt Qin had entered, Yushang gestured at Xiao Wu to calm her down and not interfere with Bai Mo attending to Changning. Hence, Xiao Wu escorted Aunt Qin to the sofa in the living room and gave her a simple explanation about the current situation. He then instructed Xiao Qi to take good care of Aunt Qin before he returned upstairs.  

When Xiao Qi saw the anxious and restless Aunt Qin, his resentment reduced greatly. After all, Aunt Qin was used by those people. Knowing that her concerns for young master Ning were genuine, Xiao Qi decided to console her, “Aunt Qin, what happened can’t be changed. Don’t overthink. With our young master around, Young Master Ning will turn out fine. Rest assured while we wait for them. If you’re tired, then you should take a rest first.”

Aunt Qin broke down as tears covered her face, “It’s all my fault, I caused Changning to be harmed. I’m so useless. How could I be this muddled? If I had been more careful, such things wouldn’t have happened. Should anything happen to Changning, how am I going to face Madam in the Netherworld…”

The moment Aunt Qin started crying, Xiao Qi became helpless, “Aunt Qin, don’t cry. If Young Master Ning saw you crying, he’d be upset as well. Aunt Qin? S-stop crying?”

Xiao Qi comforted awkwardly while Aunt Qin gradually stopped her sobbing. “Yeah I won’t cry. I can’t let Changning be worried about me. I’ll wait for him here,” she said as she wiped her tears, “My child, I can’t be upstairs to bother them, but could you give me updates on Changning’s condition?”

Xiao Qi understood the pleading in Aunt Qin’s eyes. “I will, Aunt Qin. I’ll give you an update. Don’t worry for now and have some rest first.”

And thus, Aunt Qin sat around on the living room’s sofa throughout the night until Changning came around and was then brought to the room by Xiao Qi.

As she walked to the side of the bed, Aunt Qin held Changning’s hand as her tears fell uncontrollably once again. She said nothing as her eyes watched Changning with regrets and worries.

Changning’s face was white as a sheet as he laid weakly on his bed. Despite that, Changning decided to comfort the frightened elder lady, “Aunt Qin, don’t cry. I’m alright.”

“Hm, Aunt Qin won’t cry. As long as Changning is fine, Aunt Qin won’t cry.”

Yushang looked at Aunt Qin with his expressionless face. If it wasn’t because of Changning, he wouldn’t even let Aunt Qin get near ever again, “Xiao Wu, get our men over and pack all of Changning’s belongings. We’re moving to the apartment in Scenic View. Yushang paused before deciding to ask anyway, “Changning is leaving the Yin residence. What plans do you have, Aunt Qin?”

Aunt Qin looked at Yushang and replied, “Mr. Shang, may I follow Changning? I would like to keep on caring for him, would that be alright?”

His little lover looked at him with hopeful eyes and Yushang eventually surrendered, “Alright. But you must follow my orders, do you agree to that?”

Aunt Qin quickly agreed, “Sure, I’m willing to do anything. As long as you would allow me to take care of Changning, I’ll do anything.”

Moments later, Xiao Wu’s men arrived and under Aunt Qin’s instruction, all of Changning’s and Aunt Qin’s belongings were packed up nicely within half an hour.

Yushang carried Changning in his arms and the crowd majestically left the Yin residence.

At the same time, Yin Zhinian was deep asleep in a hotel room after he got drunk from a business meeting last night. Yin Hao was still knocked out in his room as well. The few helpers in the Yin residences were also knocked out like dead logs. Nobody knew what had happened that night – the Yin family’s third young master and helper Aunt Qin disappeared without a trace in just one night.

As for the man who was called Dao, he was not so lucky as to escape with only a good sleep. He was hanging between life and death, suffering pain and agony in purgatory.

When the group arrived at the apartment in Scenic View, everyone went to carry out their duties without being instructed. Very quickly, everything was in order and the men tactfully left the apartment. Before Xiao Qi left, he showed Aunt Qin to her room and instructed her that without their young master’s instruction, she shouldn’t interrupt them, that it’ll be good enough to just do things within her discretion, and young master Shang would be accommodating.

When everything settled down, Shang Yushang hugged Changning from behind as they laid on the huge bed. He sighed in relief, knowing that they had gone through a daunting experience without any mishaps, and that his lover was finally safe and sound in his embrace. Yushang rubbed his forehead as he relaxed his body and felt his fatigue overwhelming him.

Sensing that the man behind him was feeling very exhausted, Changning said, “Yushang, have a good rest, I’m really fine now.”

“Stay by my side, okay?” Yushang did not share how anxious and scared he was when he had heard that Changning was in trouble. He dared not think of how Changning would react if he had gone through the intended experience, or if he would even survive all that. He knew how proud Changning was, which was why Changning probably would not tolerate being humiliated that way. If Yushang was a moment too late, then even death wouldn’t recover everything that Changning had lost. Thankfully, fate had given him a chance and he had arrived in time to prevent anything terrible from happening. His Changning was still in good condition and was by his side. While he was glad for the result, the hatred grew instantly in his heart. Those people that dared to plan such despicable acts on someone that he treasured so much, they jolly well better be prepared for his revenge.  

Changning nodded in agreement to Yushang’s request. At this point, he decided not to be pretentious. With Yushang by his side, Changning felt safe and comforted. It was a feeling that he could be assured that this man would handle everything for him. Perhaps, what happened last night had traumatized him. What if Yushang had arrived late? He knew that he would rather be dead than be humiliated. Yet, when facing death, Yushang still remained in his thoughts. Changning wasn’t sure when it had begun, but that man called Shang Yushang had, in fact, entered his heart, making it impossible to not think of him nor worry about him.

Yushang hugged Changning closer as he slipped underneath the blanket. Assured that the blankets were nicely covering them, he then pressed a kiss on his little lover’s forehead. “Let’s sleep.”

Moments later, the room was left with the couple’s soft breathing as they slept. Even their heartbeats were on the same rhythm.

The couple continued to sleep till it was mid-afternoon. When Yushang open his eyes, appearing in his view was that slightly pale, but relaxed, face. His heart melted as he caressed those soft cheeks and thin lips. He watched his little lover with his pampering gaze.

Unconsciously, Yushang moved closer to his lover and pressed his lips softly onto his forehead, eyebrows, nose and finally on those lips that he had thought of for the past few days. The soft, sweet, sensation made Yushang unwilling to move away. He carefully kissed those captivating lips as he continuously used his tongue to trace Changning’s lips, hoping that time would stop at this moment.

Changning slowly opened his eyes and look at that infatuated gaze that was right in front of him. His heart beat faster, as if it was going to leap out of his chest, as he subconsciously hugged tightly onto Yushang’s waist. In fact, Changning had already woken up when Yushang had kissed his forehead. But the yearning for his gentleness had made him unwilling to open his eyes.

Sensing that firm grip on his waist, Yushang realized that his lover had woken up. He then let go of his apprehensions as he pulled Changning closer with one hand, while the other cupped the back of his lover’s head, as they deepened their kiss.

No longer stopping at just plain kisses, Yushang pried open his lover’s lips as he snuck his tongue into his mouth. Brushing across every muscle in Changning’s mouth, Yushang curled their tongues together as they caressed and danced sensually. In that quiet bedroom, there was only sounds of heavy breathing and wet kisses.

It was not until Changning almost could not breathe that Yushang reluctantly let go of those lips. They pressed their foreheads together as they stared at those blushing cheeks from one another’s gaze. Gradually, they waited for their chaotic heartbeats to calm down.

After a long sigh, Yushang pulled Changning into an embrace. He knew that the missing part of his life was now right before his eyes. “Changning, stay with me forever. My embrace could only handle you. So please, like me, fall in love with me?” I too, wanted to be that missing part of your life, so that I could complete your life and make it perfect.

Changning did not reply. Instead, he used his fist and hit Yushang’s chest, as he buried his face into the broad chest in front of him, wrapping his arms tighter around Yushang.

After they had lunch together, Yushang made sure that Changning returned to rest on the bed and instructed Aunt Qin, Xiao Wu and Shi Er to guard Changning well. He pressed another kiss on his lover’s forehead before he left the apartment.

The car arrived at the back of an ordinary residential area and drove into a small-sized garage. After the garage was shut once again, the opposite side of the wall opened promptly. The car did not stay but drove all the way till the end of the passage way.

As the car door opened, Xiao Qi who was already waiting in position, pressed a button and the metal gates gradually opened. Shang Yushang took big strides as he entered the premise.
Da Zhou came forward and greeted, “Young master.”

“How was it?”

Da Zhou subconsciously cringed at the tone. Young master sure is cold today, it’s only mid-July, there’s no reason for me to be shivering.

“He confessed.”

“By whose instructions?”

Da Zhou swallowed his saliva, “It’s Yin Hao.”

“Good.” Yushang had a chilling expression as the rage in him grew exponentially and his deep eyes shrouded with ruthlessness.  

Da Zhou and Xiao Qi took a step back in response. You have got to be kidding, Young Master was fuming right now, they were not intending to become his sacrifices.

“I’ll meet that Dao guy.”

Da Zhou lead Yushang to a house where Dao had his head hung low, probably almost dead or knocked out.

Without prompting, his men splashed a bucket of ice water onto Dao and awoke the shivering man instantly.

The moment Dao saw Da Zhou, it was as if he had seen a ghost as he started shouting at the top of his lungs, “Ah, ah, d-don’t come near me, no, don’t come near me. I’ve said everything you wanted to hear. Please, I beg you, please let me off. I won’t do it again, please, please. Just let me off.” And the yelling slowly became sobbing.

Yushang gestured Da Zhou to silence him. Da Zhou smiled as he spoke to Dao, “Quiet down, our young master would like to ask you something.”

The light-hearted words froze Dao like a curse as he tucked his head low without daring to move an inch.

“What did Yin Hao instruct you, tell me.” Yushang suppressed his emotions as he asked calmly.

Dao sensed that the gentleman in a suit before him seemed to be a nice guy and would not make things difficult for him. So, after he took a glance at the smiling Da Zhou, he shivered, but decided to repeat the truth honestly, “A few days ago, Yin family’s eldest young master looked for me, and he asked if I was interested in making a deal with him. I asked him what the deal was about, and he said…” Dao paused as he carefully raised his head to peek at Shang Yushang. Noticing that there was no reaction on his face, he thought that the man before him was probably not angry, and so he continued, “He asked me to fuck someone. He said that the person was attractive and lovely looking, and he was a high-quality slut.”

Yushang clenched his fist tightly; he could not control the anger that flowed through his body. That darn Yin Hao, the person that I, Shang Yushang, took precious care of like a treasure, I can’t even bear to say anything harsh to him and yet he dared to blaspheme him? Well done, Yin Hao. You just wait for it. I’ll let you understand what it means to be a high-quality slut.

Yushang smoothed the cease on his suit’s sleeve and said, “Continue.”

Dao swallowed his saliva hard before he continued, “Yin Hao said that my deal was to fuck that person, record it as evidence and he’ll give me a sum of money.”

“That’s all?”

Getting stared at by Shang Yushang caused Dao to turn pale white. That chilling gaze made his entire being tremble in fear, as if his body would be torn apart the next moment. How could he have thought that he was a gentleman? “Th-that, I-I don’t plan on getting his money. He just said that I must fuck that person so that he would listen to our orders obediently and be manipulated by us, and then Yin Hao could do whatever he wanted to.”

“Well done.”

The two words that were supposed to be a compliment sounded like a death knell ringing in Dao’s ears, and made him terrified from the bottom of his heart, “N-no, no. Listen, I didn’t touch your man, I have not done anything to him. Please let me off, I won’t do it again, please I beg you.” Dao begged as he cried in fear.

Yushang’s voice was cold as ice shards, “If my men hadn’t stopped you before you acted, what would you do?”

Dao stammered, “I-I…”

“You would complete your deal with Yin Hao and force my lover to death.” Yushang finally raised his voice as his words echoed within the small house.

Every word said by Shang Yushang was like a blade slicing through his skin. Dao had a defeated expression, knowing that he had offended someone that he shouldn’t have. He could feel his body trembling hard as he no longer had strength to justify himself.

“You like to fuck around?”

Dao widened his eyes in horror as he felt his body shaking even harder. He looked at the man before him, as if he was the devil himself.

Yushang nonchalantly gave his orders, “Find a few people and entertain our sex-deprived Mr. Dao. Let him have a taste of how it feels to be fucked.”

Da Zhou turned around to carry out his duties. Not too long after, a few bulky, muscular brutes appeared and stood in a row with their heads covered with masks, and waited for further instructions.

Dao struggled to crawl towards a corner of the house as he stammered, “No, no, please I beg you, please let me off, please let me off.”

Yushang waved his hand and the masked brutes moved forward with their hands reaching for Dao. Dao struggled and screamed as his clothes were torn off. Soon, he curled his naked body fearfully as he tried to hide himself in the corner. He begged and cried pitifully, but none of those words could change his destiny.

When Yushang turned his back on the room and walked off, he could hear Dao’s miserable screams, along with the sounds of skin slapping against skinthe noises echoed throughout the entire house.

On his way back to his company, Yushang once again instructed Da Zhou to keep Dao alive. He could ‘entertain’ him for a few days, before checking up on some of the crimes he had done, so that he would get an eight to ten year sentence, and could enjoy his life in jail.

E/N: That was, in many ways, and from start to finish, quite intense.
T/N: Sweet revenge indeed. xD

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