SPMW 22 – Wedding In Progress

After Shang Yushang returned to his office to settle some matters, he busied himself until around seven in the evening. He then made a call to old Madam Shang to inform her that he would not be returning to the main residence, and then drove back to the apartment in Scenic View.

Xiao Wu had guessed that his young master would eventually return to the apartment, so he wasn’t too surprised when Shang Yushang came through the door. Aunt Qin however, was slightly shocked, but eventually understood the situation, so she greeted him and went to prepare for dinner.

Yushang pushed open the bedroom door and saw Changning sitting near the window as he watched the night skies in a daze.

Yushang slowed down his pace as he slowly walked to his little lover’s side, reached his hands out and pulled him into a gentle hug. Yushang then kissed Changning’s head affectionately, “What are you thinking?”

Changning shifted a little and found a comfortable position as he leaned into the man’s embrace, “Nothing, just daydreaming for a while.”

Yushang realized that Changning did not want him to find out about his awkwardness as he hid his uneasiness. Knowing that his lover did not want him to be worried, Yushang felt an unbearable heartache. The taller man slid his arm underneath Changning’s knees and carried him as he walked towards the sofa and sat down with him on his legs. Yushang wrapped his arms around Changning, allowing the younger man to lean his head comfortably on his shoulder, “Changing, I know that the incident has scared you. It’s my fault, but my dear, please have faith in me that from this moment onwards, I’ll never let any harm come near you. I’ll protect you and give you the life that you’d hope for. My dear, will you believe in me?”

“Hm. It’s my fault for neglecting to take precautions – you’ve reminded me before, yet I’ve always thought that the Yin family couldn’t be that horrible, which was what led to today’s lesson,” Changning explained as he nuzzled his face deeper into the crook of Yushang’s neck.

Yushang tightened his hold as if he hoped to pull his lover into his own body. “Changning, it’s all over now. Don’t think of it anymore. I’ll do everything to protect you. I assure you that no one could ever hurt you again. Believe in me, alright?”

“Hm. I know, don’t worry, I’m fine.” What if…Changning dared not to think further as he really feared to know what would have happened.

Yushang cupped the face that was buried in his neck as he planted a gentle, comforting kiss. Slowly, he traced his kisses from Changning’s forehead, to his eyebrows, the tip of his nose and finally onto those tempting lips. His kisses were soft suctions, little nipping turned into gentle licks, as if he was tasting the most delicious thing on earth.

Touched by Yushang’s gentleness, Changning slightly parted open his lips for the first time and shyly returned the man’s kisses.

Receiving a response from his lover instantly sparked Yushang’s passion as the kisses were no longer soft and gentle. He slid his tongue into his lover’s mouth and he hooked their tongues together, sucking Changning’s tongue passionately like he was going to swallow him whole.

The sudden passion and heavy kisses made Changning unconsciously hum in response as any saliva that was not swallowed in time dripped out of his mouth passionately and obscenely.

The softs hums from his lover became the best aphrodisiac, fueling Yushang’s kisses. He pulled his lover closer to himself as his hand cupped the back of Changning’s head. With sincerity, comfort, passion and obvious possessiveness, he kissed his lover in his arms intensely. He desired to swallow his lover completely, hoping that they would never be apart again.

Time unknowingly passed until Changning almost ran out of breath before Yushang was willing to let go of him. The heavy panting mixed with the couples breath as it lingered in the atmosphere ambiguously.

Yushang struggled to hold on to his last strand of rationale as he released his hold on Changning at the most crucial moment, even though he really wished to push the man down and take in Changning’s enchanting looks as he writhed in pleasure underneath his own body.

Yushang pulled his lover into his embrace once again as he ran his hand down Changning’s back to smooth his breathing while he cooled his own desires as well. Such a torturous little devil, he thought. Although it seemed like it was him who provoked Changning, it would always end up with him falling deeper into the trap. Yushang sighed as he wondered why he behaved like a young fellow in his early twenties, acting recklessly, driven by passion. He wondered how his prided self-control could be so useless in front of his little lover.

Changning, who had calmed down, hit Yushang as he blamed the man. How could he always go all out to take advantage of and bully him till he almost passed out. If he didn’t practice more control, he might end up dying from suffocation. Then that’s a big loss for him and a wrongful death!

Changning buried his face into Yushang’s neck again as he mumbled, “Don’t do this all the time, I almost suffocated to death.”

Yushang chuckled in response as Changning listened to the vibrations from his chest, making his heart beat faster as well. Blushing even harder, Changning punched his weak hands onto Yushang’s shoulder as he grumbled. “How dare you laugh, laugh again and I’ll turn hostile.”

Yushang coughed as he suppressed his laughter, indeed, he did fear his lover falling out with him. “Alright, I won’t laugh anymore. Dear, look up and let me have a look?” Yushang said as he lifted Changning’s face and stared at those red swollen lips caused by himself. They looked so adorably red that made him want to nip them again, but considering that Changing would probably get angry, Yushang pushed those thoughts aside as he lightly brushed his finger over those lips, “Hm, it’s slightly swollen, nothing too bad. Seems like my technique is not that bad after all.”

Changning stared at the man who acted innocent despite being the culprit as the little fire in his eyes grew, “I dare you to say that again?”

Yushang caressed Changning’s head comfortingly as he replied, “Babe, don’t get angry. I’m in the wrong. I’ll pay more attention next time.”

Changning’s chest heaved with anger as he groaned, clenching his teeth together, “I forbid you to call me babe, or I’ll show you what I can do.” Feeling pissed because he really couldn’t accept the term ‘babe’ as it gave him endless goosebumps.

“Okay, don’t get mad. I won’t call you that when you’re not happy.” I’ll call you whatever I want when you’re happy then.

Just then, Aunt Qin came up to inform them that dinner was ready.

Yushang linked his hands together with Changning’s as they leisurely went downstairs for their meal.

Changning had his head lowered all that time and occasionally glared at Yushang. That idiot, that idiot who had no self-control. How dare he cause him to have no other choice than to lower his head in fear that others would noticed his swollen lips. How was he going to explain that? He can’t possibly say he fell and hurt himself, right? People would look at him like he was an idiot, wouldn’t they? All in all, it’s all that idiot’s fault.

The burning gaze from his lover was too hard to ignore. Yushang shifted his mouth closer to Changning’s ears as he whispered, “It’s okay, they won’t ask any questions.”

The warm breath blew on Changning’s ears, sending a tickling sensation to his skin. Changning awkwardly dodged as he blushed again, “None of your business.” He snorted as he sent a glare at Yushang before turning his face away.

His shy and awkward lover looked really alluring, and made Yushang thankful for the choice that he had made back then. If he had not chosen Changning, he might end up living a boring life for the rest of his days.

After they had dinner, Yushang brought Changning upstairs again and they sat on a couch, drinking tea as they relaxed after the meal.

Changning looked at Yushang, who did not seem to be planning to leave, and he asked, “Why are you still not leaving?”

“Where to?”

“Are you not returning to the old mansion?”

Yushang shook his head in response, “I’ll be staying here for the time being.”

Changning looked at the man nervously, “Why are you staying here?”

Yushang playfully watched his nervous lover as he smiled and replied, “Why can’t I stay here?”

Changning eyes started looking elsewhere, “T-that’s because, we’re still not married yet.” and his cheeks redden once again.

“That’s exactly why we should be staying together. During this period, we need to discuss about the wedding details – the suits, the accessories, the wedding photoshoot locations, the scenes for the photoshoot, decide between a western wedding or a Chinese wedding, plus we need to take a look at the wedding venue itself. Oh, you need to look at the villa that we’ll be renovating as well – we don’t have much time.” Yushang paused for another sip of the tea, “And you’ll need to go to the old mansion as well; granny mentioned that although they got the wedding room decorated, we need to be satisfied with it as well, so we’ve got to give some of our opinions on that. In addition to that, father had asked me to bring you to our company for a tour – those old folks on the board of directors, father wished that you could meet them in person. They are invited to the wedding, but if you’ve met them beforehand then it would put you in a better position in the Shang family and Shang Est.”

Changning’s eyes widen in shock as he thought, was there a need to do all that just for a wedding? With all that on the to-do list, won’t it tire him out completely? Changning gulped and asked, “About that, why are there so many things to do?”

“Young Master Shang’s getting married – it’s no laughing matter.”

Tsk. Arrogant brat. What is there to be proud of.” Changning pouted his lips.

Yushang lowered his tea cup and suddenly launched himself on top of Changning, pinning the unprepared man underneath himself, as he answered with a threatening tone, “Babe, are you questioning the prestige of your own husband? You should be aware that ‘Young Master Shang’ carries a lot of responsibilities.”

Changning was caught off-guard by the sudden attack as he stared at Shang Yushang. Knowing how gentlemanly he acted all the time, Changning wouldn’t have thought that he had such a childish side to him. He giggled and answered, “Be arrogant all you want, acting like a mature elite on the surface yet deep down you’re just a scheming, devilish fox spirit; one of those extremely scheming ones of course.”

Scrutinized by his lover, Yushang wasn’t mad, instead he was glad that his lover was a smart little devil, “You little devil, even if I’m a fox spirit then you’d still have to follow me all over the mountain as we roam. Today, I shall teach you a thing or two about how to be a good husband.” With that, Yushang randomly nipped his lover’s face and neck as he slid his hand underneath Changning’s clothes and tickled him.

Changning squirmed as he laughed nonstop, dodging the tickles and Yushang’s nipping, “Hahaha, Shang Yushang, stop! Hahaha, I’m gonna die from the tickles! Hahaha stop you idiot!”

“So, babe, you know how powerful I am now?”

“Hahahaha, understood, understood, you jerk. Hahaha, stop!”

Yushang stopped all his actions as he gazed affectionately at his lover lying underneath him. Those smiling eyes with tears at the edge, those red cheeks highlighting his healthy, pale complexion, those pinkish lips parted as he panted heavily. His warm breaths blew onto his face as the warmth mixed with the sweet-smelling tea scent, the allure delving into his heart deeply.

Watched by such a heated gaze, Changning felt pressured as he pushed the heavy body above him and turned his gaze away, “Hey, stop fooling around. Get up, you’re heavy.”

Yushang rubbed his fingers softly onto Changning’s face as he said with a low, raspy voice, “Changning, I wish to have all of you, for the rest of my life.” The man lowered himself as he landed his soft kisses once again. It was filled with love as he slowly melted away his lover’s heart, making their love combine as one, hoping that they would never need to be apart ever again.

After a long kiss, Changning hid his face on Yushang’s neck crook as he grumbled again, “Stop taking advantage of me.”

Yushang caressed his lover’s black hair lovingly as he said with a pampering tone, “Okay, then we’ll swap and let babe take advantage of me. I don’t mind at all.”

With that, Changing punched back in response.

After fooling around and enough kisses, the couple sat upright again as Yushang naturally pulled his lover into an embrace while he smoothed his messy strands of hair, “We’ll talk about the wedding tomorrow. Now, explain why you didn’t want me to alert the Yin family when the incident happened.”

Used to Yushang’s habit of hugging him, Changning didn’t bother to struggle out of it – it was quite tiring after all, might as well give in. Shifting into a comfortable position, Changning answered, “When I realized something was wrong, I guessed that it was their doing. Xiao Wu appeared just in time, so I knew I would be alright, because there’s you.” He paused, “As to why I didn’t want to alert them, that’s because our wedding is around the corner. I don’t wish to create more trouble at this point in time – we don’t need to rush into settling them for now. Plus, if there’re major changes to the Yin family at this time, it would surely attract unwanted attention from outsiders. The Shang family shouldn’t be doubted because of these sorts of things and attract unnecessary trouble.”

Yushang dotingly nuzzled his lover’s face, “Remember it well Changning, there’s no need to care about others, you shouldn’t even be considering everything because of me. I just want you to be safe and live happily.”

Changning wrapped his arms around Yushang as he placed his chin onto the older man’s shoulder. “You can’t pamper me all the time, I’ll get too arrogant.”

Yushang patted his lover’s back, “Don’t worry, no matter how you become, you’re always my wife. Go ahead and do whatever you want and leave the rest to me.”

The couple fooled around again. Taking into consideration Changning’s body condition, Yushang decisively ushered his lover to the bathroom for a bath before putting him into his pajamas and tucking him underneath the blanket. When all that was done, Yushang left to have his shower.

After washing up and getting into his pajamas, Yushang walked to the bed, and tugged the blanket as he prepared to sleep.

Changning grabbed the blanket back as his eyes widened, “What are you doing?”


“Why don’t you go to your bedroom to sleep?”

“This IS my bedroom.”


Pulling the blanket over and swiftly getting underneath it, Yushang conveniently pulled the blanket and tucked Changning in properly, “Stop overreacting, your body just recovered, you should sleep early.” Ignoring his lover’s stiff body, Yushang wrapped his arms around him and switched off the lights as he gave a goodnight kiss on Changning’s cheek, “Goodnight babe.”

The He Changning who prided himself on his intelligence was now dragged onto someone else’s bed carelessly as the older man pulled him into an embrace. Although he was confused, the younger man fell asleep. That’s right, after he tried to figure things out, it was to no avail, and he fell asleep.

Hearing his lover’s soft breathing, the edge of Yushang’s lips curled up into a satisfied smile. While hugging his little wife, Yushang too, fell asleep, completely at ease.

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