SPMW 24 – The Wedding Day

At this point in time, the living room was the place that Yin Hao hated the most. Not only did he hate it, the venue made him terrified, helpless, and anxious – just like how it reflected his innermost feelings.

Elder Yin’s face was visibly sullen and the cup of hot tea on her hands could not give her any warmth, “Yin Hao, you’d used all your intelligence on such matters?”

Seeing how things had already gone beyond their control, no matter how many reprimands were made – furthermore when the person getting scolded was her own son – Congmin was clearly displeased as she tried to intervene, “There’s no use talking about all these now. Why don’t we think of how to resolve this issue?”

Elder Yin’s sharp, menacing eyes stared straight at Congmin, “Resolve? How? we can’t even locate the people involved, how are we even going to resolve it?”

“But, we can’t just leave things as they are, right?” Congmin was also feeling anxious because she knew that if they did not handle this issue properly, it would definitely affect the entire Yin family.

Ever since the discussion on Changning’s wedding began, Yin Zhinian seemed to have aged quite a bit; even his vigor wasn’t as good as before. It was like he was less capable than desirable. “Enough, stop arguing. Most importantly, we have to find a way to get Changning back. If we can’t hand over the person on the wedding date, have you all thought about what kind of consequences we’d face? And yet all of you still have the audacity to argue?”

Elder Yin squinted her scheming eyes as she turned to her grandson “Yin Hao, you’re saying that you were knocked out mysteriously and then they were gone all of a sudden?”

Yin Hao was afraid. He did not understand how he ended up deeply asleep at that kind of crucial moment. If someone had done that intentionally, then should that person want him dead, it would have been done without a trace. Just the thought of that made him break into cold sweat, “Hm. I’m not too sure what happened as well. I’d made arrangements with Bro Dao, that when he was done, I’d take the things and he’d leave. But somehow I ended up asleep, and when I was awake again, all of them were gone. There wasn’t even a single trace left behind, they just, suddenly, disappeared into thin air.”

Elder Yin thought for a while before continuing, “I guess, someone must have taken He Changning away.”

“But what kind of people would? If it’s Bro Dao, there’s no reason why I can’t find him. Also, we’ve made a deal beforehand, he wouldn’t have backed down at the last minute. I’ve also contacted everyone that knew him but they all said that they have not seen him.”

Yin Jun interrupted, “That would mean that someone else must have taken them away! Otherwise why would Aunt Qin also disappear?”

Everyone turned their gaze onto Yin Jun which made the younger man think that he might have said something inappropriate, “I-I-I’m just guessing.”

Elder Yin frowned, “What Yin Jun said was logical.”

Suddenly, Yin Zhinian felt a very bad premonition, “Could it be that young master?”

That question instantly roused the atmosphere of the living room. Yin Jun swallowed his saliva as he broke the silence, “It can’t be…”

“It’s possible.” He paused, “Think of who would have the capabilities to be able to take them away without alerting anyone.” Yin Zhinian wanted to doubt his own guesses, but he could not deny the possible truth with that cowardly, inner voice within him.

“Then what should we do?” Congmin, who’d had a smooth sailing life all this while, enjoyed and lived like how a wealthy missus would. But when it came to difficult situations that involved big decisions, she would react like an ant on a hot pan, running around aimlessly when pressured.

“What else can we do. Of course we have to find He Changning and bring him back as soon as possible.” Elder Yin shot a despising look towards Congmin and her behavior. Then, she turned her gaze towards Yin Hao. “What are you still waiting for? Quick, go ask around if there’s any movement around the Shang residence. Also, get someone to keep an eye on Young Master Shang. If he has really taken Changning away, then we would surely find Changning through him.”

Yin Zhinian reminded Yin Hao worriedly, “Don’t let those people get too close, just follow them secretly. As long as they see Changning is alright, then that’s enough.”

Yin Hao calmed his pounding heart and then got up to carry out the instructions.

Congmin anxiously clenched her fist, “If Young Master Shang really took Changning away, does that not mean that he already knows something? T-then what should we do next? I can see that he’s quite concerned about Changning. What if he turned his anger against our family because of the incident, then what should we do?”

Elder Yin huffed angrily, “How else? We shall not admit that it was Yin Hao’s doing no matter what. We can push the blame to that Dao guy and claim that he’s the one who’d planned all that. We’re just trusting the wrong guy and hence the incident happened. That Dao guy also went missing, maybe he ran away after committing the crime after all. We’ll just push everything onto that guy.”

“We’ll do as you say. We have to make sure we’re all on the same page and claim the same thing should the Shang family question us. Yin Jun, this concerns our lives and death, don’t mess up.”

“Okay, I got it.” Yin Jun replied unwillingly, thinking how unfair it was. The younger brother could not understand why he got implicated when it was his older brother who created the trouble. But knowing that his brother wasn’t the only one who was incapable at times like this, Yin Jun pursed his lips as he went to his room to catch up on his sleep.

While Yin Hao was burning with anxiety, looking for the missing people, the wedding on the other side was busy as a beaver.

After spending the next few days of stalking like thieves, the Yin family finally found He Changning. Yet that did not make them relieved; instead, they become more worried and terrified.

Congmin panicked with her bloodshot eyes, “What should we do? That He Changning is at Young Master Shang’s place. He must have known something, that’s why he brought Changning back to his house. They’re busy with their wedding preparations, and once everything is settled, they’ll surely find us for payback.”

Elder Yin turned an annoyed gaze towards Congmin, “Can crying resolve the problem? Didn’t we already come up with a plan? We’ll push everything to that Dao guy. They haven’t even approached us and you’re already panicking, useless bums.”

The continuous physical and mental stress had made Yin Hao extremely exhausted. He could only reply helplessly, “Seems like that’s all we can do now.”

‘Distressing’ would be an appropriate description of the Yin family’s current situation. Now that things were irreversible, Yin Zhinian felt helpless, since they could only watch and see how Young Master Shang would act later. Or, probably, it depended on how important Changning was in Young Master Shang’s heart. If they had wrongly predicted the situation the Yin family along with Yin Est. would end up with no hope of reprieve.

As all the details were settled, what was left was the actual wedding tomorrow.

After they had dinner, Shang Yushang automatically cuddled with Changning as they sat on the lounge seats at the balcony, drinking tea while watching the night sky together.

The older man rubbed his fingers over Changning’s slender ones. Although the latter had slender fingers, they were not feminine. After years of dancing across the keyboard, his fingers were covered with a thin layer of calluses, filling those long hands with a masculine toughness.

“Tomorrow’s the wedding, are you nervous?”

Changning lowered his gaze as he turned to look at Yushang, “Are you?”

Yushang smiled softly, “Hm, a little.”

Changning pursed his lips as he continued, “A person like you can get nervous? Well, it’s true that it feels a little more nerve wracking than usual.” Embarrassed, Changning turned his face away as he watched the brightly lit city in the distance, “Other than nervous, it also feels surreal that I’m getting married – at age twenty for that matter. If my mum knew that I’m getting married, and wedded to a guy at that, I wonder if she’d break my legs in anger.” With that, Changning laughed at his own words.

Yushang tightened his arms and secured his lover in them. “She wouldn’t. Mum would smile as she congratulates us. Because I’ll make her believe that handing her son’s hand to me was the correct decision.”

Changning sneered back, “You seem to be really confident.”

“I don’t have a choice. I’ve married such a wife, I wouldn’t be able to handle it if I don’t have sufficient confidence.”

Elbowing lightly onto the older man’s arm, Changning replied, “Be serious.”

Yushang nudged his forehead against his lover’s cheek as he answered, “If a husband treats a wife too seriously, then wouldn’t the wife end up in tears? Improper makes lives more blissful, don’t you think?” Changning listened to the gentle nasal tone as it sunk into his skin, making his heart beat faster.

Changning blushed as he turned his big eyes towards Yushang. “Since when did the Shang Est.’s young master learn such blatant words? The rumors state that the Shang Est.’s chairperson was a stoic, expressionless man. And he even had a clean record of not having any scandals despite being in the business industry. If those people had heard what you’d just said, I wonder if they would think that their wise and amazing idol had been swapped, like even the core had been changed, or maybe that someone else has swapped your souls with a tyrannical pervert who loves to take advantage of people?”

Yushang felt a bit helpless as he retorted, “I’m not that kind of person.”

Changning gave an interested look as he asked, “Oh? Then what kind of person are you?”

Yushang pecked his lover’s cheeks as he replied, “No matter how others talk about me, as long as you know that I’m a person who is understanding, tactful and is a desirable man, then that’s all I care about,” he wrapped his arm around Changning’s waist and his other hand cupped the back of his lover’s head, utilizing his mouth to take action and demanded a long, passionate kiss.

After they gradually calmed their fast-beating hearts, Yushang comforted, “Babe, fear not, don’t be nervous. I’m here no matter what.”

The next morning, before the daylight had even appeared, Aunt Qin came upstairs to knock on their door, with an appropriate level of tone, she reminded, “Young Master, Changning, it’s time to get up.”

The couple, who fell asleep in an embrace, slowly woke up in the next few seconds and shared a morning kiss before they linked their hands together as they went to wash up.

After having breakfast in the dining room, the team of stylists had already arrived.

The couple took a separate room as the stylists busied with the soon-to-be newlyweds.

After their hairdos were done, the couple put on their custom-made Italian blouse-suits, accompanied with some gorgeous neck ties and tie clips. Their leather shoes, made of calf skins, matched up with the fitted suits, and highlighted the dashing looks of the two men.

Waiting at the living room was Shang Yushang, and his gaze followed every step that Changning took when he descended the stairs. The chairman knew that his lover was an outstanding young man, but his impression of his lover was replaced once again. The person before him was a gentle, elegant, beautiful young man. His defined body-line, that pale yet healthy skin color, his long lashes, those pink lips, and eyes that sparked with intelligence and a tinge of happiness.

Yushang reached out his hand for Changning’s as he closed the distance between them. They nudged noses as Yushang spoke with his deep, attractive voice, “Changning, you look really beautiful.”

Changning returned a weird glare back to Yushang, “What do you mean? I’m not a woman.”

Yushang broke into a smile filled with blissfulness as he answered, “I’m at a loss for words. I’m not sure what words I should use to describe my Changning. He’s such an attractive person, I’m afraid I can’t hold myself back, and that I will end up surrendering myself to be seduced by him.”

A familiar blush appeared on Changning’s cheeks, “Don’t regret it.”

“I’ll listen to everything my wife says.” Yushang gently pecked those soft lips, “Let’s go.”

Linking his hands with his lover, the couple left the living room, leaving the group of people with astonished stares behind.

Xiao Wu grumbled mentally, Showing off under the eyes of the public – young master, do you really have to torture us for being single? The bodyguard pursed his lips as he quickened his steps to catch up with the couple. Before he closed the door, he did not forget to drag the stunned Xiao Qi along – no joke, today is young master’s big day, there should be no mistakes at all.

The wedding venue was at the old Shang mansion’s garden – which was also old Madam Shang’s wish.

The car slowly entered the old mansion and the old lady led the crowd to welcome the lovebirds. The crowd was quite intimidating, which made Changning feel slightly taken aback as he was ushered from the car. Thankfully, Yushang held his lover’s hands as he comforted him.

Old Madam Shang walked up to them and she held Changning’s hands, tapping them lightly, and assured him with an amiable smile, “My child, don’t be nervous, you’re home now.”

The old lady’s words warmed Changning’s heart and calmed his nervous and anxious mind. He returned with a smile, “Hm. Old Madam, thank you.”

Old Madam Shang put on an angry stance, “How dare you, so you won’t call my granny unless the ceremony is completed?”

Changning’s face immediately turned blushing red as he replied, “Of course not, granny.”

The old lady laughed heartily at that, “Good, from now on we’re all a family, understand?” although those words were said to Changning, but to the audience around them, that was also the old Madam’s way of announcing Changning’s status in the Shang family.

Changning was sincerely thankful to this special, loving old lady, knowing that her assurance was definitely the best guarantee that no one would look down on him as a male wife. “Thank you, granny.” With that, the younger man pulled her into an embrace with respect and love, kinship and adoration.

The old Madam patted Changning’s back as she spoke, “I should be thankful to you for allowing me to gain another obedient and filial grandson.”

Moving away from Changning’s hug, the old madam tapped his hands again, “Go have some rest first, when the guests are all here then the wedding may start.”

Yushang then took Changning to their room, pushing his lover’s shoulders down to make him sit down, “Want to catch some sleep first? You woke up too early.”

“It’s okay. Plus, the ceremony is starting soon – it wouldn’t be appropriate if the suit is crumpled.”

Yushang wrapped his arm around Changning’s waist as placed his chin on his lover’s shoulder, “Changning seems to be looking forward to the wedding, as your husband, I’m feeling really blissful.”

Changning poked Yushang’s forehead, “Since when did you learn to be such a sweet talker?”

“Hm, let me think…” Yushang put on a serious expression. “Ah, I know, it was when Changning agreed to marry me. I feel that it’s a must to sweet talk my wife for our relationship to be maintained in harmony.”

Changning pursed his lips, “It’s only lately that you’ve learnt all these illogical reasonings, isn’t it?”

Yushang smiled as he nudged Changning’s cheeks as he replied, “It’s very normal to be touchy with someone you love and be saying things that your lover wishes to hear.”

“Continue faking then. Let those women whose eyes are bulging with love, who adore you, witness how their cold-hearted, handsome Young Master Shang became a sweet-talking pervert. Just don’t be shocked by how many of them would have their jaws drop and scream at me to return their beloved Chairman Shang.”

Yushang laughed from Changning’s description, “Changning, you’re really a writer; even the words you say are deep and entertaining.”

The couple continued fooling around in the room as they slowly forgot the nervousness and pressure that they felt from the wedding.

When time was almost up, the seats were almost filled up with invited guests – of course, even Elder Yin, Yin Zhinian and his wife, Yin Hao and Yin Jun were among the invited. In the brightly lit and spacious main hall, the decorations were filled with jubilation – the windows, doors, and some furniture were all pasted with the big ‘’ character that signified happiness. The long dining table in the garden was filled with all kinds of delicious snacks, drinks and much more. From the main hall entrance to the guests’ area, to the ceremony stage had a path with bright red carpet, along with red roses and lilies all over the garden.

Old Madam Shang felt that since the couple had chosen to do a Chinese-style wedding, then those props needed for the occasion must not be missed – right in the center of the garden was a square table with pineapple on top of it; the table was decorated with a dark red cloth, and a square sandalwood basket was filled with five grain crops beside the pineapple, and all that was lying on top of the big ‘’ character. Behind the square table were two chairs that awaited the couple to settle into for the wedding ceremony to get started.

(T/N: Please don’t ask me what the ingredients signified, I really don’t have time to research which dialect culture the novel was following – yes, different dialect groups prepare different sets of ingredient/props for their wedding.)

When the time was up, Aunt Qin went up to inform the grooms to head downstairs.

In their room, Yushang and Changning checked their appearance, smoothed their suits, and aligned their ties. They shared a look at one another, saw their perfect lover, and smiled, “Changning, from today onwards, we’re really becoming a real couple. I’ll do everything to dote on you, pamper you and love you. So, leave everything to me and believe in me?” Yushang said with a gaze filled with sincerity.

Changning placed his hands on Yushang’s arm as he replied earnestly, “Hm. I believe in you.”

Among the guests who came for the wedding, aside from the families and relatives from both sides, were also a few senior employees from Shang Est., close partners of Yin Est. and even Su Yang who travelled back from overseas.

Alerted by the announcing melody, everyone’s gaze was focused on the stairways.

Yushang linked his hands with Changning as they descended down the stairs.

Everyone held their breaths as they watched the couple that seemed to be made for one another – one was strong and handsome, the other was elegant and graceful. Both were so gorgeous and outstanding that they made everyone wanting to scream in agitation.

Bai Mo poked his finger at Su Yang who was beside him, “See, I’m not lying.”

Su Yang nodded. “Hm, he does seem to have the capability to make Yushang go crazy. It’s a rare scene that someone could stand beside him and not be outshone by his appearance. They do look good together.”

Old Madam Shang was a proud person, and so took great pride in them. She knew that her grandson was an outstanding man himself, and it was clear that his partner was also just as outstanding. How could she not be elated and beaming with smiles?

The few senior employees of Shang Est. who had met the couple once, also nodded in agreement as they smiled benevolently, “He may be a man, but he looks really compatible when standing beside Chairman Shang.”

Jiang Fangzheng also added while smiling, “Hm, I agree that they look good together.”

Wang Shounian also chuckled along with his bulging beer belly, “Agree, agree.”

Only Lin Changqing was squinting his eyes as he stared his menacing eyes at the newlyweds, “Regardless of how compatible they look, how long could they last without a child in the marriage?”

Zhang Nian still had his smile on as he replied, “Well, let’s not be too negative. Youngsters nowadays don’t really care about that. Don’t forget, even with a child in the story, sometimes things don’t work out too.”

Wang Shounian added on, “That’s true. But then again, Shang Est. should still be passed on to another Shang, don’t you think?”

Jiang Fangzheng shrugged his shoulders, “Why are we even bothering about this? Chairman Shang is still young, no one knows what will happen in the future after all.”

Lin Changqing snorted in reply, “Hn, people who don’t think far would always end up with worries.”

Jiang Fangzheng pursed his lips, “That’s Shang family’s matter, it’s not up to us to be worried about.”

Lin Changqing’s face darkened as he added, “Don’t forget, our lives also rely on Shang Est.”

Jiang Fangzheng shrugged nonchalantly, “Old Lin, your life is dependent on Shang Est.? But I heard that the interest that your little golden company is earning happens to be more than Shang Est.’s two months’ worth of efficiency gains.”

Lin Changqing retorted, “Old Jiang, that’s none of your business, don’t say things that are not true.”

Zhang Nian reached out his hands to stop the conversation, “Okay, let’s end that topic here. We’re here today to attend the wedding, not to quarrel. Let’s not misbehave ourselves.”

As the conversation ended, the two men had also arrived at the head of all the guests. The emcee hosting the ceremony invited everyone to gather in the garden for the ceremony.

Old Madam Shang and Shang Guozhang sat on the chairs behind the square tables. Lead by the host, Shang Yushang guided Changning to the front of the table.

The emcee started his speech and congratulated the grooms, praising their outstanding looks and demeanor, then talked about how nobody could outdo Young Master Shang, nor be more gorgeous looking than Changning. When everyone was about to lose their patience, the wedding finally got underway. The emcee announced sternly, “First bow to worship the heaven and earth.”

Yushang held Changning’s hands as they bowed.

“Second bow to worship your parents.”

The couple turned towards the old madam and Shang Guozhang as they gave a deep bow.

“The couple’s bow.”

The two men faced each other as they bowed sincerely. When they looked up, Shang Yushang held Changning’s hand as he gently pulled him into a hug as he whispered soft enough that only two of them could hear, “Dear, happy marriage. And, I love you.”

Changning instantly blushed and replied in a soft voice, “Happy marriage to you too, and, me too.”

The youngsters started howling and making noise as they whistled at the couple, “Kiss, kiss, kiss!”

The elderly watched as the crowd messed around but did not stop them, and merely chuckled back as they watched the show.

Yushang released his lover as he gave a generous kiss on Changning’s lips, leading the crowd to scream in excitement.

Su Yang watch in disbelief as he stared at the couple kissing one another, “That’s a big change in that fellow.”

Bai Mo bit his lips together, “Yeah, when you meet the right person, even the coldest iceberg would melt.” And he sighed internally, pitying himself as he wondered when he could have such a day as well. Bai Mo stared at Su Yang, who was gleaming with interest as he watched the ceremony, wanting so badly to swap the kissing couple to Su Yang and himself; then everything would be complete.

Next, everyone started to eat as they mingled. The young crowd gathered as they toasted to the couple. The elder crowd sat back as they sipped on their tea and talked about their families and children.

Su Yang raised his wine glass, “Yushang, Changning, congrats on the wedding.”

The couple raised the wine glass in return, “Thank you.”

Bai Mo also offered his congratulation as the four of them shared the toast.

Shang Yushang tightened his grip on Changning’s hand as he whispered, “How are you feeling? Anywhere you’re not comfortable?”

Changning shook his head as the tinge of pink painted his cheeks. His eyes watered as he finished the wine and his breath was also filled with the liquor’s fragrance, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Su Yang watched the couple’s close interactions as he commented, “Seeing how good your relationship is, really makes me envious.”

Bai Mo replied, “There’s no need to envy others, just find one yourself.”

Su Yang sighed in reply, “Sigh, easier said than done. Good people are hard to come by – when it comes to my turn, there are none left to choose.”

Bai Mo blinked his eyes repeatedly, “Who said so, that’s because you haven’t seen them all, in fact, there’s good ones out there that you have missed.”

Changning watched the two talking to each other, then suddenly thought of something. He turned to look at Yushang for confirmation and the older man nodded slightly in return, which made Changning laugh in agreement.

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