SPMW 25 – Take On My Surname

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The Yin family gathered themselves at the side, and worry was written all over their faces. The number of guests were not that many, but most of them were of high social status that were not easily approachable for the Yin family’s status.

The wedding ceremony was considerably different from the weddings that most people had attended before. Because nobody had treated this wedding as a social event to mingle around. Those that had come only came with their blessings, and were chatting away harmoniously as the hosts entertained the crowd.

The Yin family members were the only ones who felt uneasy. Nobody had initiated a conversation with them. It was as if their presence was optional; that regardless of whether they were there, it would not have affected the hosts’ nor the guests’ feelings.

Although Elder Yin was feeling very displeased internally, she maintained her twisted smile on the surface. She could not blame old Madam Shang for neglecting them in such a situation, knowing that the Shang family had already given enough leeway to them, so they have no choice but to accept the situation. But, to be completely ignored even though they were in-laws, it was hard to tolerate no matter what. What made it worse was that when the ceremony was ongoing, the greetings were only done with old Madam Shang and her son – there were no seats for the Yin family members. That made Elder Yin’s heart feel very imbalanced. On what basis could old Madam Shang receive the bows from her grandson, while she herself had no rights to accept them? They were both seniors of the individual families, yet the treatment was so different. That was something that Elder Yin, who did not like losing face, could not swallow no matter what.

“Yin Hao, go get Changning to come over.”

Yin Hao paused for a moment, “Grandma, why are you asking for him?”

“Can’t you see? We’re completely ignored by them. He Changning did not even say a word to us. I shall see how heartless that He Changning can be in front of so many people.”

Yin Zhinian sighed reluctantly, “Mum, forget it. Let’s not create any more problems. We’re not related to him anymore.”

Yin Hao frowned as he agreed, “Grandma, Dad’s right. We shouldn’t offend Young Master Shang because of him.”

Elder Yin’s expression darkened as she continued, “If we can’t make He Changning lower his head to us, then we won’t have any good days ahead. We must make him promise in front of the old Madam that the Yin family would be safe and sound. Otherwise Young Master Shang would not let us off either way. The fact that something almost happened to He Changning, that man would not forgive us.”

With that reminder, Yin Hao felt a chill down his spine. That’s true; ever since that incident until now, Shang Est. did not make any moves against us. Young Master Shang was a person who would never let go of anyone who had offended him without taking revengeyou could easily see that from how he managed Shang Est. The only possible reason why he had not made any move was probably because he was too occupied with the wedding. But once he lays his hand on us, then Yin Est. will fall for sure. It would be best to hope that he would let us off.

“Fine, I’ll try.”

Yin Hao held the champagne glass as he walked over to Changning’s direction, “Chairman Shang, Changning, I wish both of you a blissful marriage.”

Just like the saying to not slap the smiling person, Changning toasted back with his raised glass, “Thank you.” And he took a sip.

Yushang held the serving plate as he ignored Yin Hao’s existence. Using the fork to poke into the snacks, he held the food up to Changning’s mouth, “You’ve drank too much. Have some food to ease your stomach.”

The group of young men associated themselves with one another very quickly as they started to speak less informally.

Bai Mo commented amusedly, “Aww, that’s so sweet.”

Yushang ignored Bai Mo’s jealous comment as he continued feeding Changning, “Here, eat some.”

Changning ate the snack right out of Yushang’s hand. He frowned slightly as he swallowed, “Too sweet.”

Yushang put down the plate and asked for Aunt Qin, “Aunt Qin, get Changning a glass of warm milk, add honey to it but not too much.”

Aunt Qin nodded, “Alright, I’ll go prepare it.”

Bai Mo snorted with jealousy, “Can’t you hold back a little? Don’t be showing off, go back to your room and do whatever you like. Can’t you care about how we feel?”

Yushang wasn’t bothered at all, “Can’t get used to it? Walk straight to the door, turn left. We’ll see you next time.”

Bai Mo huffed angrily, “T-This person…”

Changning smiled as he watched on. Seeing how frustrated Bai Mo was, he didn’t feel good about it, after all, Bai Mo did save his life, “Brother Bai, don’t get too serious with him. He had too many drinks.”

Su Yang chuckled in amusement, “Bai Mo, stop being a jealous man. But then again, Changning, you shouldn’t be siding with him too much, Yushang will become too arrogant about it.”

Yushang turned his stoic face to Su Yang and replied, “My wife is willing to pamper me, mind your own business.”

Su Yang made a disheartened look as he leaned his head on Bai Mo’s shoulder, “Bai Mo, our fellow brother doesn’t want us anymore after he has his wifey. I’m so sad.”

Bai Mo acted accordingly smoothed his hand down Su Yang’s back while coaxing him, “Hush, if he doesn’t want you, then I have you, I’ll pamper you.”

Su Yang immediately moved away from Bai Mo as he rubbed his shoulders, “Go away, you’re too disgusting. I’m having goosebumps are all over me now,” he said and returned a disgusted* look to the doctor.

The newlyweds shared a look and turned their sympathetic gazes towards Bai Mo – this person would have a long journey ahead in his pursuit for love.

Bai Mo sighed deeply, can anyone help me… then he returned a sharp gaze to Yushang that says, ‘If you don’t help me, I’ll reveal everything and make your life a living hell.’

Yushang patted on Bai Mo’s shoulder as he comforted the man with his forever stoic expression that never changed. “Just wait patiently.”

Yin Hao, who had been standing beside them like a background, debated awkwardly whether to leave or to stay. With the Yin family’s situation in his thoughts, he had no choice but to interrupt, “Er, that, Changning, Grandma says that she wants you to go over to talk for a while.”

Changning raised his eyebrow, “Oh? Looking for me?”

Yin Hao wiped his sweaty palms behind his back, “Yeah.” He answered and avoided Shang Yushang’s gaze. Such intimidating presence was too much for him to handle.

Yushang asked with the same expression, “Talk about?”

Yin Hao stuttered his words, “N-Nothing much. J-Just a small talk.”

Changning pat on Yushang’s hand, “It’s okay. I’ll be right back. Take care of your friends.” With that, Changning left with Yin Hao.

Su Yang observed Yushang’s overly stern face and commented, “Is that necessary? After all, they are your in-laws, do you have to be so defensive against them?”

Bai Mo’s expression also became serious, “It’s exactly because they are family, which is why it hurts the most.”

Su Yang asked bewilderedly, “What do you mean?”

Bai Mo frowned as he answered, “Changning’s father used Changning in exchange for thirty million dollars of investment fund. Do you find this deal reasonable?”

Su Yang was also from a well-to-do family. Of course, he knew that it was a common scene that families would sacrifice their young child for the benefits of their family. Yet Su Yang did not expect that there would be such atrocious people who would do that so openly, selling off their child in exchange for glory. That was rarely seen nowadays. Plus, Changning seemed to be such an outstanding person. The Yin family seemed extremely foolish.

Changning followed Yin Hao to where Elder Yin was standing, “Is there any reason for you to be looking for me?” he questioned in a monotonous voice without any emotions.

With a sullen face, Elder Yin couldn’t hold back her anger, “You still have the cheek to ask me? Are you blind? Can’t you see how the Shang family is treating us? Don’t forget that you’re from the Yin family, if they don’t bother about us, then they would not treat you well either. If you want to have a good standing in the Shang family, then you have to understand that the Yin family is your backup no matter what. You understand?”

Changning did not have much change in his emotions, only his voice became colder, “If I remembered correctly, we had an agreement. The day I get married would be the day that we severed all ties between us. Do I need to get the lawyer here and let you see that document again?”

Elder Yin felt her chest hurting from the anger. So, she held her hand on her chest as she scolded, “You good-for-nothing, the Yin family wasted their efforts to raise you for that many years. Are you not afraid that people would curse at you, tell you off for being a heartless brat?! I’ll make myself clear today, if the Yin family suffers a single bit of harm, I’ll let everyone in this world know what kind of person you are.”

“What kind of person my wife is? Why not share about it, Madam Yin?”

The chilling tone sent goosebumps down Elder Yin’s body. She subconsciously took a step back as sweat formed on her back. The arrogant and angry demeanor that she had put up instantly disappeared, as her gaze dared not meet Shang Yushang.

Yin Zhinian shivered as he wiped off his sweat, “Chairman Shang, don’t be alarmed. She’s an elder and Changning’s too childish and said the wrong things. I hope you won’t mind their nonsense.” He paused and turned to Changning, “Changning, don’t get angry over your grandmother’s words. You know that she’s a straightforward person, that she said things that she didn’t mean. Just act as though you’ve never heard about that, okay?”

“Yushang, there’s something I have to tell you,” Changning said as he took a glance at the Yin family members, “I’ve signed a document with the Yin family not long ago.”

Yin Zhinian widen his eyes in shock. He knew what Changning was trying to say, but the moment he revealed them, then there would be no turnarounds ever again. Yin Zhinian quickly interrupted his son, “Changning, I know you felt like you were wronged by us. Dad will surely make it up to you, we’ll treat you well from now on, so don’t.”

The situation turned around very rapidly. Once Changning announced that he had severed ties with the Yin family, then, even if Shang Est. made a move on Yin Est., no one would blame Changning for doing nothing to help them. Most importantly, if Changning did not come out to defend Yin Est., then the company would surely be meeting its downfall.

How could the intelligent old madam not have realized that she had created trouble? She only wanted to put Changning down so that he would become the protection charm for everything that the Yin family had. But never had she expected that Changning would not care about family ties and end up severing ties with them. In fact, she had wrongly estimated the Yin family’s position in Changning’s heart. She thought that if she could make the younger male agree to marry someone, then she would be able to use the same method to make him agree to guarantee that the wealth and glory that Yin Est. and the entire Yin family had preserved could go on. Using kinship and the eyes of the public to make use of He Changning – if it worked once, it would work the same subsequently.

However, she had miscalculated this time.

Yushang reached out his hand to rub on Changning’s back as he gave comfort and support, “Just say whatever was on your mind, we’re a couple already.”

Facing Yin Zhinian’s almost-pleading gaze and Elder Yin’s threatening stare, Changning remained calm and collected as he only smiled slightly when he turned to face Shang Yushang, “Hm. The contents of the documents said that on the day I’m married to the Shang family, I would not have any ties left with the Yin family. Which was to say, I, He Changning, and Yin Zhinian, are no longer father and son. We would not be involved nor have the rights to interfere with each other, regardless life or death.”

Yin Zhinian dropped his shoulders in despair, “Changning, do you really have to do this?”

“I’ve fulfilled the request that you all have made. We’re just making a deal that benefits both parties, there is nothing wrong with that.”

Yin Zhinian turned his lifeless gaze to Changning, “Do you not care about our father and son relationship?”

He Changning sarcastically returned a soft smile that made Yin Zhinian lower his head in shame, “Could you tell me, what’s your view on a ‘father and son relationship’?”

Yin Zhinian opened his mouth but no words came out. In fact, it was him who had pushed away his child. To request his son to fulfill his duties as a son, that’s too heartless of him.

Shang Yushang’s cold gaze swept through the Yin family, “From today onwards, He Changning has no more ties with the Yin family. He can take on my surname instead. I hope no one would try to test my limits, and mind your own business.” With that, Yushang took Changning away.

The drama ended with the weird stares from the crowd.

At the corner, Yuchen had a smile with unknown meaning, he whispered to his sister, Yuhe who was standing beside him, “I did not expect that guy to have the ability to make that cold-hearted man his support.”

Shang Yuhe pursed her lips as she reminded her brother, “Brother, you better not get involved with big brother’s matter. And don’t mess with that He Changning.”

Shang Yuchen had a face full of disdain, “He’s just a male wife, even if he has that stoic guy to look after him, so what? Don’t forget, the Shang family’s business will eventually be inherited by a Shang. No matter how powerful that stoic face is, the director’s board would cast him out eventually if he does not have an heir.”

Yuhe frowned as she strongly disagreed with her brother’s opinion, “Big brother has been managing Shang Est. for eight years, most of the people on the directors’ board are on big brother’s side. Those who aren’t on his side are not even worth mentioning. Your thinking is too naïve.”

Shang Yuchen remained undeterred, “Without an heir, every effort he made will end up wasted. Even if the people on the directors’ board were on his side, don’t forget that mum and dad are still around, and grandmother is still around. The business that the Shang family had passed down through several generations would never be handed over to an outsider.”

The frown did not disappear from Shang Yuhe’s face as she warned, “They just got married. No one knows what could happen in the future. It’s best if you don’t make any silly moves.”

Shang Yuchen finally changed his disdainful look to a face full of frustration, “You really look down on me that much? What that stoic face had, I also have a fair share of it too. There’s no reason why he could look good in front of others, yet I have to be overpowered by him. Don’t forget, aside from him, the Shang family also has another Young Master Shang who has the rights to inherit everything.” With that, Yuchen waved his hands as he left the scene.

Shang Yuhe continued frowning. She understood that when there were people, there would be fights. But brother, are you sure you have the capability to goes against that person?

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