SPMW 26 – Honeymoon Trip

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By evening the guests were gone, leaving the helpers to tidy up the garden.

After busying themselves for the entire day, the family finally got to sit back and relax.

Old Madam Shang drank her tea while she asked the couple, “Yushang, why don’t the two of you go have some rest first?”

“It’s okay granny. The luggage is packed, and we’ll be leaving in an hour.”

“That’s good. Remember to give me a call when you’ve reach there. Relax, have fun, and take good care of Changning.”

“I got it, granny.”

The couple returned to their room to do some simple tidying up. Watching Changning moving slightly slower, Yushang wrapped his arms around his lover’s waist, “You should sleep once we board the plane. I’ll wake you up when we’ve arrived.”

Changning returned a gentle smile, “I’m good.”

As the plane ascended, Changning fell asleep comfortably beside Yushang. The past few days had exhausted him completely. Plus, they had woken up very early this morning, dealing with the guests and those worrying Yin family members. Finally, he had a chance to rest. With Yushang’s warm body temperature beside him, Changning easily fell asleep.

The noise when the plane was descending woke Changning up. As he opened his eyes, he could see that handsome face, and then heard his deep, alluring voice, “Did the noise wake you up?”

Changning, who was still a bit dazed, shook out his head, “Have we arrived?”

“Hm, we’re alighting soon. Put on a sweater, you’ll catch a cold.” With that, Yushang grabbed the sweater by his side and put it on his wife.

The plane door opened, and Yushang had his arms around Changning as they alighted. The butlers of foreign origins were all waiting for them as they stood at the side, waiting for their master’s order.

Yushang gave his instructions to the butlers in fluent French as their luggage was picked up, and they left the residence.

The private plane landed at the parking airfield that was within the ancient castle’s compound. It was still quite a distance away from the residential area, so the butlers had prepared a car.

Soon, the car stopped at the residence’s doorsteps. Yushang had his hands on Changning’s waist as they walked into the gigantic, ancient castle.

Although they had seen how spectacular and imposing the ancient French castle was from the magazines, but seeing the magnificent structure standing before them was an overwhelming experience. The gigantic structure and mysterious aura surrounded them, making it impossible to stop their eyes from looking around.

The medieval European style furniture and decorations created an atmosphere that was filled with the aristocrats’ lavish tastes. There were exquisitely engraved ornaments, and colorful artwork everywhere. When one was standing among it all, they could imagine how the French royalty had lived back then.

Changning, who had slept on the plane, was now feeling very refreshed. He walked and touched the structures along the way, stopped at some spots, and then rushed off to the next target, flitting around like a lively little chick. The new experience had sparked Changning’s adventurous soul and his smiles were filled with surprise and amazement. Yushang, who was following right behind him, was watching his cheerful lover. His eyes were filled with happiness and love as he felt reassured that it was the right decision to bring Changning to this place.

As Yushang followed his lover’s adventuring journey, he also made a call to his grandmother to inform her that they had reached their destination safely.

When it was about mid-noon, seeing that his lover didn’t seemed to be planning to stop any time soon, Yushang decided to grab Changning’s hand, “Babe, you can explore after we have lunch. Everything here is yours, you can see it anytime.”

Although Changning was aware that he was overly excited, he could not hide his love for this place, “Okay.” He beamed his sparkling eyes at Yushang, “When we’re done with lunch, I’ll go check things out, can I?”

Seeing his lover’s watery doe-eyes looking at him, Yushang felt his throat getting dry as his heartbeat picked up its pace, and his body started feeling warmer. He smiled helplessly, he knew that he had fallen deep for this man. Suppressing the desires from his body, Yushang cupped his hand on Changning’s cheek because he could not bring himself to reject his lover, “Okay then, just one hour though. You have to get some rest, understand?”

As if he had gained something incredible, Changning nodded his head enthusiastically, “Hm, I got it. Let’s go eat now.” He rubbed his stomach shyly, “I’m hungry.” He chuckled as he blinked his eyes.

Yushang pulled his lover closer to press a kiss on his lips, “Let’s go then.”

The lunch was sumptuous. The foreign butlers were dedicated in their tasks as they had prepared everything beforehand including their master’s preferred taste in food.

Yushang ate his own food while he took care of his wife, occasionally adding food to his plate, refilling his drink and even wiping the food stains on his mouth.

The helpers were stunned beyond words. Was this really their poker-faced and cold-blooded master? Although Yushang did not travel to France frequently, and even staying at the castle was a rare case, yet the butlers and the helpers knew how stoic faced and silent their master was. He was a man who reeked of danger, making no one willing to go near him without a reason. That was why every time that Yushang had visited, the helpers would try to stay out of his way except for the butlers, and very few of them even dared to stay near him for more than two minutes.

However, the master that they were seeing today was vastly different – was it because of that young gentleman? If that was the case, then perhaps it would not be too much of a shock for their master to react that way.

After the couple had their lunch, Changning’s interest was still raging. He coaxed and pestered Yushang to do his own thing and promised that he would be back an hour later. After getting his wish, Changning began his adventurous journey.

A dedicated butler followed along with Changning and fulfilled his role as a tour guide, answering every question that Changning had in mind.

An hour passed very quickly as the butler politely reminded his master that it was about time to look for his husband.

And so, while Changning was debating internally with the term husband, he did obediently return to the residence to find his lover.

When the doors to the study room were opened, Changning had a smile plastered on his face as he walked over to Yushang.

Yushang took his lover’s hands and motioned for him to sit on his lap, “Enjoying your time?”

“Hm, it’s too amazing here. I think if there’s plots about ancient castles in my novels, I would know what to write now.”

“That much inspiration?”

“Of course.” Changning’s eyes sparkled as if he had all the knowledge sealed within them, “It’s not believable if I write about things that I’ve never experienced before. But if I use my real experiences too and use words to express them, then the whole feeling would be completely different.”

Yushang reached out his finger to pinch his lover’s nose, “I know you’re very eloquent in language, so I decided to bring you here. I want you to have fun while gaining some valuable experience.”

Changning pressed a gentle kiss on Yushang’s cheeks, “Thank you, for giving a thought for me.”

The older man returned a nudge on his lover’s cheek, “I’ll do anything for you, as long as you’re happy.”

The couple exchanged a long and passionate kiss and just before Yushang had lost his rationality, he decisively let go of his little lover and pulled Changning into a hug as he calmed himself down.

Changning, who was unaware of what he had just escaped from, and had avoided the fate of getting devoured by the older man, enjoyed the warmth and pampering that Yushang provided.

Yushang who later calmed down, took Changning to the bedroom where there was a super large-sized bed. Yushang pulled Changning into an embrace as they gradually fell asleep.

When Changning woke up, it was already four in the afternoon. He touched the side of the bed to find that it was cold. Seemed like Yushang had woken up quite some time ago.

Noticing the sound coming from inside the room, the butler knocked on the door and walked into the room with the helpers after gaining permission from Changning. They promptly assisted him with a quick wash-up.

Knowing that Yushang was in the study room settling his work matters, Changning changed his clothes and then went out to look for his husband.

When Yushang, who was burying himself with work, saw his energetic lover, he could not help but feel blissful in his heart, “Have you slept well?”

“Hm. When did you wake up? Why not sleep a while more?”

“I just woke up not long ago. There’s some matters to settle.”

“Managing such a listed company must be tiring, isn’t it?”

“It’s okay, I got used to it.” seeing how worried Changning was, Yushang pulled his lover into his arms, “Is Changning worrying about me?”

Changning tried to push the man away but failed, so he gave in and relaxed into those arms, “You wish. Who would worry about you.” He grumbled as his gaze turned elsewhere.

Yushang tightened his hold on his lover and planted a kiss on his face, “Thank you babe.”

Since when did this fellow become so emotional? He wondered, “There’s no need for that. You’re the one who said that we’re husband and wife now, right?”

“Yeah, we’re husband and wife now. The kind of relationship that has the closest ties between us. So, babe, how long are you planning to make me wait?”

It was obvious that Changning knew what Yushang was referring to, but he still felt that he wasn’t prepared yet. Plus, who would mention such things so blatantly? Won’t he feel embarrassed? “W-What are you saying, I-I don’t understand.”

Yushang knew that his lover was still nervous or maybe even scared by it, so he did not plan on forcing him, and put those thoughts aside for now to accompany his lover to relax for the next few days. “You’re smart, Changning. How could you not understand what I’m trying to say? Then again, since Changning isn’t prepared yet, we shall enjoy ourselves for a few more days first, as long as you’re happy.”

Feeling relieved after hearing Yushang’s words and knowing that he would not force him, Changning then replied, “Hm, I want to see that lavender field, that Chinese parasol tree and I heard there’s a lot of fountains here. I want to see those too.”

Seeing how relieved his lover was left Yushang unsure if he wanted to laugh or cry. He knew that he was almost at his limit and hoped that he would not mess things up in the end. Yushang sighed in defeat in his heart as he gave in to his troublesome lover, “Sure. I’ll accompany you to see those things. Then, give your husband some reward, okay babe?”

Watching how defeated Yushang was, Changning felt like laughing, yet worried that his husband might get upset, he returned a generous kiss as a form of comfort.

After they had dinner, Yushang accompanied Changning as they strolled around the castle.

The couple held their hands together as they slowly walked along the pathway. The rings on their hands sparkled under the evening moonlight, perfectly complimenting one another. “Yushang, you’re saying that this castle’s yours? When did you buy it?”

“It was a gift to my grandfather from his old friend. Back then it was my sixteenth birthday so old gramps gave it to me as a birthday present. If I must deal with some work in France, I would visit here once or twice.”

“Grandpa must dote on you a lot, otherwise he wouldn’t have given you such a big present.”

“Hm. I grew up alongside my grandfather, so I do have a close relationship with him, and granny dotes on me a lot too.”

“I can see that. Granny’s love for you is not on the normal range. So, thanks to you, granny values me too.” Changning said with honor.

“Granny dotes you because of your talent and personality. Your status as my lover is secondary. I’m the one who feels honored.”

Taken aback by how shameless Yushang was, Changning suddenly felt embarrassed, “Who compliments their own people in such a way, aren’t you scared of getting laughed at by others?”

“But my Changning is a highly talented man, my dearest babe. Of course, he’s the best. Those people are just jealous that they can’t catch your attention.”

“I can’t believe it, your skin is thicker than the castle walls.”

Yushang did not mind the refute as he wrapped his hand around Changning’s waist. They strolled along and made small talk. Yushang introduced the castle’s history, the past owners and the glory and darkness that the castle had experienced. Changning listened intently and interrupted occasionally as he continued listening to Yushang’s deep voice telling those touching stories.

When it was about nine in the evening. Yushang brought Changning back to their bedroom and dismissed the butlers and helpers. He personally helped Changning with the bathtub water and the pajamas then pushed him into the bathroom, letting Changning wash up on his own.

When Changning came out in his sleeping attire, Yushang then took over the hairdryer to dry his hair. When it was all done, he tucked his lover onto the bed and went to wash up on his own.

After a few minutes, Yushang walked out from the bathroom, and there was still some water dripping off his hair. Changning took over the towel and dried off his hair in a gentle and serious manner.

When they were done, Yushang then took away the towel from Changning’s hand and placed it onto the side cabinet. Then, the couple shifted themselves underneath the blanket as Yushang switched off the lights, leaving only one dimmed wall lamp on.

The room was surrounded with ambiguous atmosphere. Underneath the blankets, Yushang’s warm hands were gently caressing Changning’s waist, drawing circles as he smoothed along the skin.

Changning’s slightly tensed body betrayed his nervousness. Even though they had been sleeping together for some time, but such intimate touches like today was a first time. Yushang’s big hands moved along as if it was filled with magic, making his skin tingle as his hands touched it.

Yushang then flipped his lover over and leaned down on Changning. He locked their lips together as they shared a passionate kiss that was different from usual. The kiss was overbearing and rough as if hoping to blend their bodies together. Yushang caught his lover’s lips as he nibbled them harshly, drawing a little irony taste in his mouth that mixed with the growing desires.

Those warm hands slipped underneath Changning’s shirt as it caressed the soft skin. They moved towards those pointy nubs, and then Yushang gently squeezed them. Changning subconsciously moaned softly, making Yushang’s body even more tensed than ever.

His other hand moved along the loose sleeping pants and then slipped under the soft material. He brushed through the coarse hair, and then firmly wrapped his fingers onto the erected member.

Changning trembled as all his senses were focused on that one part of his body. Along with Yushang’s rhythmic strokes, the sensation built up and his first release arrived very quickly.

His inexperienced body relaxed limply as Changning panted heavily, trying to calm the intensity that his desires had ignited.

Yushang pulled his lover’s hand over, and wrapped it around his hard member. Those slightly cold fingers touching on his heated skin made Yushang moan with pleasure. He guided those hands to stroke along his member and just when Changning’s hands were getting tired, Yushang moaned deeply and ejaculated onto their hands and clothes.

Yushang relaxed himself onto Changning’s body and recollected himself after a few minutes. He gently leaned forward to kiss his lover’s forehead that was covered in small beads of sweat. His lips then moved onto his eyebrows, his nose, and finally onto those slightly swollen lips, gently licking and sucking them for a long time.

Changning moved his sticky body to protest the main culprit for neglecting his duties as well as telling Yushang that he was feeling uncomfortable.

Yushang chuckled with his deep, hoarse voice as he spoke into Changning’s ears, “Babe, do you feel good?”

The blush on Changning’s cheeks became even deeper as he gently pushed away the man lying on top of him. Changning’s voice was slightly hoarse as well after their first intimate interaction, and he replied like he was whining, “Stop saying that, it’s all your fault. Get up quickly, it’s hot.”

Knowing that it was the first time that his lover had experienced what had just happened, Yushang kissed the edge of Changning’s lips and continued asking, “Tell me, did I serve you well? If you don’t say it, I won’t get up. It’s not that bad sleeping like that too.”

Is it really okay for a chairperson to act so shamelessly? Changning thought mindlessly but gave in to coax his husband, otherwise they might end up sleeping just like that, “Hm, it’s good.”

Yushang returned a satisfied kiss on his lover’s face, “Receiving a praise from my wife is something worth celebrating for a lifetime.”

And so, the Chairman Shang who got his sweet taste of love and his wife’s approval, giddily went off to help his wife washup again, and then changed the bedsheets. Not forgetting a goodnight kiss, he then blissfully went to sleep with his wife.

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