SPMW 27 – You Are Mine

Following the bright and beautiful sunlight and the breezy weather, Yushang and Changning began their honeymoon trip together.

The thirty-year-old handsome man walked along with the eye-catching twenty-year-old husband at the countryside of Provence, France. Along the shades of the parasol forest, the various fountains at the main streets and small alleys; no matter where they went, the taste of happiness followed them. And wherever they were at, its surrounding became aesthetically pleasing.

Every day, Yushang would bring Changning to places that the latter wanted to visit. His lover would have his camera hung around his neck as they took photographs of every memorable moment they spent together. In those photographs, there was beautiful scenery accompanied by the couple’s lovely smiles. There were plenty of adoring hugs and playful shots of moments that made their day.

The sweet, happy days had no traces of scheming battles, no conspiracies – it was so pure that they wished that they could just spent the rest of their lives with one another. Provence, France was indeed a wonderful place that could make people forget about their worries and troubles, and even allow people to actually act their age; to be young and free.

That day ended with the couple coming back to their residence with beautiful memories. After they had dinner and washed themselves up, the couple sat together on the bed as they looked through the photographs taken with their camera.

“Look at this. See this little girl, those big, beautiful blue eyes. They’re so pretty,” Changning commented excitedly.

Seeing how Changning was behaving, Yushang felt that the trip all the way to Provence, France was a worthwhile trip. He wished that his lover would continue to behave his age – vibrant, energetic – and not forced to act mature and serious like everyone was out to hurt him. If possible, Yushang wished that his lover would just continue living a joyful life and spend the rest of his days healthily by his side. That was all he would ask for.

But Yushang silently mocked his own wish. There were so many things that they had to face in life. While some things were not up to them to decide no matter how strong and powerful they were, instead of avoiding responsibility, they might as well face up to the challenge. At least, that way, they would not need to be lead around by circumstances. In those situations where they were at a disadvantage, it would be most effective way to deal with all the situations as swiftly as possible.

“Hm, they do look pretty. But our Changning is the prettiest.”

Changning raised his eyebrows. “I find that Chairman Shang seems to have improved significantly on his lip services lately. Quite competent it seems. I wonder at which level your flattery skills have increased to?”

“I’ll have my babe find out which level I’m at then.” With that, Yushang snatched away the camera from Changning’s hands, tossed it onto the bedside cabinets, and pulled the covers over them as the couple laid in darkness. Yushang laid on top of Changning as he leaned forward for a passionate kiss.

“Babe, I love you. I want you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you together. Will you give yourself to me?”

Yushang’s deep alluring voice was filled with gentleness as it sank right into Changning’s heart. The closed doors of his heart had already been opened by the same man, and were now filled with love and warmth.

“Hm.” Changning answered softly.

With his lover’s consent, Yushang was overjoyed as he pressed a deep kiss on Changning’s lips. To make such a prideful person lie underneath himself, Yushang couldn’t imagined how much courage it took for Changning to do that.

The tongues engaged erotically as it revealed the love and possessiveness they had for each other.

Yushang’s seductive voice resonated in Changning’s ears, “Babe, you’re mine. You’re mine only. You will stay by my side forever.”

[Fan fiction containing mature content by Kleepart.]

Before Changning could speak, Yushang licked his soft earlobe, and sent a shiver racing down his back. He felt his face grow hot, unsure of what to do with himself. Yushang moved down from his ear, leaving a trail of kisses down the side of his neck.

Changing felt his breath speeding up, and his eyes blurred, the small amount of moisture giving off an incredibly erotic look. Yushang, entranced by his wife’s vulnerable appearance, kissed his soft red lips once again. As soon as he made contact, he felt Changning’s arms wrap around his neck. This move showed that he had been truly accepted, and he felt passion surge within his body and his eyes darkened with desire.

Before Changning realized what was happening, his shirt was swiftly removed. At the same time, Yushang deepened their kiss, thrusting is tongue within the other man’s mouth, exploring every corner he could reach. Changning felt his lower body growing hard as the blood rushed down. Yushang smiled against his lips, and reached his hand down to grasp the growing erection straining against his leg.

“Ah!” Changning gasped at the sudden stimulation, and Yushang took the opportunity to move back, removing the remainder of their clothing that was in the way. He took a moment to admire the view, and when he caught sight of the two erect buds blooming on his lover’s chest, he could not stop himself from tasting them. With the first nip on one side, while he skillfully pinched the other, Changning grabbed his head with both hands, unconsciously rocking his hips in pleasure.

“Babe, does that feel good?” Yushang’s magnetic voice broke into Changning’s chaotic mind, and he once again took the younger man’s manhood in his hand, pumping rhythmically in time with the sucking and nipping that danced across the other’s chest.

Changning could feel his pleasure peaking, and precum began leaking from the tip of his cock. Changning had never experienced such pleasure, and panted out, “Yu-Yushang…this is…it’s too much…”

“It’s fine babe, just let me spoil you. I want you to enjoy every minute,” said Yushang, “But there is just one condition.”

Changning looked up at him through misty eyes, his face a mixture of wanton desire and puzzlement. Yushang stopped stroking him for a moment, and leaned forward, biting his neck lightly.

He pulled back so his lips just tickled the sensitive skin near Changning’s collarbone, and whispered, “Call me Jianzhi.”

Although he had no idea where that name had come from, Changning could not think straight enough to question it. He nodded shyly, looked away to the side, and then spoke in a voice that was barely audible, “Jianzhi, please, don’t stop.”

“Remember your words,” teased Yushang, and he reached towards the nearby bedside table and pulled out a bottle. Before Changning could ask, Yushang moved between his legs, pushed them apart slightly, and took Changning’s erect member into his mouth.

Changning, who had been brought near the peak not long before, released into his lover’s mouth. By this point, Yushang was so hard that it was almost painful. Although he could hardly bear the thought of causing his little lover pain, he was quickly losing control of his desires.

He squeezed a large amount of lube from the bottle onto the fingers of one hand, and after that was done he reached up and clasped Changning’s hand with his other hand. He began to kiss around Changning’s spent lower half, moving along his sensitive inner thigh, then brought his fingers up to the small, pink entrance in front of him.

“Yush-Jianzhi!” Cried Changning. Yushang paused his movements, concerned that it may be too soon. However, the next words from his wife caused the fire within him to ignite, “Please be gentle.”

Changning covered his eyes with his free hand, incredibly embarrassed. He felt the grip on his other hand tighten, and at that moment, something long and hard was pushed inside him. The sensation was uncomfortable, and he was not sure what to do, or where to look.

Yushang pressed forward, watching every reaction on Changning’s face. He pressed his finger towards the young man’s navel and felt a shudder course through his body as his wife’s hole clenched around his finger. Changning stared at him, shocked, and Yushang began to thrust his finger in and out, attacking the same spot over and over. He quickly added one more finger.

“Yushang, stop! Ah! That feels weird, I can’t…ah!” Called Changning, a look of panic crossing his face. He was trembling and twitching with every movement, unable to control his body or his voice. Within moments, his flaccid member had become erect once again.

“Mmm, that’s not right love. What was it that I asked you to call me?” As Yushang spoke those words, he pushed another finger in. He was confident that he had loosened Changning sufficiently, and felt that he could not wait a minute longer to be inside him.

“Jianzhi, ah, Ji-Jianzhi, enough…it’s enough,” called out Changning. His face, neck and chest were crimson, and he gasped for air. Liquid was once again leaking from the end of his shaft, and he looked at Yushang in desperation.

Yushang pulled his fingers out, and released the hand he was holding. Changning relaxed for a moment, but before he could move a muscle, he felt his legs gripped tightly, and pushed down towards his torso. He looked into Yushang’s eyes, and was overwhelmed by the mixture of love and passion he saw there.

“Jianzhi, please,” he whispered. Yushang, felt his cock harden even more, and he thrusted slowly into his lover’s tight hole. Every inch brought a new wave of pleasure as Changning’s tight inner walls squeezed him.

He pushed until he was buried to the hilt. Both men were panting heavily, and sweat beaded down their bodies. Yushang leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on his lover’s lips, then pulled back. He looked into Changning’s eyes and spoke in a husky voice, “I love you.”

With those words, Yushang began thrusting his hips at a steady pace. It felt so hot and tight inside his lover, and as he stimulated Changning’s sensitive area, the younger man could no longer contain his voice. He gasped and moaned with every movement, his hands tightly gripping Yushang’s forearms.

Yushang picked up the pace, and even he could not help groaning and moaning with pleasure. He knew he was getting close, and judging by the state of Changning’s bottom half, his lover was in the same situation as him. He grasped the other’s erect cock, and pumped his hand in time with his thrusts.

“Yushang…Jianzhi…I’m-I’m coming….ah….ah…”

Yushang gave one, final, deep push inside, and released. Changning felt the heat as a scorching liquid was emptied inside him, and then he also came hard. His stomach was sticky with semen, but at that point, he did not care. He was completely overwhelmed by the plethora of sensations, and chief among them was Yushang’s still throbbing member inside of him.

Yushang pulled out and smiled darkly as he saw his semen leaking out of Changning’s still twitching back entrance. Finally, his wife belonged to him completely. He smoothed the sweat-plastered hair from his lover’s forehead and planted a kiss.

The sight of Changning, messed up, covered in sweat, mouth hanging open, and completely flushed stirred up something within him. In response to this feeling, his half-hard shaft stood up once again. Before Changning could react, he had been rolled onto his stomach and Yushang began pressing the head of his penis against Changning’s entrance once again.

“You can’t-you wouldn’t, wait, Yusha-Jianzhi, I’ll die…I’ll definitely die!”

“I told you, don’t forget your words,” reminded Yushang, his voice deep and breathy, as he entered him in one swift push.

[end of smut]

The steamy session of passionate sex ended with Changning blacked out after scolding Yushang.

Yushang was hugging his lover as he cooled down, pulling his lower half away from Changning as he mumbled, “I wonder how many times it’ll take…”

Yushang pulled over the blanket to cover Changning to prevent him from catching a cold due to his sweaty body. Then, he went to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with hot water. After making sure that the temperature was alright, Yushang then went back to carry his lover over and wash their bodies together, making sure to clean the mess that he had left inside Changning’s body. Next, Yushang added some essence oil into the hot water bath before finally soaking his lover in the bathtub. With Changning’s body anchored properly with no chance of slipping into the water, Yushang quickly ran out and changed the bedsheets before returning to the bathroom.

Picking his lover up, he made sure that Changning was dried well with the towel before placing him back into the clean bed. Finally, with the things that he had prepared beforehand inside the drawer, Yushang then shifted Changning’s body and did a check on his bottom entrance. There weren’t any tears, but it was swollen. So, after applying some medication on the swollen muscles, Yushang then went back to the bathroom for a quick shower before he returned to his lover. When all that was done, it was already three in the morning. He pulled his lover into an embrace before he finally slept with a satisfied smile.

Changning was awakened by his hunger. He opened his eyes and before him was the close-up face of a handsome man. The man pecked his forehead and shifted Changning’s body to lean on his chest, “Here, have some water first before you speak.”

Changning emptied half a glass of warm water before his throat felt less coarse, and asked, “What time is it?”

“Slightly past ten. Are you hungry? Let’s get something to eat.” Yushang suggested with a pampering gaze and heartache.

Changning felt like his body had been run over by a truck; he was extremely sore and achy. The worst part was his lower back, that made him not want to move at all, and even his limbs felt wobbly. He turned to look at the culprit being calm and composed, and Changning couldn’t help but to direct a glare at him, “You’re forbidden to laugh. Asshole Shang Jianzhi.”

Yushang wrapped his arms around his lover and gave the appropriate massage to Changning’s waist, “Don’t get angry, it’s my fault. I’ll control the pace next time and not make you feel so uncomfortable.”

When he heard those words, the flush on Changning’s face returned as he hit his fist against Yushang, “You dare say that again.” It was obvious that Changning was pissed, but it sounded more like he was throwing a tantrum to Yushang.

Knowing how easily embarrassed Changning was, Yushang couldn’t help but plant another kiss on those blushing red cheeks, “Okay, I’ll stop saying it. Don’t be shy.”

After instructing the helpers to send over some minced meat porridge and a few side dishes, Yushang made Changning lean against his chest as the older man fed his lover, and finish half glass of milk. When all that was done, Yushang made Changning lie down comfortably. He leaned against the headboard with Changning resting on his outstretched arm. One hand patted his lover to sleep, and his other hand operated his laptop to settle his work matters.

T/N: Jianzhi was Yushang’s alias name that was given by his Grandfather. He does prefer that name over Yushang. This part will be further elaborated in the next chapter. 😉

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