SPMW 28 – Is This a Revolt

When he woke up again, the evening sunlight was slipping through the curtains, pouring warmth into the room. The golden rays painted over the couple lying on the bed. Changning lightly brushed his finger over Yushang’s sharp nose bridge. He playfully poked his eyelashes and smiled as the eyelid shivered.

A warm breath huffed on Changning’s face, “Still not satisfied with your husband’s looks?” Yushang said as he opened his eyes, directing his pampering gaze onto his lover who was caught red-handed.

Changning, who snapped out from the daze, returned a glare at his husband, “Why are you pretending to be asleep when you’re awake?”

“I’m curious if my Changning was stunned by his husband’s good looks and decided to stay by his side forever.”

The younger man poked his husband’s forehead, “Narcissist. Get up now. I’m hungry.”

Yushang, who received a pleasant kiss, went to wash up with his wife. Then, he also carried him to the ground level and settled Changning on the chair that had an extra cushion.

Changning felt so embarrassed by the action. He tried to protest against it, but Yushang would not listen to him and carried out the actions stubbornly. Changning’s body was not that uncomfortable, and his lower half was not feeling painful. Even though he was able to walk on his own, his lover would not give in and insisted on carrying him.

All the helpers had an understanding look on their faces as the couple made their way to the dining room. However, to be admired by so many people, Changning could not help but to blush at the attention received.

Changning felt that his whole lifetime’s worth of reputation had been destroyed by Shang Yushang.

The younger man turned his gaze onto the appetizing food on the table and had the urge to stab Yushang with the knife or to simply cut his own stomach and end the embarrassment.

Yushang picked some light food and placed it onto Changning’s plate and served a bowl of black chicken herbal soup1 for Changning, “Have some more. Try this chicken soup, I got the chef to cook it specially for you. I’ve scooped away the oil layer, it’s less greasy.”

Changning wanted to say, can I not drink? Why do I feel like I’m on confinement?! But he saw Yushang’s earnest gaze. He sighed and tried the soup – it was delicious anyway.

After the couple had dinner, Yushang carried Changning to the sofa, “Do you still want to get some rest?”

Changning shook his head, “I’ve slept too much. I want to head outside for a walk.”

Yushang frowned at his reply, “Changning, you should rest for another two days before heading outside.”

Changning blushed, “I’m fine. It’s too boring to be cooped up indoors so I want to head outside for some fresh air.”

Yushang got up and carried Changning as they headed outdoors. “Then I’ll carry you there. We’ll get some fresh air before we sleep.”

Changning sighed internally, it’s no good, I’m so thoroughly embarrassed.

The couple walked around in the garden until they were tired. They sat on the long bench, gazed at the clouds while they talked. It was almost what Changning requested – to get some fresh air outdoors – the only difference was that he was carried around.

The writer looked up as he stared at the clouds. He relaxed and leaned his head on Yushang’s shoulder, “Yushang, why did you want me to call you Jianzhi?”

The chairman held his lover firmly in his arms as he replied, “It’s the name my grandfather called me by. He said that ‘Yushang’ sounded too oppressive. He wished that I would have a peaceful life and gave me the name ‘Jianzhi’.2

“I like how Jianzhi sounds.”

“There aren’t many people who know that I have another name. You can call me that if you liked it.”





They continued answering each other like children playing around. One kept calling, the other was very patient until the both of them broke into laughter before their mindless and childish game ended.

It was already the tenth day since the couple had arrived. When Changning was finally allowed to walk on his own, Yushang decided to bring his wife to Maldives. However, his plans were disrupted by a call from their home country.

Changning reached out and wrapped his arms around Yushang who was standing by the window. He pressed his face against his back and listened to his strong heartbeats, “It’s alright. Work comes first. We’ll have more time in the future and we could travel anywhere we want.”

The chairman turned around and returned the hug. He kissed Changning’s cheek and he looked at him regretfully, “I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you next time.”

“No need to be so formal. We’re a couple, aren’t we?”

Yushang pressed another kiss on Changning’s head and thought, such an understanding person, “Hm, I’ll accompany you when we’ve got time in the future.”

In the end, the couple packed their things and left back to their home overnight.

After more than ten hours, Yushang and Changning finally arrived back at the old mansion. Old Madam Shang was already waiting for them.

She held Changning’s hand and said, “Changning, the company matters caused a burden to both of you. I’m really sorry about that.”

Changning quickly comforted her, “Granny, don’t say that. The company comes first.”

She patted his hand, “Alright. Granny knows you’re a sensible child. Go get some rest upstairs, you can come down to eat after you got enough rest. It’s your home now, okay?”

Changning was thankful towards old Madam Shang’s love and concern more than ever, “Granny, thank you.”

After the couple returned to their room, they changed their attire, “Changning, go get some rest. I’ll head to the office. No need to wait for me for dinner. I’m really sorry that I have to leave you for work right after the wedding.”

“Stop all this nonsense. I’m more worried at the fact that we’ve just arrived home and you’re leaving to handle the company. Can your body handle it? We’re still experiencing jet lag after all. I’m really worried for you.”

Yushang pulled Changning into an embrace as he thought about how amazing it was to be cared for by someone else with such sincerity. He felt like that he would do anything to enjoy this privilege forever, “I’ll be fine, don’t worry. As long as you’re here, everything’s fine.” the chairman answered as he kissed his lover.

Yushang was then escorted to the company by Dazhou. Although Changning did feel tired, he could not bring himself to sleep. He kept thinking about the Shang Est. matters. He was pissed at those snobs who caused them to end their honeymoon prematurely and even made Yushang so exhausted. Those people must be punished so that they’ll remember to mind their own business, he thought.

The more he pondered over it, the more awake he felt. Changning decided to switch on his computer and look at news related to the Shang Est., hoping to find anything useful for the situation.

News scattered all over the web: someone had food poisoning after eating poisoned food at one of the hotel’s restaurant under Shang Est. Later, when the person was sent to the hospital, the doctors managed to save him, but the customer was still unconscious to date and it was possible that he may never wake up again. In addition to that, a jewelry boutique under Shang Est was found to be selling fake diamonds that had an abnormal level of radiation. Some consumers had lodged their complaints to the analytical department and the results showed that those were one hundred percent fake diamonds that had high levels of radiation.

The netizens were raging on the media as they ridiculed Shang Est for being a black-hearted company that deceived the general consumers, not caring about human lives and that Shang Est would do anything for money. Some members of public had even started to gather the masses and protest Shang Est.’s “evil doings”, demanding the government to investigate the matter. The opinions were negative and one-sided. For news to spread far and wide in such a short timeframe, it was possible that someone was behind all this negative publicity.

Changning logged in to his QQ account that he had abandoned for quite a while. There were messages from the readers, but majority of the messages were from his editor.

He opened the conversation tab to his editor.

“Qingshui, I’m dying. If you don’t come out now, I’ll poison myself and commit suicide. My soul will follow you wherever you go.”

“Qingshui, I’m your mother. You can’t treat me like that. I’m begging you, please come out and talk to me. PLEASE.”

[Qingshui]: you there?


[DucklingLi]: qingshui, you’re so damn heartless, you know that?! you just watch me suffer and refuse to come out. I HATE YOU!!!!!! *sobsobsob*

[Qingshui]: okay, I’ll get the manuscripts out soon.

[DucklingLi]: if you don’t submit them soon, my next step would be to offer myself to you.

The edge of Changning’s lips twitched as he recalled what a silly and thick-skinned yet meticulous person his editor was. He always wondered how a person could have such extreme characteristics and yet seemed like a perfect combination.

[Qingshui]: the situation about Shang Est that’s all over the web, what do you think of it?

[DucklingLi]: ??? what has it got to do with you???

[Qingshui]: all my savings are invested on Shang Est. what do you think?

[DucklingLi]: what do you mean??

[Qingshui]: stop questioning. What’s your opinion on the incident, share some inputs?

[DucklingLi]: well… since you’re that smart, you should agree that someone must be behind all that nonsense.

[Qingshui]: hm. That’s highly likely.

[DucklingLi]: then why ask me??!!

[Qingshui]: check something for me. I want to know who’s the first person that released that news on the internet.

[DucklingLi]: dear boss, I’m just an editor, not a hacker, okay?

[Qingshui]: do I have to explain to your boss about why there’s photos of him meeting his mistress in your computer?

[DucklingLi]: Qingshui, you bastard.

[Qingshui]: cut the crap. Do me a favor, I won’t shortchange you.

[DucklingLi]: really? Like how?

[Qingshui]: you’ll have priority to [My World 2] copyright.


Changning felt goosebumps all over his body as he shivered from the chill down his spine.

[Qingshui]: stop those crazy imaginations. I don’t wish to die prematurely from being disgusted by you.

[DucklingLi]: ◔_◔ go work on your manuscripts now. I’ll give you an update at 3pm.

[Qingshui]: don’t disappoint me or prepare to face the wrath from your boss.

[DucklingLi]: ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) I HATE YOU!!!! I’M GONNA CURSE YOU!!!

After Changning had gone offline, he pondered the current situation. He knew that Yushang’s men must have started their own investigation. Whether or not his editor’s findings would be of any help was still a question. Seeing how the incident just happened two days ago, yet the news was spreading like wildfire, it was highly likely that someone was behind it. Changning trusted that Yushang would have thought so too and must have began to check on anything or any person that could be a suspect. The Shang Est. employees, the company’s opponents, and those people who Yushang had offended before – even the internal struggle within the Shang family – all those were possible suspects who were involved in this incident. To have chosen to create this mess during their honeymoon, they must have prepared long ago.

The person who landed in the hospital might really be unconscious due to poisoning, but it was possible that someone had twisted the facts. Other than the person’s identity and background information, even the doctors were major suspects as well. If that was the case, then Bai Mo could render his expertise and the truth would be out in no time.

As for the diamonds that were found with high levels of radiation, Shang Est. must be having big problems internally. Regardless of which part of investigation went wrong, everything had to be re-investigated. After all, those reports were released to public without the consent nor agreement from Shang Est – so how did that report come up and who was the person who released it?

For the past two days, the Metropolis Daily had been releasing headline news on Shang Est’s poisoning incident as well as the diamonds with high level of radiation incident. They highlighted and strongly criticized Shang Est’s irresponsible behavior of cheating the general public and their disregard for human life. They pushed all the blame onto Shang Est without even giving the company any chances to explain themselves. It was as if all the evidence had been proven to be true and Shang Est’s chairperson was simply awaiting prosecution.

Changning rubbed his temple; all those thoughts alone were giving him a headache. He wondered how Yushang could maintain a strong image as he faced such tremendous pressure, be it physically or mentally.

The writer couldn’t help but hate those idiots who loved to create trouble for nothing. Would it hurt them to just stay content for once? In fact, those people refused to be resigned to their fate – they were jealous, crazy and psychotic – so long as someone else was living a good life, they would feel upset. Likewise, when someone else lived a terrible life, they would be at ease.

There were a portion of such people in this world that refused to stay content with their current situation and could not accept that they were not as well recognized. They insisted that they must come up with some earth-shattering news for themselves so that their names would be remembered. However, these people had overestimated their own capabilities – reality would always be different from imagination.

Changning wondered if these people deserved to be pitied, or should he be pitied for having a headache, worrying to himself over these idiots.


[1] 乌鸡汤 (Black Chicken Herbal Soup) – it’s one of the soup that most Chinese Asian (?) women drink. It helps to improve blood circulation and revitalize your energy levels, and it helps to replenish the blood. LOL.

[2] 简之 (Jian Zhi) – Yushang’s other name given by his grandfather. It means simple, uncomplicated.


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