SPMW 31 – The General Shareholders’ Meeting

31 The General Shareholders’ Meeting

Shang Est. quarterly general shareholders’ meeting began on time at the twenty-eighth floor’s biggest meeting room.

Every shareholder who possessed Shang Est’s stock had all arrived.

Shang Yushang was dressed in a nicely fitted black customized suit, which made his expressionless face looked even more distant. His slender, tall and straight disposition had an oppressing feeling that made people turn their gaze away.

The huge meeting room was filled with people. The giant rectangular shaped meeting table in the middle was seated with the bigger shareholders of Shang Est.

Shang Guozhang, Zhang Nian, Lin Changqing, Jiang Fangzheng, Wang Shounian, Shang Yuchen, Shang Yuhe and the other shareholders with higher shares percentage, were all seated.

The meeting room’s aluminum alloy door were opened from the people outside. Shang Yushang entered the room along with Dazhou, Five and his secretary as everyone watched.

Shang Yushang sat at the center seat. He greeted his father before announcing the meeting to begin.

The first part was the standard procedure of every department reporting about the current season’s sales and the work plans for the next season and their goals. In total, they spent more than two hours on that and ended with every department summarizing their report.

Next, the public relation department’s director reported on the incident with Metropolis Daily. He gave a detailed progress report to the chairman and every shareholder, before letting the chairman to reveal their next step for their work.

The shareholders were whispering their discussion. The impact by Metropolis Daily’s report was quite significant. The most obvious effect was how their stocks had dropped. After the incident, Shang Yushang took emergency measures in time and avoided the unnecessary losses. However, Shang Est’s reputation was still affected. A few of the shareholders had looked for Yushang in private and expressed their support for him and encouraged him to resolve the issue without worries about the consequences. They all agreed that someone must be behind all these. Witnessing their trust and understanding, although Yushang did not promise them anything, but he understood that the greatest payback to them would be to let their pockets grow fuller.

Lin Changqing looked at the shareholders discussing among themselves and gestured Shang Yuchen with his eyes that he may begin.

Receiving Lin Changqing’s hint, Shang Yuchen straightened his tie and spoke, “Chairman Shang, the poisoning incident at our hotel’s restaurant as well as the highly radiated jewelry incident, had already caused irrevocable damage to Shang Est. It was an unprecedented impact on our reputation. All these had directly affected all our shareholders and ten thousand of our employee’s interest. May I know how you are planning to resolve it?”

Shang Yuchen’s pressing tone and attitude made Shang Guozhang frown disapprovingly. Shang Yuhe looked at her stupid brother resentfully. It was exactly this sort of moment when it would be easy to see who was ambitious or would one watch with folded arms, or actively fit in, but never should one hit a person who was down.

One should know that Shang Yushang took over Shang Est. when he was twenty-two years old. Within a short period of eight years, he molded Shang Est. into such an impressive enterprise. It was not without a reason. His high intelligence and ruthless style of work, benefiting and threatening his opponents as he won their hearts. All these were impossible for the average person.

The incident with Metropolis Daily was not difficult for Shang Yushang to resolve. It may need some time and effort, but it was not to the extent that it could defeat him with its impact. The moment an idiot presumed that he could use this incident to topple Shang Yushang, he would be get hurt so badly and would never recover again.

Shang Yuchen was that idiot who did not realized that. During the confrontation with Metropolis Daily, the highlight from the ten publishers did improve Shang Est.’s reputation and was even moving to a whole new level. Once Shang Yushang turn the tide around, Shang Est.’s reputation would reach a new height and their stocks would rise dramatically. Shang Est.’s interest was not only unaffected, it would even earn them huge benefits.

Shang Yuhe did not want to see her brother in such a tragic state. Even if it was for their mother, he did not want Shang Yuchen to be hurt, after all, they were blood siblings. She spoke, “Brother, things are not as bad as you think. Big brother should have a plan to resolve it already. You should stick to your own duties.”

Shang Yushang took a glance at Shang Yuhe. He did not expect the girl to be smarter than her brother, to know what were within their means.

Shang Guozhang was assured about his daughter’s intelligence. A smart person would know that revolting against Shang Yushang at this point of time was like making a joke out of Shang Est. and would surely be tagged as a suspect for the culprit, or even be seen as potentially using this opportunity to overthrow Shang Yushang. Shang Yuchen was indeed a smart person, but definitely not a person who could plan an entire project as a whole in general situation.

As his father, Shang Guozhang knew that well, which was why he had left the business in Shang Yushang’s hands. In fact, his decision was right. Although he knew his youngest son was ambitious and had hopes to gain power and wealth with his own abilities, but it should be on the precondition that he had the capability and intelligence for it. A smart businessman would know how to gain benefits and avoid trouble at the same time. However, if that person were to be opinionated and conceited enough to make use of such a small opportunity to think that it would overthrow their opponent, then all he could say was that person was a mediocrity and or even an idiot. Because they would eventually end up completely crushed by this powerful opponent.

Hearing his sister’s words, not only did Shang Yuchen felt grateful, he got even furious. He had made arrangement to make full use of this opportunity to overthrow Shang Yushang. He would chase him out of Shang Est.’s core management so that he could take over that seat. “Yuhe, you know nothing about the company. Just sit back and watch.” He returned his gaze to Shang Yushang, “Chairman, may I know what plans you have to turn the tide for the company. According to my knowledge, Shang Est.’s image in the eyes of the consumers had been labelled as an enterprise not worthy of their trust. If the situation persists, it would be a matter of time for Shang Est. to be outcast by the public. By then, it would be too late for all of us.”

The shareholders’ discussion was getting louder, “True, if there isn’t any way to resolve things, Shang Est.’s future is worrying.”

“Hm. I agree. Our livelihood depends on Shang Est., we can’t let Shang Est. go down just like that.”

“But what solution could there be? Those people had hard evidence. Even if we tried to argue, it would be useless. *sighs* what should we do?!”

Jiang Fangzheng spoke unhurriedly, “There will always be a solution. Let’s stay calm.”

Lin Changqing smirked, “Solution? What kind of solution? Quibbles will only make it seems like Shang Est. is trying to hide something and makes it more conspicuous and once again trying to lie to the consumers.”

Jiang Fangzheng raised his eyebrow, “Director Lin seems to be very sure that the problem was on Shang Est.?”

Lin Changqing was indifferent as he replied, “The truth is before our eyes, we couldn’t deny it.”

Wang Shounian smiled as he spoke, “I think we’re speaking too early. The accessories that were sent for re-evaluation had not returned. There was no accurate evidence from the hospital to prove that the customer had an accident after he had eaten our food. Everything is still yet to be testified.”

Lin Changqing replied sarcastically, “Director Wang is such an optimistic person. Here we are in this desperate situation and you still think that all these are only illusion? There should be a limit for overcompensating.”

Wang Shounian ignored Lin Changqing’s sarcasm as he remained smiling, “Shang Est.’s reputation had been around for a hundred years. It was not something that anyone could easily destroy. It is easy to mislead the consumers, but facts speak louder than words. Before the truth is revealed, all guesses would all be empty talks.”

Lin Changqing frowned, “Director Wang, be realistic of the current situation. The hospital had already produced the diagnosis and the evaluation centers had stamped their evaluation reports. Your unrealistic quibble is what I call ‘empty talk’.”

Shang Yushang remained unmoved as he allowed the people in the meeting room to engage loudly.

Shang Guozhang had not been involved in the company’s matter for too long. Every time he joined the General Shareholders’ Meeting was just a mere formality, which was why he decided to not to share any comments.

One of the shareholders was very supportive of Lin Changqing’s point of view, “I agree. The truth is right in front of us, there’s no need to harp on those after-actions. What we need to settle now is what kind of attitude is Shang Est. going to present to the consumers, and how we should do our best to redeem our image. Otherwise Shang Est.’s development is really too worrying.”

One of the shareholders spoke, “I agree to that. We should give the public a satisfactory explanation, and to redeem our image and trust that they had on us. Only that way would Shang Est. still have a future.”

Another spoke up right after, “I think the most pressing issue is how are we going to face the public’s questions and guesses, and to provide an appropriate comfort and explanation. We should not one-sidedly try to cover up for ourselves.”

Dazhou rubbed his nose as he watched those clowns that were eager to express themselves yet exposing their involvement with just a few sentences. He knew that his young master was simply too brilliant, to let those shareholders carry on with their act and let those clowns willingly appear by themselves. He was grateful for that, after all, it would save them a lot of effort to check all of them.

Shang Yuchen watched as situation was just like he wanted it to be, “Chairman Shang, your opinion?”

Shang Yushang stoic face remained unchanged as it had no feelings behind it, “If Manager Shang have any good suggestion, why not share it with us?”

Thinking that Shang Yushang must be at his wits end, Shang Yuchen felt his blood pumping faster. Instead, he wore an unwilling expression as he spoke, “For Shang Est.’s future, I think we may have to sacrifice Chairman Shang.” In other words, it was your lack of capability that caused this incident, hence the burden should be on you.

Shang Guozhang leaned back on his seat. I can’t believe this child…

Shang Yuhe shut her eyes as she tried to avoid everything that was unfolding in front of her. She sighed inwardly and though, it was unavoidable after all.

The edge of Lin Changqing’s lips curled upwards as he could not suppress the joys of victory.

Shang Yushang glanced over every person in the room. Those that supported him, straightened their back and those who was planning on betraying him, could not stand those gaze as they looked away awkwardly. The atmosphere came to a standstill.

The gaze returned to Shang Yuchen, “How does Manager Shang think I should do to sacrifice, so that Shang Est. could recover all losses?”

Shang Yuchen coughed as if he was thinking about it. Then, it was like he had made a difficult decision with determination and apologetic in his eyes, he said “If we want to completely resolve this issue, to not disappoint the consumers’ image of Shang Est., then we can only ask Chairman Shang to admit responsibility and resign. If you had leave Shang Est. due to guiltiness, it would be more convincing.”

Shang Guozhang watched Shang Yuchen disappointedly. He did not expect his child to be that unforgiving. It was common for family feuds to be about inheritance and power struggle. It was not that there had not been cases where brothers go all out among one another, but he could not believe that a child raised by him would be such a person. Had he not understood his child better or should he say that his education to his child was a failure? The thought of it made the older man felt defeated. He had let down his eldest son too much, yet he had raised his youngest son into such a manner. It seemed like he was destined to be an irresponsible and failing father.

Shang Yuhe opened her eyes as she could not believe what she had just heard. Her brother was truly mad, absolutely insane. He had just destroyed his own retreat route.

Shang Yushang expression remain unchanged, making it hard for people to understand what he was thinking, “Does Director Lin think so too?”

Lin Changqing froze for a second. He had originally planned to let Shang Yuchen to settle everything and he would operate things from behind the scene. Yet it seemed like Shang Yushang was determined to not let him stay out of it. Seeing how things had evolved, he decided to put in more effort. He replied naturally, “It seems that at the current state of affairs, it would be the best and fastest solution.”

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