SPMW 32 – Utterly Defeated

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Chapter 32 Utterly Defeated

For Lin Changqing’s answer, Shang Yushang’s expression remain unchanged.

Looking at a group of men acting like self-directed drama actors, Shang Yushang felt his mood lighten up quite a bit.

Lin Changqing was a little worried at that moment. From the beginning, Shang Yushang’s reaction was too calm. No matter how experienced, he was still a 30-year-old young man. Yet when facing such tremendous pressure, there was no panic, instead he was slightly relaxed and comfortable looking at all of this. No matter how the shareholders quarreled, even facing the tight pressure coming from Shang Yuchen, he showed a look like he was watching a play. What made him have such a leisurely mood to see others acting, did he have the absolute confidence to settle this matter? Or did he have enough evidence to turn it over? Thinking of this, Lin Changqing was startled and had a cold sweat. If…if it was really the case, then Shang Yushang is really too terrible, and they were finished. Everyone involved in it was finished.

No, this was absolutely impossible, even if he did possess remarkable abilities, he could not have known the whole truth of the matter. As long as there was a link that could not be explained, he could crucify him.

Lin Changqing had already made a statement, and after the others started whispering, some people also followed the statement, “I agree with Lin’s advice.”

“I also agree.”

“Me too.”

Da Zhou looked at a few men who were vocal. Sure enough, was Lin Changqing’s faction.

Jiang Fangzheng looked serious. “I object, things haven’t reached that point yet. All the evidence is only provided by outsiders, which is not enough to explain the problem.”

Knowing that this old guy had been trying to mess with him all the time, Lin Changqing had been intolerable. “Director Jiang, I advise you to see the present form; don’t deceive yourself any more. The business world is not about an individual; it belonged to all shareholders and tens of thousands of employees. Because of the leadership mistakes of the Shang Est., it had caused irreparable damage to all of us. If you let the matter go on, the business will soon become history; until then, how do you plan to explain to all of the employees?”

Jiang Fangzheng suddenly smiled. “What a big fault you’re pressing onto me, Director Lin. The pressure is almost breaking my neck. If you are so concerned about Shang Est., why didn’t you come out and say something for us?”

“Humph, you are not in his position to do nothing.”

Wang Shounian said with a smile, “Director Lin’s double standard of living is something I dare not agree with. Since Shang Est. belonged to everyone, then all of us have an obligation to operate it better, and I believe that everyone here shares the same thoughts as me. No company can stand at the pinnacle of success without experiencing setbacks or even failures. Resolving problems that we come across is also a way of testing everyone’s loyalty to their careers. I believe everyone understands what I am talking about; now is the time for you to show your loyalty.”

Lin Changqing’s face turn blue. “Director Wang, what do you mean? Are you doubting my loyalty to Shang Est.?”

Wang Shounian still smiled and squinted his eyes. “Director Lin don’t be angry, I definitely didn’t mean that, you misunderstood.”

“Humph, you better watch your speech, Director Wang. Every shareholder here has gone through the storm with Shang Est.; don’t chill everyone’s hearts because of your words.”

Behind Jiang Fangzheng’s serious expression, there was a mystery in the words, “Director Lin’s words are too serious. The definition of loyalty to everyone is different, look at where the starting point is.”

Lin Changqing was furious, “You Jiang fellow, what do you mean by this? Explain your words?”

Zhang Nian spoke calmly, “No need to get too agitated, Director Lin. Director Jiang is not referring to you, but the matter on hand.”

Lin Changqing was huffing in anger. If he wasn’t in the conference room, he really would slap Jiang Fangzheng’s big mouth. “You’re talking as if you’re an outsider, Director Zhang. What you’re doing now is treating everyone like a suspect.”

Zhang Nian suddenly became serious. “Director Lin, rice can be eaten indiscriminately, but words should not be said indiscriminately. The development of Shang Est. is better than it used to be. Just look at how much we’re earning now compared to the past. As for how loyal I am to the Shang Est., that is what everyone knows well. However, we should all give and take for the sake of the future, don’t you think so?”

“You….” Lin Changqing had no idea what to say; it was no longer meaningful to continue the quarrel; it would only make everything think that he was narrow-minded. But he could not take it when people try to shift the blame onto him.

Things seemed to be deviating from the original track; Lin Changqing, who had always been a great tactician, was now led by his feelings.

Shang Yushang watched the angry Lin Changqing and the other three shareholders fighting with great interest; it was quite interesting to see them frustrated.

Shang Yuchen initially looked at a few people who were close to lunging at one another he don’t know how to persuade. But when he accidentally saw the cold sneer of Shang Yushang’s mouth, his body uncontrollably shivered; he felt like prey that was teased by a hunter; as long as the hunter had enough, he would kill him and find out for himself.

With cold sweat forming, Shang Yuchen quickly snapped out of his thoughts, pulling onto Lin Changqing’s sleeves. “Director Lin, you got too agitated.” With a look in his eyes indicating, ‘Lin Changqing, you are being played and still aren’t awake.’

Lin Changqing snapped out of it and forced himself to calm down. Realizing that he was being led by the nose and turned around like a monkey, his heart suddenly became angry. He couldn’t wait to tear up the those few bastards.

He tried to suppress the anger. “Don’t say that those are useless. Chairman Shang, please make a decision now.” Already have no patience, simply turning the arrowhead at Shang Yushang.

Shang Yushang tidied up the cuffs of the suit, start speaking casually, “It’s about time to end the show.” Waved that Da Zhou can begin..

Da Zhou made a small cough. Young Master left the opportunity to him and he did not know whether it was good or bad, but still have to play the role of a loyal subordinate. After all, he did not have interest in playing tricks like those rich people. “First of all, to inform you about the latest developments in the poisoning incident.” At the snap of his finger, suddenly the aluminum alloy door of the conference room opened. A woman about thirty-five years old was brought in, “Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the family of the patient who has so far been unconscious. Madam, please tell everyone present here about what you know. Don’t be nervous, just say it slowly.”

The woman had never seen so many big shots in her life. Her nervous hands were shaking, but she’d already promised to clarify the facts, so she still tried to calm herself down. “My husband is the person you said who ate your things and got poisoned. In fact, he has advanced lymphoma; it has been diagnosed for more than half a year. ”

When the lady spoke, the room was full of uproar, and everyone found it unbelievable.

Shang Yuchen unnaturally moved his body, as if to hide something. Lin Changqing frowned and had a bad premonition hit his heart.

Da Zhou interrupted the discussion of the people in a timely manner, “Gentlemen, please listen the lady to finish her words. ”

Da Zhou reached out and gestured for the lady to continue, the lady grew a sigh of relief, settling her own crazy beating heart, “About ten days ago, a man found my husband, said something to ask him for help, and promised him that he would give him benefits.” The woman stopped. “We are all honest people who didn’t do hurtful things, but the man said as long as he did what he was told, not only could they arrange for my husband to go to the big hospital for treatment, but they also promised to give us a lot of money. At first, my husband didn’t want to, but in order to treat him, we spent all our savings at home; we also owed a lot of money to relatives. In order to allow our mother and daughter to live a good life after his death, he said yes.” The woman whined and cried, “We really didn’t mean it, please forgive us, I will pay back your loss to you for the rest of my life, I only hope that you won’t make my child stressed, she is still too young to understand, I beg you.” The woman cried and sobbed.

The people in the conference room fell into silence.

Da Zhou said in a voice of comfort, “Don’t be sad, ma’am, don’t worry. Things are clear, our president will handle it as appropriate. ”

The woman gathered her tears and sorted out her thoughts, “The man said, to let my husband go to a restaurant he designated to eat, and then pretend to get a bad stomach, he will arrange for the person to send my husband to the hospital in advance, and then let my husband tell the reporters that he was poisoned by eating the food in that restaurant. The rest of the matter does not require us to intervene, he will give us the money in batches. But, but my husband never woke up since he entered the hospital, I asked the doctor, they, they said that my husband is poisoned, only unconscious, but, but isn’t all this fake? Why is my husband still unconscious? Originally, he could live another three months, but now it’s not going to work.”

“Don’t get too worked up, ma’am, do you know who that person is? ”

“I, I don’t know, my husband, my husband said that he knows. ”

“Okay,” Da Zhou waved. “First take the lady to rest.”

The lady was crying, “I beg you, I know that we have done something wrong, I am also willing to come forward to clarify everything; I just ask you not to let my husband death be unexplained, I beg you. ”

After the lady was taken away, the cries still haunted people’s hearts, and the sound of asking for help also hit people’s hearts. Why did the person who should have a three-month lifespan fell unconscious? He would even die soon. No one was a fool that couldn’t see the mystery inside.

Da Zhou did not care what these people were thinking; he had his own work to do. He took out a voice recorder, pressed the switch, and a recording rang through the whole conference room: “I am Lin Changqing’s distant nephew. We haven’t been in touch for many years, but one day he suddenly found me. He hoped I could help him do something, I asked him what, he said, there was a man he was indebted to, but the man was stubborn and refused to accept his help, so he wanted to send a sum of money to the benefactors through me. I felt that this was nothing, so I said yes, but it was strange. Why did he ask me to remit the money to his benefactor several times? But I did not ask; I just helped him transfer the money, and I kept the transaction record of each money transfer. At that time, I did not think much, after all, it’s better to keep a record than to have any misunderstanding just because I’m helping someone.”

Da Zhou projected the bank’s transaction record on the projection wall of the conference room, with a clear record of the time and the name of the sender’s payee of each remittance.

The meeting room blew up the pot at once, “Director Lin is this, what’s going on? What the hell did you do?

“Did you really do this? ”

“What the hell do you want to do? ”

“Director Lin, why are you doing this? Don’t you know what the consequences of corrupting the credibility of the Shang Est. will be? ”

Lin Changqing roared, “How do I know what is going on? Someone framed me, can’t you see it? ”

Shang Yushang glanced at Lin Changqing, “Director Lin does not have to complain; your relative has already been a guest at the police station. This recording comes from the confession at the police station, so there is no need to argue about if it’s true or false. Da Zhou, carry on. ”

Da Zhou’s mouth smirked a little in the corner; the young master was getting more and more sinister. “The man who found the lady’s husband has been arrested, according to him, he was under the instruction of the second young master to find the family. ”

A short silence was entered in the conference room, a few seconds later, like the aftershocks that occurred after the bomb exploded, everyone started speaking at the same time in an instant, inquiring, blaming, and even abusive voices echoed, a chaotic chorus of people turned upside down. It was the same as meeting a star with thousands of people, messy and noisy, the ear only buzzing so you couldn’t hear the number of the sound.

In such a scene comparable to a market where you buy and sell vegetables to bargain, Shang Yushang watched over the scene as if it had nothing to do with him.

Shang Guozhang looked at Shang Yuchen, and then look at Shang Yushang with a mix of emotions.

In the face of everyone’s attacks, even with all the excuses they could come up with, Shang Yuchen and Lin Changqing were full of anger.

Shang Yushang saw enough jokes, thought they wasted too much time. He still wanted to hurry up, go home, hug his little wife, and enjoy the life of a newlywed, so he knocked on the table, the deep attractive voice echoed in every corner of the conference room, “Silence. Carry on, Dazhou. ”

Like a bucket of cold water with ice poured from the head to the foot, the angry people instantly calmed down. Looking at the careless expression of the big president, each settled down, waiting for the next development.

Da Zhou cleared his throat and muttered in his heart, Master, is it really good that you are going to destroy all of them till the end? “The team of doctors in Huakang Hospital where the patient is located have carried out careful diagnosis and treatment. The results have come out: the patient was unconscious due to excessive immunosuppressant drugs injected by hospital doctors in the late stage of lymphoma, that is to say, the patient’s attending doctor knew that the patient has advanced cancer, injected too much medicine, and caused the patient to fall into a severe coma. There may even be danger to the patient’s life at any time. The police have stepped in to investigate and now suspect doctors have intentionally caused the death of the patient and suspect intentional murder.”

There was an uproar in the conference room. It had already reached the point of killing people, and it seemed that this matter was no longer a simple matter of breaking the enterprise.

Shang Yuchen was sweating. How could things develop like this? He definitely did not instruct people to do that, but could you get rid of it? Once considered a mastermind, what awaited him was to spend the rest of his life in prison. He pointed his eyes at Lin Changqing with trepidation, his voice trembling, “D-Director Lin.”

Lin Changqing was also shocked to hear the news. For Shang Yuchen’s question, he couldn’t give an answer; he could only shake his head. “I don’t know. I really don’t know. ”

Without giving people too much time to digest, Da Zhou went on to throw a bombshell, “The results of the inspection of all accessories produced in the same batch as the high-radiation jewels also came out.”

Everyone subconsciously held their breath and looked at Da Zhou.

Da Zhou glance over those anxious shareholders and announced loudly, “All the radiation indicator of all products is in line with the national standards for the heavy metal content of jewelry, there is no excess, all qualified.”

Cheers filled the conference room. There had never been such excitement. It hadn’t been so happy with the list of hundreds of millions of people. “It’s great. It’s great. ”

“Yes, that’s great, it turned out to be more pleasing than when my wife was having a baby.” ”

“Yes, it’s so damn good. It’s such great news I’m almost in tears! We’ve finally made it through the hardship!”

Jiang Fangzheng, Wang Shounian, and Zhang Nian looked at each other with a smile, and everything seemed to be in the chest.

Da Zhou, “Cough, ladies and gentlemen, please listen to me.” The crowd calmed down. “About the diamond ring that had gone wrong, the investigation has already been finalized.” They look around. “The quality supervision department that made the appraisal gave this statement: one of their internal employees is under the instructions of an outsider, privately altered the ring, therefore, the results of the test were high and the radiation indicators were scary. They have handed the employee to the police, and decided to fire the employee. For the damage caused to the Shang’s Group, they will give appropriate compensation. From the statement recorded by the police, I was informed that it was by the second young master and Lin Changqing’s instruction to do this, it is said that there is also involvement of Yin Hao, the grandson of Yin Est.. ”

With the truth about the poisoning incident, people were not as angry as they were at the beginning, incomprehension, resentment, all the grievances and even the desire to kill were concentrated on Shang Yuchen and Lin Changqing.

Shang Yuchen’s face was pale, his forehead was sweating layer by layer, and his body was shaking uncontrollably.

Lin Changqing, who had been working in the mall for many years, was strong and calm, but his tight hands still reveal that he was afraid.

Shang Guozhang closed his eyes and was disappointed with this younger son.

Shang Yuhe only said one sentence from beginning to end. Now she was completely immersed in the shock brought by this incident. She didn’t believe it, no, she didn’t want to believe that this was what her brother did. That was a human life. She could understand the desire to fight for power and make the best use of it, but to disregard the lives of others, what was the difference between that and an executioner? As far as she knew, the man was only in his thirties, and his children were only in their teens, although he got cancer, no one could deprive him of his right to survive, even if he made a mistake.

Jiang Fangzheng first made an attack, “Lin Changqing, how do you explain?”

Lin Changqing outright denied his involvement. “I haven’t done it. There is nothing to explain.”

“Manager Shang, how do you explain? Also I want to ask, this is not what you do?”

Shang Yuchen stuttered, “I, I didn’t, I – ”

Too much time had been wasted, Shang Yushang reached the end of his patience, “Do you intend to to it yourself, or should we hand it over to the police? Make a choice now. ”

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