SPMW 33 – Picking Up the Pieces

Translator: Lumina

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Editor: Kishi

Chapter 33: Picking Up the Pieces

Things were irreparable, and no amount of sophistry could hide the fact that it had already happened.

Shang Yuchen looked at his father, hoping that his father would come forward to save him; he didn’t want to leave, moreover he didn’t want to go to jail.

However, Shang Guozhang never looked at him.

Shang Yuchen slumped in the chair, he had no strength in his body, as if it had been drained.

Lin Changqing faced the choice given by Shang Yushang, and for the first time in his life, he felt loss. Lin Changqing had been venturing in the business industry for decades. What kind of big scene hadn’t he seen? What kind of people that hadn’t he interacted with? And for the first time in his life, he was forced to make a choice. How could he be willing? How could he not resist?

Lin Changqing suddenly burst into laughter. “Haha, hahaha! Shang Yushang, I, Lin Changqing, am not someone you can handle at will. Your little trick is not enough for me. ”

Shang Yushang said with great interest, “Oh, so what do you want? ”

Lin Changqing said with a gloomy face, “I don’t care where your so-called evidence comes from, but you got everyone involved in the fight between you brothers. You are making a fool out of yourself. I, Lin Changqing, have been in Shang Est. for many years, a brat like you can’t move me so easily. ” Talking blatantly in front everyone in the room, he continued, “Everyone here are the long-time partners of Shang Est., for the sake of the business, we spend most of our lives here, but what is the result? The Shang family is fighting among themselves and hoping to eradicate our competitors at the same time. They did not even hesitate to make a bet on the future of Shang Est. in order to get rid of me, that is how they treat us, who have given our best to them. Don’t all of you don’t feel cold? Is it worth to stay for Shang Est.?”

After the cunning hare is killed, the hound will be boiled. Everyone had the same thought, but it all depended on whether they were depending on and trusting a wise leader or not. If he is a wise leader, then their future would only get better and better, and the excessive suspicion would be like an act of giving away their bright future.

There were quite a few people who understood that logic in the room.

Lin Changqing’s words would only be useful to people on his side. “Chairman Shang, Director Lin has dedicated his everything for the Shang Est., you can’t not believe him like this. ”

When one person opens his mouth, others will follow. “Yes, general manager. Director Lin’s contribution to the Shang Est. is obvious to everyone. You can’t treat him like this because of some false charges, it’s not fair. ”

Shang Yushang’s cold eyes were twinkling. “Fair? Fine, since you want to be fair, then I’ll give you fairness.” Meanwhile he took a thick stack of materials from the secretary’s hand and slammed it on the table; his cold eyes swept over Lin Changqing. “This is all the information regarding you registering with external companies using the funds of the Shang Est.” He paused. “Pengyu Trading, Director Lin is a veteran who has been playing in the industry for decades after all; the amount of experience you have is terrifying indeed.”

Shang Yushang directed his cold gaze onto the scheming Lin Changqing

“In the thirteenth year, Director Lin strongly promoted the development of the Liwan project between Shang Est. and Pengyu Trading. Director Lin has pulled tricks to pocket Shang Est.’s money into his own pocket, he even swallowed the benefits of the middleman. What a spotless way of embezzlement. I, Shang Yushang, really admire you.” His eyes revealed contempt.

“In the fourteenth year, Shang Est.’s resort project in the sea was launched. Director Lin won a big piece of meat for his own company again: he undertook nearly half of the project and earned quite a lot, didn’t you, Director Lin? The fairness you want is that others who contribute to the business come forward while you secretly take away these profits from Shang Est. Director Lin, your meaning of fairness is really disgusting.”

“I believe everyone remembers the plagiarism incident of our jewelry design manuscripts during the 50th Anniversary Jewelry Exhibition that launched at the end of the fourteenth year. If there was no preparatory plan at the time, it’s very likely that the jewelry brands of Shang Est, would be lost. Even if you wanted to restore a good opinion in the hearts of consumers, it would take a long time. I don’t know if you still remember the person who leaked the news, even though he was punished as he should have been, but in just a few years, he has enjoyed a free life in Europe, don’t you want to know why that is?”

Shang Yushang threw bombs one by one, another after another, and everyone, including Shang Guozhang, was stunned.

All the directors suddenly felt that their heads had malfunctioned. They had no way to understand and no way to digest the shock that Shang Yushang had brought to them. They looked at each other and then focused on Shang Yushang, silently asking with their eyes, ‘is all of this true?’

Zhang Nian robotically asked, “Why?”

Shang Yushang said without hesitation, “Because, Lin Changqing was the initiator of the leak.”

Zhang Nian’s mouth was open. He was speechless, and others had frightened expressions.

Lin Changqing could no longer maintain his righteous image. “Shang Yushang, you are making slanderous accusations! You want to frame me? I tell you, no way!”

“Director Lin don’t be too excited, ah. I forgot to tell you that the person has been extradited home, and is now being interrogated by the police, I believe that the truth will soon come to light. Well, by the way, to remind you again, don’t think about running away, because you have no chance. ”

As soon as the words had been said, the aluminum alloy door in conference room was opened again, and a uniformed policeman came in. “Lin Changqing, you are suspected of leaking trade secrets, commercial fraud, suspected of intentional homicide and multiple crimes. We are now arresting you. You can remain silent. Every word you say will be used as a evidence at the court, now come with us.”

The cold handcuffs were handcuffed to Lin Chang Qing’s wrist. He looked like he was just waking up from his trance while yelling and struggling, “What are you doing? You let me go! Do you know who I am? Let go, let go!”

The police officer’s face was serious, “Lin Changqing, if you don’t cooperate, we will prosecute you for obstructing official duties. ”

He couldn’t do anything in front of the police, so Lin Changqing fired at Shang Yuchen, “It’s him, he is the one who looked for the person who could kill that person! It’s none of my business; it’s him! Why don’t you arrest him?”

When the police came in, the worthless Shang Yuchen had hidden behind his sister, too scared to reach out, and now that he heard Lin Changqing pointing him out he shivered and said, “I have not! I didn’t do that! I don’t know anything!”

Lin Chang Qing grabbed the corner of the table, desperately resisting, “Police officers, police officers, you have to listen to me! Yuchen is the one who let the doctor tamper with the medicine! He wanted to kill that patient and then frame the Shang Est.! It’s him; he did it! It was also he who instructed Yin Hao to find someone to tamper with the diamond ring for inspection. He wanted to bring down his brother! Everything was done by him! It’s not my business! I was only tempted by him! I didn’t do anything! You have to trust me! He did everything!”

The police officers all frowned. What was this situation? The situation had already started to climb up before they started the trial. Who were all these people? Given the special circumstances, under the direction of the head policemen, one of the policemen came forward and took the suspect, and they closed in on Shang Yuchen to take him away.

Shang Yuchen saw the police coming to him and tightly clutched his sister’s clothes, hysterically yelling, “Yuhe, Yuhe, quickly stop them! Don’t come! Don’t come over! What he said is not the truth! I didn’t do anything!” Suddenly he realized that his sister couldn’t help him, so he sought his father for help. “Dad, Dad save me! I really didn’t do anything! Dad, I beg you, help me! I really didn’t do anything! Dad, dad, dad please save me!”

The scene was chaotic for a moment, Lin Changqing and Shang Yuchen blaming each other and shifting responsibility. The screaming had long lost its aggressiveness since Shang Yushang didn’t care about it, and their hysterical appearance was like they were shrewd aunties competing for a discounted cucumber in a noisy market.

Shang Guozhang wanted to come forward, but in the face of the shareholders’ eyes he stopped his footsteps. He couldn’t open this mouth either. He could only look at Shang Yushang. He didn’t even know what he wanted Shang Yushang to do; He just kept looking at him.

Shang Yuchen was still yelling. He had already lost the temperament of the second master of the Shang family.

Shang Yushang frowned. Shang Yuchen’s voice was really annoying. His Changning was better. No matter what he was facing, he would not waver or do anything dangerous. Although he was only 20 years old, he was like a small adult who had weathered the storm; he felt happy when he thought about it.

If Da Zhou knew what his young master was thinking about his little wife he would definitely jump up and scream in his face about shamelessness. Of course, this could only be something out of Da Zhou’s own imagination.

For the current situation, Shang Yushang was aware that he didn’t have anything to say. It would be good to have them all taken away so that they didn’t get in his way, but seeing his father’s slightly begging gaze and Shang Yuhe’s appearance that seemed close to crying out to plead, the expressions of shareholders who agreed or disagreed didn’t know what to do and all eyes fall onto Shang Yushang. He felt helpless; there were some things were not as easy to do as he pleased.

He reaches out to stop the police. “Police officers, please trust me. Shang Yuchen will actively cooperate with the police investigation. I promise that he won’t leave the city during this time, so before things are clear, I hope he can stay at home.”

The police officer looked back at his boss, and the boss said, “Ok, there is no solid evidence that shows Yuchen is involved. We will believe in Chairman Shang’s words. When the police need cooperation from Shang Yuchen, please cooperate with the investigation. ”

“Police officers, rest assured, I do what I say. ”

So the police left the meeting room with Lin Changqing, who shouted and kicked.

The shareholders looked at each other, and the farce ended like that. However, the impact left on everyone had not subsided. The ambition of a few people caused a big loss to the Shang Est. No one was feeling good about it, especially when this unsightly Shang Yuchen was still there. Jiang Fangzheng directed his anger directly at him. “Manager Shang, do you still have the face to sit here? What are you treating Shang Est. as? A toy that you play with when you’re free? The efforts of these many people are devoted to the development of the Shang Est. Not only can’t you do something for it, but you still spare no effort to destroy it. What are you plotting for? Chairman, a vermin like him must not stay in the Shang Est.”

“Exactly, you can’t let him stay. We are doing our best for the development of Shang Est., but what did he do besides splendor the day and squander the hard-earned money we earned? What else will he do?”

“What else would you do besides being a little smarter? You want to take charge of the Shang Est. Group; do you have that ability? If the Shang Est. Group was really handed to you, I will be the first to jump from the top floor of the Shang Est. I would rather die than see all our hard work destroyed in your hands, humph.” Old Zhang’s chest was violently heaving. He hadn’t been so angry for many years.

Everything that happened today was too shocking, so the shareholders couldn’t accept it. A comrade that they had once worked hard with, they would give their backs to each other to protect without hesitation, but now for the sake of selfish desire, wanted to ruin the hard work they did together. What prompted him to do this? Could the desire for power really let him cut off this friendship?

“Everyone,” Shang Yushang knocked on the table. “The crisis of the Shang Est. has been lifted, and subsequent treatment will require everyone’s efforts to work hard.”

Looking at his father, Shang Yushang felt helpless. “Manager Shang, you are fired. You have a share of Shang Est in your hands, so every year, except for the shares, you’ll be given a bonus. You are removed from all rights to participate in the Shang Est. Group. You can leave after you hand over your duties.”

Shang Yuchen suddenly looked up and stared at Shang Yushang. He wanted to see the glimmer of joy in his eyes, but he was disappointed. His eyes were calm, nothing, no pride of the winner, no contempt for the loser, no hate, no regret, no emotion, as if the person who caused such serious consequences was not his brother, just an insignificant person. Yes, for Shang Yushang, he was an insignificant person. What else did he expect? Ask him to protect him like his brother, love him, spoil him, and clean up any mess that he had made? No, he would never get such a reaction, because his presence only represented what a disgraceful thing his mother had done: destroying the happy life that should belong to Shang Yushang, even because of his and his mother’s existence. Shang Yushang could no longer enjoy the warmth and care from his mother. He could tolerate his existence just because the blood flowing in his body belonged to the Shang family, nothing more.


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