SPMW 34 – Suspected Love Rivals Appeared

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Chapter 34: Suspected Love Rivals Appeared

Shang Yuchen didn’t refute; he felt that he wasn’t qualified to say anything. Facing the questioning and blaming from the shareholders, he dropped his proud head and said nothing.

This kind of ending was already the best for Shang Yuchen. Shang Guozhang felt grateful as he looked at his son, Shang Yushang, but his son’s unimpressed expression made him feel frustration and a sense of loss entangled his heart. He sighed weakly; the feeling of guilt toward his son would accompany him for the rest of his life.

The stormy waves of the general meeting finally over, the aluminum alloy door in the conference room was opened again. The shareholders walked out of the meeting room behind Shang Yushang, and everyone looked dispirited and downcast as if their minds were preoccupied.

Shang Yushang didn’t have much time to give these people to grieve. He invited Da Zhou and the secretary issued a series of instructions, so in the next few days, all the staff of the Shang Est. Group started to work with their highest efficiency. The shareholders also performed their duties. They busied themselves in dealing with the various plans and tasks assigned by the president. The depressed atmosphere inside the Shang Est. Group was replaced by a highly stressed work situation: people regained the status of the former elite workmen and made the effort to make more money.

After assigning all the tasks to everyone, the president of Shang Est. drove home to hug his wife.

For Shang Yushang, who was being indecent in the daytime, He Changning didn’t know how to face him. He did not even bother to roll his eyes at him.

It happened in the afternoon when the shareholders’ meeting was held. He Changning, who had eaten lunch, was being the faithful author he was in front of his computer when Shang Yushang came back at that time.

Aunt Qin went upstairs and called Changning. When He Changning came down, he saw Shang Yushang, who was sitting at the table and eating dinner, “How come you’re back at this time?” He looked at the watch, “It’s past 1a.m, how come you’re still eating? ”

Reaching out to pull the little guy over to sit by his side, Yushang said, “I just finished working.”

He Changning gave him soup and said to him, “Eat slowly and drink the soup first.” He spooned a spoonful of soup and blew on the soup to Shang Yushang’s mouth.

Shang Yushang opened his mouth and swallowed the soup, “One more spoon then.”

He Changning repeated the same action.

So the two fed each other to eat and drink, and a meal soon ended.

On the upstairs balcony, Shang Yushang, who was full of food, was lying next to He Changning. While drinking tea and eating, he talked to him about the company.

The more He Changning listened, the more his brow wrinkled, until Shang Yushang told him about the disposal of Shang Yuchen. “If he can reflect on the best of it, it’ll be slightly troublesome with his mother.”

Shang Yushang tightened his hands, “This is the problem that father has to solve.”

He Changning thought for a moment, “It may make trouble with grandma here.”

Shang Yushang shrugged it off, “If she has the guts to.”

He Changning poked Shang Yushang’s forehead. “You…I really don’t know what to say to you.”

Shang Yushang pulled the little guy’s hand and kissed it. He no longer had the expression of the president who was so ruthless in the company, but now his face is full of tenderness and indulgences for his lover, “I know what you want to say.” He turned over and pushed the little guy underneath, his tender kisses fell between his brows, on the cheeks, between the necks, and then ripped off his collar to kiss the delicate collar bone to bite. His desire was instantly ignited, and the touch of the skin could no longer satisfy his desire for his lover. The big hand caressed the silky, forbidden skin and he wanted more.

From the lounge chair on the balcony, there was a mess of clothes that scattered around, the sound of skin slapping on the big bed was mixed with repressed groans that filled every corner of the room.

The sweat was accompanied by the erotic smell of lust, a beautiful, bloody image of the picture combined with the curtains floating under the breeze, that swayed the whole afternoon until early in the morning.

Shang Yushang held the already cleaned He Changning, his eyes full of love. He indulged him about seven or eight hours, continuously indulging in the person in his embrace. The thoughts of that day were conveyed to him through the union of mind and body. He wouldn’t let go of this person again; he wanted him to stay with him forever.

He never thought that one day he would fall in love with someone, and the love he felt was so warm, the heart that dried up for more than twenty years was now full with thoughts of He Changning. He thought that he would go through the whole life journey alone because of his parents’ broken marriage, so he really didn’t have expectations towards love. In his opinion, no matter how deep the feelings one would have for each other, whether one would betray their relation would depend on their resistance to the temptation of money and beauty.

His mother’s face that used to smile because of love for them now become blurred. She used to smile for her lover and her child, now that he thought back and it felt like distant memory.

At that time, he was still very young. He couldn’t understand why his mother would let his hands go and leave him alone with some reluctance. He vaguely remembered that his mother said she never want to see the Shang family ever again, but he also had the surname of Shang. Did it mean that his mother never wanted to see him again? In fact, he really never saw his mother ever again. After twenty years, he didn’t know if she was alright. Where did she live? Was she happy? Was she really happy? Had she ever thought about him?

He closed his heavy eyes and forced himself to get rid of those emotions. He already had passed the age of still needing a mother’s protection. He tightened his hold and felt no gap between the person in his arms and him; he felt the warmth from his body. After that he really felt that he was not alone. It was enough to feel his own wife nestled safely in his arms.

He Changning was awake because he felt hungry. After the exhausted body experienced a strong complaint from the stomach, he forcibly woke up because after sleeping he felt hungry. Because the stomach didn’t feel satisfied, the stomach decided to rebel and started to growl.

After opening his eyes, he gently lifted up his body and a cup of warm water was sent to his mouth. “Baby, drink some water, then you can eat something.”

The warm water moisturized the dry throat and esophagus, and the warm temperature made the empty stomach feel comfortable. After lifting up his spirit, He Changning looked at Shang Yushang resentfully, silently accusing him of violence and inconsideration.

Shang Yushang touched his nose guiltily. “*Cough*, I was wrong, I will pay more attention to you later on. Here, eat and drink some porridge first.”

“Bastard.” He Changning complained.

“Yes, I am a bastard. After you had eaten, you will have the strength to scold me again.” He kissed his wife’s little mouth to appease his anger. Shang Yushang’s attitude when he admitted his mistakes was very good, so the husband held out for his future welfare. He let his wife scold him and never fought back with his little wife.

Shang Yushang’s protectiveness held He Changning and let him leaned on his chest, while holding porridge in one hand, he fed each spoonful of porridge to him, and every now and then he would feed him some light side dishes. After the meal, he had coaxed the little guy to drink a cup of milk with honey.

He Changning lazily leaned on Shang Yushang. He enjoy the massage from Shang Yushang’s big hand. His sore waist was quite comfortable after the massage; the cool medicine that applied on his lower body relieved his discomfort. His eyes slightly squinted and he yawned, “I want to sleep.”

“Okay. I’m holding you, go to sleep.”

“Your arm will become sore. I’ll just lie down.”

“It’s ok, I have been very busy recently. I really haven’t taken care you well. I missed you a lot, so let me hold you.”

He Changning slightly smiled, “Whatever pleases you.” He moved to find a comfortable position and fell asleep peacefully.

Shang Yushang stared at He Changning. It took a long time to look away; one hand gently stroked the little guy’s shoulder, one hand took the computer to work, and from time to time, the little guy in his arms had slept uncomfortably.

He Changning woke up near noon. He blinked his dazed eyes; unconsciously he rubbed against the warm chest. He asked, “What time is it?”

He kissed the top of He Changning’s hair. “It’s noon. Want to have lunch in the room, or do you want to go downstairs to eat?”

“I’ve slept for that long?” He struggled to sit up. “Let’s go downstairs to eat, I didn’t eat breakfast with grandma this morning.” When he looked back, Shang Yushang was rubbing his numb arm. He reach out and pinched his arms. “Has it gone numb?”

Shang Yushang sat straight and hugged He Changning’s waist. He kissed his cheek. “It’s nothing, you can continue lying in my arms like this and that would make me happier.”

He Changning’s cheeks were reddish. “I really can’t stand you.”

“Changning, you have to adapt to everything I have brought to you in your life, including myself, because we’re going to be together for the rest of our lives.”

Their lips touch softly, Shang Yushang’s naked body was pressed underneath. They breath familiar breaths with each other; their lips and teeth were sucking each other. The sound was erotic and obscene.

Shang Yushang’s big hand stroked along He Changning’s firming skin all the way, through the dense, coarse pubic hair and take hold of his soft member.

He Changning’s body was shaking. He slightly withdrew from Shang Yushang’s lips, lightly gasping, “Stop it, I still have to accompany grandma for lunch.”

He heavily kissed the little guy’s lips, his eyes showing a sly smile. “Okay, I will listen to you.”

The husband and wife had enough intimacy, cleaned up and went downstairs.

There was someone in the living room talking with the old lady, a crisp and delicate female voice: “Grandmother, I haven’t seen you for many years and you haven’t changed at all, I really want to ask you how to maintain your secret of beauty, don’t hide it from me and teach me.”

Grandma Shang said with a smile, “You, this child, your mouth is still so sweet, how can I have the secret of youth? You can live longer if you worry less.”

“Look at what you said, what are we without your guidance!”

The old lady waved her hand, “All of you are grownups. You have your own wings; you should have your own sky to soar. For me, I just looked over them and be happy for them.”

“Grandma is really an open-minded grandmother. If you were my grandma, I would smile in my dreams.”

“You, this child, come, let’s drink tea. ”

“Thank you Grandma.” Lin Jingxian took the cup and drank the tea. The clear tea fragrance spread out inside the mouth, the aftertaste lasting a while. “This tea is so delicious.”

Grandma Shang smiled and drink the tea. “Yes, Changning’s friend brought back this tea from Wuyi Mountain. I really like the taste.”

Shang Yushang walked over with his hand at He Changning’s waist side said, ” If grandma likes it, next time, if there is a chance, I will bring it back with me.”

Hearing the voice, the old lady and Lin Jingxian’s eyes turned to the couple, the old lady smiled and waved, “Come, sit here and drink tea with your grandmother.”

The couple sat on a double seat, He Changning said naturally, “Grandma, we’re about to have lunch, don’t drink too much tea, or you will hurt your stomach later.”

The old lady said with a smile, “Okay, grandma will drink this cup, we will have lunch and then after that grandma will drink it again. ”

Lin Jingxian felt surprised while looking at the old lady. She knew that no one in the Shang family dared to disobey the old lady, her high status making many high-ranking officials afraid of her. Every time they said a word in front of her, they had to think about it before they could actually say it. This coaxed command similar to an order, no one ever had the guts to say in front of that old lady, but the old lady actually obediently listened and used that kind of coaxing tone to benefit herself. This really was unacceptable. If it wasn’t because the old lady was too difficult and the Shang family’s status being too prestigious, and she didn’t have enough confidence to conquer Shang Yushang, she would not choose to leave.

As if knowing what Lin Jingxian was thinking, the old lady said briefly, but the the tone was full of love, “My grandson-in-law is so amazing in all aspects yet too naggy at such a young age. He has to take control in everything. This can’t be done and also that can’t be done. It’s making me want to simply run away from home and forget about it, to save myself from his daily nagging every day.”

He Changning didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the old lady’s complaint, he retorted helplessly, “Grandma.”

The old lady said jokingly, “Look, not even allowing me to say a word, but I feel that I don’t get anymore status in this home, *sighs*!”

He Changning laughed and squint his eyes, “Grandma, are you complaining that you don’t have any sugar to eat today?”

The old lady pretended to be angry. “You rascal, how dare you act like the adult here, do you think grandma is a three-year-old child?”

He Changning rolled his eyes, “What do you think, Grandma?”

The old lady lightly poked He Changning’s brow, “You rascal, you dare tease your grandmother. You don’t want to live anymore! Do you want grandma to prepare more supplements for you?”

He Changning’s mouth was slightly crooked, “Grandma, I was wrong, please spare me.” When it came to the word supplements He Changning could feel his appetite disappearing, and he really couldn’t stand it.

The old lady won her victory and cheerfully introduced the people present, “Changning, this is Miss Lin Jingxian, her father is the brother of former director Lin Changqing. ”

This introduction by Grandma Shang was very subtle. On one hand, she had identified Lin Jingxian’s identity as a normal acquaintance of the Shang family. On the other hand, this person’s other identity was also Lin Changqing’s relative. Even though there was a former identity to pave the way, this identity seemed awkward, even if she wanted to express her pleas for Lin Changqing, it was difficult to speak because it was just an ordinary friend relationship.

Grandma Shang introduced He Changning, “This is the partner of Yushang, the Shang family’s son in law, He Changning.”

One had to admit that this elder was worth admiring. The skills of speaking were unmatched, and she told Lin Jingxian about He Changning’s relationship with Shang Yushang and the Shang Est., and his status in their family, then, Lin Jingxian had to think again about what she wanted to say.

He Changning nodded generously, “Hello, Miss Lin.”

Lin Jingxian’s face slightly distorted with hidden contempt and disgust, “Hello, Mr. He.”

He Changning couldn’t care about the young lady’s scornful and disgusted face, but what is the meaning of a hint hostility in the bottom of her eyes? He was quite sure that he had no interaction with Miss Lin, then where did the hostility come from? Finally the answer came out, He Changning secretly hugged Shang Yushang’s waist; in one hand, the strength was quite big.

Shang Yushang’s body had a moment of stiffness, but he quickly recovered, and his eyes looked at He Changning with grievances. “Changning, it’s none of my business.” He Changning could see, how could he not see it? This annoying woman was trying to make his lover misunderstand him. What a loathsome woman.

Shang Yushang’s random statement madethe old lady’s eyes sweep back and forth between Shang Yushang and He Changning. She seemed to understand what is going on, the sound of laughter coming out loud, “Yushang, never thought you’d be in this situation huh?” The eyes of the gloating couldn’t be hidden.

“Grandma, is it really good for you to joke like this?” Shang Yushang looked at the old lady resentfully, and the look was saying that Grandma, I am your grandson after all, don’t overdo it.”

Lin Jingxian was confused. She didn’t understand, what was the murmuring between these three people? So she coughed and reminded everyone that she still existed, “Grandma, what did Yushang just say? How can I not understand?”

Shang Yushang quickly restored his poker face when there was an outsiders in there, the tone of his voice was cold, “Nothing.”

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