SPMW 14 – Young Master Shang’s Gentleness and Overbearingness

He Changning leaned against the deck with his head lowered. He did not feel at ease. Although he was not against the idea of two men getting together, that was only if it did not involve him. Now that he had reached the point where he could not back away, what should he do? Did he really have to become husband and wife with Shang Yushang?

But they were both men, how should they live together? Even though it was just for a year, Shang Yushang’s request was too much for him. The thought of getting intimate with another man made Changning frustrated to no end.

Sensing the frustration and struggle within the young man, Shang Yushang did not think of compromising himself. When two people really got together, there were things that they could not avoid. That was why he would rather have Changning mentally prepare himself and feel at loss for the time being rather than having issues after they are married that would hurt their relationship.

Shang Yushang was intense and overbearing. He would not allow Changning any reason to reject him. The only way that their relationship would last was if he could open his mind and accept it. He did not plan to be a married couple with Changning for only a year. The only reason why he promised him that was so that he would not feel repulsed when he was spending time with him.

“Changning, I know that you can’t accept it immediately, but I want you to know that the reason why I agreed to marry you wasn’t just to obey granny’s arrangement. Because it’s you, I agreed.”

Changning looked at Yushang in surprise – what did he meant by that? Could it be that he liked him?

But that was totally impossible.

Yushang left his seat and walked to the front of Changning; he held Changning’s hands in his naturally and pulled him into an embrace. Changing tried to struggle out of the hug but Yushang tightened his arms and calmed the restless little lad with his deep voice, “Changning, now that I’ve agreed to marry you, it’s only natural that I would treat you with sincerity. No matter what comes our way, please believe in me, and that I’m marrying you out of my own will.”

Changning looked up from the embrace with his bright eyes. That person was giving him a guarantee, hoping to assure him? For a marriage that was based on power and monetary transactions, how long could it last? How could he expect him to believe in him just because he said so?

Yushang saw through the doubts in Changning’s gaze. “I don’t want to promise you anything for now; it’s only us that matters in our future. Just wait and see.”

Changning lowered his gaze, “I’m not worth your efforts.”

Yushang’s eyes darkened, “Putting aside all reasons, I’m just me, the Shang Yushang that wants to marry He Changning. Just an ordinary man.” He paused and smiled suddenly. “The thoughts in your little mind are impressive.”

“No surprise, old man. Just ask anyone who got sold off and forced into a marriage, who could possibly stay calm?” Changning retorted as the unpleasant feeling in his heart rose up again.

Yushang’s smile widened as he heard Changning’s childish words, and he lightly slapped on his butt as he continued, “Am I that old? I’m your man, I forbid you to talk to me like that.” He turned to look at Changning with his stone face as he finished.

Changning, who had never had his butt slapped by anyone in his entire lifetime, shoved Yushang away, “Are you crazy? Why did you hit me? And, I’m warning you, don’t say things like ‘I’m your man’ etc., or else I’ll show you what I can do.”

Yushang quickly tightened his arms around the agitated Changning, “Alright, calm down, I’ll stop,” he comforted. “Changning, I hope that you’ll face up to our marriage. It may have a rocky beginning, but that’s because we are not in one another’s life. So don’t rush to reject it.”

Changning remained silent. What Yushang said made sense, since the fact that they were going to get married wasn’t going to change, then he should at least accept it and live at ease.

When he thought of that, Changning felt that there was a need to set some rules with Yushang. It was then that he realized that he was still in his embrace. Changning cheeks reddened as he tried pushing him away. “Let go.”

The sight of the blushing young lad made Yushang want to harass him more, but his rationality was still in control. Now was not the right timing yet; if he pushed Changning too much, he might end up fleeing before marriage – that wouldn’t be any good. So, Yushang loosened his grip but kept his arms around Changning’s waist, “Changning, we’re getting married soon. There’s some things you should get used to.”

Changning looked away as he pulled Yushang’s arms further. “I’m not used to that.”

Yushang did not force him. “Alright, you take your time.” He reached out for Changning’s hand and pulled him to sit in his seat. Although the deck seat was spacious, when the two who used it were men whose heights were above 180cm, it was still small enough that it made it inevitable for the two bodies to come into contact.

Changning could feel the heat from Yushang’s muscular body even with their clothes between them. Feeling uneasy, Changning got up. “I’ll just sit opposite.”

Pulling him back to the seat, Yushang said, “Just sit here.”

Changning silently criticized him – what an overbearing fellow. The blush faded from his porcelain-like face, replaced by his usual calm expression. His determined words came out with his clear voice, “You’re too overbearing.”

Yushang raised his eyebrow. “Hn, but I’m reasonable.”

“Oh, then what’s the boundary of your ‘reasonable’?”

Yushang smirked, our young lad sure is clear-minded. “Now for example,” with that, he wrapped his arm around Changning’s waist. “We need to nurture our relationship, so I want you to stay closer to me.”

He Changning gave an obvious eye roll “Che, What a lousy excuse.”

Yushang paused, then gave in and brushed his finger over the tip of Changning’s nose. “You little…”

Such an intimate action made Changning blush again, and he coughed, “Let go, stop your lovey-dovey act.”

Witnessing Changning embarrassed again, Yushang really couldn’t have enough of it. “Changning, I may be overbearing, but I won’t be unreasonable. I hope that our relationship will progress since we are going to be living together. I don’t wish that we would spend our days treating one another like strangers.” He paused, “I understand that it’s impossible for you to immediately accept our relationship, after all, for the past twenty years of your life, you did not expect yourself to be marrying and living with another man. But the fact is that you’re not rejecting me, so I don’t think it’s too hard to accept all this, isn’t that right? Don’t use the excuse that you’re agreeing to it just because you didn’t have any choice. According to the Changning I know, you’re not a pushover.”

“Hn, don’t talk as if you know me very well.” Changning was flustered and exasperatedly tried to hide the fact that his thoughts were exposed. It was true that if he was not willing at all, no one could have persuaded him no matter what. If worse came to worst, he could simply bring Aunt Qin with him and run away. But he agreed in the end. As to why he agreed to the deal, perhaps it was due to that last piece of kinship he had in his heart, or maybe it was a repayment to the Yin family on behalf of his mother. In short, he agreed. It was just that things did not go according to what he’d foreseen. Shang Yushang was not like how it was rumored. Should he be thankful, or should he see this as a joke from God?

Yushang tightened his grip around Changning. “There’ll be more time for us to get to know each other in the future.”

Changning, puzzled, looked at the older man. “You seem different from the rumors.”

“You’ll see how different I am.” The edge of his lips curled as he pressed a kiss lightly onto Changning’s forehead.

Changning’s body froze as the redness returned to his face, even his words came out shuttering, “Y-you, what let you, that, do that?”

Yushang chuckled in response. It had been a long time since he laughed; this young lad was his lucky star for sure, he thought as he hugged Changning tighter, “Changning, don’t be shy, you have to get used to it.”

Changning flew into a rage as he smacked Yushang with his hands, but the latter who underwent years of hellish training wasn’t an easy opponent for Changning, who only learned basic taekwondo. “You jerk, taking advantage of me yet you still dare to boast shamelessly. Let go, let go of me!”

Yushang tighten his arms, not letting go of Changning regardless of how he struggled. When the younger man was out of strength and left panting heavily, then he loosened his grip allowing, Changning to feel more comfortable. Still hugging together, he asked, “Tired? Take a short break.”

“Hn, you only know how to rely on force to bully others.” Changning could only retort back with words.

Yushang did not mind Changning’s little temper – he could tolerate that. For a proud, positive, handsome young man to yield himself to marry him, he was more than willing to accept his short temper. He ran his hand over Changning’s hair and pressed his head onto his chest, “Changning, let’s get along well.”

Changning, who gradually calmed down, quietly leaned against Yushang’s broad chest. Listening to those strong heartbeats, the frustration in his heart started to fade away, leaving peaceful silence within him.

After a long time, Changning looked from Yushang’s chest. “Did you not think of it? What it means to marry me? I’m a man, do you really not fear that people would use that against you?”

Yushang turned his deep gaze onto Changning, “How about you? Have you thought about it?”

Changning blinked and replied, “Yeah, I did.” He paused. “At first, I thought that you weren’t marrying me of your own will. So, once I’d returned the Yin family’s favor I could leave everything behind for good, go to a place where nobody knows me, and start afresh. As for whether I’ll settle down and have any kids, that’s not in the consideration for the time being. Maybe living my life just like that was a good plan too.”

Yushang could feel the slight heartbreak in him as he saw Changning, who, on the surface, acted like he did not care about anything, but in fact, planned for the worst for everything. At the very least, he did not back away from the responsibilities that he had to bear.

Yushang tightened his arms subconsciously, firmly holding Changning close to himself. “Changning, please believe in me, that I have the ability to assume responsibility for everything that I’ve done.”

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