Outaishihi Chapter 24 – She and Her Father

Too many things happened, and in the end, I stayed in bed despite it being the morning of the next day.


The first thing I thought when I woke up was how trouble this matter has become… I certainly didn’t think I would be this exhausted.


I slowly raised my body.

Suddenly, I peered into my chest, and on there was an unchanging and inconspicuous blue [King’s Flower].

When I looked at it again, I became crestfallen and my shoulders drooped.


…It wasn’t a dream.


No, of course I knew that.

It was to that extent that I only wanted to escape from reality for a bit.


I was quite troubled last night.

It could be said that it was to an extent of a lifetime’s worth of worries.

The result… was that it became troublesome to be worried. In other words, I had to accept my fate.


Okay. I got it. I’m also a woman,

and since it has come to this point, let’s just get married.


At any rate, as long as there was the [King’s Flower], I wouldn’t be able to run away. Yesterday, I thoroughly received an explanation on a troublesome thing called [King’s Flower].

I guess it’s too late to become someone else’s wife since I had such a thing.

Or perhaps I should say that the Royal Family wouldn’t allow it.

In any case, there isn’t anything else other than to obediently marry.


“I wonder why such a thing happened to me”


Even if I muttered to myself, there wasn’t a reply.

If there was someone to give an answer, then wouldn’t it be something like this?


It would be ‘reaping what you sow’.


I know. I already knew about it, but…

That is to say, it became like this because it was my carelessness to have done it with that kind of man.



“But, I wonder if I should consult with Delice, just in case…”


If it’s the kingdom’s number one witch, Delice, then it’s possible she might know of a method to escape.

I nodded to myself while thinking of Delice, the witch who lived in the corner of the street.

Last time, I wasn’t a hindrance after purchasing the contraceptive, but she did give me permission to visit next time.

It might be good to go out for a change of pace.

Even though I understood that at this time I wouldn’t be able to escape. But for now, I thought that I would try whatever possible ways I have out.



The atmosphere during breakfast was oppressive.

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