Remake Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 3 – To the Fall of 2006

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Translator: Flowingcloud    Editor: Sage Yomeiri

“You know…every one of us is part of the film department. Isn’t that too big a coincidence?”

As we went to participate with with enrollment guidance at the college, Tsurayuki pointed it out with a curious face.

“Thanks to that though, we can exchange info, so that’s good. Probably we’ll go with language classes first; we can match each other then.”

As someone who’s going to be a college student for the second time, I have to say this is extremely lucky. If all four of us have the same scope of lectures, we can teach each other easily when it comes to lessons and tests. We can even answer the roll call for each other.

“Wo~w, you’re informed. …I mean, is this really Osaka? I can hear the sound of cows though.”

“It’s not very different from my hometown~.”

“Well even if it IS Osaka, it’s just the prefectural border. Even a graduate from Oogei wrote in an essay of their that ‘the countryside is terrible’.”

“Ehh? Why?”

“There was a distinct signboard that had ‘Be cautious of Mamushis!’.” [1]

“…Maybe I’ll go back home.”

Nanako and Tsurayuki were lodging one complaint after the other about while we walked the country road. On the other hand Shinoaki was happily humming along, with the green foxtails along the path swaying in tandem. [2]

Of course, I had expectations of this new life with the three people in front of me. I was also like that when I faced my first entrance ceremony. However this time, the expectations (and nervousness) I have this time is much more than before. What kind of classmates I’ll be having? What kind of lessons await?

That aside, as we steadily walked, our destination soon came into view.

“Ah, we’ve arrived. We’ve arrived.”

From where we are, it was about 5 minutes to the college’s entrance.

“Ahh, that’s right. I also saw it during the exam…but I forgot.”

Standing at the entrance, Tsurayuki wearily raised his voice.

“This, made an impression on me after an all-nighter…”

Nanako resounded with a voice that was from the bottom of hell.

“It feels like that large area you see before the final boss….”

Even Shinoaki is scared.

It’s also the second time I’ve seen it, but right now Oonaka Arts College’s infamously nicknamed ‘Geisaka’ was now before us. [3]

Beyond ascending this precipitous slope without an escalator is the school building that we aimed for.

1. Mamushi = Japanese pit viper
2. Green Foxtail:
3. Geisaka, literally translated as ‘Arts Hill’, is an abbreviation of Gei from arts and Saka from slope.

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