Remake Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 6 – To the Fall of 2006

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Translator: Flowingcloud    Editor: Nara

“Alright, to commemorate the start of us rooming together……”

Nanako rose the cup filled with Cola high,





The other 3 people also followed and rose their cup.

After the end of the guidance, it was decided to have a drinking party since we had the chance.

“A college toast, aren’t you supposed to lift the ban on drinking alcohol?”
Tsurayuki shook the cup filled with cider while looking towards Nanako’s direction.

“What’s this minor saying? At least in this house alcohol is prohibited until everyone turns twenty!”

“If it flooded a blog on Mixi, that’d be scary.” [1]

Nanako and Shinoaki exchanged glances with each other and nodded together. Even though her appeared like a gyaru Nanako is surprisingly level-headed. She’s a good girl.

“You’re serious.. well, since I don’t drink, it’s fine either way.”

Tsurayuki, who didn’t care, gulped down his cider.

”Kyouya, you kind of have a serious face?”

“Ah, no.”

I wonder if it looked so grave.

“Today’s guidance, was a harsh story.”

The lecture was informative and the professor’s performance was astonishing, but the contents were properly etched into my mind.

I’m sure even Tsurayuki, and even the others, should have received a little bit of a shock without a doubt.

“Well, I certainly thought that she suddenly scolded us harshly, but.”

Tsurayuki crunched on the persimmon seeds.

“You also have four years of college life from now on, so isn’t it fine to be a carefree college student first? Since you aren’t out in the real world yet.”

“That’s also true I guess……?”

That’s true. Even in the previous college I entered, I spent the first two years playing around, and idolized Oogei, and it shouldn’t have changed too much.

“Thanks, I feel a bit at ease now.”

“I see, then that’s good. Then, let me ask once again.”


Tsurayuki brought his mouth close to my ear.

“You, which way do you go?”

“Which way?”

“Shinoaki and Nanako, I’m asking which one are you planning on going for.”

Suddenly, he began saying unexpected things.


“Well, after that this morning, of course you’d be Shinoaki, but if it’s actually a misunderstanding like you said, it’s also possible that you like Nanako after all. Such a thing, I think you should properly make a decision.”


I looked at the two people sitting in front of me.

“Hey Shinoaki, what was that about. The question about which director you liked, seriously not Ou Coach.”

“Cause I’m not really interested in directors, I don’t really know any. Are you informed Nanako?”

“U…… n-no, I also don’t know any at all though……”

The two girls are smiling with a good looking relationship while talking.
The two girls looked like they were enjoying eachothers company.

Looking at them again, both of them are quite cute. Currently, their personalities don’t seem terrible.

(Ah, I see. Of course, it’s that sort of thing.)

In my previous college, love relationships were far apart. After that, I seemed to not be able to get a girlfriend the whole time, in the middle, I started to stop thinking about it. For example, even if there was a cute girl before my eyes, the sense of reality of the relationship with me was not there.

“What’s up with you two? You’ve been silent and glancing here.”

“I-it’s nothing.”

I became flustered, and averted my eyes.

“So, who do you like, personally?”

“We just met today, so there’s no answer.”

…… Nonetheless.

As expected, to say whether you liked the other person or not, when they just introduced themselves is really troubling. Also, it’s a genuine 28 year old middle-aged man and a 18 year old girl.

“What? I see, I thought you had already decided.”

Oddly enough, Tsurayuki quickly withdrew his questioning.

“By the way, which one Tsurayuki?”

“Me? Well, neither in particular.”

Even if I tried asking in return, only an indescribable cold, uninterested reply came.

“The same reason as me?”

“Nn, well, there’s that.. and that I don’t know them very well, but I’m not interested in the first place, about love.”


As a college freshmen, isn’t that a bit too mature?

“That, why—”

As if to stop me from questioning him.

“Well, I feel relieved because I understand that it’s fine to not particularly pay attention.”

Whether or not Tsurayuki achieved his goal, he opened a bag of candy in front of me and began to fill his mouth with it.

(I wonder if something happened, well, Tsurayuki is a hunk.)

He may not want to open up. Let’s keep silent.

“A——h, Tsurayuki-kun don’t eat my Kaki-pis!” [2]

“Eh, was this Shinoaki’s? Who decided that!”

“You! The small bags were distributed to one person each, so that should be understood with common sense! Kyouya understood too right?”

“Eh? Ah, yea, that’s what I thought.”

“Kyouya, you—, why did you betray me! This is where we have allies among men!”

Even if I’m aware of the opposite gender, it doesn’t quiet down at all. : This racket, in less than a minute. While also being involved personally, I was immersed in quite deep emotions.

Aah, college students sure are nice……


1. Mixi: an online Japanese social networking service
2. Kaki no tane: Kaki no tane or Kaki-pi are a common snack in Japan. The two elements of Kaki-pi are kaki-no-tan, small crescent-shaped fragments of senbei (soy-flavored rice crisps), and peanuts.

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