Arc 2 – Part 2

Chapter 16: The price of shoes

I will make shoes popular with adventurers.

Adventurers are poor because they lack knowledge.

Shoes are definitely useful, but if they cost too much they will just choose to improve their weapons instead.

Then you are injured in a rock place causing you to slip during a battle and die.

While a foolish story, it is only when you stop being a fool do you graduate from being a novice.

In other words, all novices are fools.

Sarah seems to agree with my opinion.

“I am an archer and have hunted it I understand what you are saying. I am afraid of stepping into a bush and being bitten by a snake. So, I think that I would like to wear good shoes. But, your shoes are expensive, right?”

“They cost more than 2 large coppers.”

After all, I had to make them from scratch, starting with the sole.

Then, I glued the outer leather, inner leather to the wooden sole. I then attached the heel via a wooden nail.

The shoe is made to cover the ankle, have shoes lace holes and to be made for their respective feet.

In this world, this is a perfect example of advanced technology.

Thanks to these shoes. I can easily do long distance quests and I did not slip during the rain while battling.

I also stepped into caves and rocky terrain with confidence.

They are the companion that supported me in my time as an adventurer.

“Indeed, while you weren’t exactly small you did have good footwork and were light footed while walking even to long distance quests, but even I cannot afford to buy shoes that are 2 large coppers.” Sarah sighed.


Chapter 17: Confidence of success of business

Shoes are very important for adventurers. However, novice cannot afford them due to them being expensive from high manufacturing costs.

That’s what Sarah points out.

However, there is a strategy to keep manufacturing costs down.

“Is that so?”


In this world, shoes are custom made.

You order from the shoe craftsman, they shape the wood to your feet, and make adjustments if your feet hurt.

However, shoes have no distinction between left and right, there is no heel or arch, no hole to place shoe laces through and there is no such thing as a sole.

Compared to my shoes which are reproduced modern shoes, features and parts are overwhelmingly missing. Even if you trained a shoemaker for ten years it would not be enough.

Therefore, I order standard sized parts from separate leather craftsmen.

For assembly, assign specialized shoe craftsmen. The shoe also needs to be enclosed by a shoe craftsman.

Ordering parts and assembling them.

In my original world, it’s called manufacturing.

We can increase productivity at the same time as protecting the secrets of its manufacturing.

And it is cheaper if more are made.

That is the greatness of the manufacturing industry.

For now, I have to arrange capital and meetings with suppliers.

If we manage to sell 100 shoes a year, then we can reduce the price to 1 large copper.

Negotiations with the shoe craftsman guild may be a bit tricky, but if you make it an exclusive shoe for adventurers, they will know the amount of people that will leave their business. (TN: Just how many guilds do they have?)

I should sign a contract before they become aware of the shoe’s abnormalities.

While listening to the explanation of my plan up to this point. Sarah’s eyes rounded.

“What are you really? A shoe craftsman? A merchant? A swordsman adventurer?”

Even when I was a consultant of my previous world, I was often asked the question. What do you actually do? Remembering this for the first time in a while caused me to reveal a smile.

Experience tells me that this business is going to be successful.


Chapter 18: Form of management support

Sarah hesitated before saying “Why do you want to sell shoes to adventurers? If these shoes are as good as you claim them to be you could sell them to the army, nobles or even royalty.”

“I will not sell to such people. I am selling to adventurers so that they can earn more money and because I want to.”

It seems that the explanation was insufficient, so I explain in more depth to Sarah.

“First of all, we cannot sell to the army, the delivery of goods to the army is a huge right, which someone like me would not be able to get. Besides these shoes should be sold to those who earn money with their feet like adventurers. If you put these shoes on the likelihood of injury goes down when traveling from place to place, since fatigue is reduced traveling time is also reduced. Instead of taking four days to complete a task it will only take three days. You will not have to rest as often and will not have to use medicinal herbs to reduce the pain. As a result, the amount of quests you can do in one year is increased by 30%. Success rate increases and expenses are reduced. (TN: *Pushes up glasses* *Says In nerdy voice* Actually I did the math and it comes out to 33.3% recurring more quests, so you are fake news. Sorry I just had to put that in there.)

“These shoes are shoes that will lead adventurers to success. The is the kind of support my new company will give to novice adventurers.”

I became slightly bashful due to my passionate talk.

Sarah opened her mouth with a mischievous light coming from her eyes and said, “I understand that your shoes are going to be useful! Let’s think of how to sell them! Because I will sell a lot.”

“So, do you want to earn more coin?” I said hiding my embracement.

“Yes, lets earn a lot!” Sarah answered with a face full of smiles.


Chapter 19: Building reputation

Our manufacturing goals are set so all that is left is how to sell.

“However, I have an idea.”

“Is that so? You already have an idea.” Sarah said in a half-amazed voice.

“As an archer, what comes to mind when I ask, what is a good bow?”

“Kwan’s Composite Bow! Oh! Arganel’s longbows are also good. Both the strength needed to pull the string back and the aiming is different. Something about special glue being used. For the size, it is very strong and I don’t have to put in as much strength and there are rumours that they are using dragon beard for the string.”

The Kwan and Arganel that Sarah mentioned before are both bow manufacturers. Both have over 100 years of experience, rumour is that they wholesale to the army and royal palace.

It must be a lie that the string is made out of dragon’s beard, but that is a testament to its excellent quality.

“I talked about it with Kimberly too! I wish I could buy it someday! But if it is an adventurer they will only sell with cash up front and even if I saved for two years…”

“That’s it, Sarah, that’s brand reputation. Because they have credibility they can wholesale to the army and royal palace at a high price. Many people want to buy it so, they can sell more easily than others. The people able to afford them are also very skilled so that boosts their popularity even more.”

“Eh~ But you are not going to sell to the royal palace or army, are you?”

“Yes, that’s why I will sell to adventurers. In more extreme terms, I can give free pairs to top ranking adventurers and have them promote them.”

“Then, Fang’s swordsman corps or Dawn’s Horsemen.” Says Sarah.

Both are major adventurer corps based in this city. They are small mercenary groups with nearly 30 members.

I should have a record of a customer that has joined them.

There is an office in town too.

I will get in contact with them after I have finished my planning.


Chapter 20: Let’s make a manufacturing list

The cost of making shoes for adventurers was only an estimate of the top of my head.

An adventurer only believes things in front of them.

Therefore, it is necessary to setup a place to sell and manufacture them.

“It is impossible to set it up in an inn.”

I will have to work around my consulting time table to get my work done.

In my previous world, I would make a list of all the work that I had to do.

[Reference Chart]

  • Get permission from the shoe craftsmen’s Guild (TN: It was actually Shoes Guild in the raws, but stuff that.)


  • Shoe manufacturing => decide part suppliers => Choose a secure location for shoe factory.



  • Get rep => Collect foot type data => Make prototypes => Get in contact with a famous adventurer group=> modify prototypes for famous adventurer groups => Sell shoes with the reputation from famous adventurers.

That is the general outline for my work, but there are some more important parts. More than anything we need a secure location to manufacture shoes so that secrets won’t be leaked.

Also, in order to talk with major adventurer groups, I need credit. In other words, do I make a business?

“How ‘bout you enter a major adventurer’s group? You could enter either Fang’s swordsman corps or Dawn’s Horsemen as an adviser.” As Sarah said, I could enter a major group.

The equivalent in the previous world would be choosing between being an independent business or entering a large company.

This is what I must decide.


Chapter 21: Feet Shapes

I put on hold whether to be independent or join a group for now.

First, preparations.

After I do the preparations my new cost estimation will likely differ from my previous one.

“First would be to gather feet shapes.”

“What is a foot shape?”

In this world, the concept of shoes is terribly late. Well, even my original world the modern shoe only came around in the 19th century. So, it is not strange.

Only the middle and upper class buy expensive shoes but, they do not walk long distances. The commoners wear sandals or go barefoot.

In short there is no need for strong shoes that can comfortably walk long distances.

“It is like the paper pattern on clothes.”

“What paper pattern?”

Certainly, paper is expensive so, I don’t think a clothing shop in the third-class district would have it.

Although I am not interested in clothes this should still apply.

I just hope Sarah also does not know.

“I will copy down people’s feet shapes on a wooden board with a charcoal stick. A drawing of the sole and side of the foot, left and right separately. I want to collect data from 100 people. Then decide on the shape and size of the shoe. We will make a single size shoe as a trial to fit the majority of people. Fortunately, I do not have to go through the trouble of finding people, as we can just use the people that have used my consulting service and promise them a discount.”

“Perhaps, the activity itself will also act as advertising via rumours. I mean you are trying to do something amazing. I am amazed by you.”

Sarah sighed for what was seemed like hundredth time.


Chapter 22: The opportunity came

The next day I begin taking footprints from adventurers.

As usual I accompany them shopping, negotiate and calculate. I bring them to the inn after that and get feet samples from them.

I paid the innkeeper and had his wife wash the adventurers’ feet and take their footprints.

I would not like to touch the dirty feet of adventurers, besides they were happy that I was willing to pay a copper coin.

When adventurers ask why I am doing this I tell them, “I am making magical shoes for adventurers. In exchange for letting us take your footprints we will give you a discount.”

I give them a marked wooden piece to those that have their footprints taken. Adventurers are weak to word such as service or free. While it is pleasant when I see them put the wooden piece protectively in their breast pocket. I have mixed feelings because they could be easily tricked by others.

In the city there is a brothel, while I should not go there I cannot help it.

It is a man’s worthiness to support a woman they like.

You should make enough money to support them.

This is an adventurer.

I collect footprint samples for the next two weeks.

Recently, Sarah who has been turned into my sale staff told me that the Adventurers Guild is filled with rumours of my shoes.

I have accumulated more than one-hundred feet samples. I should move onto the next stage of my plan. Just as I thought that, the opportunity arose.

A man named Suibelie, the deputy chief of the Swordsman’s corps, visited the inn.

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