Chapter 47: The Old Man Likes a Young Woman

Sarah left, so I kept counting the carriages by type, on the way.


Sarah returned with a full smile before lunch during the afternoon.


“For lunch, there was ale with the meat soup! After that, there was ham chunks

Can I eat three slices?”


“Do not lie.”


“Hey, that’s amazing, I heard a lot of things!”


She started talking like a machine gun.


“First of all, Mr. Dawn at the entrance cuts out the skin.

Something like human skin is shown, it is so creepy!

It gives a bad taste! That’s why his wife does not come to work so much!

and the daughter is growing …


“So recently, the business is not doing well.

The horse carriages are also decreasing, but recently there’s desk work from the second-class clan in the second-class block.

There seems to be rumors, it seems they are holding handsome craftsmen …


“Then, in the second street backwards, Karlan drops the skin fat and meat with the chemicals

because of the leather of demons being different, the amount and the time to immerse them are different, so it is very difficult.

So it seems. One of the craftsmen carelessly put the medicine in hand, and it made a terrible noise

Because it became, well…


“In a salt wash shop, Ralph, there is an uncle,

I was told that salt was being stolen.

Something in the salt is so bad that you should absolutely not eat it,

I think I can eat it and take it though…


Carlsen is doing the coloring of the leather, the old man said, but the current trend is that it’s red. It seems that such a mineral has been found, it’s cheap but it gets brilliant colors

… “


With such a condition, Sarah continues talking about the inner state of leather street, and information on the leather street is gathered as I kept writing notes.


Prompting to speak like Sarah in order, there is fear that the information freshness is deteriorated. Anyway, it is better to let her speak as she wants to talk.

Organizing information will be postponed.


About an hour later, and as Sarah’s words calmed down a bit,

I was amazed and said.


“… Sarah, you are amazing.”


“go away”.


Sarah stretches away with a crow’s face.

However, I must admit that I have worked so much.


The old man is weak to a young woman.

Moving in the leather street, when you’re a young and healthy girl,

and visited them with an interest in work. We got information at the muses of Musai who worked at which places and where people in the city were smelly and not tolerable .


The old men would have stretched out under his nostrils and explained it hard.

If I were to do the same thing, it wouldn’t work.

It’s a punchline with being suspected of being suspicious individual.


I’m glad I brought Sarah.


In this way, thanks to Sarah’s success, we did not struggle and in a very short time,

we got the main information of leather street, craftsmen’s names, common monster monster material,

trends in the economy, dye stuffs, and rumors of a daughter’s birthday and his wife’s affair

I got all the information.


Endlessly, I am not convinced, but the fact that old man is weak to a young woman

there is no help for it because it is a national policy.


When I was in the modern world, I also took female employees of new graduates to a difficult job, it was said to helpful.


Rather than think badly, the result often comes out by thrusting your body.


Sarah had three meat soup and ham for lunch, she got her a ale, brought him to the sauna for removing the smell off and paid three coins as cooperation fee.

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