WSK Chapter 161

Chapter 161: 2 Possibilities

At the night market in Jibei the Tang family went back home close to eleven o’clock at night, GuoGuo was already so sleepy that she couldn’t keep her eyes open. The moment they entered the Tang residence she let out a yawn and fell into Xu Yun’s arm and refused to open her eyes.

Xu Yun could only softly bring her to sleep on her bed, the rest of the things were left to Qiu Yan to do. When he entered the villa, he saw that the lights on the third floor were still on and he went straight into the study with Tang Jiu.

“Dad, you haven’t gone to sleep?” Tang Jiu knocked on the door when she arrived.

“Come in.” Tang ZhengTian’s voice came from the room. They entered the study and saw Tang ZhengTian remove his glasses, then, he returned the thick economic books back into their place on the bookshelves. “Did that little girl have a fun time tonight?”

Tang Jiu smiled. “Extremely happy.”

Tang ZhengTian smiled back and said to Xu Yun, “Come sit.”

Xu Yun sat on the side of the couch and went straight to the point. “I went to find Doctor An and asked him about this matter, he did indeed know your illness, but, someone threatened him and isn’t letting him speak. Let him tell you himself because it is related to you.”

Tang ZhengTian had a calm expression as he seemed to already know this. “Oh really?”


“Who is it?” Tang Jiu, however, didn’t look so good, she almost crushed all her teeth in anger and her eyes were red. “Bastard…they actually thought of such a despicable plan!”

Xu Yun paused before he spoke again. “Doctor An said Tang YiFei.”

Tang ZhengTian didn’t have much of a reaction and nodded slightly before starting to think.


“I’ll go find him right this moment!” Tang Jiu felt like her heart was exploding and on fire. She only wanted to go ask Tang YiFei that bastard why he did this!

“Wait a minute.” Xu Yun pulled Tang Jiu back. “Let me finish my thought.”

Tang Jiu exploded into rage. “WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO SAY? Doctor An already said who the mastermind is and we already have evidence so we should let him know that the Tang family has punishments for these kinds of offenses! Doing such a despicable thing we need to break his legs and throw him out of the Tang family!”

“Which is why I’m telling you to wait.” Xu Yun continued. “Tang YiFei should know how severe the Tang family’s punishments are. In his mind do you really think, he would give Doctor An a chance to betray him? If it was me, I would definitely threaten to kill him to the point where he wouldn’t dare say anything to betray me and only then would I trust him. I think Tang YiFei can even hire criminals so there should obviously be a natural threat for Doctor An so why would Doctor An tell me? Wouldn’t he be afraid of Tang YiFei killing him after he found out?   

After Xu Yun finished, he let Tang Jiu go and Tang Jiu asked with a shocked face. “What do you mean?”

Tang ZhengTian applauded Xu Yun’s analysis in his heart, he also thought of this as well, the answer that Doctor An gave very quickly, definitely has to be pondered on as it isn’t as simple as it seems. Xu Yun is so young and didn’t get misled by Doctor An’s words meant that he is definitely not simple.

“I just scared him and crippled one of his hands before he became scared to death. Comparing this to Tang YiFei’s threat is definitely nothing.” Xu Yun continued. “We have two possibilities, the first possibility is that Doctor An is really timid and would break at any intimidation and would not be able to consider the consequences from Tang Yifei.” 

Tang Jiu nodded. “This could be possible!”

“If it is like this then it would be extremely easy to figure out, if tomorrow we can’t find Doctor An in the city of Jibei, it shows that he had the brain to think about the consequences and fled overnight.” Xu Yun said. “If you see Doctor An in Jibei tomorrow, then it would be the second possibility.”

Xu Yun continued. “The second possibility is that this matter has nothing to do with Tang Yifei, Doctor An said his name because it was arranged by the mastermind.”

Tang Jiu was surprised. If this matter has nothing to do with Tang YiFei, then how deep is this matter? If this was really plotted by Tang YiFei then she was afraid the result would be even more terrible.

“I’d rather have it be Tang YiFei” Tang ZhengTian smiled at the desk. “Then at least I could die earlier.”

Xu Yun bluntly said. “Yes, or no we will find out tomorrow. Thinking about it right now serves no purpose, Uncle Tang you need to rest early.”

At this time Aunt Xue brought an “ice candy bird’s nest” into the study. “Little Tang, eat this and quickly go to rest, your body is already like this, in the future, you shouldn’t stay up this late.”

“Hehe, Aunt Xue, I went out earlier for a walk and now, I’m also hungry.” Xu Yun finished speaking and ate the bird’s nest.

Tang Jiu frowned. “Hey! You really are nothing good, if you want to eat there is more downstairs!”

“Um…um…I…I’m hungry, I couldn’t wait any longer.” Xu Yun said while he ate, in fact, his stomach was already ready to burst from all the food he ate earlier!

Aunt Xue had a gloomy look before she left to retrieve another bird’s nest for Tang ZhengTian.

Xu Yun wiped his mouth. “Uncle Tang, Aunt Xue’s cooking skill is really good, hehe.”


Tang ZhengTian understood Xu Yun’s meaning, he isn’t an inexperienced beginner, Tang ZhengTian had to admire Xu Yun as he could be vigilant and cautious at any time, this was a very rare trait. Tang Jiu could find such a helper, it seems like the Tang family really is saved.

Tang Jiu pulled Xu Yun out of the study and complained to him. “Look at yourself, you good for nothing, you’re making my dad think about you like this? Didn’t you say you were full when we  were at the night market?”

“I digest quickly” Xu Yun shrugged his shoulders. “Has my room been arranged yet?”


“You are sleeping in my room.” Tang Jiu didn’t hesitate before speaking.


Xu Yun took in a deep breath. “You want my body this early? Huh, even if it is selling your body for my help, you don’t have to be so hurried, right? I haven’t finished with your matter yet, you already gifted me a hotel so, you don’t have to pay me with your body anymore, right?”

Tang Jiu stared fiercely at Xu Yun. “You have some wishful thinking huh? What are you thinking? Give you a little color to play with and, you really think you are an artist? I’m letting you sleep in my so that there are no suspicions.”

Xu Yun suddenly realized, how come he never thought of it himself? “It seems like it isn’t only me who doubts Aunt Xue.”

“How is this related to Aunt Xue?” Tang Jiu asked. “I doubt Aunt Xue about what?”


“Huh? Then you letting me sleep in the same room with you, isn’t it because you are afraid of Aunt Xue knowing that you and I have no relationship and telling others?” Xu Yun didn’t understand, are the two of them are missing something?

Tang Jiu shook her head. “Of course I believe Aunt Xue would not go around spouting nonsense, I’m just worried that someone will come to confirm it in the morning. Just in case they find you sleeping alone in a room, then it would be hard to explain and I don’t want to give them an excuse to trouble us.”

“Then I’ll just promise you.” Xu Yun said. “However, my goal is to find something suspicious about Aunt Xue just to make sure, I don’t want any mistakes because we forgot about the closest person to us.”

“You just need to be relaxed, Aunt Xue is 100%, not the type of person you think she is.” Tang Jiu stated with confidence.


However, after she finished, she started to think about it to herself, then how did dad’s body take those medicine? Could it be possible that there is someone outside that could tamper with my dad’s meals? I’m afraid this is extremely difficult to pull off.

After thinking about it for a while, Tang Jiu no longer blamed Xu Yun for his suspicions, after all, from a random person’s viewpoint, Aunt Xue definitely seems the most suspicious. Only Xu Yun didn’t know how many years Aunt Xue worked for the Tang family and how much power she has in the family. He would have suspected Aunt Xue even if she didn’t make any fuss, if Tang Jiu were in Xu Yun’s position, she would think so as well.


The two people walked into Tang Jiu’s room, and Aunt Xue carried a new blanket into Tang ZhengTian’s room.

Tang Jiu’s room looked extremely luxurious, a huge room, a pink round bed,  bathroom as huge as a normal person’s living room, a jacuzzi, and a giant bathtub. It looked like if two people lied on this bed it wouldn’t even be a problem.

“Yo, with such a huge  bathroom, wanna take a shower together?” Xu Yun quipped.

Tang Jiu rolled her eyes at him. “Ok, you go first and I’ll come in after a while.”

“Do you really want to wash my back?’ Xu Yun’s face bursts into tears as his image of the pure Tang Jiu suddenly disappears more than a hundred times.

Tang Jiu sneered. “Of course I do, I’ll wash your back extremely effective, I only need to pour a container of scalding hot water onto you, and you’ll be completely clean.”

“It is already very clean, this is for removing my skin, right?” Xu Yun shivered. “Your brother already knows I can’t bully you, later help me find some pajamas for me. Do you have any clean underwear for men? Help me find one?”

Tang Jiu couldn’t wait to grab a knife and stab him. “You still aren’t finished talking? Keep talking nonsense and see if I won’t castrate you! This is a girl’s house where am I going to find men’s underwear for you! Go die you bastard!”

The same night, Hedong city’s hotel, Ruan QingShuang, and Qin Wan’er were watching TV because of boredom until they couldn’t keep their eyes open any longer.

Sister QingShuang, why I do feel like today is extra quiet when the father and daughter aren’t here I always feel like something is missing.” Qin Wan’er said. “At the time, I thought they were annoying…sigh, what is this feeling ah?

Ruan QingShuang also wonders why her heart feels empty, her sense of loss compared to Qin Wan’er’s sense of loss. “Well, don’t overthink it, go to sleep, it isn’t like they are never coming back. They are only staying in Jibei for a few days.”

“Sister QingShuang, you aren’t afraid of Xu Yun becoming married up there and not coming back?” Qin Wan’er stuck out a tongue mischievously.

“Then just congratulate him.” Ruan QingShuang said calmly.

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