WSK Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Uninvited Guest

However, Xu Yun’s final answer let GuoGuo down, he didn’t find any suspicious taste from the medicine even though Xu Yun insisted on his initial thought judgment, this matter definitely was not related to Aunt Xue in any way for sure.

Tang Jiu showed a face of relief, “I already said that it is impossible for this matter to have anything to do with Aunt Xue, Aunt Xue would never do such a thing.”

Xu Yun nodded, “We hope that it isn’t like this as well, but I also don’t doubt my original judgment, Uncle Tang’s body problems all originate from this point, logically speaking, Uncle Tang’s doctor is definitely not a generic doctor, right? No matter how large a family or how small of a family, they at least have to have an expert. It would be impossible for an expert to make such a rookie mistake, it is impossible for them to not be able to get this under control. I would like to meet the doctor responsible for this, I’m worried that someone is controlling this matter behind the scenes.”

Xu Yun’s thoughts were not unreasonable.Tang ZhengTian also nodded his head as he now also suspected someone, not only because of his trust in Xu Yun but he had also felt that something was wrong. Now that Xu Yun pointed this out, he felt something was even more wrong.

“But my father’s doctor shouldn’t talk about nonsense, right?” Tang Jiu asked

“Your father’s doctor’s thoughts are right, but money can make a man do anything and nothing is for sure.” Xu Yun smiled, ”I still hope that this matter is not related to the doctor, but we have to investigate it in order to prove anything.”

Tang ZhengTian told the doctor’s address to Xu Yun. Tang Jiu took her keys and said, “I’ll go with you.”

“I’ll also go!” GuoGuo quickly said.

“I’ll go by myself.” Xu Yun signaled with his hand, “The more people that go the harder it is to speak with him, just me alone is good enough since if you guys follow it will only cause more chaos. GuoGuo you have to obediently follow Qiu Yan and don’t wander off by yourself randomly. If you want to go out to play, let Tang Jiu take you, understand?”

GuoGuo nodded her head. “Understood!“ Going out to play is obviously more appealing than going out to do business.

“You’re fine by yourself? ” Tang Jiu asked.

“You don’t believe in me?” Xu Yun smiled.

Tang Jiu smiled and she relaxed, ”Of course not, then you go by yourself, I’ll give you the car’s key.”

“You’ll give me one of your cars?” Xu Yun asked.

“I still have to take GuoGuo and Qiu Yan for shopping later, we have the most famous night market in Jibei. Still, I’ll give you a car.” Tang Jiu went upstairs after she finished.

Of course, big families didn’t only own a single car. But the keys that Tang Jiu threw to Xu Yun surprised him so much that when he saw the keys, Holy sh*t, I’m not leaving out of town, this car can’t be the Ford E350 right?

“I randomly chose one, come, I’ll take you to the garage.” After Tang Jiu finished saying this, she took Xu Yun out of the villa and went straight to the underground garage.

This villa definitely was not cheap since there was a private underground garage, and the scale wasn’t small either. Xu Yun just glanced around randomly and saw that a single car here could be sold for more than enough money for an ordinary person to eat for their whole life.

Xu Yun saw the Ford E350 instantly, a hand went into the car instantly and started to drive to the location told to him by Tang ZhengTian after he entered the address into the GPS, after bidding Tang Jiu farewell he went straight to the destination, not that far away only slightly more than 10 kilometers.

Tang Jiu watches Xu Yun leave and a shadow is cast in her heart. If Xu Yun’s judgment is correct then who are the people that want to harm her father?  Right now the most suspicious is definitely her second uncle Tang ZhenFeng and his son Tang YiFei, especially since the attitude displayed by Tang YiFei today. But Tang ZhenFeng’s attitude makes her feel like something is off.

Tang ZhengTian watches Xu Yun drive away from the Tang family’s courtyard and calls Tang Jiu into his study saying that he wanted to talk with her.

Tang Jiu makes GuoGuo wait a bit to go talk with her father and will be back immediately to take GuoGuo out to play in the large night market. There are all kinds of fun activities there and when GuoGuo heard this she immediately became anxious to go there instantly.

After arriving at Tang ZhengTian’s study, Tang Jiu playfully asks, “Why are you looking for me, dad?”

“Jiu’er, what is your relationship with Xu Yun? There is no one else here you can be direct with me now right?”

Tang Jiu has a slightly startled face before saying, “Didn’t I already say that he is my boyfriend? In the past, you always pestered me to find a boyfriend, now that I bought one back, what are you still unsatisfied about? From what I can see is that you are pretty fond of him.What is it dad do you like him or not?, if you don’t then I can change one tomorrow!.”

Tang ZhengTian smiles and asks “Jiu’er you still aren’t telling me the truth?”

“I’m not lying” After Tang Jiu said this she couldn’t keep it inside her mind anymore. “Fine, fine, fine he is my friend, I asked him to help me.”

“Just friends?” asks Tang ZhengTian with a little frown on his brows.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it dad, he’s a very reliable person. Even if you don’t trust him you should at least trust your daughter’s eyes right?” Tang Jiu replies. “The people that I choose are definitely not bad.”

Tang ZhengTian smiles(laughs) before saying, “Just because it won’t be wrong that’s why I’m worried about it, Jiu’er, tell your dad that you are not in love with him?”

Tang Jiu blushed and said, “Of course not!”

“Hahahaha, tell me when can I have a peace of mind and not worry about you? Fine, fine, you can go play now. Take your little sister and remember that you have to eat the famous stinky tofu in Jibei!” Tang ZhengTian laughs heartily. For the first time in many years, he can finally be relaxed about his daughter because she had found a man that she could rely on. He can finally be relaxed about pretending not to be worried even though he now suddenly has a heart problem.

Tang Jiu’s face blushes up extremely quick and she rushed out of the study. She yelled for GuoGuo and Qiu Yan to go out. “GuoGuo, let’s go, I’ll take you out to Jibei to eat stinky tofu!”

“Oh, I love to eat!” GuoGuo exclaims excitedly and immediately pulls Qiu Yan to go with her.  Qiu Yan, of course, follows whatever GuoGuo wants to do, as long as she is happy then she is also happy. (First “she” refers to GuoGuo, second “she” refers to Qiu Yan)

The three of them leave the villa to drive a car, Tang Jiu quickly drove straight to Jibei’s night market. Even though she is a rich young lady, at the night market there are many other rich people around, many people enjoy it here even though not all of them are happy to just buy some paper towels. Lots of rich people like Tang Jiu also like to come here to find some treasures.


At the same time, Xu Yun drove all the way to the west, when Tang Jiu and co. arrived at the night market, he arrived at wealthy district in the city of Jibei. Following the address that was given by Tang ZhengTian, he quickly found the 58th building and room 1901’s door.

“Ding Dong–! ”

After Xu Yun rang the doorbell, an impatient voice came from the room. “Who is it? Don’t you know that people are sleeping?”

It looks like the doctor is quite plump.

Xu Yun loudly says, “Sorry! for disturbing your rest Doctor An, I’m a person from the Tang family.”

Xu Yun instantly heard the voice become polite. Doctor An rushes to the door in his slippers before saying “Aiyou! I thought it was the insurance company, I’m so sorry!.” The door opened, and a man who was in his forties looked at Xu Yun and asked, “Who are you?”

“Anyway, I’m not here to check on your water problems.” Xu Yun directly entered the room after he finished speaking.

“Ah, Ah, Ah, who are you? Are you from the Tang family? How come I’ve never seen you before?” Obviously, this man who seemed to be in his forties is Doctor An.

Xu Yun smiles before saying, “I only arrived at the Tang family today so you shouldn’t know who I am. Oh, you aren’t inviting me to sit down for some tea?”

“Buddy, don’t you know trespassing into private homes is a crime? If this was in the United States, I would be able to shoot you already!” Doctor An angrily shouts.

“Doctor An, don’t scare me, this is China, not the United States. If you truly have a gun then, you would be guilty of possession of firearms, haha.” Xu Yun didn’t treat himself as an outsider at all, sitting on the couch, picked up the cup of tea and ate some apples.

A young woman who had not finished dressing came out of the bedroom with an impatient look before asking “Who is it?”

Xu Yun looked up and saw a woman who didn’t even wear underwear. This young woman seemed to look less than thirty, but the doctor is in his forties right? This old cow likes to eat tender grass and treats himself pretty well.

Xu Yun chuckles before saying to the woman, “Anyways, as long as it isn’t a mistress or something then it’s fine.”

The young woman immediately exploded on Xu Yun and said, “What type of person are you, you quickly call the police! Quickly let them come and arrest this man. What type of person dares to go into a random person’s house! Are you someone sent by his wife to come trouble me?”

“Yo, you are right, I did come here to cause trouble!” Xu Yun responded naturally to scare her.

The young woman gets scared and almost kneels down.

Xu Yun laughs before saying, “Just this little amount of courage and you dare to be someone else’s mistress? Hehe, that is impossible for you.”

Doctor An couldn’t hold back anymore and angrily shouted, “Immediately get out of here, or else I will not be polite to you any longer.”

“Who’s polite to who isn’t decided yet, is it now?” Xu Yun puts away his smile and puts on a serious face before saying, “Grandson you better confess what you did before I make you.”

Doctor An got frightened by Xu Yun’s cold eyes staring at him, but he still replied, “What nonsense are you talking about! I don’t even recognize you.”

Xu Yun didn’t reply to him, regardless of what excuse he had, it is a fact that he caused Tang ZhengTian’s condition. Xu Yun punched him hard and dragged his head to a wall before stopping.The punch was heavy enough already, and Doctor An’s face swells instantly from it; just like eating a big bun without swallowing it.


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