WSK Chapter 160

Chapter 160: The Mastermind from Doctor An’s Mouth 

This slap on the face made Doctor An soft to the bones(lose strength in his legs?), typical underlings are cowardly under anyone who is remotely more superior, meeting Xu Yun made him so shocked and afraid that both his legs shivered uncontrollably. “Brother, I really do not know what matter I did to offend you, brother can you tell me what I did? I, I, I will change it!”

You really do adapt according to the situation quickly, don’t you? You wanted to throw me out of the house earlier didn’t you? Now you recognize me as a brother? I’m not your brother!

Doctor An’s body once again trembles. “Yes yes yes, you have the ancient knowledge, and whatever you say is right, I definitely won’t spout anything fake!”

Xu Yun glared at him with disdain. “Ancient knowledge? Why don’t you show me your understanding of it? Now let me ask you, what is the matter with Tang ZhengTian’s illness?”

Xu Yun’s question made Doctor An’s entire back emit a layer of cold sweat after his mouth shivered a couple of times he finally opened his mouth. “It…… it might be because Mr. Tang overworked himself and caused the illness……”

“Overworked himself? Really?” Xu Yun rubbed his chin with a look of doubt as he asked.


Doctor An hurriedly nodded his head. “Yes, yes! Think about it, the Tang family is this huge, Mr. Tang overworking himself is a perfectly normal thing, but you don’t have to worry, I will definitely put in all my efforts to cure Mr. Tang’s illness!”

“Oh, so it’s like that, then are you an expert?” Xu Yun asked.

“Yes yes, you are correct, I am the expert in our Jibei!” Doctor An said proudly, this was one thing, that he was still confident about, the explanation that he gave about the heart was all lies.

Doctor An, only just finished saying this proud statement and Xu Yun immediately kicked Doctor An outside! Kuang——! This kick was extremely ruthless, it kicked Doctor An 35 li away and only after getting directly hit at the waist by a table did he stop and lay down on the ground.


The mistress that was living together with this dog of a doctor screamed as she was crouched on the ground while holding open the door, her legs were simply unable to support her body.


Doctor An laid on the floor for a while before he could speak. “Brother, let us talk it over peacefully, don’t move your hand anymore ok? My body really can’t take it anymore.”

“I didn’t intend to act on you, but you forced me.” Xu Yun smiled. “Previously you gave me a promise that you wouldn’t spout lies right? That just shows me you are a fake doctor, you tell me should I beat a fake doctor?”

Doctor An complained. “I really am a real doctor and an expert, if you don’t believe me, you can go to the hospital to ask!”


Xu Yun stopped Doctor An. “You really are an expert doctor? Then why couldn’t you see that Tang ZhengTian’s illness was odd? Haha, even my foot can spot this out, why couldn’t a professional spot it out? I don’t believe that you couldn’t spot it out, so I gave you a single chance, tell me, who is it, that ordered you not to speak about it, tell me who this person is and I’ll let you go.”

Doctor An’s face instantly became like an ashamed general, he stared at Xu Yun, with horror in his eyes, his mouth shivered before he spoke. “What did I lie about? What other hidden motives, I don’t understand what you are speaking about, who are you ?”

“Grandson, I’m the one asking the questions today, and you still dare ask a question?” Xu Yun was speechless, there was no point in being ruthless anymore, he guessed this person wouldn’t talk anymore. Xu Yun dragged Doctor An to the side of the marble table and made him kneel there.

Doctor An looked just like a dead dog being dragged, there was, completely no chance for him to resist. His face paled, and a look of panic surfaced. He didn’t know what the person facing him would do next.

Xu Yun took a deep breath. “Looks like if I don’t show you any violence, then you wouldn’t be telling me anything true.”

Doctor An’s face color became more and more down. He didn’t know how things developed into this uncontrollable matter. “I really don’t know what you are talking about……brother, you don’t have to hurry, if there is a problem we can talk it out peacefully.”

He now has a shadow in his heart, whenever he spoke he stuttered because his mind doesn’t know what to think. Xu Yun could instantly see that Doctor An is by no means a good person. A doctor that could tell lies to their patients were all sentenced to death in Xu Yun’s dictionary. (I think it meant that a doctor that could tell lies were already marked as dead in his mind)

“I did want to talk peacefully, but you weren’t sincere about it.” Xu Yun said as he picked up a marble (Travertino Naverna) stone ashtray, he smiled wickedly and it disappeared almost instantly, he shot it at lightning speed to Doctor An’s hand on the coffee table and smashed it!”

“AHHHHHH!!” Doctor An had not come back from God’s place before he had a violent tear on the back of his hand. That was definitely the feeling of some bones being broken, and since he was a doctor he knew what that stinging sensation meant.

Xu Yun looked down without any traces of sympathy after this smash came a loud shout. “If I don’t assert dominance over you would you still disregard me?”

Doctor An looked at his left hand and saw that after the ashtray smashed his hand, it became deformed. His heart twisted, and he couldn’t speak normally any longer. “Let me go……I’ll speak…… I’ll say everything……”

By speaking, Doctor An essentially cut off all his roads, however, he chose to speak because otherwise he would be killed by Xu Yun. He saw Xu Yun’s  viciousness already when  Xu Yun crippled his hand.

“Speak, I’m listening. If you speak the truth I’ll take you to the hospital to get your hand’s checkup, however, if you don’t then sorry about that, your hand is not needed any longer.” Xu Yun’s eyes smiled. “I’m not kidding, this is the only chance you have left, you have to grasp it Doctor An. Since I came then I obviously know the problem with Tang ZhengTian, you better think before you speak Doctor An.”

Doctor An’s head started to sweat immensely, he was afraid, it seemed like money, can’t do everything. Especially money, from the Tang family, you might be able to get the money, but you wouldn’t live to use it.

Finally, under Xu Yun’s pressure, Doctor An broke and spoke only three words. “Tang YiFei…”

Xu Yun frowned. “What did Tang YiFei tell you to do?”

“He…he said, don’t tell them the reasoning behind Tang ZhengTian’s illness, only, tell them that it was caused by him overworking himself, otherwise he would not let me off.” Doctor An trembled. “I didn’t want to do this, he forced me!”

Xu Yun grunted. “How much money did Tang YiFei give you for you to throw away the basic principles of a doctor?”

Doctor An’s mouth twitched. “Yes, he forced me, I had no choice, I didn’t do it for the money, I……I did it, for my life, you have to believe me, I really was forced to lie!”

Xu Yun put the ashtray on the ground. “Ok, I gave you a chance, next time if you do this type of thing again ask your conscience if you deserve to be a doctor, understand? Don’t lie to people anymore, such a simple matter.”

“Yes yes yes, brother’s lesson taught me something!” The way Doctor An is acting right now would make people laugh if they saw it.


Xu Yun sneered and stood up to leave, he quickly left the rich residential area, but Xu Yun was not so trusting and wouldn’t believe him still. Although Doctor An’s own safety was at risk and he said Tang Yifei’s name Xu Yun thinks that he said it too quickly.

But it didn’t matter how he could confirm this matter had a mastermind, he still had to go back to Tang ZhengTian to speak to him about it. However, as Xu Yun got into his car, Tang Jiu’s called him, Xu Yun picked up and heard GuoGuo’s voice.

“Dad, are you done with your job? We are waiting for you at the night market, do you want to come? If you do then I’ll save you a share of the stinky tofu that we bought.” GuoGuo laughed, it looked like she enjoyed herself outside.

Xu Yun quickly responded. “Of course I have to go, but you don’t have to buy me any stinky tofu, it only tastes good when it is still hot! Once I get there then I’ll buy it, haha, good girl be obedient and wait for me, give the phone to Tang Jiu, I need to ask her how do I drive there.”

“Ok!” GuoGuo directly handed the phone to Tang Jiu. “My dad is asking you for directions.”

Tang Jiu took the phone and gave the address to Xu Yun, then urged him to hurry up, otherwise he would be breaking the mood. She didn’t ask Xu Yun about the news that he got from Doctor An in the end.

Xu Yun hung up the phone and headed straight to the night market in Jibei, he had not eaten those street snacks for a long time, thinking about it made Xu Yun miss them even more and he could not help speed up some more. The dishes that Aunt Xue served was too light and didn’t even fill him up enough.

Xu Yun didn’t even use half an hour before, he got to the night market, the night market was crowded with people and Xu Yun had spent a great effort trying to locate GuoGuo and co., Tang Jiu didn’t ask Xu Yun about anything and just kept on eating, GuoGuo ate so much that her belly bulged before she gave up eating.

Tang Jiu had not been this happy for a long time, she didn’t ask Xu Yun for the results because she knew that it might ruin the good mood tonight. As for the result that Xu Yun got, she will wait till they reach home and talk about it with her dad.

Xu Yun understood Tang Jiu’s thought process, so he forced himself not to mention about what just happened and ate as much as he could since Tang Jiu was paying anyway. Jibei’s famous cuisines were plenty, and even people with such a huge stomach like Xu Yun gave up when he couldn’t keep going anymore.

Notes: The Travertino Naverna is a type of marble and I had to research it to find out since I had no clue what it is.

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