WSK Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Ghost Face Asura

Compared to Xu Yun who could stay under the same roof as the gorgeous beauty Tang Jiu, the Tang family’s second young master, Tang YiFei, who had led an elite and smooth sailing life since young had gotten himself into a big trouble today, Tang YiFei couldn’t accept the truth.

In the famous clubhouse of Jibei, three bottles of Château Lafite-Rothschild were already downed. Tang YiFei was still drinking, the only thing he was doing then was opening a bottle and drinking it. He could only drink away his worries.

“Second young master, since the Ghost Face Asura has yet to show up, how about we go back first since your father is still waiting.” Hu Lang had already said this sentence ten times already but still failed to convince Tang YiFei to go back.

Tang YiFei slapped the wine glass down onto the table. “I had already made an appointment with Asura, it is impossible for him to miss this appointment!”


“Second young master, the way those first class masters do things are something we can’t understand.” Hei Diao also said. “If he doesn’t show up for a night then you would also wait a night for him?”


“Disdain me? Should be that, he thinks I have no face!” Tang YiFei bellowed angrily, Ghost Face Asura not turning up made him have a belly full of anger, and he has nowhere to vent it all out so he could only transfer the anger to Hei Diao. “Since he promised me that he will come then he will definitely come! You guys think that he was playing a fool out of me? Well let me tell you, I have already paid him the money! He will definitely come! So what if we wait another night! If you want wine then you get wine here, if you want women then you get women here! Go, get me, two women to accompany me in drinking some wine!”

Hei Diao was scolded to the point of helplessness, if it wasn’t because of Ghost Mask Asura coming at twelve, then he wouldn’t stay here to accompany Tang YiFei even though he ordered him to, you need to know that in the ten years he stayed at the Tang family not even Tang ZhengTian would speak to him like this!

Hu Lang frowned. “But your father ordered us to take you back tonight.”


Do you guys listen to him or listen to me? Hu Lang, Hei Diao, let me tell you two, Tang ZhengFeng will also get sick one day, I have long disliked looking at Tang ZhengFeng, I only put up with him because he is my father, if not then I would have cut the connection between the two of us long ago!” Tang ZhengTian smacked the table with anger in his eyes. “I only call him father because he can support me in the Tang family. If Tang ZhengTian dies this time and I can obtain his power, then what is the point of me having a father? Heng, you guys better figure it out quick, I’m your master not Tang ZhengFeng!”


Hei Diao and Hu Lang were completely speechless, this person didn’t even put his own father in his heart, it was already hopeless for them to fix this. The two of them tried to persuade him again but were afraid that it was pointless. Not even two minutes had gone by before two flirtatious and sexy ladies came in.


‘Come!, accompany me to drink!” Tang YiFei greeted the ladies while ordering Hu Lang. “Go go go, get wine! Get wine! Get all the good wine that I have and take them all out!”


The two girls immediately nestled up in the arms of Tang YiFei, towards this young master, of course, they have to act shameless, only this way will they get more money from him. Tang YiFei also welcomed this, he moved his hands up and down and ravaged the two peaks in his hands. This type of women in his eyes are nothing more than toys, you only have to give them some money, and they’ll let you do anything to them. You can’t even take these girls home even if you wanted to!

Hu Lang sighed, he left the room with Hei Diao, his heart was filled with worries, he couldn’t say what would happen if the Tang family fell into this person’s hand.


Just as Hu Lang closed the door, he and Hei Diao turned around and felt a burst of cold wind, only after they finished turning around they saw a thirty-year-old man standing next to the two of them.


The birthmark took up more than half of this man’s face, just by looking at his face you would feel like he has been through hell and it inflicts fear into people’s hearts. The cold air around him makes people hesitant to get closer to him, the veins on his temple makes him seem even more terrifying and with his strong physique, it makes him even more impressive.


Hu Lang’s lips shook. “Ghost…Ghost Face Asura…”

“…” Hei Diao throat constricted, he swallowed some saliva and couldn’t speak at all, the Ghost Face Asura was really here.

However, Ghost Face Asura didn’t pay attention to the two of them and went straight into the room. There is no one in the underworld who doesn’t know the name Ghost Face Asura, when he first made a name for himself in the underworld he was hailed as Asura because of how cruel he was. Later on, someone added Ghost Face because of how he looked like. Since then Ghost Face Asura was even more well known in the underworld.


Ghost Face Asura came in the same era as Hei Diao and Hu Lang, but his reputation is much more well known than the two of them combined. If there was a Ghost Face Asura ten years ago, then there would have been no need to hide from the Penta-Venom Group.

Watching Ghost Face Asura enter the room, Hu Lang and Hei Diao no longer went to get wine, immediately they went to the entrance of the room and guarded it. Although, this is a private club they were still cautious.


Tang YiFei saw someone enter the room and thought that it was the two of them who came back and starting yelling at them. “I told you guys to go get wine! Why did you come back?”


Ghost Face Asura didn’t say anything, he just walked in front of Tang YiFei.


The two girls who sat on the left and right of Tang YiFei looked up and started screaming in horror. The room was already dim, to begin with, and suddenly a terrifying face appears it was destined for them to be scared.

“Why are you screaming!” Tang YiFei shouted angrily, then he looked up and said. “Look now you scared my girls…” suddenly Tang YiFei’s voice came to a halt, and his voice seemed to clear up before he said. “A…a…a…brother Asura, when did you come?”


Ghost Face Asura stared at Tang YiFei, Tang YiFei immediate shoved aside the two girls and yelled. “Get out! Get the hell out! Stop screaming and get out, hurry up!”

It looks like Ghost Face Asura really isn’t tempted by women, Tang YiFei right now is much more serious and started to think about what he must say to Asura to make him consider working with him. “Brother Asura, I thought you wouldn’t come, I’ve been waiting for so many hours.”

“Isn’t it only a couple hours, I didn’t tell you to wait, but if you are impatient then you can just go.” Ghost Face Asura said. “And now that I have arrived, I’m not late am I?”

Tang YiFei hurriedly said. “No no, of course not! If brother Asura makes me wait, then I’ll wait, don’t talk about a couple hours  even if it was a hundred hours I would still wait!”


“You don’t have to flatter me, you want me to get rid of someone, you don’t have to keep saying it over and over again right?” Ghost Face Asura said. “You know I don’t like talking more than needed.”


Tang YiFei curses in his heart, but on the surface, he has to act like he isn’t impatient. “Isn’t this because of the unexpected events that occurred, I didn’t think that this time in Jibei the person helping Tang Jiu isn’t just one but two.”


Ghost Face Asura coldly said. “Last time you showed me the picture of that man, and I said he is a nobody, this time he brought a helper which means he is also a nobody. So what if there is an extra person now?”

“That woman is not simple based on her actions.” Tang YiFei said. “She was able to force back Hei Diao and Hu Lang together, the blade in her hand seemed pretty amazing, what was it called… “ Tang YiFei couldn’t remember, he shouted at the door. “You two come in!”

Hei Diao and Hu Lang immediate entered when they heard him.

“What was that blade called?” Tang YiFei urgently asked.

Hu lang frowned. “Dragon Abyss Blade.”

Ghost Face Asura’s face changed colors and shouted. “WHAT? Are you sure it is the Dragon Abyss Blade? That woman used the Dragon Abyss Blade!?”

“We are sure.” Hei Diao replied. “And when she attacked that time, we already knew that her strength was above the two of us.”


Ghost Face Asura wasn’t calm any longer, he paused before he said. “If you guys aren’t lying, then the owner of that sword isn’t just stronger than you two but stronger than you two by a lot. Heng, the little miss of the Tang family has some tricks, she could get the Violent Fox to come help her, I’m really looking forward to this…


When they both heard the name Violent Fox, they felt like they had heard of it, but they didn’t have any good impression because she was under that man.

“That woman has a great backing??” Tang YiFei couldn’t believe it.

Ghost Faced Asura nodded, then shook his head and muttered to himself. “That’s not possible…”

If it really is Violent Fox, then Hangzhou’s matter will be even messier, how could there still be time to help Tang Jiu? Listening to what they said, the person with the flexible blade is that man’s helper, how could Violent Fox be under that man?


“I think that the two of you saw wrong right?” Ghost Face Asura asked

Hei Diao and Hu Lang’s face changed colors, this person really does look down on people, there could only be one person in this world who wields the Dragon Abyss Blade and is this flexible, thirty years ago these guys were still children, the owner of this blade was known all over the world. How could they not know about the Dragon Abyss Blade.

Seeing that Ghost Face Asura disdained the two of them, they didn’t continue speaking since the strength of two of them would probably not even be able to stop ten moves from Ghost Face Asura, so they could only stay silent.


Tang YiFei couldn’t sit still any longer. “Brother Asura, I don’t care if she is a fox or not a fox, right now only you can help me, you have to help me get rid of the two individuals by Tang Jiu! Otherwise, I still won’t be able to obtain the Tang family, brother Asura, I fulfill all my promises, as long as I obtain the Tang family, I’ll give you 55% of the family! I promise!”

Hei Diao and Hu Lang sucked up a breath of cold air, no wonder Tang YiFei could get such a master to help him, the reward for him was this insane! No wonder why even a master like Ghost Face Asura would be tempted, with this reward, even if Ghost Face Asura doesn’t help him Tang YiFei could find another master who would help him. This is what they mean when they say money makes the world go round.


  1. Heng is a sound, kinda like humph, actually when I google translated heng into English it actually came out as humph.
  2. The Penta-Venom group is only mentioned in this chapter and I’m not that sure who they are yet so I’ll be reading the next couple of chapters to find out.

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