WSK Chapter 163

Chapter 163: A Restless Xu Yun

Since the profits were already laid out in front of him, Ghost Face Asura naturally revealed a hidden smile. “Violent Fox is only so-so…humph! if they want to take the Tang family away from your hands then, they have to get past me first.”

After Tang YiFei heard Ghost Face Asura, his face relaxed much more. As long as Ghost Face Asura is here, he doesn’t believe that Tang Jiu and her helpers would be able to take him down!

“This is great…hehehe…as long as we take down the people that Tang Jiu invited and Tang ZhengTian’s health continues to deteriorate, then the Tang family will eventually fall into my hands!” Tang YiFei said coldly. He was looking forward to the future, but then the door opened once again.

Tang Long stood outside the room with an uncertain look.

Tang YiFei’s originally happy face suddenly turned cold. “Brother Long, aren’t you already successful? Humph!! how come you are thinking about me now? Don’t you still want to defend?

Tang YiFei’s original smile suddenly turned cold. “Brother Long, didn’t you already go on to accomplish many things? How did you suddenly think about your brother? You aren’t here to defend Uncle Tang, are you? Hehe, you should leave, I don’t have the same thoughts as you!”

Ghost Face Asura stared coldly at Tang Long and said to Tang YiFei. “The matters between you brothers I won’t be involved in it.” Then he turned and began to leave.

“Sable, Jackal, help me send brother Asura out, I have something to talk about with my brother.” Tang YiFei said and turned to look at Tang Long, he would like to see how he explains his actions this afternoon.

After Tang Long left Ghost Face Asura, Sable, and Jackal, he sat next to Tang YiFei. He took out a bottle of wine and said. “Second brother, for the future of Tang family’s head position, I’m here to pay respect to you, you shouldn’t blame me anymore, I had no other choice.

Tang YiFei stretched his face and waved his hand. “For me? Alright, then you should tell me how you are doing it for me? Over the course of this many years,  brother Long, you should understand me.”

“Yeah, with all our brothers only you can see the real me.” Tang Long did not dodge nor fight back, he just smiled. Just because of your “treatment” toward me, our brothers took me as your dog and not their big brother!

Tang YiFei snorted and looked at Tang Long. “Speak, after I wash my ears I’ll listen.”

“At first, Doctor An said Uncle Tang’s health could not be saved but now it isn’t the case, Uncle Tang’s condition has improved.Even if you can ignore ninth sister, you can’t disobey Uncle Tang especially since his illness has improved. Furthermore, Uncle Tang can kick us out of the family during this time!”Tang Long said

Tang YiFei’s face became pale, he looked at Tang Long with a shocked face. “What do you mean? Uncle Tang’s illness has improved? Didn’t you say Uncle Tang could only live a few more days!”

Tang Long helplessly shook his head. “I also found out when I went back home ah, YiFei, we can only stop what we are doing, listen to your brother, go back and acknowledge your mistakes to uncle, today uncle spoke so much about you, you can’t let his words go in vain.

Tang YiFei said with a cold face. “Him speaking up for me was required for him, who asked him to be my elder…damn Doctor An, he said he was an expert! The results of his diagnosis actually could change!”

“If you don’t believe it, then tomorrow you can  ask him about it.” Tang Long said with a heavy sigh. “Second brother, I’ve said what should and shouldn’t have been said, what you did I’ve never taken it to heart, and you should understand it. Let’s not talk about it anymore, I’ll go back first.”

Tang YiFei no longer spoke, despite Tang Long leaving, he grabbed a bottle and downed it. This matter he must personally find out about, he can no longer believe anyone.

Tang Long walked out of the room, his face sank and sneered in his heart. He’s too soft to play with me.

Sable and Jackal sent away Ghost Face Asura. When they came back, they saw Tang Long and called out to him. “Young master.”

Tang Long smiled and nodded. “You two should let him do his own thing today, he already drank a lot so, you guys should go ahead and arrange a room for him to rest. If he went back right now then he would definitely be scolded by the second uncle, it’s better to let him sober up before going back.”

“But…” Jackal’s head was filled with deep wrinkles.

“No buts.” Tang Long said. “You guys think I don’t understand my brother? You guys say don’t move him but you might as well let him have some time alone.”

“We understand, young master.” Sable nodded. “We will definitely guard second young master and make sure he won’t have an accident, please, rest assured.”

Tang Long smiled. “It’s been hard for you.”

Sable and Jackal felt that if Tang YiFei had half of the accomplishments Tang Long had, then they wouldn’t be as embarrassed as they are now, unfortunately, the Tang family will never go to Tang Long’s hand as he has no backer so how could he fight with other people?

After Tang Long walked out of the club he quickly entered into his own car, Tang Long’s face turns cold, he wants to see how Tang YiFei will explain this matter tomorrow.

Inside Tang Jiu’s bedroom, Xu Yun and Tang Jiu are next to each other, staring at the only bed in the room.

“I didn’t drink today, you shouldn’t think about wanting to sleep with me on a bed.” Tang Jiu said after all the weather is getting warmer, so people are wearing less to bed.

Xu Yun was displeased. “You aren’t serious, right? This bed is two meters in diameter, even if there were three people it still wouldn’t be a problem. You couldn’t be wanting to sleep alone on this huge bed right?”

“This has nothing to do with the size of the bed, you are my boyfriend in name and not my real boyfriend. Even if you were my real boyfriend, I still would not let you sleep with me!, I’m not as shameless as you, I have to stay away from men even if he is my husband.” Tang Jiu said.

Xu Yun was speechless, who was the one who was naked and was seducing the other? He really put himself in this situation without thinking about it ah! “Ok, you have principles, then don’t your principles tell you that you have to treat guests well? Who lets guests sleep on the floor, this is basic formalities for a host. I’ll sleep on the bed, and you can sleep on the carpet, I think your carpet looks nice and comfortable to sleep on.”

“You…” Tang Jiu was completely speechless. “Don’t you have any shame? I’m a girl and you are a man how could you have the nerve to utter these words? Besides I’m your girlfriend in name and you can still say these words?”

“Well, I’m not going to fight with you any longer, whatever you say is reasonable” Xu Yun dismissed. “When you kissed me how come you weren’t conservative, didn’t you say I’m your future husband?”

Tang Jiu glared at Xu Yun. “This is my home, what I say goes!”

Xu Yun also stopped arguing. “Even if I sleep on the floor shouldn’t you give me a blanket?”


After she saw Xu Yun’s pitiful expression, she couldn’t help but soften her heart. “Forget it, you can sleep on the bed, I’ll sleep on the sofa, you are a guest so how could I treat you poorly.”

“Done, as long as I have your word then I’ll sleep on the floor, isn’t it just sleeping on the floor? I’ve even slept in mud before.” Xu Yun chuckled. “You dignified miss from the Tang family should sleep on the sofa.”

Just as the two people were about to continue, a knock came from the door.

Tang Jiu said. “Come in.”

Aunt Xue opened the door while giving Tang Jiu a cup of warm milk. “Jiu’er, you didn’t sleep well, you should drink this while it’s warm.”

“Thank you, Aunt Xue.” Tang jiu smiled. “Aunt Xue, it’s late, you should go to sleep early.”


“Ok“ After Aunt Xue left the room she saw Xu Yun, and she didn’t have a friendly look in her eyes.

Xu Yun had a dumbfounded look. “Tang Jiu, you didn’t lock the door?”

“It was locked, but Aunt Xue has keys to all the rooms.” Tang Jiu said. “What’s there to fuss about, Aunt Xue isn’t an outsider, she watched me grow up since I was a baby.”

Xu Yun frowned. “She can enter your father’s room freely?”

“Of course.” Tang Jiu said. “Xu Yun I’ll say it one more time, Aunt Xue is definitely not a bad person, so stop doubting her.”

“Tang Jiu, I’ll say it one more time, I don’t have any issues with Aunt Xue, If I were you, I would definitely not doubt a person that has been loyal to the Tang family for 40 years.” Xu Yun stressed once again. “But I’m a spectator standing on the sidelines. Since you invited me to help the Tang family, then I have to cover everything. I trust your confidence in people since I was invited to help you I have to make sure everything is perfect.”

Tang Jiu saw Xu Yun’s serious face and didn’t speak any longer. She should really believe in Xu Yun more since she was the one who invited Xu Yun to come help.

“I shouldn’t sleep on the floor and you shouldn’t sleep on the sofa anymore, I think we should sleep on the bed together.” Xu Yun said. “I’m not looking to take advantage of you, I just don’t know if people can freely enter your room…”

How could Tang Jiu say anything, she could only follow the plans that Xu Yun laid out. In any case, Xu Yun doesn’t have any malicious intent. “Okay, then I’ll listen to you.”

“Don’t worry, if we can confirm the relationship between Tang YiFei and Doctor An, then we can remove Aunt Xue from the list.” Xu Yun smiled. “At that time I’ll apologize to her. Just ignore this problem for tonight.”


Tang Jiu didn’t speak, it wasn’t an unbearable problem for her, but today she wasn’t the drunk Tang Jiu from that day, if she really went to sleep with Xu Yun, she might really not be able to sleep peacefully tonight because she is sleeping with a man! How could she go to sleep like this?


“Well, I’m going to sleep, you should sleep early as well, we won’t have a chance to sleep tomorrow.” Xu Yun said after he took off his coat. “I’m going to sleep first, good night.”

Tang Jiu drank the milk, she sat on the bed for a full ten minutes before making up her mind and took off her coat to go to sleep with Xu Yun.

Xu Yun obviously did not go to sleep, he was scolding himself for not being a man and committing the same mistakes over and over, doesn’t this mean that he would have to leave behind even more history? Brother this is not what I wanted!

1. Sable and Jackal are the new names for Hei Diao and Hu Lang from the last chapter.


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