WSK Chapter 164

Chapter 164: The Real Shrewd Person

Xu Yun slept comfortably tonight, his exhausted body and mind became calmer after his rest, especially with a warm blanket by his side, which made it more comfortable for Xu Yun to sleep. Tang Jiu went to sleep after tussling around in the bed for a long time, not even bothering with the etiquette of male and female contact.

The next morning before 6:30 am,  everyone was woken up by Aunt Xue’s yelling, her reason being that if you eat breakfast past 7:00 am, you would not get all the nutrients from breakfast. Xu Yun disagrees with her saying that there is no scientific evidence to support this. GuoGuo also puts on a displeased expression at this. Having a break is rare for them, and they are not even letting a person sleep in late.

Tang Jiu and her family seem to be accustomed to this type of behavior already.

It seems like a rule in the Tang family to eat breakfast at 6:30 am every day.

Fortunately, the breakfast was lavish enough for GuoGuo to forgive them for waking her up so early. Qiu Yan saw Xu Yun and Tang Jiu come out of the same room, brought out an unnatural look on her face, she pretends to not understand why did they have to sleep together?

GuoGuo also has an unhappy look at this, but Tang Jiu gives her such favorable conditions, it is only lending my dad to her to sleep, it is only sleeping anyway. She won’t say anything about this after she goes back anyway. Qiu Yan sees this as well, and she isn’t saying anything so it should be fine.

“Xu Yun, I have already sent people to investigate what you said yesterday, you guys can rest at home peacefully today, Tang Jiu can also take you guys out to play.” “Although this isn’t a tourist city, there are still several scenics spots to visit.” (This is Tang ZhengTian speaking)

Xu Yun nods his head while eating. “Then get better quickly, I originally wanted to have you find some people to solve this, anyways I’m not familiar with the Jibei area, Doctor An’s place is even more unfamiliar to me.”

Tang Jiu rolls her eyes at Xu Yun. “You let other people handle this task?”

“Of course.”Xu Yun smirks. “Uncle Tang certainly understands that with money you can make anyone do anything, this matter can only be solved by people who are not involved, even I don’t know who Uncle Tang sent to investigate this, other people would definitely not know, there will be zero possibilities of this information existing anywhere else.”

Tang Jiu suddenly realizes that she feels really lucky to have found Xu Yun, otherwise, she would not be able to do anything, and the other party would have gotten away with this in the Chang family dispute, afraid that she would only be dead weight in this matter.

After breakfast Tang Jiu took Xu Yun and co. to view the scenic spots in Jibei. After she got Tang ZhengTian’s phone call, the four finally decided to go back, GuoGuo, however, didn’t want to go back yet, but she knew that it was more important to go back since it was common sense.

But after Xu Yun and back home, Tang Zhengtian immediately gave the reason to why he called them back.

They spotted Tang YiFei having contact with Doctor An at the hospital and, he left the hospital in an angry state. The person in charge of Doctor An said that he was uneasy the whole morning.

Tang Zhengtian did not give any clear statement to Xu Yun, although this matter on the surface seems to be related to Tang YiFei, Tang Zhengtian feels that something is not right about this and couldn’t seem to say what is not right.

“Dad, what else is there to hesitate about?”Tang Jiu couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Doctor An’s lies are already verified, and now the second brother has made contact with him, obviously the second brother has a hand in this matter, I’m calling everyone to come here now to expose his plot in his face.”

Xu Yun smirks, “You are going into action again, I don’t think this matter has anything to do with Tang YiFei.”

Xu Yun’s statement made Tang Jiu silent, Tang ZhengTian is also interested in Xu Yun’s thoughts. Xu Yun made sure that no one else was here before he began speaking, “It’s Doctor An’s courage, he sold out Tang YiFei which means that even if he didn’t escape last night, he would definitely escape today, it is impossible for him to continue working and have the courage to face Tang YiFei, just this point is strange.Another point is how stupid would Tang YiFei have to be to meet up with Doctor An in broad daylight? It would be so simple to find out about this secret, this would be so ridiculous for someone who was so careful in his planning if it was me I, would definitely not meet Doctor An in broad daylight.”

Tang ZhengTian nods his head to agree with what Xu Yun said and Tang Jiu has a look of shock on her face.

“If Tang YiFei really is this stupid to go find Doctor An in the hospital, then how would he be able to come up with a plot to steal Uncle Tang’s medicine?”Xu Yun continues, “If he really is plotting at this scale, then it would be impossible to find his location at where he was going to meet Doctor An.”

Tang Jiu exclaims, “You already guessed it?”

“I didn’t, but I believe that if Uncle Tang told me to go out for nothing then I would be more suspicious towards Tang YiFei.”Xu Yun frowns, “But Uncle Tang says that they found Tang YiFei and Doctor An meeting up which makes me rule out Tang YiFei as the mastermind.”

“Completely rule out?”Tang Jiu really admires Xu Yun’s guts. “Then what if this was done on purpose?”

“Then his shrewdness is extremely deep, I can only say that I’m not his match and would completely give up.” Xu Yun shrugs his shoulders, “However, do you believe that such a shrewd fellow would send a few underlings to deal with me? , this is definitely not what a truly smart person, who has thought through everything would do.”

Tang ZhengTian smiles, “Xu Yun, then who do you think is the most shrewd person in the Tang Family is?”

Before Xu Yun had a chance to speak, Aunt Xue’s voice came from downstairs. “Tang Long is here.”

“Aunt Xue, I came to see my Uncle since I am worried about his body and health.”Tang Long’s voice is full of heartache and worry.

Tang Jiu heard this and her face eased up a lot. “Dad, I’ll go down to check, I don’t think Long Ge can have bad intentions. He always  used to follow the second brother, but this sudden change of position, I’m afraid the second brother and the second uncle will give him a hard time.”

“Go ahead.” Tang ZhengTian smiles at her.

Seeing Tang Jiu leave the study and go downstairs, Xu Yun smiles slightly. “Hehe, Uncle Tang, how could you not say anything about this nephew you have. In Tang family’s circumstance, he should be very annoyed right? Alas, he still has the heart to come visit you, this is filial piety ah.”

Listening to Xu Yun’s words Tang ZhengTian frowns. “Xu Yun, are you trying to say that the real mastermind behind all this is……”

“Dad, Xu Yun, come down quickly! Second brother and Long Ge are fighting!” Tang Jiu shouted from downstairs.

Xu Yun and Tang ZhengTian were slightly startled, then they got up and went downstairs. Tang ZhengTian opens the door and asks, “What happened? Why did you and YiFei fight?”

Tang Long sees Tang ZhengTian gets up quickly and politely says, “Uncle Tang, you have to pay attention to your body, nothing happened to me.”

Xu Yun sees signs of Tang Long’s eyes that is swollen, the fist that punched him was pretty heavy, only he doesn’t understand why Tang YiFei and Tang Long would fight.

Tang Jiu starts, “Long Ge, did you go to find my second brother yesterday? Did he strike you because of anger and shame? Tell me, and I will definitely help you seek justice! Since the second brother doesn’t take into account family and does so many rebellious acts, then the Tang family will kick him out!”

“Jiu Mei, you can’t randomly say these words!” Tang Long instantly got up to say, “the Second brother made a big mistake but he is still apart of the Tang Family, we must give him a chance to redeem himself. Yesterday I did find him, but he was only drinking because he was in a bad mood. I am also responsible for this incident as well, I didn’t listen to him and didn’t speak correctly. If I did, then the second brother would not have done anything.”

Tang ZhengTian smiles. “Tang YiFei’s matter you should just leave it alone, I believe your second uncle will definitely educate him better.”

“Uncle Tang, you don’t know this, but right now he doesn’t go home at all.” Tang Long reluctantly said. “If I did not advise him yesterday then I wouldn’t have suffered this punch on the face either.”

Xu Yun puts on an aggrieved face and says, “Long Ge, you can be really devoted to the Tang family, no one would mess with a drunk person, I don’t know how to thank you. Even though you are right about your second brother being foolish, you can’t help him anymore since the things he did to Uncle Tang are unforgivable and deserves death!”

Tang ZhengTian quietly looks at Xu Yun, as he did not understand why Xu Yun was saying this. This matter he was always not worried about at all so why is he bringing it up now in front of Aunt Xue and Tang Long and why is he pinning all of it on Tang YiFei even though they had established it wasn’t him?

Tang Jiu is also a little bit startled, but she thought the reason why Xu Yun brought up this matter was that he was suspicious of Tang YiFei again. But she knows to not speak up when she doesn’t understand something when her father didn’t speak up either.

Even though Xu Yun said Tang YiFei made a mistake, he still should not die since he still has Tang family’s blood flowing in him.  We have to help him, I can’t watch him walk down the wrong path! Tang Long looks doubtingly at Xu Yun before saying,”YiFei did say something that should not have been said, but it isn’t anything too outrageous.”

Xu Yun sighed. “Some things you may not know…well……forget it, Long Ge, Uncle Tang’s matter you don’t have to worry about, and you should go busy yourself with your own matters. Uncle Tang has me and Tang Jiu here with him, and we will definitely take good care of Uncle Tang.

“Xu Yun, I believe Jiu Mei’s eyes have not seen the wrong person, I’ll leave Uncle Tang in your care!” Tang Long got up before saying, “Then I’ll head back home first, but if anything happens immediately call me.”

Aunt Xue light says, “Then I’ll take you home.”

Tang Long replies back saying, “Aunt Xue, I can get back myself you don’t have to trouble yourself.”

Aunt Xue shakes her head. “Tang family only has 9 children, and you are a sensible child, come let me take you and don’t argue with me.”

Tang Long looks back at the door, before leaving, Tang Jiu raises a fist before saying, “Tang YiFei is too overbearing!”

However, Xu Yun and Tang ZhengTian did not continue speaking about this matter. Xu Yun smiled and said to Tang ZhengTian, “Uncle Tang, shrewd people will always have a moment that will expose them.”

“I really did not expect this.” Tang ZhengTian smiles helplessly.

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