WSK Chapter 165

Tang Jiu was baffled. “What are you guys talking about? Dad, you must stop this matter Tang YiFei really is too much, he even beat up brother Long! For no matter what the reason, he is still our eldest brother, and the fourth uncle died early”

“Tang Jiu, if Tang Long is looking for a fight, then there is nothing we can do.” Xu Yun said lightly. “Zhou Yu attacked Huang Gai, one is willing to win while the other is willing to suffer, Tang YiFei is willing to fight for this, I’m not sure about this but Tang Long is willing to suffer, this I am sure of.”

“What do you mean?” Tang Jiu asked. “Willing to suffer? Only an would idiot right?”

Tang ZhengTian took a deep breath; he did not really think that this matter was more complicated than he had originally thought. It really was a blessing for Tang Jiu to find this young man. Tang ZhengTian knows that he, himself is already unable to figure out what Xu Yun is thinking of, his thoughts towards this matter is extremely deep even more than his. His own thinking towards this matter only served in raising doubts, but Xu Yun can smoothly take care of this matter by finding a single mistake.

“Jiu’er, did you notice the smell on Tang Long’s body?” Tang ZhengTian didn’t want his daughter to stay in the dark, so he pointed it out.

On this matter, Tang Jiu hadn’t paid any attention, but when her father pointed it out, she had really felt that there was indeed a type of smell on his body, extremely familiar but couldn’t pick out what it was.

“What smell is it?” Tang Jiu couldn’t think of it

Xu Yun faintly smiled. “Hydrogen Peroxide.”

Tang Jiu suddenly realized that it was certainly the smell of hydrogen peroxide, why did brother Long have the smell of hydrogen peroxide on his body?

Just now Tang Long’s body did indeed have the smell of hydrogen peroxide, you can only get that smell from hospitals. Now it was evident that Tang Long indeed went to the hospital, Xu Yun knows that this world doesn’t have rules for who can’t go to the hospital, but since his eyes have been beaten till it swelled, going to the hospital and not treating it doesn’t make sense right?

But since it is clear that Tang Long did not treat any of his injuries, it means that he deliberately didn’t treat himself, or he didn’t have enough time to treat himself, or is it that he doesn’t want to stay at the hospital for too long in fear that someone may see him? These are all suspicious possibilities.

But Xu Yun believed that it was because he was anxious that if he stayed at the hospital for too long, he may be discovered, which is why he was unwilling to stay at the hospital, and his injury must be shown to Tang ZhengTian, therefore it makes even less sense.

But Tang Jiu still couldn’t think of matters this deep,  she only has some doubts. “Why did Brother Tang Long go to the hospital for? I didn’t see him treat his injuries…”

“Jiu’er, people’s heart aren’t the same as they were a long time ago. Right now we can’t believe everything we hear, some things that we see aren’t really the truth.” Tang ZhengTian said. “Later on you should learn from Xu Yun, in the future whatever Xu Yun does you must support him no matter the condition, he has his reasons and even if he told you the reason you still would not understand it, which is why he doesn’t explain it to you.”

Tang Jiu rolled her eyes. “Dad, you aren’t serious, right? Didn’t you use to have a good vision in determining people, how come you are this trusting towards Xu Yun? Aren’t you afraid he would make trouble for your baby girl? If by any chance he swindled you and ran away what should we do?”

Tang ZhengTian forced a smile. “If he really did swindle me and take you away, then you just wouldn’t come back, ha ha ha, I’m afraid when the moment comes you lose something instead…”

“Dad! Am I not your biological child? Is there a person like you that would denounce themselves?” Tang Jiu was unhappy, her words seemed to contradict her actions towards Xu Yun. Don’t talk about others, at the very least he should go wild for her ah.

Xu Yun rubbed his chin and said seriously. “This I really do have to think about it.”

Tang Jiu waved her hand. “Stop! Ok, this subject will end here! You guys should just tell me, why do you guys suspect Tang Long?”

The reason is extremely simple, what do you think of Tang Long and Tang YiFei’s relationship?” Xu Yun said. “I’ll say my thoughts first when I first saw him yesterday, I felt he is exactly like Tang YiFei, and they come from the same group of people, what do you think?”

“Their relationship is obviously good, but…everyone always says brother Tang Long is second brother’s plaything…forget it, I won’t say anymore, too difficult to listen to.” Tang Jiu said. “In any case brother Tang Long was indeed obedient to the second brother, basically whatever was said he would listen, this type of relationship obviously has nothing to discuss.”

Xu Yun nodded to express that Tang Jiu’s analysis was correct. “Then my guess is correct ah, since their relationship is like iron, then you say, what kind of plan does Tang YiFei have that he would certainly tell Tang Long? If you were Tang YiFei, would you tell him?”

Tang Jiu thought about it and then said. “I would.”

“Then why would they fight?” Xu Yun said. “If this matter is instigated by Tang YiFei, then Tang Long will definitely know about it, but you saw Tang Long’s expression today, his expression was clear, and it showed that he had no idea about this, how is that possible.”

Xu Yun spoke but suddenly closed his mouth tightly. “I’ll tell you later.”

His tone dropped, Aunt Xue came in and said to Tang ZhengTian. “I sent Tang Long away, his mood seemed not too good, it looks like what Tang YiFei did had a huge impact on him, this child’s father died early, Tang family cannot let him down.”

Tang ZhengTian nodded and smiled. “You are right Aunt Xue, that’s what I was thinking, Tang Long worked with all his heart so many years for the Tang family, although he never personally took responsibility for any matter, Tang ZhenFeng father and son’s side really do have many people however they cannot lose him, he is Tang family’s financial management’s left and right-hand man.”

“Then why didn’t you keep him over to eat lunch.” Aunt Xue said discontentedly, this meaning is indeed clear and should be blamed on himself, only Tang ZhengTian is after all the family head, even if she is working hard to rise up she, in the end, is still a servant, naturally she wouldn’t dare to criticize him directly and can only mutter under her breath.

“This matter is my fault.” Tang ZhengTian laughed and then he said to Xu Yun. “What do you want to eat, or what does GuoGuo want to eat, just directly tell Aunt Xue.”

Xu Yun thought about it and then told Tang ZhengTian. “Let’s do it like this, uncle Tang, I don’t have an appetite today, I don’t want to eat at home, normally when you eat outside where do you go? Can you take me to outside and let me eat till I’m full?”

Tang ZhengTian was startled and nodded. “Sure, of course, I can.”

“What is there to eat outside, you can have anything at home.” Tang Jiu spoke to herself, she still enjoys the stuff made at home more, besides, Aunt Xue’s craftsmanship is indeed extraordinary, unlike those “professionals” whose craftsmanship are inferior to hers.

Tang ZhengTian looked softly at his own daughter. “The words I spoke to you a moment ago you already forgot them? This doesn’t take after me ah.”

Tang Jiu was speechless, don’t tell me that saying Xu Yun went out to go eat, he also had a reason for that? This is too difficult to wait upon right? This kind of man even if someone beats me to death I wouldn’t marry him ah, if she really did marry, then in the future wouldn’t it mean she would not have any freedom at all .

“Go, Jiu’er, you go upstairs and have Qiu Yan and GuoGuo come down.” Tang ZhengTian got up.

Tang Jiu walked quickly to the stairs and yelled upstairs. “GuoGuo, let’s go, sister will take you to go eat!”

GuoGuo instantly got excited and rushed downstairs, towards eating, GuoGuo is extremely interested in it, she is different from those kids who refuse to eat anything when it is time to eat she eats when it isn’t time to eat, she doesn’t eat, Guo Guo’s principles are very strong.

Using GuoGuo’s saying, when a person is small and they are picky about food or aren’t eating on time then it will affect their development, if her body after she grows up isn’t good then she should eat well now to influence it, she doesn’t want to be made fun of when she grows up like Princess Taiping or like an airport, which is why when she eats she is extremely focused on it, what’s more, anytype of fruit is GuoGuo’s favorite type of food.

Aunt Xue would never go outside to eat, which is why Tang ZhengTian and Tang Jiu didn’t bother calling for her, they all left, since they saved Aunt Xue from having to prepare a meal, Aunt Xue was happy and had nothing to do, if they left then they left.

Recently, because of Tang ZhengTian’s body, he never left his house, which is why the driver was assigned to a different place. Xu Yun decided to be the driver this time, this many people only required a Ford E350 and it was comfortable enough for them to leave.

They quickly arrived at a five star restaurant, it was clear that this place’s people all recognized this car that belonged to the Tang family, when they stopped there was a person there to open their doors, and they were extremely polite when they addressed Mr. Tang and when they saw Tang Jiu they called her ninth young lady.

GuoGuo had no choice but to praise Tang Jiu. “Tang Jiu is really imposing ooh!”

Tang Jiu glared at her. “GuoGuo, if you keep on mocking your older sister, be careful after I finish eating and leave you here to work as an assistant and let you clean the dishes.”

“I count as child labor.” GuoGuo didn’t agree. “They wouldn’t dare accept me.”

Under the waiter’s guide, Xu Yun arrived at the Tang family’s all year round reserved room, it was a massive room as it could allow 15 people to sit and it still wouldn’t feel crammed, since there are only 5 people, that means that there was a lot of free space.

Only the rich apparently enjoy this setup, one person with a waiter behind them,  this service is absolutely only for people with power.

“En, I won’t order and dishes, you guys can let the chef decide.” Tang ZhengTian said to the waiter, he pointed to Xu Yun and said. “This is my extremely important guest, the food must be exquisite.”

“Yes, sir! Mr. Tang!”

Xu Yun spoke quickly. “No no, no need for this to get too complicated. There’s just five of us. Nowadays it’s all about hard working and being conservative. If it’s edible, it’s good. Being all flaunting and wasteful is something only corrupt officials would do. Our lives as common folk are plain and simple.”

The waiter looked Xu Yun and had a great opinion of him. “Yes, what you said was totally correct sir!”

“Ha ha ha, ok ok ok, then just do what Xu Yun said to do!” Tang ZhengTian waved his hand. “Go.”

Xu Yun laughed, he didn’t come here just to eat, he came here to eat for a reason, it’s difficult to tell what he can find from eating here.

Tang Jiu is completely speechless at Xu Yun since they already came out to eat, then they might as well stay home to eat since it is more comfortable.

Soon, the server served 5 people’s worth of extraordinary dishes, there was enough food for everyone in the family, this was enough to see that the restaurant had really placed the Tang family as extremely important, Tang ZhengTian’s words were extremely important to this restaurant.

Very quickly, the waiter served Tang ZhengTian alone a bird’s nest soup. “Mr. Tang, this is for you.”

Xu Yun thought in his head, this trip really wasn’t made in vain.


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