WSK Chapter 166

When that portion of the bird’s nest was carried up, Tang Jiu had finally realized what Xu Yun’s real intentions were, Tang ZhengTian smiled, he said to himself that in order to understand what Xu Yun is thinking in his mind is really meticulous, it definitely is not something an average person is able to accomplish.

Xu Yun smiled and then pointed to the table in front of him. “Come come, place it over here, uncle Tang today doesn’t want to eat bird’s nest. Let me taste it for him.”

That waiter clearly knew Tang ZhengTian’s habits and stared blankly. “Mr. Tang,  isn’t your stomach…”

“Do what he says, haha, this is my honored guest.” Tang ZhengTian smiled. “Give the bird’s nest to him, you should it eat while it is hot. Haha, Xu Yun, Jiu’er meeting you, it truly is my ancestor’s blessing.”

Tang Jiu’s wrinkled her brows and made a humph sound. “How come I think that I met bad luck for eight generations?”

GuoGuo clicked her tongue. “Aiyo, older sister Jiu, how come I dislike hearing your arguments, ah, these false statements are really too unreasonable, right? To speak lies of someone must have a limit, otherwise, it would seem too fake, this is not our style.”

“You little thing, you are clearly more intimate with your dad, am I not your older sister?”  Tang Jiu humphed. “Fine, fine, I’ve seen the truth, I won’t love you anymore.”

GuoGuo didn’t fight back. “I’m only speaking the truth.”

Tang ZhengTian watched Xu Yun lift up that bowl of bird’s nest and drank it, he laughed and asked. “How’s the taste?”

Xu Yun carefully tasted it and nodded. “Very good taste, not bad, truly not bad. The stuff from these luxury hotel’s is truly out of the ordinary.”

This portion of the bird’s nest was made extremely good, Xu Yun also had not drunk out any other flavor, towards the flavor, Xu Yun can quickly feel that this place definitely will not have any trace of a plot.

Tang ZhengTian nodded, he understood Xu Yun’s meaning, it seems that the only place that sent out the harmful medicine for him was truly from his own family, but he really did not wish to doubt that Aunt Xue would do this type of thing.

GuoGuo acted extremely serious and shook her head “Knowing a person on the surface doesn’t mean you understand them. If a person is willing to harm someone in their mind, they would never have the intention to protect someone in their mind. Nowadays, the moral of people can’t be compared with the ones of our generation.”

“You are a child prodigy.” Tang Jiu sighed, once she thought of this matter and how it might have something to do with Aunt Xue, her heart felt like there was something blocking it, this type of feeling is not something other people would experience, Aunt Xue had been at the Tang family for over 40 years, how could she do this type of thing.

“Don’t overthink it,  what it is & what it isn’t, there aren’t that many reasons.” Tang ZhengTian smiled, seemingly ignoring many things. “Jiu’er, fact is fact, things have already reached this stage, to able to do this type of thing, I’m afraid there is only 1 possibility now.”

Tang Jiu bitterly smiled, she shook her head. “I know, it’s merely that I’m not willing to believe it that’s all.”

“When a person grows up, the stuff that they have to bear becomes much more.” Xu Yun smiled. “Knowing that you were sold by a person isn’t scary, what’s scary is being sold and still helping the person who sold you.”

Tang ZhengTian heaved a sigh of relief. “This matter I’ll go with you guys to talk to Aunt Xue, after all, it has been these many years, perhaps she also has her own problem that she finds hard to speak about.”

Xu Yun smiled. “Uncle Tang, it’s better to let me, after all, I’m an outsider.”

“Then I’ll take GuoGuo to play, I don’t want to see Aunt Xue suffer.” Tang Jiu emotions quickly settled in her eyes. “GuoGuo, where do you want to go play?”

GuoGuo thought about it for a while. “The bar?”

“You?” Tang Jiu was startled.

“I can drink beverages, just let Qiu Yan sister accompany you to drink a little.” GuoGuo is definitely a little boss. “I already said to borrow some wine to get rid of your worries, heh heh, Qiu Yan sister’s alcohol capacity is huge.”

Tang Jiu also did not concede. “I have lots of confidence in my  alcohol tolerance.”

Ever since Qiu Yan arrived in Ji Bei, she didn’t talk very much, but she started talking at this time. “Ok, I also want to find a person who can drink with me. I haven’t drank in a long time let’s go tonight.”

“Ok, no problem.” Tang Jiu heard Qiu Yan’s words and felt that they were provocative, her thoughts might have been because of Xu Yun, then might as well accompany someone else to go drinking, worse comes worse, they’ll just not return without getting drunk, she smiled a little. “Then after we finish eating, we will go together to the amusement park, I can also find some stuff to do to calm my mind down. When it is night time, Xu Yun you and my dad can go home, us three will go drink some alcohol.”

Tang ZhengTian knew what his own daughter was thinking in her mind, let her drink a little, Tang ZhengTian could also see that Qiu Yan was not an ordinary person, which is why he could be relaxed about this. “Go, go, don’t drink too much, at least you have to remember to return home.”

“You don’t have to worry about that since I’ll be there as well.” GuoGuo promised him.

Xu Yun forced a smile. “You guys are determined to make my daughter go down the wrong path right? Little kids definitely cannot drink alcohol, it’ll affect your intelligence and development, GuoGuo, you can’t only worry about your body development, you also have to worry about your brain, make sure your head stays clear ok?”

“Of course.” GuoGuo still said the same thing.

Because Tang ZhengTian’s body conditions had not been good, it’s been a long time since he last came out, this time he is definitely accompanying them to the amusement park, but he isn’t going there to play, his current heart is most likely unable to withstand that type of excitement, he is only going to be there to pay.

This feeling is very good, at the very least Xu Yun had no disagreements, GuoGuo also was happy to take Tang ZhengTian with them, she said that going home herself she would have nothing to do, furthermore she still had to confront a dangerous person, she couldn’t be at ease. Although Aunt Xue right now is the most suspicious person to have poisoned Tang ZhengTian, however, Tang ZhengTian is also not afraid Aunt Xue of doing anything to himself.

But GuoGuo’s reasoning does indeed make sense, if he went home alone he would indeed have nothing to do.

Jibei is indeed worthy to be the provincial capital, the Hundred Flower Amusement Park is absolutely different from those amusement parks down in Beijing, inside the amusement park, there are all sorts of things and there are only things that you can’t think of, nothing you can’t play of.

Tang Jiu had already made it clear that she came here to find excitement, any type of skateboards, huge Ferris wheels, drop towers and roller coasters won’t be missed at all. The newly made human propeller definitely will be tried and she definitely won’t miss the death motorcycle…

Anyways this round, Xu Yun was depressed, spending money hurts him the most, this level he can endure, but later on if he has an opportunity, he absolutely will recommend Dragon Fury’s training base a suit, every day after eating they’ll all feel good, he guarantees that everyone will seem like they injected chicken blood into themselves.

The five of them didn’t return home to eat at night, with Tang Jiu’s lead, she led everyone to a barbecue store, even GuoGuo was also amazed and asked Tang Jiu how she knew this kind of small store.

Tang Jiu seemed as if she was extremely familiar with the boss. “When I attended college and my mood was not good I would always come here with a classmate to order some skewers and drink some beer, that type of feeling was really comfortable, you little brat wouldn’t understand.”

GuoGuo stuck out her tongue and said in disdain. “Isn’t it only finding that type of feeling? Who doesn’t understand, what’s there to not understand.”

“Alright, order whatever you want to eat.” Tang Jiu finished speaking and called in the boss. “I still get the usual.”

“Alright!” The boss was a 50 year old woman who seemed very capable, she turned her head towards the man barbecuing. “Little Tang’s usual!”

Xu Yun also did not stay polite. “Then I’ll get 10 meat skewers, 10 muscles, also two sheep kidney, in addition, some garlic chives, uncle Tang, you want some? How about getting the same as me?”

“Ok, the same.” Tang ZhengTian smiled, he doesn’t have any particular feelings towards these types of food, he’s only eating it for his daughter.

Xu Yun smiled. “That is a must, also give my uncle Tang two kidneys, he’s old but rigorous.”

Tang Jiu was speechless,  she rolled her eyes at Xu Yun with a bad mood, this fellow is truly daring, no matter what her father can be considered as his father-in-law right? Who would talk to their father-in-law like this and he still ordered two kidneys to help his body.

GuoGuo ate extremely gaudy. “Get two of everything on the menu, sister Qiu Yan and I will try everything, hehe, you guys better not regret it, later on, you guys can’t eat my food.”

“I can eat some because of our relationship right?” Xu Yun tried to worm his way through.

GuoGuo nodded. “If I did not like eating it then father must not waste anything.”

Crap! Xu Yun really paid so much money for his daughter.

Although it is a small barbecue store, Tang Jiu ate very comfortably, this type of feeling hasn’t been felt for a long time and helped her forget temporarily about Aunt Xue’s unpleasant actions, perhaps what her father and Xu Yun said made sense, but some matters can be changed.

The meal gave everyone a different type of feeling, Tang ZhengTian thought about his youth, this was Qiu Yan’s first time eating this type of thing and she was touched even more than other people, and GuoGuo’s feeling could be described by only one word: full!

Xu Yun sent Tang Jiu and co.  to Jibei’s most explosive bar after than he went home with Tang ZhengTian, Tang ZhengTian wants to know why did Aunt Xue do this, and Xu Yun wants to find out who the mastermind truly is.

When the two of them arrived at the entrance, Xu Yun asked a question. “Uncle Tang, does the Tang family have something that you guys would never go and touch? Something that belongs to Aunt Xue?”

“This..” Tang Zheng Tian was somewhat embarrassed but still spoke in the end. “There is one,  her husband’s casket.”

Xu Yun stared blankly. “Oh? Aunt Xue also had a husband?”

Tang ZhengTian took a deep breath. “Her husband used to be our Tang family’s chauffeur, during an accident, Tang Long’s father, the Tang family’s head, and her husband all left this world, at that time they were only wed for 2 months, the Tang family owes her a lot…huh? Why did you ask this question, that is something extremely important to her, she wouldn’t let anyone touch it.”

Xu Yun had a grave expression. “Uncle Tang, if there is no evidence, anything that is said can be counted as air.”

“Are you saying…you want to?” Tang Zheng Tian’s facial expression suddenly turned grim and got up. “Xu Yun, the dead must be respected, it isn’t something that you can go mess with any time you want, I hope that this matter won’t escalate to this step.”

Xu Yun shrugged his shoulders. “I also do not wish for this matter to escalate to that step, but as the matter stands, I can only do what my intuition tells me to do, besides I happen to trust my intuition very much, uncle Tang, believe me, my judgment is definitely correct.”




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