Chapter 1 – Transmigrating to Another World

Part 1 translated by Fallen (12th November 2017) Edited by June (29 January 2018)
Part 2 translated by June

Transmigrating to Another World

Part 1

Meixi was only thinking about the handsome European male model she has gotten when she found herself in a coffin. She had only xxoo for only a while, so why was it that in just a blink of an eye, she ended up as some Eldest Miss lying in a coffin?

How could the male model just disappear? Why is there white cloths everywhere and why was she lying in a coffin? Ah, her neck was really painful! Heavens, what was with her beautiful neck? Just touching it lightly made it feel even more painful!

“Eldest miss! Eldest miss! Is it you?” Ziyun cried out upon seeing that Feng Ziyun had revived. She had cried until her almond shaped eyes were all red.

“What is this place? It is so noisy! No one is allowed to cry!” Meixi shouted loudly, turning towards the crying servants as she sat up.

“Yao’er, you are alive? This is really great! My good daughter!” Feng Wucai realised that his daughter had come back to life and ran forward, embracing Meixi tightly.

“Who… Who are you?” Meixi was dumbfounded. She didn’t recall seizing power of Yesha and becoming their Eldest Miss, why is this beautiful girl calling her ‘Eldest Miss’? Apart from that, she was an orphan, with no father. Sigh, who is this handsome old guy?

“Master, Eldest Miss seems to have forgotten the past. Even nubi has been forgotten…” Ziyun yatou’s tear glands are really bountiful, within moments, she began to cry.

“Yao’er, I am your father! Think about it, do you remember me now?” Noticing Mei Xi’s dazed expression, Feng Wu began shouting agitatedly.

“Father? Huh, you are my father?” Mei Xi simply couldn’t wrap her mind around the matter. She was an assassin in the modern era, and enjoys playing with handsome men. Why did she suddenly end up in this ancient place? Could it be that what had happened to her was exactly the same as in the stories, with her transmigrating?

“Yes, I am your father. Yao’er, because that kid Qi Wang wanted to break off your engagement, you couldn’t get your thoughts out and hanged yourself. As such, I, your father has decided to teach that kid a lesson(1)! My beloved daughter, you have suffered!” Upon remembering that the Prince of Qi’s intentions of annulling the marriage, Feng Wu became enraged, tears flowing down his face.

Well then, it was best to take things as they come! Mei Xi was a very carefree person, managing to quickly accept the fact that she had transmigrated. Looking forward, she had transmigrated into a rich household. She touched the coffin gently, ah, it was not bad at all, being made out of the best rosewood. It seemed that this body’s father was pretty rich!

Not bad, not bad!

“Father, let them all withdraw. I wish to sleep so if you have any questions, please wait until I wake up to ask. Is that fine?” Meixi who excelled at everything just had one flaw and that was that she was simply too lazy. After saying those few words to her father Feng, she fell asleep.

Heavens, she managed to sleep in the coffin!

“Eldest Miss! Let nubi help you to the bed to sleep, okay?” Ziyun yatou looked at Feng Zhiyao with distress, wiping away her tears, she thought to wake Feng Zhiyao up.

“… No… N…noise… Allowed…” Feng Zhiyao found a more comfortable position before continuing to sleep.

Ziyun couldn’t help but feel that her lady had become much more cuter. Could it be that being dead for a while would make a person much more cuter?

“Well, since Eldest Miss has awakened, remove the white mantle! No one is to speak of Eldest Miss’s death and subsequent revival to anyone! Those who leak this matter will have multiplied punishments as those stated in the rules!” the amiable expression on Feng Wu’s face was gone and he snapped at the servants.

“Of course, Master, nubi will definitely obey!” At that moment, everyone present resembled a flock of chickens pecking away on the ground as they nodded furiously.

“Very good! All of you retire! Ziyun yatou, remain here and take care of the Eldest Miss!” Feng Wu spoke. Thankfully there had been no funeral, or else the situation would have been quite terrible!

“Of course, Master, nubi will wait for Eldest Miss to wake up!” Zi Yun turned to looked at Feng Zhi Yao, listening to her soft breaths. She admired the sweet smile on Feng Zhi Yao’s face, it was really great that Eldest Miss didn’t die.

“Ah!” Only then did Feng Wu turn to look at the coffin where his eldest daughter currently slept. A hint of worry appeared in his heart. Yao’er… Yao’er…. I really hope you have forgotten all the past events…

Part 2

Mei Xi slept till the next morning, with the sun shining on her butt.

The bright sunlight crept through the tiny slits in the paper window, pouring over her face, warming it up.

Eldest Miss, you are awake! That’s so good!”(2) Ziyun smiled happily when she saw Feng Zi Yao awake.

“Little girl, who are you?” Meixi used her slender fingers to pinch Ziyun’s cheek, mocking her.

“Ow, Eldest Miss, did you really lose your memory?”“Even her character changed? Eldest miss would never touch her face!”“Sigh, it was you who gave me the name Ziyun!”

“Hmm, I really lost my memory, maybe God(3) didn’t want to see me saddened to death over a man. Ziyun, could you tell me everything that happened since I was a child up till now?” Meixi smiled as she took back her hand, the girl’s skin was so squishy, touching it was so comfortable.

Fortunately she heard that the father of her body was talking about cancelling the engagement, combining with the marks on her neck, she deduced the original host had committed suicide over love.

Sigh, this girl died a pitiful death! Is a man who doesn’t love you worth giving your life for? Meixi snorted at this.

Being an assassin who expertises in seduction, she doesn’t believe in true love. Men, are to be played with, she won’t be taking any responsibilities after taking eating!(4) Afterwards, Zi Yun nodded her head before proceeding to explain to Feng Zhi Yao all the minor and major details.

Feng Zhiyao, eldest daughter of the prime minister, also known as the most beautiful girl, just this information made Meixi feel satisfied, being one of the four beauties of Yesha(5), her standards of beauty are quite high! Since she is the most beautiful girl, she shouldn’t be too bad.

What? Because she is not chaste, the Prince of Qi wants to cancel their engagement?

Damn it!(6) Cancel it! Cancel it! Meixi doesn’t even like him!

“Eldest miss? You are not angry?” Ziyun was carefully talking about the cancellation of the engagement by the Prince of Qi, seeing her master cooly playing with her waist-long hair, she felt curious.

“No I am not angry, I have died once now, getting angry over him? Ha! He isn’t worth it!” Meixi stood up and lightly jumped out of the coffin, giving a slight smile.

“Eldest miss, where are you going?” Ziyun hurriedly exclaimed as her Eldest Miss hasn’t washed up yet.

“I will be looking for Father to discuss about the cancellation of the engagement!” Meixi turned around giving a flirtatious laugh, her face showed a very confident smile.

“But Eldest Miss, you have not washed up yet!” Ziyun immediately chased up.

“Okay sure, first wash up, change into some pretty clothes then go!” Meixi agreed with Ziyun. She looked up at the fiery red sun, silently thinking in her heart, Feng Zhiyao, from now on I am you, everyone you care about I will protect them on your behalf, those who wronged you, I will take revenge for you!

After washing up and changing into a purple dress, Feng Zhiyao(7) specially went up to the lotus leaf copper mirror(8) and gave a close look at the body she has possessed, what kind of beauty is she? After looking she immediately was infatuated with herself, apparently she is a beauty that can bring down cities and nations!(9)

Hands like catkins, skin like hardened fat, collar like Cerambycidae larvae, teeth like gourd seeds, forehead like cicadas brows like moths, smiles with dimples, eyes that attract upon sight.(10)

She really likes her sparkling eyes, clear and crystal, twinkling like stars, smiling slightly, her eyes closed like crescent moons, as if her aura was overflowing. Smiling made her noble(cultured) looks come out naturally, making others awe at her elegant and brilliant radiance, you won’t be tired of her sight even after a hundred times!

She really live up to her title of most beautiful girl! Seems like coming to the past, she can take beautiful men, and afterwards not take responsibility! Haha, this body has quite some capital on it!

When Ziyun saw Feng Zhiyao’s cutesy smile, she couldn’t help but stare, she thought to herself, Eldest Miss is so cute! The Prince of Qi is a blockhead, Eldest Miss is such a beauty but he wants to cancel their engagement, if he isn’t a blockhead then what is he?

“Eldest Miss, you are really beautiful!” a dazed Ziyun said after a moment, giggling.

“Miss Ziyun, the Prince of Qi is here, the Master made nubi come here to take Eldest Miss to the grand hall to meet the Prince of Qi,” the butler’s voice came from outside the door.

“Okay, got it.” Ziyun looked worriedly at Feng Zhiyao, will Eldest Miss go?

“You tell Butler Feng that I will be there!” Cancelling the engagement at the bride’s house, this man knows no shame! Feng Zhiyao closed her eyes and said those words with her lips.

“Butler Feng, Eldest Miss will be there soon, you tell Master that first!” Ziyun went to the door and slightly held it open to speak to the nervous butler.

“Eldest Miss, laonu will relay your message, laonu will leave now,” Bulter Feng respectfully bowed himself out.

After some time, Ziyun saw Feng Zhiyao sitting firmly at the copper mirror, painting her brows, putting on lipstick, so she asked.

“Eldest Miss~” Is she afraid to meet the Prince of Qi?

“Make him wait!” Feng Zhiyao put on her makeup in a slow fashion.

Immediately after she stopped talking, noises of footsteps were heard outside, and weapons were crossed, clashing and clanging. Seems like there are some assassins.

“Eldest Miss, what to do, there are assassins in the manor!” Ziyun’s face heard the word assassin outside, her timid guts had burst from the fright.

“Don’t be scared, let’s go and see!” Feng Zhiyao had a lazy smile, lazily yawned, and gave an assured answer.

“Eldest Miss, there’s an assassin outside~” Ziyun thought, you aren’t afraid of death, but I am, so she shook her head frantically.

Suddenly the door is kicked open by a man in a ninja suit(11), holding a long sword, swiftly ran up to Feng Zhiyao’s back, his left hand quickly brought the swinging sword up to her neck.

“If you want to live don’t shout! Or you will die!” The man in black had a arm with blotches of red. The sudden turn of events frightened the daylights out of Ziyun and she fainted fashionably.

Feng Zhiyao heard a sound like ice water, her smile faded from her lips, and she coldly said, “That’s up to you if you have the capability to do so!”

Author’s ramblings

The MC is lazy and cunning, eating men but not taking responsibility, thank you 550298231 and the flower from 470559152, muack muack muack, very lovely, MC can have a petal bath now!

Main character Feng Zhiyao adopted by yunmowuyan! Haha

(1)TL: OT is 让那小子好看, literally make that kid look good, 好看 in this instance is not to make sb look good, it is to punish them in some way.

(2)TL: think of it as “yukata~”

(3)TL: original is 老天爷, man in the sky, basically God, look up wiki:Tian

(4)TL: Eating here usually means sex, cuz vaginas are described as tofu and penises as eggplants

(5)TL: OT is 夜煞 literally “Night kill”, the assassin organization she belonged to

(6)TL: OT is 奶奶的, which means grandmother’s, Chinese peeps really like to bring other people’s mothers and grandmas into their curses

(7)Author: For simplicity, we will call Meixi as Feng Zhiyao

(8)TL Note: Ancient Chinese polished bronze and copper to be used as mirrors

(9)TL: idiom, 倾国倾城

(10)TL: poem from Shih-Ching, look up 诗经·卫风·硕人 for more info, basically the girl is very beautiful

(11)TL: Actually it’s black clothes and a mask, but whatever

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