Chapter 10 – Meeting Li Minshan

Meeting Li Minshan

Situ Yuelei looked at Feng Zhiyao’s back with an angry expression, and shouted as he splashed around the water, “Wen Xingyuan, have you not watched enough!” Even though he couldn’t swim, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have his inner strength!

He felt there was abnormal breathing in the surrounding and immediately shouted, “Wen Xingyuan!”

“Here!” Wen Xingyuan stood up gracefully from a growth of grass near the river bank, after which he threw over a rattan branch to a drowning Situ Yuelei laughing.

And so using the branch, Situ Yuelei exerted his feet on them, flying straight up. However he was still wet when he reached the shore.

“Where’s my clothes?” Damn it, it must have been Feng Zhiyao who had taken them away! And so Situ Yuelei’s face became bright red with anger.

“Wait a while, I will go to the nearest tailor to buy you a new set,” Wen Xingyuan thought to himself that the relationship between the two of them was not bad and decided to help Situ Yuelei. Actually he thought that the scene of Situ Yuelei crawling out of the river wet was quite comical, but he was always well mannered, and did not say it out loud.

“Okay, thanks a lot!” Hmpfh, this merciless girl! Situ Yuelei could only hug himself, shivering in the wind, in his heart he was cursing Feng Zhiyao for being cruel.


Feng Zhiyao found that she had unknowingly lost her way.

No thanks to that idiot Situ Yuelei, bringing her out to such a far place, making her unable to recognize the way back to the prime minister’s house.

Seeing that the sky was getting darker and darker, and there is no one around these mountains, what was she supposed to do.

Feng Zhiyao kept on trying to convince herself, there definitely must be someone! Don’t be scared, don’t be scared!

As night arrived, around her ears were only the sound of wind blowing, and occasionally the cries of wild animals.

Feng Zhiyao was really tired, she looked for a clean piece of rock, and used her silk handkerchief to wipe it, only then she sat down.

“So hungry……” Feng Zhiyao heard the grumbling of her stomach, and used her hands to hold it, looking at the sky displeasingly.

“Lady…… Please help……” Suddenly a man’s voice coarsely came from behind a rock, Feng Zhiyao thought that she was mistaken, and did not bother it, so she continued thinking about her hunger. The man was quite persistent, he used his bloody hand to pull the hem of her skirt, crying for help as much as he could, but his voice was slowly dying out.

“Ah? It’s a wounded person?” Feng Zhiyao turned back to look and said to herself. Blood? She has seen a lot of it, therefore she wasn’t scared.

“Hey…… Who are you? Why are you covered in blood?” Feng Zhiyao said as she calmly bended down using her fingers to check his breath. Thank god, he is still breathing, thankfully he met her, he is in luck.

“Oww…… Help…… me……” That person slightly opened his eyes painfully and said.

“Okay sure, I can help you, but then you have to give me some kind of repayment to me!” Feng Zhiyao agreed to help him, but upon hearing Feng Zhiyao’s reply, the person had lost consciousness.

“I will treat as you have agreed. Let’s see if he has anything of worth around him!” Feng Zhiyao saw that he could not stand the pain and has fainted, so she had to look for any valuable stuff he has by herself.

Yep, his looks are not bad, too bad he has fainted, sigh, let’s not have other thoughts, looking for treasures is more important.

Feng Zhiyao searched the man all around, finally she found a piece of jade with a firebird craved onto it in the layers of his shirt.

“Seems like ancient jade is very valuable, I will take this as a pawn!” Feng Zhiyao played around with the jade checking it out, it was clear, shiny and smooth, it could be considered a top quality jade.

Feng Zhiyao saw the sky was getting darker and darker, yet the stranger has not woken up. She used a rock to kill a bird and used the person’s fire starter to cook and eat it. Finally she could not control her sleepiness and dozed off against the rock.

The next morning, a sudden voice woke Feng Zhiyao up. “Water…… Water……”

“Who dares wake me up?” Feng Zhiyao lazily flipped around, who knew she would fall off the rock, and fell down facing up.

The outdoors? A rural area? How was she here? Oh wait, she carefully thought back, and remembered she kicked Situ Yuelei and stole his clothes, then she got lost and saved an unknown man.

“Sigh, got it, pretty boy, here’s your water!” Feng Zhiyao looked around, there is no river? Without a river, then she could take some blood from the half-eaten bird from last night.

Anyway he has shed a lot of blood, drinking some blood can replenish his energy.

The man drank the bird’s blood to the last sip, his eyes still closed.

Half an hour later, Feng Zhiyao saw him finally opening his eyes, what kind of eyes were those, akin to glass or marble, filled with fire, making the heavens earth sun and moon seem dim in comparison!

Ah, seems like wiping his wounds with her silk handkerchief was not a waste! So handsome!

A perfectly beautiful face, a straight and upright nose, small narrow eyes that curved up at the ends, lips filled with excess love, sexiness like a blooming sakura, showing a beauty almost like a demon’s, this kind of beauty has already surpassed the definition of man or woman, the standards of the norm, making all life fall in love!

“Thank you for saving my life miss, may I know your name?” The man waved two fingers in front of her[1].

“Feng Zhiyao, what’s yours?” She stared blankly into his eyes, thinking to herself, what beautiful eyes, what a beautiful man! She couldn’t help but to swallow her drool.

“Li Minshan” He stretched his arms and crossed his legs to rest.

“What a Korean-sounding name!” Feng Zhiyao said the words Li Minshan in her heart three times and came to that conclusion.

“Shit, I didn’t return home last night, Old Man Feng must be so worried!” Feng Zhiyao bit her lip and sighed rubbing her wrists.

“Miss Feng, can you not mumble to yourself?” Li Minshan had closed his eyes to rest.

“I…… Heyyyy…… Li Minshan, it was I who saved your life, look at my wrists, in order to get you water this morning I cut myself you know!” Feng Zhiyao mustered her cheeks sulking. Actually she got hurt while shooting rocks at birds.

“What? You…… You didn’t give me water to drink?” Li Minshan opened his eyes to look at Feng Zhiyao’s hand and was bewildered.

“Hey, see for yourself, do you see any rivers or streams around you?” Feng Zhiyao creased her brows, it was not easy for her. Thankfully there was the blood of a bird to replace hers, of course she won’t say the truth.

“N……no……” Li Minshan found himself speechless, and looked at Feng Zhiyao remorsefully, “Miss, I’m sorry……” It was the first time he ever apologized to a girl.

“That’s why, I am your saviour! Straighten your attitude and remember to treat me well! Hmpfh!” Feng Zhiyao thought of what to eat for breakfast as she spoke.

“Miss Feng, how about this, I will give you some cash[2], why don’t you find an inn down the mountain to eat later?” Li Minshan looked at his wound and found it neatly stitched up by Feng Zhiyao, for now he just needs to regulate his qi for about a week and he can safely go home.

“That would be good, but I don’t know the way down!” Even though this was a small mountain, but Feng Zhiyao does not recognize the way!

“Walk straight in this direction, after a bamboo bridge you would have reached it, here’s a hundred taels of silver!” Li Minshan creased his brows and took out a banknote from within his sleeves.

“Okay then, I will take it! Oh right, here’s a set of men’s clothes, um…… they are my brother’s, your clothes are too dirty, and there’s blood on them, if you are spotted by any officers that won’t be good. You should change after I leave! Here……” Feng Zhiyao openly took the banknote, and handed over Situ Yuelei’s orange silk shirt to Li Minshan smiling.

“Sure, I will treat it as using a hundred taels to buy these clothes!”

Li Minshan looked at Feng Zhiyao’s bright smiling face, in the twenty one years of his life it was the first time had he looked at a girl so in daze. The girl in front of him was of no doubt a beauty, her brows looked like a painting, her face cute like an angel’s, her long eyelashes formed a tempting curve on that oval-shaped face of hers, moist skin, like a warm jade, filled with soft light, her peachy lips, so beautiful you want to take them down, but the most shocking feature to him was her glassy eyes, filled with cheekiness and wisdom.

“You could say that too!” Feng Zhiyao mischievously blinked at him.

“Miss Feng, you can’t leave yet! I heard footsteps of strangers nearing here……” Li Minshan’s expression suddenly changed and hurriedly dragged Feng Zhiyao to hide in a bush, proceeding to cover her mouth and warn her under his breath.

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[1]She is in daze

[2]Yes there’s paper currency in ancient China, though not in the form we are used to today. At times the government might issue banknotes as a way to cope with the lack of silver and gold, however these are prone to devaluation as the government might issue too much. Another type of money is issued by banks, in exchange for a similar sum in gold or silver, like bank cheques, this is the case in the story.

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