Chapter 11 – We Will Meet Again

We Will Meet Again

Feng Zhiyao was quite shocked, his palm was rough and dotted with blisters, making her lips hurt.

“Li Minshan, let go!” Feng Zhiyao shook his hand off and rolled her eyes at him. “Anyway they aren’t after me!” She is really heartless.

She lifted her white as a cabbage finger pointing to her red, luscious lips, cutesily crying out, “You see, you hurt me here!”

“I’m sorry…… Why don’t you, hurt me too, that would be my apology!” Li Minshan said and looked down, his face bright red.

Immediately after, he moved his pretty white face right in front of Feng Zhiyao, so close you can smell the scent of stocks[1] on him, making Feng Zhiyao’s heart skip a beat.

He was so close he could smell the fragrance of virginity on her neck. As he looked up, ah, that was a face with beauty like no other, her clear eyes were half closed, shaping a perfect curve, like a half open fan.

A cute little nose, straight and pretty, lips like they were dotted with rain dew, scented with temptation all over. Her perfectly white face had a soft shade of redness, like a blooming red plum blossom sweet smelling and attractive.

Thud thud thud, the strangers’ footsteps were getting closer and closer……

“Tch, no need for that!” Feng Zhiyao heard the footsteps and pushed him away depressingly, her sight fixated on the horizon, thinking, weird, how is it that Papa Feng and Situ Yuelei are leading a bunch of men up here? Are they coming for her?

“Come, let’s go! Those people are not after me! Miss Feng you may leave now.” Li Minshan’s looked normal for a while when the wind blew gently on his feverishly red face, he raised his head to see Papa Feng and the others and turned over to tease Feng Zhiyao for a bit.

“Oh yeah, the one at the lead is my father, he is probably looking for me with this many people! Why don’t you wait for us to leave before you come out?” Feng Zhiyao was thinking that she absolutely could not let Situ Yuelei see his clothes on Li Minshan.

“Um…… okay!” Although he wasn’t sure why Miss Feng would make this request, but he immediately agreed to it, he had his considerations too, he had a special status, it is best for him to not meet her relatives after all!

“Oh Li Minshan!” Feng Zhiyao smiled at him brightly.

Li Minshan smiled in return, his glassy eyes were like they had a clear stream flowing inside, giving people the sense of comfort.

“Okay Miss Feng.” He guessed that they will meet again.

Yes, he is looking forward to it!

“Oh yeah, your wound just needs some Jinchuang Medicine[2] on it, it would be healed after half a month!” Feng Zhiyao suddenly thought of something and reminded him.

“Yao’er…… Yao’er……” Papa Feng’s shouting came closer and closer.

“Daddy, I’m here!” Feng Zhiyao heard it and stood up from behind the bushes, pulling on her blood-stained skirt running to Papa Feng.

“Yao’er, as you didn’t return home last night, I sent my men to search many places. When I heard Qiong’er say that you left Songhe Restaurant with Lord Situ, I went to his place early in the morning to look for you together.”

Feng Wucai hugged his daughter, looking all over her all emotional. When he saw the blood stains on her skirt, immediately asked worriedly, “How is there blood on your clothes? Did someone bully you? Or was it done by wild animals?” He raised his head looking around.

“Daddy, I am fine, the blood was because I was hungry last night and caught a bird, a… and… ate it alive…… u u u u…… Daddy…… I want to go home, I don’t want to stay even a moment more here,” Feng Zhiyao buried her face on Papa Feng’s chest and made some crocodile tears.

“Okay okay, I will bring you home now! Lord Situ, thank you for showing the way today, only then could we have found Yao’er so quickly, your help is much appreciated.” Feng Wucai saw that Situ Yuelei was looking at Feng Zhiyao’s body the whole time and gave a few coughs.

“You are welcome! Though I have some questions I would like to ask your daughter alone, I hope you might agree.” Situ Yuelei looked at Feng Zhiyao, thinking, where was the clothes she had stolen from him?

“If Yao’er agrees, I don’t see a problem with it,” Feng Wucai stroked his beard and nodded.

Feng Zhiyao turned around to look at the place where Li Minshan was sitting before, thinking, funny, just a moment and he’s already gone? Has he left this place yet?

“Feng Zhiyao, what are you looking at? Situ Yuelei saw her looking left and right and asked curiously.

“I was not looking at anything? You…… what do you want to ask me?” Better to get over with this quick, else she cannot go home to have a meal.

“Where’s my clothes? My fan? When are you going to give them back?” Situ Yuelei went up to her and asked in a hushed voice.

“I have sold your clothes for a hundred taels, do you want the banknote? The fan was a present from you, I will just accept it for now.” Feng Zhiyao smelled the fragrance of wild flowers that filled the mountains and felt really good, her lips curved up. Her smile was like the light of a morning sun, an eye catching beauty.

“What…… Ah forget it……” Because of her warm smile, Situ Yuelei’s originally angry expression was melted by her.

“Thank you then Situ Gongzi, oh right, was the natural naked bath comfortable?” Upon leaving with her father, Feng Zhiyao jeered at Situ Yuelei in purpose, making him cough in rage!

Along the way, Feng Wucai warned his daughter, “Yao’er, Situ Gongzi is the future husband of the princess, even if you have a close relationship with him you need to keep your distance from him!” Even though he was baffled as to when his daughter got so close to Situ Yuelei, but he does not want to scold Feng Zhiyao in front of his men.

“Daddy…… what are you thinking, there’s nothing between Situ Gongzi and me!” Even though she wanted it but it wasn’t meant to be, Feng Zhiyao depressingly gave a sigh.

“There better be nothing! Oh yeah, Yao’er, Qiong’er told me that you annulled the engagement with the Prince of Qi by yourself? Is that true?” Feng Wucai raised his eyebrows and asked.

“Yes Daddy, the Prince of Qi likes Zhiqiong, I am stepping out to fulfil their love!” Feng Zhiyao lightly replied.

“Yao’er, weren’t you in love in the Prince of Qi earlier? How did you annul the engagement with him by yourself? This is unbelievable!” Feng Wucai’s face was filled with disbelief.

“Daddy, the Prince of Qi is not good enough for your daughter here!” Feng Zhiyao replied Feng Wucai narcissistically, but of course he agrees.

“Don’t worry Yao’er, I will definitely find a better husband for you!” Feng Wucai looked at Feng Zhiyao lovingly, there wasn’t a single drop of disapproval in his eyes.

“Uh-huh……” Feng Zhiyao saw that they were nearing the prime minister’s residence, and didn’t want to make a scene so she nodded in agreement.

“Gufu[3], Zhiyao Meimei, where have you came from this early in the morning?” In front of the extravagant manor, a young man clad in purple silk clothes stood with his hands behind his back, speaking with a melodious voice, though in Feng Zhiyao’s ears it was more sleep-inducing.

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[1]Genus name is Matthiola incana, known as hoary stock

[2]Jinchuang 金疮 literaly means metal inflicted wound, so the herbs are supposed to speed up wound healing

[3]姑父 is the husband of 姑姑, sister of father, it was announced in earlier chapters that relationship addresses will be left untranslated

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