Chapter 12 – Kiss Me

Kiss Me

Feng Zhiyao saw that the one who was calling her Zhiyao Meimei oh-so-affectionately was Su Muyan, and she nodded at him unenthusiastically. Actually what kind of cousin was he?[1] Else why would she have addressed him as Young Master Su?

“Yao’er, if you are tired, you may go to your room first.” Feng Wucai sensed that Feng Zhiyao did not want to bother with Su Muyan.

“Yes Daddy, Yao’er shall now leave.” Feng Zhiyao almost was going to shout, Daddy you are so wise! She turned around lightly* and left.

“Yan’er, you never come here without a reason[2], what is it that you are meeting me for?” Feng Wucai walked into his door and signalled Su Muyan to follow him.

Su Muyan did not immediately answer as his sight was fixated on Feng Zhiyao’s curvy silhouette, after a while, he replied, “Gufu, I guess that you have heard of Zhiyao Meimei breaking off her engagement with the Prince of Qi herself? What do you plan to do next?”

Su Muyan was here on Feng Zhiyao’s request to ask Feng Wucai of his opinion.

“Let things run its course then! If he really is going to treat Qiong’er well so be it, if hurting one of my daughters is not enough, and he hurts my other daughter, well…… we will see!” Feng Wucai thought of his two daughters as the flesh of his hands, which was why he shouted angrily

“Gufu, since that’s the case, I won’t say anymore!” Su Muyan thought that Feng Wucai did not agree to the engagement between Qiong’er and the Prince of Qi.

“You came here just to ask me about this matter?” Feng Wucai looked at him deeply, at the young age of nineteen he was the boss of Jitian Fortress, although he was only the Young Master, he was already managing his family business, Yao’er marrying him seems like a good proposition.

“Yes, actually I came over to see Zhiyao Meimei, I heard from Qiong’er Meimei that few days ago she got the flu from being in the rain, so……” Su Muyan spoke with a great deal of sincerity, actually he was curious about the change in Feng Zhiyao, so he came over early in the morning looking for answers.

“Yeah, you should go to Haidang Garden and talk to Yao’er, try to open her up!” Feng Wucai laughed at Su Muyan’s words.

“Yes, Gufu,” Su Muyan nodded his head and went towards Haidang Garden.

Feng Wucai looked at Su Muyan’s back with some feelings of expectation, if Yao’er could marry Yan’er, they would be able to form closer ties with Jitian Fortress, but what does Yao’er think about this? Forget it, Yao’er just broke off from an engagement and having such thoughts doesn’t seem too good, he shrugged his shoulders and let it go.

“Ziyun! This porridge is too tasteless!” Feng Zhiyao wasn’t just picky on men, she was picky on food too, seeing the thickness of the porridge in her bowl and feeling its taste, she became unhappy.

“Eldest Miss, this porridge was cooked with the amount of heat as you ordered, it shouldn’t be too much of a difference!” Ziyun was kind of depressed and pouted.

“Okay! Okay! Cook it one more time, I am going to take a hot bath first! I lost my way last night and now I am all dirty!” Feng Zhiyao looked at her blood-stained skirt and immediately informed her maids to prepare her food.

Feng Zhiyao found that her life as a Little Miss in the ancient times was really comfortable, even during her bath she had four maids to serve her.

However Feng Zhiyao did not like having so many eyes looking at her as she bathed. Therefore, she had Chun, Lan, Qiu, Ju[3] leave her alone.

When Su Muyan came over, Feng Zhiyao was still enjoying her bath.

“Ah! Young Master Su, why are you in Eldest Miss’s compound?” Ziyun was carrying a bowl of porridge went she saw Su Muyan, which shocked her a bit, since he rarely came over to Haidang Garden looking for her mistress.

“Ziyun Yatou, why is your Eldest Miss’s door shut closed? Su Muyan was walking around in the garden, when he saw Ziyun coming from the kitchen, he approached her to ask his question.

“Eldest Miss is in the bath, so it would be best if you…… Eldest Miss is not really ready to meet you, errr…… It isn’t proper!” Ziyun didn’t like Su Muyan at all because of Feng Zhiqiong, so she gave a cold reply.

“You are a maid, you shouldn’t meddle too much in the matters of your masters!” Su Muyan scolded her angrily.

“Ziyun, I am done bathing, you can let Young Master Su to take my porridge in!” Feng Zhiyao heard Su Muyan scolding Ziyun, and she came up with an idea to punish him, also to seduce him in the process!

“Yes, Eldest Miss!” Ziyun shoved the bowl of porridge in Su Muyan’s hands, “Eldest Miss said that you can go in now! I take my leave!”

After she finished, Ziyun turned back to the kitchen to continue with her chores.

Su Muyan looked at the bowl of hot porridge, it smelled so good that anyone would crave for it. He thought, that maid Ziyun isn’t much of a looker but her cooking skills are great, Su Muyan did not have any hobbies, but the thing he loved most was eating good food.

Forget it, afterwards he can mention to Feng Zhiyao about it, let him bring Ziyun Yatou to Jitian Fortress to be his maid, so that he can have good food all the time.

After thinking about that, a big smile appeared on his handsome white face, glowing it up.

With a creaking sound he opened the door, and Su Muyan was stunned, the white jade bowl in his hands dropped onto the floor breaking into pieces, the porridge in it flowed everywhere……

“Young Master Su~~ You are too much~~ How could you come in just like that…… Coming in so fast~~ Uwehweh~~” Feng Zhiyao used a white cloth to cover her chest as she wailed loudly at the top of her lungs.

“Zh…… Zhi…… Zhiyao Meimei…… I…… I…… I didn’t do it on purpose…… You said you were done bathing, and so I…… I came in……” Su Muyan saw that she was stark-naked and immediately turned away. His face was very red, his belly was burning, and there was a frog in his throat.

“But…… I didn’t say I have worn my clothes…… Uwuh…… Now…… I have been seen by you completely……” Feng Zhiyao saw that he had his back against her, naturally he could not see that she was mocking him, she was laughing so much that her shoulders were twitching, and he actually thought that she was crying.

Immediately she thought that teasing Su Muyan was actually quite fun, at least she could take revenge for the original Feng Zhiyao on him for throwing a frog into her courtyard.

“Feng Zhiyao…… Th…… Then…… Wha…… What should I do?” Su Muyan’s mind went blank at her wail, but he did not lose the reaction on that part of his body, damn it, why would he have such a strong reaction to a girl he had hated since he was young? The fire in his chest seemed like it was going to explode……

“Number one, you are not to help Feng Zhiqiong bully me!” Feng Zhiyao was covered with a white cotton towel, and she came step by step closer to him.

The cutesy voice of a young lady like this immediately had a soothing effect on Su Muyan’s entire body, tingling his skin all over.

“I didn’t help Qiong’er Meimei bully you!” Su Muyan answered creasing his eyebrows, funny, why has Feng Zhiyao’s character changed so much?

“Number two!” Feng Zhiyao has arrived at the past for a couple of days, she has been craving for love for quite long, however the matter with Situ Yuelei did not end well, seeing a beautiful man coming to her doorstep, how could she let go?

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[1]In case you forgot, Su Muyan’s father and Feng Zhiqiong’s mother are siblings, and both FZY and FZQ were of different mothers

[2]OT is 无事不登三宝殿, never coming to a temple without a matter

[3]Their names form the flowers of the season, spring, orchid, autumn, chrusanthemum

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