Chapter 13 – Don’t Want Face

Don’t Want Face

Although Su Muyan had previously looked at her with scornful eyes, but she did not care, as no matter what, Su Muyan is a beautiful man!

What? She wants him to kiss her? Su Muyan shivered a bit, and resisted it as much as he could, telling himself that this was wrong.

However she was thinking about how good it would be to have a feast on a beautiful man after her soothing bath.

And she proceeded to do so next, she lightly gave a seductive smile, rubbed Su Muyan’s beautiful face as softly as possible, and lifted up his perfect chin, forcing him to look at her in the eye, at the same time, she fixated her sight on his yummy lips, smacking her pinkish lips, she quickly gave Su Muyan’s cheek a kiss, only to hear Su Muyan’s angry shout.

“You…… Feng Zhiyao…… Why are you so cheap?” Su Muyan was angry on how could a proper girl do this to him, and immediately shook her off and scolded at her.

“Pfft, I am cheap?” Feng Zhiyao repeated his words, giving two snorts and a cold look.

Thinking about the things that happened when they were children, Su Muyan’s eyes showed scorn at her again, he even used his sleeves to wipe his face, as if Feng Zhiyao was very dirty.

Seeing that kissing Su Muyan made him have this kind of reaction, Feng Zhiyao was itching in her heart to kill him, but because of her identity she withheld herself!

Those who cannot deal with hardships will not be able to succeed1! Other than being a little lazy she was quite good at withstanding pressure.

One day, she will have him grovelling at the hem of her skirt!

After a while of thinking, Feng Zhiyao wasn’t at all angry but instead she laughed, her clear eyes looked towards him.

“Su Muyan, you will regret it!”

“Hmpf!” Su Muyan was about to turn away and leave, however his slender waist was suddenly hugged by Feng Zhiyao with her slender arms. “You have seen me completely naked, are you going to exit this door that easily?”

Su Muyan was going to turn around and push her away, however upon laying his black eyes on her cute face and big smile, he blanked for quite a while, staring at her infatuatedly.

Feng Zhiyao had just came out of the bath had not put on any makeup, she looked fresh and pretty, her brows were like a crescent moon, her eyes like the night sky, her nose straight and her lips peachy, she had on a white bath robe as thin as a cicada’s wings, her wavy hair was laid on her chest, her whole person looked pretty and pure, with all kinds of cuteness and attraction, she was not as noble as peony, not as gorgeous as a rose, however she looked like an orchid in a valley2, her virgin smell gushed out, looking more like a snow lotus on Tianshan Mountain, clean and beautiful.

Not realizing when it started, Su Muyan felt that his whole body was becoming hotter and hotter, funny, when was all of his clothes taken off, why didn’t he sense it before?

Su Muyan found that the heat in his body was making him itch and was getting more unbearable. “Feng Zhiyao, what…… did you do to me?” He only looked at her in the eye once, how was it that now his clothes are gone without a cause!

“I didn’t do anything to you! You were too eager that you took your clothes off yourself!” Feng Zhiyao lazily walked over to her bed and sat down, she raised her head looking at him, covering her mouth as she laughed.

“Impossible!” He was very sure of this! Since young he did not like Feng Zhiyao, it was rather impossible that he would eagerly do some shameful things to her.

“Then come over, let me tell you the truth!” Feng Zhiyao changed her sleeping pose, her bath robe gently fell off, showing intricate butterfly shoulders, a half-naked dove3, an hour glass body……

“You…… Sigh…… I shouldn’t have come here!” Although Su Muyan has been to brothels before, but that was always to discuss business with clients, where has he ever seen such a stimulating scene before?

Su Muyan hurriedly picked up the clothes on the floor and put them on, shouted a word “Slut!” and escaped off red-faced!

Behind him was the laughter of Feng Zhiyao, “Why are you trying to act cool, I will get to you one day!”

After which Feng Zhiyao calmly put on her bath robe, and couldn’t help but ask herself, did she look so scary?

“Eldest Little Miss, Eldest Little Miss, what happened?” Ziyun pushed the door open and looked at Feng Zhiyao who was fanning herself without a care, asking aloud, “Eldest Miss, why did Young Master Su run away so swiftly, like there’s someone after his life?

“Ziyun, it was only that he argued with me and broke a jade bowl, hurry up and clean the mess! I want to have my beauty sleep!” Feng Zhiyao finished her sentence and pretended to sleep.

“Oh, okay.” As much as Ziyun felt that the incident was weird, but due to the difference in status between master and servant, she smartly did not press on, and bended down to pick up the broken pieces.

Except that life was full of happenings, Su Muyan just left and now Feng Zhiqiong was back, this time with Princess Lingxi in tow.

When they arrived, Ziyun was just throwing away the pieces of the bowl.

“Where’s your Eldest Miss? In her house?” Feng Zhiqiong proudly pointed her chin up, coldly asking Ziyun.

“Second Miss, Eldest Miss has went to sleep!” Ziyun bowed down to Feng Zhiqiong and Princess Lingxi, owing to her role as a servant.

“Sleeping? It’s almost noon time and she still can sleep? That’s so lazy of her!” Due to their mutual bad blood, Xuanyuan Lingxi spited at them. Especially when she saw Feng Zhiyao sleeping among the haidang flowers, that beautiful skin and shape made her mad of jealousy.

“Silly girl, call your Eldest Miss up, the princess is here, make her come and greet the princess!” Feng Zhiqiong grinned at Xuanyuan Lingxi in a toadying manner, and started to scold riding on the princess’s power.

Ziyun did not want to go, but she was pushed off by Feng Zhiqiong’s servant Caidiea.

Feng Zhiyao was having a fine dream at the time when she was woken up by their noise, she frowned and scolded, “Ziyun, where did the dog barking come from, it’s so noisy! Get all of them out!” Her voice was very loud, but she groggily went back to sleep again.

“Feng Zhiyao, this fan that Lei Gege always brings by his side, why is it here?” Xuanyuan Lingxi was here to quarrel, now that she saw the golden jade bone fan on her side table, she raged with fury, she skipped over in front of Feng Zhiyao and snatched the fan, angrily fuming at her.

“Aiyah, Princess Lingxi you should change this presumptuous character of yours, if you don’t, your future husband is going to marry someone else! If you want this fan you may have it!” Feng Zhiyao was speaking with a light tone, but deep down she was angry, they really have nothing better to do than to anger her, don’t they see that she’s really sleepy? That she needs sleep?

Without much choice, Feng Zhiyao opened her eyes lazily, and widen them at Xuanyuan Lingxi, after which she looked towards Feng Zhiyao, “Zhiqiong Meimei, if it’s just you being silly that’s okay, why did you bring Princess Lingxi to my place, didn’t you know if she saw the present to me from her beloved Lei Gege, she will be very very sad?” Upon finishing her sentence Feng Zhiyao gave a yawn, bingo, she has turned the tables around, with this statement, she can break apart the relationship between Xuanyuan Lingxi and Feng Zhiqiong, making them at odds with each other!

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  1. OT is 小不忍则乱大谋, if one can’t restrain one’s self in a small matter, the big picture might be sacrificed
  2. This is in reference to the book “Road to Heaven: Encounters of Chinese Hermits” by famous translator Red Pine, its Chinese title is 空谷幽兰
  3. it means her skin is as white as a dove while being dressed only in underwear

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