Chapter 14 – Blue-clothed Man

Blue-clothed Man

“Feng Zhiqiong, so you knew that Lei Gege gave that slut that fan! You also dared to hide it from me! Hmph!” Xuanyuan Lingxi gave a vicious look towards Feng Zhiqiong, never had she ever seen a look so fierce!

“Princess Lingxi, I really did not know of this matter? Don’t listen to what Feng Zhiyao said, I’m innocent!” Feng Zhiqiong almost died from anger, in the past it was always her who managed to anger Feng Zhiyao, when was it the last time she was this upset?

Feng Zhiqiong gripped the silk handkerchief in her hand tightly, she really wanted to rush over and slap Feng Zhiyao. However, it was as if Feng Zhiyao had expected it, she managed to dodge the attack and escape!

“Zhiqiong Meimei, was it me who allowed you to invite Princess Lingxi here? Hm?” Seeing Feng Zhiyao’s unrelenting expression, she decided to act first, before it’s too late, before Feng Zhiqiong could say anything at all.

“Feng Zhiqiong, you’re too heartless!” Xuanyuan Lingxi picked up her gold fan, turned around and left with her servant girl, leaving Zhiqiong alone with a blank stare on her face.

“Aiya, my good sister Zhiqiong, Princess Lingxi has already left, what are you still sitting here for?” Feng Zhiyao sneered, towards Imperial Princess Lingxi, she couldn’t act so brashly, but towards her own sister, she would definitely not let her go!

“Feng Zhiyao…you…you, wait! I will get even with you1! Also–I, Feng Zhiqiong, curse you to forever be unmarriageable!” Feng Zhiqiong was so angered by her, there, she started rambling, to the point of cursing Feng Zhiyao.

“Hahaha–I like this curse!” Towards Feng Zhiyao who has already decided to be single forever, this curse didn’t even faze her one bit.

Feng Zhiqiong was dumbfounded, she thought that Feng Zhiyao would have cried because of what she’d said, instead she just smiled and laughed her heart out, how could this be!

Is she really Feng Zhiyao?

“Get out! You’re not allowed to step foot into Haitang Courtyard from now onwards! I will chase you out everytime you come in!” Feng Zhiyao went to the corner of the room to grab a broom to chase Feng Zhiqiong out.

“Feng Zhiyao, I am your sister!” Feng Zhiqiong felt that she was extremely wronged.

“Rubbish, you say that you’re my sister, yet you steal my fiance? Don’t you think that sentence of yours is disgraceful?! Get out! Stay as far away as possible from me!” Feng Zhiyao even called upon Ziyun to chase Feng Zhiqiong out.

“Second Miss, let’s just go.” Caidea saw Feng Zhiyao’s red eyes that were able to scare others away and hurriedly whispered into Feng Zhiqiong’s ear.

Feng Zhiqiong also felt that it was better to leave then, so she walked away with the voices of Feng Zhiyao and Ziyun laughing away in the background.

“Eldest Miss, I have never laughed like this before!” Ziyun said happily.

“Ziyun, as long as you follow me in the future, you’ll be happy everyday!” Feng Zhiyao promised.

“That’s great! Oops, Eldest Miss, I think the pheasant and ribs soup is done, I’ll head on to the kitchen to check!” Ziyun had smelled the scent of the soup in the air, quickly saying that, she left for the kitchen.

“Is that so? Then why are you not hurrying!” Feng Zhiyao simply nodded her head and waved her hands to signal Ziyun to leave. As long as there’s delicious food, she’d be satisfied.

Ziyun took at most two to three steps towards the small kitchen before entering. However without thought Feng Zhiyao heard Ziyun’s resounding scream.

“Eldest Miss, Eldest Miss, not good! Someone ate the pheasant and ribs soup, no, it was this old man, his mouth is filled with the scent of soup, it must’ve been him!” Ziyun exclaimed angrily, dragging out the old man.

“Hey, old man, wake up!” Feng Zhiyao looked at the old man who was wearing a grey coat, he had a thin body, long beard, he seemed have divine and sage-like features. She lamented in her heart, how could this old man suddenly find his way into her courtyard? Isn’t he deliberately here for the pheasant and ribs soup?

“Who is it? It’s so noisy, just let this old man sleep for a bit!” Thus, the beggar old man continued to sleep soundly, not listening to whatever Feng Zhiyao had said earlier.

Hmph! This is the first time she has seen someone who can sleep better than her! He’s directly lying on the ground to sleep!

“Eldest Miss, the old man has fallen asleep again, what should we do? The pheasant and ribs soup that I’d spent so much time on, the seasonings that were used were also very expensive!” Ziyun really wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

“Ziyun, leave, I’ll personally cook something today, and also punish this beggar old man!” The meal that Feng Zhiyao had been thinking and waiting for had been eaten by this hateful old beggar, she almost wanted to go grab a pair of scissors to cut his beard off.

“Really! Then nubi is really blessed!” As soon as Ziyun heard those words, the immediately stood up and followed Feng Zhiyao to the kitchen.

Half an hour later, Feng Zhiyao was waving a roasted duck around the nose of the beggar old man.

“Fragrant…fragrant…fragrant…roasted duck meat is so fragrant…” As soon as he smelled it, the beggar old man woke, both of his eyes shining as his hand went to grab the roasted duck from Feng Zhiyao’s hands.

“Want to eat?” How could Feng Zhiyao have let him succeed, she retracted her hand, then she asked with a smile, her smiling face was playful, thinking this old man is really a glutton, without the roast duck the he would’ve continued to sleep, clearly her own sleeping skills were not good enough!

“Damn, of course I want to eat it!” The old beggar man continued to stare at the crispy roast duck, to the point that his saliva drooled.

“Then tell me, why did you eat my pheasant and ribs soup earlier?” Feng Zhiyao was annoyed when she thought about this, so she naturally asked about it first.

“It’s not that I want to eat it, it’s just that my stupid apprentice’s food is bad, I don’t even want to eat it!” When he spoke of this, the old beggar’s face that was usually emotionless like steel, began to blow out his beard with a glare.

“Hey, old man, does this mean that the dish made here was delicious?” Feng Zhiyao arrogantly asked.

The beggar old man turned his head and nodded hesitatingly.

“Ziyun, look, your cooking is so delicious that it can even attract others!” Feng Zhiyao laughed.

“Eldest Miss, don’t make fun of me like that, stinky old man, pay me back the money!” Is it that easy to drink the pheasant and ribs soup made by her for her mistress? It took her two and a half hours to pull out all the pheasant’s feathers!

“Money? Didn’t I just drink a pot of your pheasant and ribs soup?” The beggar old man was stunned as he looked at Ziyun.

“What Ziyun said is reasonable, old man, pay up! Otherwise, since you’re here anyways, you’ll be my courtyard’s gatekeeper to repay me!” Feng Zhiyao decided upon this after remembering that he ate the pheasant and ribs soup meant for her, this should be considered as her taking out her anger on him.

What? Let him, the master of the Ye Luosha2 school stand at the gates of this courtyard, how could that ever be possible?

“An old gatekeeper? No way! How about this! I’ll just call for my apprentice to pay the fees!” The beggar old man then pulled out a silver plaque and blew a tune on it.

“Eldest Miss, we won’t be swindled by this old man right?” Ziyun didn’t think that this old man would be that willing to pay up!

“Let’s see if he dares to!” Feng Zhiyao declared, sitting lazily under a bayan tree, playing with a begonia flower in hand, the expression in her eyes were the same with Ziyun.

“Eldest Miss, look, who is that good-looking young man?” Ziyun was shocked at the sudden appearance of the blue-clothed man who appeared at Haitang Courtyard, this courtyard belonged to the Eldest Miss, how could someone so easily enter?

“Little girl, my apprentice is here, you can ask him to pay up! Can you give me that piece of roasted duck now?” Once the beggar old man saw the blue-clothed man, he immediately stopped playing the tune, supporting his long beard, he looked pleadingly at Feng Zhiyao and her servant.

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  1. OT is 我会让你好看, I will let you have a good look, the Chinese word it differently
  2. It translates to Night Raksasa

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