Chapter 5 – Engagement Annulled

Engagement Annulled


Feng Zhiyao smiled lightly, “I am here to eat, and discuss something with your highness at the same time!”

As Xuanyuan Haofei looked at her, Feng Zhiyao looked at him from the corner of her eye. Xuanyuan Haofei wore a loess-coloured silk shirt, tied by a jade belt, his black hair flowed like a waterfall, fixed by a white tallow jade hairpin, his face was filled with aura of nobility, however the gentleness expressed on it made Feng Zhiyao feel that he was being pretentious.

Athough Feng Zhiyao did not have a good impression of Xuanyuan Haofei, but objectively speaking, this man is of royal blood, quite a fine piece himself, he has good looks, it can be said he was handsome with no rival[1].

Feng Zhiqiong came from behind and saw her sweetheart Xuanyuan Haofei’s gaze fixed on Feng Zhiyao, she immediately swung her tree-branch-thin waist[2], delicately and attractively walked over, and spoke with a sweet voice, “Hao Gege.” She then rolled her eyes at Feng Zhiyao, her eyes unable to hide all sensations of envy, jealousy and hate.

Feng Zhiqiong looked at Feng Zhiyao whose beauty brought down cities and nations, who is elegant and well-mannered, a strong feeling of inferiority sprouted in her heart.

Xuanyuan Haofei saw his beloved gracefully arrive, at her cutesy call he immediately broke into a bright smile, “Qiong’er, why are you and Lingxi always late?” There was no sign of reprimandation in his voice, only his extreme pampering towards Feng Zhiqiong.

“Qi Ge, we passed by the makeup shop and saw some new products there, that’s why we are late.” Xuanyuan Lingxi has been good friends with Feng Zhiqiong since they were little, so the two of them frequently shop together.

However, after she came in, Xuanyuan Lingxi’s gaze has always been on Situ Yuelei and won’t leave him.

Seeing that so many people were standing, even if they are not tired, she’s tired, so she lazily chose the chair nearest to her.

“Feng Zhiyao, that’s my chair!” Su Muyan saw Feng Zhiyao sitting on his seat and immediately shouted at her, disgust showing unconcealably on his eyes.

It was just a small misunderstanding, when Su Muyan was little he was quite naughty, once he caught a frog and threw it into Feng Zhiyao’s room, it frightened her to tears. The milk maid reported the incident to Prime Minister Feng, and he gave Su Muyan a scolding, after that, Su Muyan returned to Jitian Fortress, he was beaten by his father until he bleeded, that was really painful!

Therefore everytime Su Muyan saw Feng Zhiyao, he was always in an unhappy mood.

Now that Feng Zhiyao is sitting on his seat, his face turned darker.

“Your chair? Does it have your name on it?” Feng Zhiyao laid at the round table, propping her cheek on her palm, and looked at him with half opened eyes, and calmly asked with a smile.

“This……” Su Muyan was speechless, yup, Songhe Restaurant is property under the Situ clan, however according to his knowledge, the chair did not have its owner’s name craved on it.

“What’s this? If you cannot answer, it means that your name is not written on this chair, and I can sit on this chair without fear of conscience.” Feng Zhiyao blinked her crystal clear eyes at Su Muyan, gave a smirk and lazily changed her posture.

“……” Su Muyan was stunned by this, when did Feng Zhiyao become such a good talker, in the past she was always distant and respectful to him.

“Jiejie[3], that is Biaoge’s[4] seat, how can you sit there!” Feng Zhiqiong saw her cousin Su Muyan being argued to a disadvantage, and angrily gave a reminder.

Feng Zhiqiong’s mother is Su Muyan’s father younger sister, the two children had a close relationship. Su Muyan was an only child and always wanted a sister, but his mother’s tummy did not live up to expectations, she did not give birth to any children after him, therefore Su Muyan’s mother treated Feng Zhiqiong as her own daughter, so the two cousins a relationship even better than most siblings.

“Meimei, your cousin did not stop me from sitting down, and neither did your beloved Prince of Qi stop your sister from sitting down, therefore, you have just said a rubbish comment[5]!”

What? She dare said she was saying rubbish?

“Hao Gege, you look at Feng Zhiyao……” Feng Zhiqiong angrily scowled at Feng Zhiyao with her fierce eyes, but Xuanyuan Haofei was here, she did not want to break her façade of elegance, so she pulled at Xuanyuan Haofei’s sleeve and looked at him with red sad eyes and a puppy face to complain at him.

“Yao’er, Qiong’er is your sister, you shouldn’t say such hurtful words!” Xuanyuan Haofei hurried to hug Feng Zhiqiong and scolded Feng Zhiyao, discarding the gentleness he had earlier when he first saw her.

“Your Highness, this is our family matter, I don’t think it has anything to do with you!” Feng Zhiyao coldly looked at him and said.

“Yao’er, you are my fiancé, Qiong’er is your sister, how can this have nothing to do with me?” Xuanyuan Haofei was uncomfortable with her being so distant, even though Feng Zhiyao is not the girl he likes, but for the influence of the prime minister, he must marry his di daughter, the most by then he will convince her to be his ping wife[6] instead, like this he can have the backing of both the prime minister and Jitian Fortress.

“Your Highness is forgetful, didn’t Your Highness earlier say to Yao’er? Your Highness said that Yao’er was unchaste, and you wanted to cancel our engagement? Does the Prince of Qi eat his words?” Feng Zhiyao’s expression showed indifference.

Eat my words?

As the seventh son of the emperor, his words are of course credible[7].

Therefore, Xuanyuan Haofei could only nod his head, but he immediately tried to explain, “Yao’er, that might be a misunderstanding, isn’t the investigation still ongoing? That’s why you are still my fiancé.”

“Hao Gege~~” Feng Zhiqiong became mad when she heard that, damn it, Feng Zhiyao actually did not die, but she will continue to fight with her over her Hao Gege. This time, she will try to stop Hao Gege from being with Feng Zhiyao, Hao Gege can only be hers.

“Qige’s words are of course credible.” Xuanyuan Lingxi saw that Xuanyuan Haofei was hesitating, and stupidly went on to answer for Xuanyuan Haofei.

“Is that so~~” Feng Zhiyao saw that the fish has taken the bait, and immediately broke into a smile, but she purposely dragged her voice and retorted.

“Qige, what do you think!” Xuanyuan Lingxi wanted her best friend to be her sister-in-law, now that she has a chance, of course she wants to help Feng Zhiqiong.

Seeing a calm Feng Zhiyao, he suddenly felt flustered, this Feng Zhiyao was not as easy as she used to be.

“I know that Your Highness likes my sister Feng Zhiqiong, and the love is mutual[8]! Everyone knows this, I don’t want Your Highness to make my sister suffer because of our engagement, therefore I gladly step out of this relationship, these bracelets were given to me by Your Highness, they were tokens of our love, now I return them to you in one piece[9]!

Feng Zhiyao took out the pair of bracelets from her wrists without hesitation and gave them to Xuanyuan Haofei in front of everyone, her voice was indifferent, her eyes just as emotionless, like they were strangers.

Seeing such a cool Eldest Miss, the surprise felt by Ziyun was not less than the others, Situ Yuelei and everyone else were wide-eyed too, wasn’t Feng Zhiyao madly in love with the Prince of Qi? How did she manage to have thought through? And cancelling the engagement by herself?

“Yao’er, you…… are cancelling our engagement? Are you not going to regret it?” Xuanyuan Haofei never thought that she would initiate the engagement cancellation, and without giving him any face. You should know, everyone present here is an important friend to him.

“Yao’er only did something Your Highness wanted to do all along but kept wavering!” Feng Zhiyao looked at Xuanyuan Haofei sarcastically, and said profoundly.

Xuanyuan Haofei was unsure whether to take the pair of bracelets or not, when he saw Feng Zhiyao who took down the bracelets in a jiffy, his heart had some reluctance, his eyes had slight loss and sadness.

Feng Zhiqiong who wanted Xuanyuan Haofei and Feng Zhiyao to break their engagement winked at Xuanyuan Lingxi, hinting her to take the bracelets on her palm.

Xuanyuan Lingxi took the hint from her best friend and immediately stepped forward to take it, and she said to Xuanyuan Haofei, “Qige, stop being fussy, Miss Feng has agreed to cancel the engagement, why are you feeling reluctant now.”

“Hmpf! What about me being reluctant, I can’t ask for more[10]!” Xuanyuan Haofei coldly and angrily said to save his face.

“Your Highness, this is my decision, it has nothing to do with my father!” Feng Zhiyao thought for a while and continued, “I will try my best to convince my father on this matter, you should be clear of my position in my father’s heart!”

Feng Zhiqiong saw that her wish was going to come true, but seeing Xuanyuan Haofei showing signs of hesitation, she coldly ridiculed Feng Zhiyao, “Jiejie, since you are cancelling the engagement on your own initiative, if you can’t be married off because of this, don’t blame me and Hao Gege.”

“Hoho, that depends on if I want to be married! Okay everybody, there’s none of my business to be here anymore, you may continue on, Ziyun, let’s go!” Feng Zhiyao did not became angry upon hearing Feng Zhiqiong’s taunting, but laughed instead, her hair ornaments shook madly from her head movements, it looked so beautiful, seeing her, everyone thought that a woman’s smile could be so charming.

“Feng Zhiyao, please wait, Qige still has something to return to you!” Xuanyuan Lingxi knows that Feng Zhiyao did gift Xuanyuan Haofei a flute she made herself. So, after getting a hint from her friend, she made the statement knowingly.

“Oh? What is it?” Yeah right, since it was a engagement, not only the man would give the woman a token, the woman would also give the man a token right? So Feng Zhiyao stopped walking, gracefully turned around, and coldly asked.

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[1]OT is 俊美无俦, an idiom

[2]OT is 柳腰款摆, a sentence from the play 西厢记 “Story of the Western Wing”. The full paragraph is 柳腰款摆,花心轻折,露滴牡丹开,蘸着些儿麻上来。 The meaning is quite lewd, so if you are interested just look it up

[3]I am going to leave relationship addresses untranslated from now on

[4]表哥older male cousin from non-paternal linage. Cousins that are from the same paternal lineage, i.e. have the same surname would have the word 堂 added in front (堂兄弟), while second cousins from the same paternal lineage will have the word 从 added in front (从兄弟)

[5]OT is 废话

[6]a ping wife 平妻 is an official wife, of lower status than the first wife 正妻, but higher than that of a concubine 妾 Only children of the first wife are allowed to be called di children 嫡子女

[7]OT is 一言九鼎, literally one sentence is as heavy as nine tripods, 九鼎 is a cauldron with nine legs and was the symbol of the heaven’s son, it dissappeared at the end of the Zhou Dynasty.

[8]OT is 郎有情,妾有意, an idiom, literally meaning the man has the feelings, the woman has the intention, meaning that both man and woman like each other

[9]OT is 完璧归赵, an idiom, to expressed an object is returned in original condition.

[10]OT is 求之不得, an idiom, literally seek but fail to get, used to express great want for something

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