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Chapter 6 – Retaliation



“Feng Zhiyao, your piccolo[1]! Qige, shouldn’t you return the piccolo Feng Zhiyao gave to you!” Xuanyuan Lingxi took the jade piccolo from Feng Zhiqiong and waved it in front of Feng Zhiyao’s face.

“Lingxi, but……” Feng Zhiqiong drooped her eyes, but they showed a glint of satisfaction, she was pretending to be sad for Feng Zhiyao.

“During the annulment of an engagement, the return of engagement tokens are a must[2]” Xuanyuan Lingxi gave Feng Zhiqiong a leave-it-to-me expression.

“Lingxi ……” Xuanyuan Haofei had some slight anger on his face, everything about his sister was good, she was just very stubborn[3], he was not anxious, why is she more impatient than him?

“Okay, thank you Princess Lingxi, I will be taking this jade piccolo away!” Feng Zhiyao drooped her eyes, this jade piccolo represents the former Feng Zhiyao’s love for Xuanyuan Haofei, she was tired of even looking at this heartless man. Therefore, upon taking the piccolo she was going to leave the room immediately with Ziyun.

“Ah? Are you not angry? Are you not sad? Are you……” Xuanyuan Lingxi just finished her sentence and she got a cold stare from her brother Xuanyuan Haofei, she was going to ask more, but she subconsciously shut her mouth.

“Since Princess Lingxi is so curious, I will answer you, I am very happy now, not at all the tiniest bit of sad! I have never been so happy before! Princess Lingxi, are you satisfied with my answer?” Feng Zhiyao looked at Xuanyuan Lingxi coldly, thinking to herself, this girl is an idiot, she was used by someone[4], and she didn’t even know it!

Feng Zhiyao looked at Situ Yuelei who was engaged to Xuanyuan Lingxi, ah, she gave him a lot of[5], after he marries Xuanyuan Lingxi in the future, his days would be quite terrible!

It is said that after marrying the imperial princess, as her husband[6] he may not have any concubines!

Situ Yuelei did not understand why Feng Zhiyao was looking at him with pity in her eyes, he did not lose his parents, damn it. So Situ Yuelei gave Feng Zhiyao a black look.

However to the idiotic Xuanyuan Lingxi the stare meant that Feng Zhiyao was vying for her fiancé, “Feng Zhiyao, don’t look at him!” Xuanyuan Lingxi went over to Feng Zhiyao and said in a tone that only the two of them could hear.

“Don’t eh? Then you got to be careful, I hate people who threaten me.” Feng Zhiyao lightly stepped over, maintaining her distance with Xuanyuan Lingxi, and lightly said under her breath[7], but Xuanyuan Lingxi heard it clearly, and felt goosebumps coming up all over her body.

“Slut that no one wants!” As an imperial princess, this was Xuanyuan Lingxi’s first time cursing people, clearly she was angered by Feng Zhiyao’s attitude.

Situ Yuelei creased his brows, although he did not like Xuanyuan Lingxi, but she can’t curse at Feng Zhiyao like that, she did not do anything bad to her.

Except for Feng Zhiqiong who was gloating, everyone else thought that Xuanyuan Lingxi was too much, as she teased Feng Zhiyao who had just finished annulling her engagement, it doesn’t feel right.

“Oh? You said that I am wanted by no one right?” As Feng Zhiyao heard the words slut that no one wanted, her slender fingers inside her flowing sleeves rolled into a fist, damn it, she is a gold-class assassin under the internationally renowned assassin group Yesha, when was she ever insulted like that before?

Feng Zhiyao looked at Xuanyuan Lingxi without flinching, and spoke with a unyielding yet soft voice, mixed with a bit of coldness, “Are you sure you mean it? I, Feng Zhiyao, is not wanted by anyone?”

This is intolerable! But the other party is an imperial princess, if she kills her, it will bring trouble to the prime minister and his family, maybe their whole clan will be executed[8], never mind, let’s just do something good.

Isn’t Xuanyuan Lingxi in love with Situ Yuelei? Then she will make Situ Yuelei have a change of heart!

Punishing a person, is not mercilessly killing him/her, but taking away the person or item that he/she cares the most about.

“Yes, you Feng Zhiyao are a woman who is unchaste and unwanted!” Xuanyuan Lingxi was given the cold eye by Feng Zhiyao, and all her pent up anger was used to shout back.

“Lingxi, she is my sister.” Although Feng Zhiqiong was satisfied with the insults given by Xuanyuan Lingxi towards Feng Zhiyao, but her beloved Xuanyuan Haofei was present too, so she had to pretend to be graceful and well-mannered.

Zhiqiong, you are so good, why do you have such a lousy sister? Hmpf! Feng Zhiyao, let me tell you, you are a woman that Qige doesn’t want, which man would dare to go after you! Hahaha, it might be that you will never be wanted in this life!” Xuanyuan Lingxi’s insults became more and more ridiculous.

“Lingxi, shutup! Be more of a lady!” Xuanyuan Haofei thought that Xuanyuan Lingxi was being too much and his face darkened, opening his mouth to stop her.

“Your highness, watch your sister properly, don’t let her bark like a dog everywhere! She really has no manners, so unladylike!” Her eyes was extremely cold, her every word satirizing Xuanyuan Lingxi as a barking dog.

“You…… Feng Zhiyao……” Xuanyuan Haofei did not think that Feng Zhiyao was so good at talking, he could not even retort.

Ziyun was also scared of Feng Zhiyao’s guts, what is wrong with Eldest Miss, didn’t she always sucked it up whenever she met with this unruly princess?

“Qige, see! I am being bullied by Feng Zhiyao! Slut! She is a total slut! I am going to rip her mouth up……” Xuanyuan Lingxi’s pretty face was filled with anger, she is a princess of imperial status, she’s just a daughter of the prime minister how is she qualified to insult her like that, as a lowly dog of all animals!

This is too angering! If she doesn’t fix her up, she Xuanyuan Lingxi will reverse her name around[9]!

Xuanyuan Lingxi thought that she had learnt quite a bit of martial arts, before you know it[10], she raised up her slender legs ready to kick Feng Zhiyao, her fingers curved into a claw shape, ready to grab on Feng Zhiyao’s hair.

Feng Zhiyao pushed Ziyun to a safe corner, and went up front herself, letting herself get kicked by Xuanyuan Lingxi over to Situ Yuelei’s chest.

Feng Zhiyao saw that her scheme had worked, although her thighs hurt, but the pain was nothing to her who constantly put her life on the line[11].

“Wuhwuh, it hurts! Situ Gongzi! Your fiancée is very fierce! Wuhwuh……” Feng Zhiyao hugged Situ Yuelei tightly, her sweet-smelling head burrowed into Situ Yuelei’s muscular chest, maybe she felt that her pitiful crying was not enough, she raised her tear-filled[12] face, looking at a very confused Situ Yuelei woefully.

Situ Yuelei bended his head down to see a teary flowery[13] face, and his heart melted, but he immediately remembered that she was here to annul her marriage with the Prince of Qi, how can he have skin contact with her[14], so he tried to push away Feng Zhiyao, but it was like she was very strong, the only thing he could do was frown.

“Lei Gege, how can you hug Feng Zhiyao like that…… Put her down quick!” Xuanyuan Lingxi was dumbfounded, Situ Yuelei actually let himself be hugged by Feng Zhiyao like that, at this moment, Xuanyuan Lingxi felt that her world had collapsed.

“Eldest Miss……” Ziyun thought that Feng Zhiyao would have fainted from the kick, and was worried not knowing what to do. However after she saw her Eldest Miss giving her a everything-is-okay expression, she stunned, it’s funny how Eldest Miss isn’t in pain!

Xuanyuan Haofei’s handsome face turned dark again after seeing sticking to Situ Yuelei like an octopus, he gritted his teeth so hard sound came out, they just broke their engagement and she has already went over to the arms of another man!

Wen Xingyuan was going to help Feng Zhiyao out, but he did not expect Feng Zhiyao to be so clever, his hand retracted back, and nonchalantly flicked his large sleeves.

Su Muyan saw Feng Zhiyao hugging Situ Yuelei for dear life, and his eyes showed disgust and disdain, every bit of shock and surprise was blown off by this act of shamelessness.

Beitang Ziqian looked at Situ Yuelei blankly, he thought to himself, is Brother Situ[15] incapable of other expressions other than creasing his eyebrows?

Feng Zhiqiong saw Xuanyuan Lingxi looking like she was ready to cry, and immediately tried to persuade Feng Zhiyao, “Jiejie, Situ Gongzi is Princess Lingxi’s fiancé, you can’t do this, get down quick.”

The most depressed was Situ Yuelei, he did not know what was with him, he could not get Feng Zhiyao off him no matter what, and Feng Zhiyao was like she had the strength of cows and tigers[16], the great strength is suffocating his handsome face into a red tomato.

Especially he was being hugged by a sweet smelling and squidgy girl, his nose could smell the special smell from her body, making him feel excited, after whiffing the smell for some time, his son started to rise up, what should he do?

All his friends are here! Especially that his fiancée is here too!

“Princess Lingxi, your Lei Gege likes hugging me, hoho…… right? Situ Gongzi?” Feng Zhiyao’s eyes were red, but there was no signs of her getting off Situ Yuelei’s body.

“Situ Gongzi, if you dare to disagree with me, I will show your swollen thing to everyone……” Feng Zhiyao warned Situ Yuelei in a whisper.

Situ Yuelei became angry upon hearing that, his beautiful brows creased further into a straight line.

“Are you going to obey me! If not, I will not let you go, I am already unchaste anyway, but you will still need to marry that unruly princess!” Feng Zhiyao’s back blocked everyone’s vision just right, she stretched her finger, and began to draw circles on Situ Yuelei’s chest seductively.

Oh no, now Situ Yuelei is feeling extremely aroused, damn it, is Feng Zhiyao born to this world to give him bad luck?

“Lei Gege? Ha, what a sweet pet name, answer Princess Lingxi quick! Say you like hugging me! Or else!”

Haha, this girl knows what to say at the right time, upon hearing those words, Situ Yuelei nodded his head reluctantly to save his face.

Author’s Ramblings
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[1]Remember the incident in the prologue

[2]OT is 理所当然, an idiom, of course, without doubt

[3]OT is 一根筋, literally one tendon, meaning someone does not know how to make do

[4]OT is 被当枪使, literally used as like a gun

[5]OT is 十二万分, it is a merger of 十二分 and 万分, meaning 120 percent and 100000 percent respectively, one fen is 10 percent

[6]OT is 驸马爷, the husband of the princess, it was originally the title of an officer with ranking of a lieutenant, over time it became solely to refer to the husband of a princess

[7]OT is 呵气如兰, literally breath smelling like flowers, the idiom describes a girl being very graceful and learned, but this doesn’t seem like the case in the story

[8]OT is 株连九族, slaughter nine clan lineages, it is a punishment whereby a person’s nine lineages are executed. The first three lineages are paternal (father’s) family, the maternal (mother’s) family, and the wife’s family, this can be further expanded to nine. This punishment normally comes upon rebels, conspirators against the emperor and the state, and usually involves the killing of hundreds of people. At times, females and children under certain ages 6 or 12 will be spared. So people have got to be wary of who they marry

[9]OT is 名字倒过来写, writing one’s name the other way around, just a way to swear one will definitely do something.

[10]OT is 说时迟,那时快, an idiom, meaning something is happening very fast

[11]OT is 刀口舔血, literally lick blood off knife blade, meaning the person described kills for a living

[12]OT is 蝉露泣秋枝, the cicada cries on an autumn branch while drinking dew, it is a line from the poem 饯韦兵曹 by Wang Bo of the Tang Dynasty, personally I don’t think this is used rightly as the line is a metaphor to the poets feelings while bidding his friend farewell

[13]OT is 梨花带雨, pear blossom in in rain, used to describe beautiful girls who are crying

[14]OT is 男女授受不亲, meaning that men and women are not supposed to have skin contact with each other, unless they are married to each other

[15]OT is 司徒兄, people of the same generation would address each other by adding their surname or courtesy name 表字 to the word 兄, I won’t be delving into courtesy names for now, if you are interested just Google. It seems this novel doesn’t have the concept of courtesy names

[16]OT is 九牛二虎之力, an idiom describing someone having exerted a lot of strength

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