Chapter 7 Top and Bottom

Top and Bottom


Not only did Xuanyuan Lingxi’s fiancé Situ Yuelei not give her any face in front of so many people, he actually admitted that he likes Feng Zhiyao. H… how could she stand it?

“Lei Gege, tell me this isn’t real! This isn’t real!” Xuanyuan Lingxi’s face was ready to burst into tears, like Lily in the wind, weak and delicate, bringing out the want to protect in those who saw her.

“Feng Zhiyao, come down quick!” A sinister glint appeared in his eyes as Xuanyuan Haofei saw Feng Zhiyao doing such a shameless act.

“Jiejie, listen to Hao Gege, get down please…” Feng Zhiqiong hurriedly tried to persuade Feng Zhiyao. She saw Xuanyuan Haofei’s darkening face and was worried his wrath might be unleashed on the Prime Minister, therefore she spoke up.

“Feng Zhiqiong, that’s your Hao Gege, not mine!” Feng Zhiyao coldly looked at Feng Zhiqiong.

“Lei Gege, she’s a woman rejected by Qige, it is unbecoming of you to hug her like that!” Xuanyuan Lingxi cried. Actually deep down she wanted to pull Feng Zhiyao away and be the one to hug him like that in that position.

“Situ Gongzi, Princess Lingxi is right, Yao’er should go down after all.” Since her motive has been achieved, and the show is over, she should make a graceful withdrawal.

“Feng Zhiyao finished her sentence and released her arms, ready to come down.

But Situ Yuelei creased his pointy eyebrows, and stretched out to clutch onto Feng Zhiyao’s slender waist, “Messing with me and getting away scot-free? In your dreams!” He spoke

Damn it, he was extremely aroused by her soft and fragrant body, but she seems quite unaffected, just by shedding some tears she wants to leave this room, leaving him to suffer with an unbearable boner, this is so suffocating

“Don’t you regret then!” Since Situ Yuelei wants to play, how could she let it pass[1]?

“Of course not!” He confidently replied, Situ Yuelei won’t regret anything.

“Lei Gege, You…… You……” Xuanyuan Lingxi was infuriated to the point of being speechless.

“Situ Gongzi, I’m hungry, but suddenly I don’t like the food at this restaurant, can you carry me to another one to eat?” Feng Zhiyao was satisfied seeing an agitated Xuanyuan Lingxi gritting her teeth and wanting to cry[2].

“Okay!” Situ Yuelei did not want to lose face in front of everyone, so he agreed.

“Ziyun, please return home with the driver, Situ Gongzi and I have some matters to discuss privately! I will think of ways to go home afterwards!” Feng Zhiyao knew Situ Yuelei wouldn’t let her off that easily, so she ordered her maid to go home first.

“Lingxi, this happened quite suddenly, I will explain to you later!” The engagement between the Situ clan and the imperial family must happen, Situ Yuelei cannot disregard Xuanyuan Lingxi too much.

“Lei Gege, what is it that you can’t talk about here?” Xuanyuan Lingxi jealously looked at Feng Zhiyao who was freely playing with her hair, other than the tear marks on her beautiful white face, was an expression of anger.

“Yeah, Brother Situ, what is it you want to speak to Feng Zhiyao about? Why do you have to be so mysterious?” Wen Xingyuan felt uncomfortable without a reason when Feng Zhiyao hugged Situ Yuelei, seeing that the two of them are going to somewhere else alone he wanted to stop it.

“Yeah, Jiejie, what do you want to discuss with Situ Gongzi?” Feng Zhiqiong subtly laughed and voiced her doubt, secretly feeling disdain and scorn, she was dumped by Hao Gege, is it that she wants to climb onto another branch?

“It’s a small matter.” Feng Zhiyao looked at Situ Yuelei meaningfully and lightly answered.

“A private matter!” How could Situ Yuelei say the embarrassing situation that his little “Yuelei” was in, his unhappy and bright red face angrily looked at her.

“Do continue, I will explain when I am free!” Situ Yuelei immediately grabbed onto Feng Zhiyao as he finished and used qinggong[3] to leap out of the window.

Ziyun saw her mistress leaving and saw no need to stay, so she turned around and left. On the way home, she could not understand, when did her Eldest Miss have such a good relationship with Situ Gongzi?

“Lei Gege, don’t you leave!” Xuanyuan Lingxi saw Situ Yuelei actually carrying Feng Zhiyao off, and burst into anger stamping her foot, throwing all of her noble poise away out of the nine clouds[4].

“Since Brother Situ has left, I should be going. My new store has some unfinished business needing to be taken care of, you may continue. Goodbye!” Seeing Situ Yuelei is gone, Wen Xingyuan got up and politely bade the Prince of Qi goodbye.

“Feng Zhiyao’s change is really great haven’t you all noticed?” Beitang Ziqian recovered his senses from the shocking events, the change in Feng Zhiyao was too great wasn’t it?

“Mhmm!” Su Muyan got off his shock and gave a sound of agreement.

“Qige, what should I do now?” Xuanyuan Lingxi frustratedly walked back and forth while she asked Xuanyuan Haofei who was standing with his hands crossed behind, being deep in thought.

“Lingxi, your engagement to him is like the nails on a board, you don’t have to worry!” Xuanyuan Haofei flicked his sister’s silky black hair and comforted her.

On the way, Feng Zhiyao half-closed her eyes, not shocked or frightened, her breathing was steady, and at the end she fell asleep, making Situ Yuelei who was carrying her hate her more.

“Feng Zhiyao! Don’t sleep!” Situ Yuelei felt his sexual urge has went down a lot, so he shouted imposingly at her.

“Mhmm…… You can continue…… fly……” Feng Zhiyao spoke while still half-asleep.

“Speak, why did you hug me on purpose just now? Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking! Woman, get up now……” Situ Yuelei saw there was a grass patch in front, and he was tired of carrying her, and was about to throw her on the ground, who knew that she was so perceptive, nimbly holding onto Situ Yuelei’s neck.

“Trying to make me fall, you don’t have that ability yet!” Feng Zhiyao coldly spoke.

“Okay I won’t let you fall.” Situ Yuelei gently laid her on the luscious grass.

His beautiful lips showed a sinister smile, he used his muscular body to lie on Feng Zhiyao’s slender body, bending his head to kiss her neck, goosebumps popped up on her sensitive skin like a feather had passed through it, and her breathing increased.

“Situ Gongzi? Aren’t you the future husband of the princess? Do you want to betray Princess Lingxi?” Feng Zhiyao was enjoying his skilful massaging when she suddenly held his naughty hands to stop them.

“That’s a grave accusation[5]! Don’t ever talk about this again!”

“Also you made me fire up just now, how could I ever let you go!” Situ Yuelei is not an easygoing person[6], he finally found a foxy lady who could strike up his little “Yuelei”, how could he just let her go?

“Really? So even the patriarch of the second clan is at my feet[7]! Ho ho ho……” Feng Zhiyao laughed heartily, showing all her graces, her fingers tracing the outlines of his hands, making Situ Yuelei very enticed.

“Brother Situ, what are you doing?” Wen Xingyuan came running after them using Taxuewuheng[8], and was just behind. Seeing Feng Zhiyao laughing with Situ Yuelei like a flower in the sun, his heart sank, and wanted to just throw Situ Yuelei into a ditch nearby.

Situ Yuelei was shocked when Wen Xingyuan suddenly jumped down, he guessed that Wen Xingyuan must have been following them for quite long, but why did he want to follow them?

“Why did Brother Wen follow us here?” Situ Yuelei was still lying on Feng Zhiyao, but how could Feng Zhiyao let him have the advantage? She exerted force and flipped around, now she became was on top of him instead, making Situ Yuelei smack his lips, and Wen Xingyuan who was the outsider grit his teeth jealously.

“I’m just passing by!” Wen Xingyuan lightly smiled, his face featured like the mountains on an ink painting, graceful and calm, with unparalleled beauty, elegant and refined, a man as beautiful as the jades of Kunlun Mountains.

Feng Zhiyao looked and looked, her mouth uncontrollably watered, what a beautiful man! But under these circumstances, it is very hard for her to manage!

Damn woman, she is lusting for that guy? And at that distance! Not sure what was wrong with Situ Yuelei, when he saw saliva dripping from Feng Zhiyao at the sight of Wen Xingyuan, feelings of jealousy crept into his heart. Out of rage, in front of his best friend Wen Xingyuan, he stuck out his tongue and gave Feng Zhiyao a French kiss, licking away the saliva from the corner of her mouth……

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[1]OT is 偃旗息鼓, literally lower the flag and silence the drums

[2]OT is 欲哭无泪, wanting to cry but no tears

[3]if you are familiar with the wuxia genre you should know Qinggong

[4]OT is 九霄云外, outside the nine clouds, or nine layers of sky

[5]OT is 你给我戴的帽子太大了, it does not mean she put a huge hat on him, the original idiom is 戴高帽, which is to flatter or compliment someone, in this case it has the opposite meaning as she accused him of betraying the princess

[6]OT is 不是省油的灯, a lamp that doesn’t save oil, someone who does not take things lightly

[7]OT is 拜倒在石榴裙下, grovelling under one’s dress, the story of this idiom is that Emperor Xuanzong of Tang ordered his officials to grovel before his favourite concubine Yang Yuhuan. She loved pomegranates (石榴), and had pomegranate flowers embroidered on her dresses, hence the idiom

[8]a type of qinggong, literally stepping on the snow without any prints

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