Chapter 8 – Tasty


“Ooo……” Oh gosh, how could this person want her saliva too?

Suddenly, he bended down to kiss her lips. This kiss was mixed in with strong aggressiveness by Situ Yuelei. At the current moment, he felt really good, especially looking at her watery lips, they are as sweet as the flesh of a freshly opened fruit, he instinctively gave a kiss.

“Situ Yuelei, aren’t you too much!” Wen Xingyuan could not bear to watch anymore, his booming voice had a hint of anger.

“Wen Gongzi, this is a private matter between Situ Gongzi and me, please do not meddle!” Feng Zhiyao bluntly said as Situ Yuelei stopped his mouth movements.

Whoever is stopping her from hunting beautiful men is her enemy!

“Feng Zhiyao, Situ Yuelei is the future husband of the princess, do you know of the dangers awaiting for you if you are together with him?” Wen Xingyuan saw his good intentions being rejected[1] and continued to try to convince her, hoping she would listen[2].

“Wen Gongzi, which eye of yours saw me being together with Situ Gongzi?” Damn it we just kissed a bit so we should date? F*** what kind of logic is that? Feng Zhiyao pushed off Situ Yuelei from on top of her body upon hearing Wen Xingyuan’s words. After she got up, she brushed off her messy hair and lazily gave a yawn.

Situ Yuelei nearly fell from Feng Zhiyao’s sudden push, fortunuately he had a substantial level of kungfu, and was able to stand steadily, but the expression on his handsome face was as sour as you can imagine.

Damn it, why did he feel that the taste of Feng Zhiyao’s lips was so good, almost like he was addicted to it. His sight was fixated on her bright red peachy lips.

“Brother Wen, do not take things out of context on whim[3]!” Situ Yuelei’s urges were not satisfied, so his expression was quite dark.

Wen Xingyuan saw that Feng Zhiyao did not heed him, and his best friend Situ Yuelei was looking at him fiercely, he rubbed his nose with a sigh.

Feng Zhiyao looked at them dispiritedly, and turned to leave.

“Feng Zhiyao, our matter hasn’t been settled yet!” Situ Yuelei saw Feng Zhiyao going to leave and immediately ran over to block her.

“Situ Gongzi, I am bored with you now!” Feng Zhiyao leaned over to his ear and loudly said under her breath, emphasizing on the word ‘bored’, while her fingers seized the opportunity to caress him.

Situ Yuelei was really aroused by her advances, you could not blame him, Princess Lingxi held a tight grip on him, and therefore he has never even been to a brothel, now that he has been touched at his weak spot how could he resist it, his thing immediately went up majestically.

Of course Wen Xingyuan saw this scene, his beautiful white face turned bright red.

“You…… You guys……” Wen Xingyuan could not bear to watch it any longer, he studied only Confucian books, looking at the explicit scenes being performed in front of him, he felt his eyes were going to be infected. Therefore he shouted at them angrily, these two are giving him great disregard.

“What about us?” Feng Zhiyao gave another foxy look at Wen Xingyuan, and kicked Situ Yuelei away and said to him, “Oh, I am so forgetful, your fiancée is the imperial princess! So if you wanna quench your lust, you should find her or some other girl!” Feng Zhiyao said and covered her mouth as she laughed wickedly.

She only got to second base and someone had came to disturb, seems like she needs to put in a little effort to ‘look for food’ elsewhere.

Seeing Feng Zhiyao kicking Situ Yuelei, Wen Xingyuan oddly felt better, even his smile was as warm as the spring wind.

“Feng Zhiyao, you……” As a normal man Situ Yuelei wished his urge would go away, but seeing that she is going to leave at second base made him feel quite pent up.

“What about me! Don’t try to stop me again, or I will let you to never ever touch ‘meat’!” Feng Zhiyao suddenly coldly scolded at him, her vision icy cold. She gave a look at his nether regions meaningfully while giving her warning.

Situ Yuelei was born with a silver spoon, he had everything he wanted ever since he was a child. Now that he was being played by a mere woman he was really angry.

“Brother Wen, if you are still my friend, stop yapping!” The subtle meaning under his words were, if you have nothing to do here, get out so that I can do my business.

Feng Zhiyao saw Situ Yuelei overwhelmed by lust, so much that his eyes were red, worrying Feng Zhiyao. This man’s urges are not satisfied and she needs to leave immediately, else she would be made to do that in the wilderness, it would displease her!

In her previous life, everything she had *** with other guys, it was always in the poshest of hotels, or beautifully decorated presidential suites, even the worst was a Simmons bed.

Now, she does not want to be pushed down on this patch of grass by a wolf!

“Wen Gongzi, take me away, looks like Situ Gongzi is going mad!” Feng Zhiyao looked everywhere, except for flowers, trees, bridges, streams, there was a man as beautiful as jade, of course she is going to choose the man.

Wen Xingyuan looked at Feng Zhiyao who just ran into his arms like a rabbit, wide eyed and opened jaw.

Funny, why is Wen Gongzi in daze, she is a beauty that can bring nations and cities down, and now clutching on his sleeves, how could he not have any reaction?

“Wen Gongzi, Wen Gongzi……” Feng Zhiyao saw that Situ Yuelei’s face was growing darker by the minute, and hurriedly patted Wen Xingyuan’s cheeks.

“Eh? What?” Wen Xingyuan saw a pile of rose-scented seaweed-shaped hair fall on his chest, while the owner of the hair looked at him with sorrowful eyes.

“Wen Gongzi, quick, carry me, that…… that…… man…… you call…… future husband of the princess has went amok, you…… did you see his eyes are so red, like he’s going to eat someone alive…… Hic, hic, I’m scared!” Feng Zhiyao quickly pinched her thighs, squeezing out a few drops of crocodile tears, obtaining Wen Xingyuan’s pity.

Wen Xinyuan was wishing for this, hearing her words made him secretly happy, and the force used to carry her small frame was increased, making her hips hurt a bit.

What kind of man is this, doesn’t he know how to be delicate to a lady?!

Feng Zhiyao gave Wen Xingyuan a black look, however he was in some sort of high, and in his eyes this beauty is looking at him lovingly, like a fresh spring of water, so he took it as flirting and accepted it happily.

“Wen Xingyuan! Put down my woman immediately!” Situ Yuelei did not think that Feng Zhiyao would do this, she actually went into the arms of another man!

When Feng Zhiyao heard Situ Yuelei say “my woman”, she felt very uncomfortable!

She does not belong to anybody! Only she will ever love herself in this life! All the beautiful men are just only sauces in her life! And so her attitude towards beautiful men is to play with them and not take responsibility!

“I’m not your woman! Situ Gongzi, stop spouting nonsense, or your tongue will be bitten off, then that would be very regretful!” Feng Zhiyao immediately rejected him, her foxy face had a glint of anger, this man is too narcissistic!

Thank god she did not sleep with him, or else she would be chased by this man until the ends of the earth! At this moment she felt very lucky.

“You…… How disrespectful!” Situ Yuelei being the patriarch of the second-ranked clan in Nanshao, no one has ever went against his wishes, and Feng Zhiyao has made history.

“I am not disrespectful, I am going to sleep! Wen Gongzi, please help me handle this, I will owe you one…… Zzzz……” Maybe it was that Feng Zhiyao was too tired, after she finished talking, she actually went to sleep, this raised Wen Xingyuan’s eyebrows a bit.

She said she is letting handle this, and she will owe him one? It seems that this deal is not bad! As an excellent businessman, he felt that he should make business with her!

“Feng Zhiyao……” Situ Yuelei saw that Feng Zhiyao really slept, and was sleeping in Wen Xingyuan’s arms, it made him really furious, you could see the flames bursting out in his deep black eyes. This is really frustrating, he was intending to give that girl a lesson for setting him on fire, now she is sleeping, and in the arms of another man! How dispiriting.

“Brother Situ, since she is asleep, that private matter of yours can wait till a next time! Now, I have to bring her back to the prime minister’s” Wen Xingyuan looked at the sleeping Feng Zhiyao, his expression filled with emphathy, while he softly coaxed Situ Yuelei.

“You may leave! But, Feng Zhiyao must stay!” Situ Yuelei tried to hide the embarrassment in his pants and shouted at Wen Xingyuan furiously.

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[1]OT is 一片好心被当成驴肝肺, a good heart being treated as donkey’s liver and lung

[2]OT is 恨铁不成钢, wishing iron could immediately turn into steel, meaning to set high expectations on someone or hoping someone would improve

[3]OT is 饭可以乱吃,话不可以乱说, you can anyhow eat rice (food), but you cannot simply say words, meaning the power of words is great

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