Chapter 9 – Comfortable


“Brother Situ, she’s already asleep, why do you still want to bother her?” Wen Xingyuan’s handsome brows looked like they had developed a layer of ice as he retorted with slight anger.

“Brother Wen, don’t tell me that you are going to go against the Situ Clan just for this woman?” Seeing Wen Xingyuan carrying Feng Zhiyao away, Situ Yuelei held his fist hard, so hard that you could hear his knuckles crack.

“Not really, I am just following someone’s bidding[1]!” Wen Xingyuan did not turn around, he just wanted to carry Feng Zhiyao and walk in the direction of the prime minister’s home.

“Brother Wen, you are too much, don’t blame me for not considering our brotherhood!” Just as Situ Yuelei finished his sentence, not earlier nor later, his golden jade bone fan flew towards Wen Xingyuan’s arm.

Wen Xingyuan was about to free his hand to block it, but unexpectedly Feng Zhiyao suddenly opened her eyes, and stretched out her fingers to catch the fan like using chopsticks.

The two men were extremely surprised, how did Feng Zhiyao who did not know a bit of kungfu stop the fan so quickly?

“Seems like a really good thing! Since Situ Gongzi wants to gift me this fan, who am I to reject?” Feng Zhiyao looked at the cover of the fan, it was a drawing of a bunch of peonies blossoming, and thought to herself, this Situ Yuelei seemed to be quite dry, but he pretends to be a learned and well-mannered young man, making her twist the corners of her mouth.

“Feng Zhiyao, you didn’t sleep just now?” Wen Xingyuan saw her pushing his arms away and a glint of disappointment came over his eyes, as he asked in surprise.

“I did sleep, but not that well, there were birds chirping at my ear so I could barely sleep! Oh right, the matter I left you with, you are not done with it?” Feng Zhiyao looked at the black-faced Situ Yuelei and coldly spoke.

The two of them looked at each other flabbergasted, she described them as birds?

Situ Yuelei angrily looked at Feng Zhiyao, not a bit wanting to let her go!

“There seems to be a problem!” Wen Xingyuan shook his head, and rub his forehead while sighing. Situ Yuelei seemed to be caught on Feng Zhiyao, not letting go no matter what.

“Then forget it, that deal between me and you is off, I will finish this myself!” Feng Zhiyao rolled her eyes at him, no wonder this guy hasn’t been made clan patriarch, the elders must have seen him as weak and indecisive!

“Um……” Upon hearing Feng Zhiyao say that, Wen Xingyuan’s heart ached a bit, he immediately gave a weak smile, “That’s fine.” He treated as if he has done something good for her[2].

“Brother Situ, Feng Zhiyao, I will go off first then, you can continue on with your private matter!” Seeing Situ Yuelei’s expression of wanting to kill him there and that after they crossed sights, Wen Xingyuan decided to leave, if Feng Zhiyao couldn’t handle this, he can come in later, most importantly he didn’t want Feng Zhiyao to hate him.

“Yes, remember to get as far away as possible!” Feng Zhiyao looked at Wen Xingyuan and smiled at him to only lazily give away a reminder, most importantly is to deter him from disrupting her again.

“Of course!” After that, Wen Xingyuan walked away, without any hesitation.

“Aiyah, Wen Gongzi’s back actually looks quite cool!” Feng Zhiyao’s soft lips blossomed like flowers, her eyes filled with praise.

“Feng Zhiyao…… Are you treating me like I am dead, do you have to stare at Wen Xingyuan for so long?” Situ Yuelei saw that the nosy Wen Xingyuan was gone and he was happy, however Feng Zhiyao looking at Wen Xingyuan’s back made it go dark again.

“Situ Gongzi, aren’t you still standing there, alive?” Feng Zhiyao rolled her eyes at the sky, and continued opening and closing the golden jade bone fan, and started to fan herself.

“Feng Zhiyao, return the fan to me!” This fan is a treasure, the wind it fans is warm in winter and cool in summer[3], that is why Situ Yuelei wants to get it back.

“Not giving!” Feng Zhiyao shook her head lightly, she was enjoying fanning herself, how could she return it now.

“If you don’t give it back it’s fine, but let’s continue with our business!” Situ Yuelei is not someone to be taken lightly.

“Continue? But your number two seems to be soft now, are you…… able to? Feng Zhiyao covered her mouth to laugh, her chiming laugh was really melodious.

“You……” Situ Yuelei heard her words and opened his eyes wide in surprise, she never spoke so daringly before, Is…… isn’t there something wrong?

“Me…… What about me? You can’t argue with me, but you don’t have to give me such a weird look right?” Feng Zhiyao walked gracefully towards Situ Yuelei and spoke cutely.

“Or is it that you, Situ Yuelei are weak in that part?” And she proceeded to laugh heartily.

“Little fox[4], lemme show you whether I am weak in that part?” Situ Yuelei was clearly angered by ssssby her laughing! In an instant, he took of his orange silk shirt, showing a white underwear.

What? Calling her a fox?

Normally speaking, she had the capability of being a fox, however coming from a man scolding her it is a different story!

Situ Yuelei carried Feng Zhiyao up princess style, “It’s quiet and uncrowded here, I don’t mind having a

Feng Zhiyao heard that they were going to do it in clear water stream and thought, how is this to be done? She doesn’t want this! She has requirements, it must be a big bed, or else no way!

Feng Zhiyao saw that the stream was getting nearer and nearer, she creased her eyebrows. “Change the place! I’m not doing it here!”

“Little fox, I will be gentle on you!” Situ Yuelei was only carrying her in his arms, but his heart was thumping madly, this was something he never experienced before. Before the most he did was holding Xuanyuan Lingxi’s hand, even then he didn’t feel as nervous as this.

Even though he acted this way, but as the future husband of the princess, he had a tight upbringing, and was still a virgin to this day, as he held Feng Zhiyao his hands were trembling.

He looked down smiling at the unhappy beauty, repeating the words “I will be gentle!”

Situ Yuelei’s whiter than even a lady’s skin glistened under the sun. His long and slender body looked even more tall and handsome under the sun. His narrow long eyes, would occasionally put out jolts of electricity[5], leaving Feng Zhiyao in a slight daze, losing her sense of composure.

Wait, she doesn’t want to do it in a river stream!

“Situ Gongzi, can I make a deal with you, we can continue this some other day! You see the sun is almost setting!” Feng Zhiyao held to the back of his neck and pointed to the west.

“Little fox, are you scared of me?” His breathing became more and more irregular, his hot breath blowing on her delicate white face, making her itch.

“Sc…… Scared your head! Situ Yuelei, you can bathe with the fishes by yourself!” Feng Zhiyao was really enticed by him, but this stupid man chose the river stream to satisfy both their urges, this is too humiliating, so after this girl couldn’t take it anymore, she lifted her foot and aimed it at his stomach…… He did not expect her to kick him, and actually into the river!

“Feng Zhiiiiiyaaaaoo~~” A shout as loud as a lion’s roar rocked the sky, but only Feng Zhiyao’s chiming laugh could be heard on the surroundings.

“I know what my name is, you don’t have to remind me again and again!” Feng Zhiyao dusted her hands, and picked up his orange silk shirt, it was actually scented with fragrance, and the cloth used is good, should be worth quite a fortune, too bad its owner has made her angry. Feng Zhiyao has decided in her heart she was going to sell the shirt to a pawn shop.

“You…… ugh……” Poor Situ Yuelei swallowed few gulps of water, choking him till his face was white.

Wen Xingyuan who was hiding afar hugged his stomach trying to suppress his laughter, and thought to himself, luckily he did not wronged Feng Zhiyao that great aunt[6].

“Situ Gongzi, see you again! You can enjoy this all-natural bath to yourself! It must be really good! Hahaha……” Feng Zhiyao crossed her arms on her chest looking at Situ Yuelei frantically flapping his arms in the river, she had guess that he was a dry duck!

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[1]OT is 受人之托,忠人之事, to work under or help someone, and caring for their interests.

[2]OT is他对于她抛给自己的白果权当是秋波了, he treated the ginkgo that she given him as autumn wind. This may sound weird, but ginkgoes are metaphors for a job done for naught, a plan failed, as 白果 sounds like 白做 in Cantonese. Another interpretation of the ginkgo would be FZY rolled her eyes at him, so her eyes look like ginkgoes. 秋波 or autumn wind on the other hand is a metaphor for a woman’s eyes, therefore 送秋波 means giving a hinting look to a crush or lover

[3]no idea how this is possible, does jade or gold have those properties?

[4]OT is 小妖精, which is little demon, youkai. I changed it to make the text more readable

[5]the Chinese call the act of eye flirting as 放电, as it kind of gives a tingling sensation, especially if the person is attractive to the receiver

[6]Chinese sometimes call their masters or friends who they think are hard to serve or be around with as little great aunts or little ancestors

[7]dry ducks are people that can’t swim

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